Phil Hilborne: shred knowledge interview

1. How did you enjoy NAMM 2011, what cool stuff stood out?

a. Gosh! That is actually a tricky question to answer because most of the time I was working and didn't get as much time to look around as I would have liked – plus, the place is huge! However, the amps I was demonstrating - The Hayden High-gain 20 and 40 are really, really good... I have done a lot of R&Dwork recently with the company - helping to test them and 'voice' them properly etc....They got an amazing response from everyone that heard them that's for sure! Other than that, I saw some great new guitars on the PRS stand and also heard on the grapevine about a digital pick-up selector that allows you to have all the possible switching options - if it works that would be amazing as it could potentially make the 3 and 5 way switches we all currently use a thing of the past!

2. You have played a PRS Guitar for as long as I've known you, you must have been offered endorsements a lot?

a. Yes, there has been a few different things crop up but - other than a couple of Fret-Kings that Trevor Wilkinson gave me - that I sometimes use - I am honestly totally happy with PRS - I would ideally like to have a bit of design input with them sometime in the future too - there are quite a few ideas floating around my head! more