Gianni Rojatti,Alex Masi,Alberto Rigoni: Dolcetti project new CD, plus Strings24 news

Gianni Rojatti "Dolcetti" releases Metallo Beat BUY

track list:
1 ) Tribale 03.33
2 ) Transient 03.33
3 ) Transport 03.33
4 ) Tremors 03.33
5 ) Trytrebor 03.33
6 ) away from home 03.33
7 ) Tresex 03.33
8 ) Tremendous 03.33

Gianni Rojatti says: I’m an Ibanez endorser and I collaborated with Pat Torpey of Mr Big, Alex Masi and I played with a support band opening Paul Gilbert and Richie Kotzen’s gigs. I’m the manager of the instructional section of Chitarre, the most important and best selling Guitar Magazine in Italy. I’m part of Strings 24, instrumental project that is about to release their second album including Andy Timmons, Kiko Loureiro, Rob Balducci and Mathias IA Enklundh. 
METALLO BEAT, this is the title of the album, is a crazy project that melts up the most various influences: from metal, to progressive going through disarming recalls of the finest Pop music of the 80’s. From Steve Vai to King Crimson; going through The Police and Frank Zappa; up to Racer X and King’s X. There are loads of recalls and influences in the music of DOLCETTI, but they all get together in a very original and unique melting pot of top of the line guitar solos with catchy melodic metal tunes.
Special guest, with a devastating participation, Alex Masi, Alberto Rigoni (Twinspirits), Fabio Trentini. Distribuited in all bigest webstores like ITunes, Amazon, Virgin, Fnac, Emusic…, Executive producer by Mirko DEFOX Galliazzo (X-Hero) Extreme guitar and most innovative and crazy instrumental music fans, this is a record you’ll love.A must for fans of Zappa, Vai, King’s X...

You might also recall Gianni Rojatti and Marco Cardona's Deep Forest. "Deep Forest" blaze with wild abandon over ten instrumentals blending rock, fusion and metal elements - kind of a Racer X, Cacophony and Greg Howe mix, as Cardona likes to point out. Highly touted Gregg Bissonette was recruited to play a mean set of drums and Bobo Comand contributes bass, while Bissonette's brother Matt adds bass and a bass solo to "The B.B.M. Song".

The Music
03:29 Tera's Sweat
04:24 Blue
03:55 Without Fenobarbital
03:42 Legio Nova
04:51 The B.B.M. Song
03:52 Too Cold To Play
04:40 One For Jason
03:00 Lunotta Jones
03:00 Again Showtime
02:55 July

The Artists
Gianni Rojatti - Guitar, Mandolin, Production, Arrangements
Marco Cardona - Guitar, Production, Arrangements
Alessandro Comand - Bass
Gregg Bissonette - Drums
Matt Bissonette - Bass, Bass Solo


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