News: Guitar Idol gets a new closing date

Guitar Idol and the Sponsors announce that the Contest is being extended.

The need for a suitable London based venue and event to stage the Live Final having has proven impossible to arrange for the original target date of the summer of 2011, and so the decision has had to be made to stage the Live Final in the Autumn of 2011.

This is due to circumstances beyond our control: but will result in a bigger and better competition and enable the contest to attract many more sponsors plus ensure the sort of media coverage that the previous Guitar Idol’s enjoyed.

The new dates are:

Heat One: July 2010 – April 30 2011

Final Online Heat: May 8th – June 30th 2011

Live Final: Autumn 2011, London, UK

The economic situation has affected the guitar industry as much as any other, and in order for Guitar Idol III to surpass the previous contests we have had to make this decision.

Without a high profile Live Final Guitar Idol would have had to become an Internet only contest – which wouldn’t have been to anyone’s advantage!

Have no fears - we are all doing our best to ensure that Guitar Idol III will surpass 2008/2009!

A full announcement will be made very soon.

Many thanks!

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