Saturday, 29 January 2011

Manu Livertout, Kermheat: clutter billy... not yours!

Manu Livertout !!! clutter billy !:!:!:!:!

Alden Marchand: some rocking improvisations

Alden Marchand
Fusion Shred Jam - Alden Marchand

Blues Fusion Jam - Alden Marchand

Simona Malandrino: guitar idol III

"Escape from the Dark" music by Simona Malandrino

Simona Malandrino "Meenie Moe" music by L.Colombo - F. Arnò

"Sweet Emotion" music by Simona Malandrino

Matias T Rengel: guitar idol III

Guitar Idol 2010 - Masked Man ( Hombre Barbijo ) - Matias T Rengel

Merel van Hoek: guitar idol III - acoustic finger style!

(Original Song) Into the Light - 2nd Time - Merel van Hoek - Fingerstyle Guitar

Hudson Meldrum: Guitar Idol III another song orientated entry

Guitar Idol 2010 - Hudson Meldrum - Electro Funk

Robert Young: Guitar Idol III - nice original tune

Robert Young Dream Shift -Original Song (Guitar Idol Entry)

Phi Yaan-Zek, Lalle Larsson: Dance With The Anima interview and review

My new CD Dance With The Anima is part of Marco Minnemann's Normalizer 2 series of releases which also includes albums by Mike Keneally, Trey Gunn, Alex Machacek, Jason Sadites, John Czajkowski, Kerry Chicoine, Mario Brinkmann and Marco himself. Each album features the same unedited drum tracks but with totally different music composed and recorded over the top.

Marco invited me to be part of the project in 2007 and it’s taken three years of intense work to complete. I composed the bulk of the music pretty quickly just jamming to the drums with an acoustic guitar. I made a decision to go with my first inspirations and it was surprising that I didn't end up doing the musical equivalent of painting myself into a corner but compositionally it all seemed to flow quite easily. However the actual recording was another story, and it was a real performance challenge at times locking into Marco's intricate poly-metric rhythms, which being a live 51 minute uninterrupted drum solo was done without a click track. It took a long time for me to nail some of the timings, especially given the organic pacing of the drums. Thankfully Lalle Larsson's superb keyboard playing really helped to glue all the performances together so that the end result was akin to the early ‘70s production feel I was after. It was certainly worth the effort with the resulting music sitting very naturally with Marco's playing. You would think that Marco is playing to my music rather than the music being composed and performed to his drumming.

Todd Kreuzburg: Jucal - excellent Spanish guitar


Michael Dolce, Jeremy Barnes, Chris Brooks, Dieter Kleemann: Aussie Bash coming soon

no doubt after they recover from their recent Ashes loss, Michael Dolce, Jeremy Barnes, Chris Brooks, Dieter Kleemann, will be on fire for this new project Aussie Bash.

Hassan Hajdi: MAI Nancy an old one but well worth checking out

hassan hajdi at MAI Nancy

Susan Weinert: live at MAI - Top Fusion ALERT

Susan Weinert live at MAI !!!!

Manu Livertout, Kermheat: no you can't have a pony... not yours!

Manu Livertout salon de la musique 2010 !!::!::!!:!:!:

Manu Livertout !::! Shuffle wave !!:!!

Marco De Cave: 2011 New Years Shred Off Competition

marco de cave 2011 New Years Shred Off Competition

Neal Nagaoka: NGW Concert videos

Neal Nagaoka NGW Concert Reanimated.mp4

Neal Nagaoka Freeform Hangover Jam.mp4

Dave Martone,Neal Nagaoka, John Preuss, Ken Steiger,Kevin Hughes: NGW 1st Shred off

I totally forgot I had this video also. It was the 1st year we had the guitar shred off competition at the NGW. Sorry this video quality isn't so great but all I can find. It features Left to right: Kevin Hughes, Myself, John Preuss, Ken Steiger and Dave Martone. Grand prize was an awesome Gorilla amp!!! LOL. Hope you enjoy it.

NGW 1st Shred off

Kennedy Rose: Backwards , guitar idol III

Kennedy Rose - Backwards Jack Part 2 snippet

Brian Young, Adam Wever: Casualties of war

AT WAR-(brian young and adam wever)- Casualties of war- title track

Mike Stern,Victor Wooten: Iridiun live 1080p

Mike Stern Victor Wooten Iridiun Youtube.m2t

Marcio Alvez: country picking good

Venegas Music TV - Marcio Alvez(guitarrista do cantor Leonardo) - 10 Fev 2010

Kleber K Shima: Venegas Music Tv Fast Kelly

Venegas Music Tv - Kleber K. Shima - 26 Jan 2011

Gerson Antezana: The is Bolivian cat can shred!

Check out the guitar loving cat!


Misha Mansoor: NAMM 2011 with Misha "Bulb" Mansoor - Day #2

Misha demoing Egnater's Armageddon amp at the Egnater booth, playing on a Mayones Setius Blakkheim. The song "Frak The Gods" will be on Periphery's upcoming release, the "Icarus EP". The official release date is set for April 19th.

PERIPHERY will embark on their first European Tour with TesseracT, Monuments and The Safety Fire soon. Make sure to catch them on one of these shows:

Mon 31st Jan -- Bristol, UK - Academy 2
Tue 1st Feb -- Birmingham, UK - Academy 2
Wed 2nd Feb -- Manchester, UK - Academy 2
Thu 3rd Feb -- Newcastle, UK - Academy 2
Fri 4th Feb -- Glasgow, UK - Cathouse
Sat 5th Feb -- Leeds, UK - TJs
Sun 6th Feb -- Sheffield, UK - Corporation
Tue 8th Feb -- Portsmouth, UK - Wedgewood Rooms
Wed 9th Feb -- Reading, UK - The Face Bar
Thu 10th Feb -- Nottingham, UK - Rock City
Fri 11th Feb -- London, UK - Underworld
Sat 12th Feb - Tilburg, NL - Batcave
Mon 14th Feb - Hamburg, GER - Logo
Tue 15th Feb - Berlin, GER - Magnet
Wed 16th Feb - Munich, GER - Backstage Club
Thu 17th Feb - Vienna, AT - Chelsea
Fri 18th Feb - Aarau, CH - Kiff
Sat 19th - Paris, FR - La Scene Bastille
Sun 20th - Cologne, GER - Underground

NAMM 2011 with Misha "Bulb" Mansoor - Day #2

Rusty Cooley: Lick of the Week #7 - Rusty goes blues!

Lick of the Week 7

Pé de Boi: Guitar Idol III

Guitar Idol III - Pé de Boi

News: Guitar Idol gets a new closing date

Guitar Idol and the Sponsors announce that the Contest is being extended.

The need for a suitable London based venue and event to stage the Live Final having has proven impossible to arrange for the original target date of the summer of 2011, and so the decision has had to be made to stage the Live Final in the Autumn of 2011.

This is due to circumstances beyond our control: but will result in a bigger and better competition and enable the contest to attract many more sponsors plus ensure the sort of media coverage that the previous Guitar Idol’s enjoyed.

The new dates are:

Heat One: July 2010 – April 30 2011

Final Online Heat: May 8th – June 30th 2011

Live Final: Autumn 2011, London, UK

The economic situation has affected the guitar industry as much as any other, and in order for Guitar Idol III to surpass the previous contests we have had to make this decision.

Without a high profile Live Final Guitar Idol would have had to become an Internet only contest – which wouldn’t have been to anyone’s advantage!

Have no fears - we are all doing our best to ensure that Guitar Idol III will surpass 2008/2009!

A full announcement will be made very soon.

Many thanks!

Guitar Idol / forum

Guitar Idol 2010 Enter!!!)

Bryan Aspey: Guitar Idol III Entry

Bryan Aspey Guitar Idol III Entry

Bryan recently attended NAMM where he met with Michael Angelo Batio. Michael was the original inspiration for Bryan to pick up guitar and start his own guitar journey. I was lucky enough to meet Michael in Milan and I can say that's it great to meet such a hardworking dedicated professional.

News: technology demo on Gibson Firebird X Demo

This is one ugly looking guitar... but watch it for the technology. As it's clear that the plan is to embedded the guitar pedals into the guitar and these are upgradeable / programmable from a computer.

NAMM '11 - Gibson Firebird X Demo

Ichirou Minami: Vivaldi and Paganini

VIVALDI - Concerto in A minor Largo by the electric guitar

Paganini No.16 Capricci by the electric guitar

Daniel Peroine: eight finger tapping - live show

Daniel Peroine from Nancy, France. Instrumental Progressive Rock guitarist, specializing in tapping fingers to eight, Eight Fingers Tapping

Didi 8 fingers :!:!:!:! awesome tapping :!:!:! Last palmas street !!!!!!!

Dédé 8 doigts !!!:!:!:!:! live :!:!:!:! Utopia !:!:!:!:!

1.Las Palmas Street 
3.Chapitre XX 
4.Just Me
7.Some Words From L.A
8.The Game 
Release date: 10/2009
Total time: 45:59
Daniel Péroine presents his first solo album made of 9 original compositions in the vibe of guitarists like Satriani,VaïGarsed-Helmerich. Also inspired by bands like PlanetX and Dream Theater, his music is very melodical, with energic rythms, and guitar playing is very fluid with his great 8 tapping fingers technics.
The drums are played by Olivier Baldissera, bass by Philippe Chevalot and Yann Klimezyk (my pollux) to the audio mi

Phil Hilborne: shred knowledge interview

1. How did you enjoy NAMM 2011, what cool stuff stood out?

a. Gosh! That is actually a tricky question to answer because most of the time I was working and didn't get as much time to look around as I would have liked – plus, the place is huge! However, the amps I was demonstrating - The Hayden High-gain 20 and 40 are really, really good... I have done a lot of R&Dwork recently with the company - helping to test them and 'voice' them properly etc....They got an amazing response from everyone that heard them that's for sure! Other than that, I saw some great new guitars on the PRS stand and also heard on the grapevine about a digital pick-up selector that allows you to have all the possible switching options - if it works that would be amazing as it could potentially make the 3 and 5 way switches we all currently use a thing of the past!

2. You have played a PRS Guitar for as long as I've known you, you must have been offered endorsements a lot?

a. Yes, there has been a few different things crop up but - other than a couple of Fret-Kings that Trevor Wilkinson gave me - that I sometimes use - I am honestly totally happy with PRS - I would ideally like to have a bit of design input with them sometime in the future too - there are quite a few ideas floating around my head! more

Andy James: Guitar Lessons vault - Licklibrary

Andy first picked up the guitar when he was 12 years old and from that day forth has never looked back. Early influences included Guns n Roses, Extreme, Queen, Van Halen and Joe Satriani. Andy James - Guitar Lesson playlist is a collection of some of the DVD's Andy has worked on for Licklibrary. More info on Andy James can be found by following these links:-

Andy James - Guitar Lessons - Licklibrary

Guthrie Govan: Guitar Tips - Q&A - Licklibrary

Guthrie Govan - Guitar Tips - Q&A - Licklibrary

Andy James: Q&A / Guitar Tips - Licklibrary

Andy James - Q&A / Guitar Tips - Licklibrary

Töm Delahaye: Yellowshadow Jam on Blue Shur!

Yellowshadow Jam Tristan Klein Playback + Suhr guitar + Axe Fx ultra

Michael Dolce: "Everything til Now" now in digital download format

My album"Everything til Now"is now available for digital download.Its a cheaper and quicker option its only available on my shop page .

It comes complete with artwork.

Marcos De Ros: Top Secret... do not show this video to anyone

Monty Python dedicated!!! - Crazy Waltz - Marcos De Ros.