Saturday, 5 February 2011

Rob Chappers: Fender Mustang III amp demo

Fender Mustang III combo and Mustang V head and cab

Jennifer Batten: Roman wind and tribute to Michael Jackson


plus the classic tribute to Michael Jackson

Ruggero Robin: "All The Thinks You Are

"All The Thinks You Are" fast version electric trio.wmv

Al Ridgway: funking spocktrometer in HD, every home should have one!

Al Ridgway has been keeping a low profile, but now armed with a HD capable camera we get a brace of videos, with the promise of more to follow.

Al Ridgway:
unaccompanied improvised solo. For the curious. Testing an hd camera in preperation for the upload of album tracks.

hd test solo. stratocaster mesa boogie

Al Ridgway:
some guitar over the venerable genre. g-funk. utilising all the usual fandangery. legato, string skipping, alternate picking

Atanas Shishkov: Soft Target - live presentation

Another impressive demonstration from Atanas Shishkov

Atanas Shishkov - Soft Target

Atanas Shishkov and Todor Peev are Spiraless Buy the CD

Reb Beach: Borderline Pisa 22.01.2011 - 5 videos and 15 minute interview

One more video added to this series

Reb Beach a Linea Rock

Reb Beach: Borderline Pisa 22.01.2011 - 5 videos

Rob Chappers: testing Fender FSR Stratocasters

New Fender FSR Stratocasters at Andertons

Sloth Chubsteen: no super bowl for the sloth... working man blues :(

working man blues

funk fusion jam

Jess Lewis: Happy As Larry - live cover

Alex Hutchings- Happy As Larry - live cover 'attempt' by Jess

Gary Gaske: Fusion is the key

Testing some new toys

John Petrucci: Music Man® Guitars, and his DiMarzio® Pickups

john petrucci, music man, dream theater, crunch lab, liquifire, larry dimarzio, dimarzio pickups, music man jpx, suspended animation, black clouds and silver linings, steve blucher,

John Petrucci, Music Man® Guitars, and his DiMarzio® Pickups

Morten Faerestrand: Stunning version of Giant Steps - reharmonized

Morten Faerestrand - Giant Steps reharmonized

Morten Faerestrand's Bergen March featuring Frank Gambale Buy the CD

Alessandro Ragazzo: test Brunetti head

Brunetti Xl 60 (Xl Channel) & Suhr - Alessandro Ragazzo (HD)

Jennifer Batten: live in roma -stazione birra 2011

jennifer batten - blues - live in roma -stazione birra

jennifer batten - live at stazione birra - roma 2011

Oscar Morales: Guthrie Govan fives tribute

Guthrie Govan's Fives - cover by Oscar Morales

Julio Valle: Guitar Solos Compilation

This is a compilation of various solos that I recording durring my career as a musician!! Hope you like!! =D
For private lessons please contact me on:

Julio Valle Guitar Solos Compilation

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet

Joe Satriani headlines a guitar-heavy bill that also includes Richie Kotzen, Steve Lukather, the Kehoe Nation, Flametal and more, reminding the world that Jason Becker’s Not Dead Yet. Tickets go on sale today (Friday, February 4) for the March 26 benefit show at Slim’s in San Francisco. Tickets are available for $25 online at; by telephone at 1-888-233-0449; or in person at the Slim’s box office (333 11th St. San Francisco, CA 94103) weekdays 10:30-6pm or in the evening on show nights, with a $1 service fee per ticket for advance purchases. Proceeds from the Jason Becker’s Not Dead Yet Festival going towards medical supplies for Jason as well as a trust fund to provide for his future security. Doors open at 8pm on March 26 and the show begins at 9pm.

Jason Becker, a onetime guitar prodigy first known as part of the metal duo Cacophony, was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, a.k.a. Lou Gehrig’s Disease) at age 20, shortly after joining David Lee Roth’s band for the gold selling 1991 album A Little Ain’t Enough. Although the disease robbed him of his ability to play guitar – and eventually left him both paralyzed and unable to speak – Becker continues to compose music with the help of computers, collaborators, and a system of communication using eye movements that was devised by his father Gary... more on guitar player

The March 26 Jason Becker’s Not Dead Yet Festival at Slim’s in San Francisco is a tribute to Jason and celebration of his amazing story, as well as an opportunity to educate music fans and guitar aficionados about the effects of ALS and the quest for a cure. The idea for the show originated with Bay Area guitarist Dave Lopez of Flipsyde and Bang Data. With the support of Jason and his family, Lopez enlisted Gary Avila of Tao Music Group to make the show a reality. From there, Guitar Player magazine’s Matt Blackett was brought on board to recruit artists for the show, and Tim McKee from Mesa Boogie and Brian Kehoe from Dunlop soon added their support. Jason’s friend Mike Shannon of ALS TDI (Therapy Development Institute) signed on to promote ALS awareness at the show.

The Jason Becker’s Not Dead Yet Festival is presented by Jason Becker with assistance from the Tao Music Group, and support from the ALS Therapy Development Institute, Mesa/Boogie, Guitar Player magazine, Dunlop, and Triple Crown Clothing. For those unable to attend the festival, donations can be made via PayPal at For more on Jason Becker and his fight with ALS, go to

Renat Bikchurin: csárdás with small bird accompaniment

Is that a small bird I can hear in the background of this acoustic track csárdás?

Guthrie Govan: Close ups on futuristic techniques

Didattica: Futuristic Guitar; A lezione con Guthrie Govan - di Gianni Rojatti

Futuristic Govan

Brett Garsed: "Big Sky" ring tones now on itunes.

Brett Garsed:
I have ringtones from my "Big Sky" album available from iTunes. Just puttin' it out there...

Gianni Rojatti,Alex Masi,Alberto Rigoni: Dolcetti project new CD, plus Strings24 news

Gianni Rojatti "Dolcetti" releases Metallo Beat BUY

track list:
1 ) Tribale 03.33
2 ) Transient 03.33
3 ) Transport 03.33
4 ) Tremors 03.33
5 ) Trytrebor 03.33
6 ) away from home 03.33
7 ) Tresex 03.33
8 ) Tremendous 03.33

Gianni Rojatti says: I’m an Ibanez endorser and I collaborated with Pat Torpey of Mr Big, Alex Masi and I played with a support band opening Paul Gilbert and Richie Kotzen’s gigs. I’m the manager of the instructional section of Chitarre, the most important and best selling Guitar Magazine in Italy. I’m part of Strings 24, instrumental project that is about to release their second album including Andy Timmons, Kiko Loureiro, Rob Balducci and Mathias IA Enklundh. 
METALLO BEAT, this is the title of the album, is a crazy project that melts up the most various influences: from metal, to progressive going through disarming recalls of the finest Pop music of the 80’s. From Steve Vai to King Crimson; going through The Police and Frank Zappa; up to Racer X and King’s X. There are loads of recalls and influences in the music of DOLCETTI, but they all get together in a very original and unique melting pot of top of the line guitar solos with catchy melodic metal tunes.
Special guest, with a devastating participation, Alex Masi, Alberto Rigoni (Twinspirits), Fabio Trentini. Distribuited in all bigest webstores like ITunes, Amazon, Virgin, Fnac, Emusic…, Executive producer by Mirko DEFOX Galliazzo (X-Hero) Extreme guitar and most innovative and crazy instrumental music fans, this is a record you’ll love.A must for fans of Zappa, Vai, King’s X...

You might also recall Gianni Rojatti and Marco Cardona's Deep Forest. "Deep Forest" blaze with wild abandon over ten instrumentals blending rock, fusion and metal elements - kind of a Racer X, Cacophony and Greg Howe mix, as Cardona likes to point out. Highly touted Gregg Bissonette was recruited to play a mean set of drums and Bobo Comand contributes bass, while Bissonette's brother Matt adds bass and a bass solo to "The B.B.M. Song".

The Music
03:29 Tera's Sweat
04:24 Blue
03:55 Without Fenobarbital
03:42 Legio Nova
04:51 The B.B.M. Song
03:52 Too Cold To Play
04:40 One For Jason
03:00 Lunotta Jones
03:00 Again Showtime
02:55 July

The Artists
Gianni Rojatti - Guitar, Mandolin, Production, Arrangements
Marco Cardona - Guitar, Production, Arrangements
Alessandro Comand - Bass
Gregg Bissonette - Drums
Matt Bissonette - Bass, Bass Solo

Gianluca Ferro: aggressive tapping fusion 1080p

Buy The album New CD Unheimlich:
Gianluca Ferro: melodic tapping fusion
State of the Art 8 string progressive two handed guitar!

1 Olympia's Strangely Mechanical Actions 3:43
2 Accelerating Future 6:26
3 Moroccan Dilemma 2:44
4 Crimson Robotron 1:56
5 Solaris 5:36
6 Metanfenasia 6:08
7 Life In A Raindrop 1:59
8 Cyclopic Overtone 5:34
9 Overture 1089 X 9 2:24
10 Bipolar Zombie 6:35
11 Black Lydian 1:58
12 On A Day Like Today 4:46
13 Ulam Spiral Dysporia 5:24
14 City Rises 5:05
15 The Bunraku Puppet 7:16

Shredding of progressive root, that Gianluca mixes with the most extravagant and difficults ingredients and gives much scope to experimentation.
Guitars, Bass and Keyboards: Gianluca Ferro
Guitar solo on Bipolar Zombie: Phi Yaan-Zek
Bass: Nicola, Angileri, Alberto Bollati, Dino Fiorenza
Drums: Lorenzo Milani, Edo Sala, Eugenio Ventimiglia
Recorded at Hidden Studios
Guitar reamping: Steve Crespi and Luke Ottoboni at Pathwaves studio
Additional Guitar reamping: Andrea DeBernardi
Mixing and Mastering: Andrea De Bernardi
Artwork: Fabio Bonetti
Art Director: SG Records Design Studio

Gianluca Ferro: aggressive tapping fusion 1080p

Jon Bloomer: demo's Nocturne Brain Seltzer pre amp pedal

This is a demo of the Nocturne Brain Seltzer pre amp pedal kindly loaned to me by Pappy of the's a pre-amp, not a boost or an overdrive and it is really meant to bring out the tonal qualities of a hollow-body not a solid-body but it was cool to play around with.
Check out http://thenocturnebrainseltzer.blogsp... for more info on the pedal

Nocturne Brain Seltzer pre-amp pedal demo

Jess Lewis: Alex Hutchings - Feel The Vibe - great cover!

another recording from my college today, just abit of fun. playing infront of music teacher & students - such awesome and inspiring people they all are!

again, this aint perfect, very sloppy.. could of been played better, a string near the end kinda fell out of tune abit :P ooooops
anyway.. practise makes perfect.. well almost.. so I'd betta get on with it!
peace x

Alex Hutchings - Feel The Vibe - live cover attempt by Jess