Thursday, 17 February 2011

Mats Moland Træen: Morley Contest Morley Contest - Mats Moland Træen

Lukasz Kulczak: Morley Mark Tremonti Patriotic Wah Guitar Contest

LuKi Kulczak -Morley Mark Tremonti Patriotic Wah Guitar Contest -

Gary Moore: Colosseum II new Japanese releases and full Japanese catalogue

Colosseum II
Complete releases from Colosseum II

Gary Moore
Complete releases from Gary Moore

News: one way to hasten the end of guitar blogging...

blowing off steam with guitar

Motoyoshi Taiga: Live at Pocotan in Tokyo

Live at Pocotan in Tokyo 2011.2.10
Taiga Motoyoshi(g),Shin-ichirou Mochizuki(k),Yoshimasa Otsuka(b),Koh Kanza(d)
original tune

(untitled tune) / Motoyoshi Taiga

Ricardo Soares: Encrenca - hard rock soling!

Ricardo Soares - Encrenca (CLIP)

JP Stratoblogster: got the ruski hat blues

T-Rex Reptile 2 and ToneBug OD

Atanas Shishkov,Svetlin Staikov: Waves - LIVE at Jazz Club STAGE

Atanas jamming over Guthrie Govan`s tune "Waves"
Atanas Shishkov & Svetlin Staikov - Live at Jazz Club "STAGE"
Kardzhali - 12.02.2011

Atanas Shishkov - Waves - LIVE at Jazz Club STAGE

Michael Landau: Live at Baked Potato Hollywood

Michael Landau Live at Baked Potato Hollywood

Hedras Ramos: Insanity of the Atoms on Expert mode!!!

Insanity of the Atoms - Hedras Ramos Expert RBN

Stu Hamm, Johnny Hiland: recording together, plus the Hamster clinics

Stu Hamm:
Start recording with Johny Hiland and Jeremy Colson tomorrow and then getting ready for my clinics the 23rd 24th and 25th in NJ, NYC and Long Island..who's coming?????

Tom Quayle, George Marios: clinic date announced T42 in the house!!

George Marios and Tom Quayle will be performing a clinic in the Concervatory of 'Diiho' in the city of Patra on the 19th of March as well as will be available for bookings for private lessons the day before(18th). For more info contact those numbers 2610273970 - 6946336883-6989753327

Tom Quayle and George Marios: Guitar Idol 2009 T42 musikmesse day2 part 2

Cris Bertini: smooth fusing for you... cool guitar alert!

APS Gguitars Cris Bertini Blues

Aps Cris Bertini

APS Guitars Cris Bertini Sunny

News: 20,000th Post for Truth In Shredding!

Ha Ha... never mind the quality feel the width!!! I can't believe this is the 20,000 post!!

Kirill Konyaev,Egor Lappo: Racer X - Technical Difficulties

Racer X - Technical Difficulties (Egor Lappo and Kirill Konyaev cover)

Milan Polak: Harmonizing A Scale continued

Harmonizing A Scale 1/2 - Milan Polak Lesson

Harmonizing A Scale 2/2 - Milan Polak Lesson

News: PLEK System

PLEK System - FULL HD Review at Cloe Guitars Lab
Luca Cesaroni from Cloe Guitars introducing to MusicOff the first Plek machine in Italy, a computer controlled guitar setup and fret leveling system
More infos (italian language)
Factory - Guitars Lab -
~ - ~ - ~ Making of ~ - ~ - ~
MusicOff - http://www.musicoff.comPalmiuga - http://www.palmiuga.comSubtitles - Vincenzo "ibanezrg270" Iannaccone
PLEK System - FULL HD Review at Cloe Guitars Lab

News: more custom guitars

We've gotten some really great stuff just in, First up:
Juha Ruokangas Duke Artisan Model, the attached pic is the actual guitar residing right here in the big apple...Having a good 150-200 guitars played under my belt, this one by far takes the cake. I challenge any dealer in the country to show me a better guitar, it will not stand a chance against the Duke Artisan.
10 month wait on all ruokangas guitars, we are a full line dealer so feel free to contact us for quote.
Be sure to catch up with Juha on our blog, for an in-depth interview on our blog.

Next up. Aristides Instruments OIO Alu finish Model, Just Arrived today. Designed by Dutch Engineer Aristides Poort this guitar is made of a proprietary patented material called Arium. After 14 long years of development and research, Arium was born. A unique cell structure which was developed by measuring sustain and resonance on various historical instruments ranging from Stradivarius to Les Paul, Strats etc. Aristides instruments has created something very special, infinite sustain and built like a tank....very sexy to. 3-5 month waiting period.
That's all for now, Stay tuned.
Kelcey Alonzo
Web: www.customguitarboutique.comemail: sales@customguitarboutique.comBlog: us on Twitter at: cguitarboutique
MySpace: www.myspace/customguitarboutiquePhone: 347.229.6256

Brian May: UK dates tickets available

Brian May hits the road in May along with KERRY ELLIS - star of the Queen musical We Will Rock You - for ANTHEMS: THE TOUR and you can get your hands on tickets NOW.
Brian May says: "Kerry Ellis is now acknowledged as a phenomenon, equally at home in Musical Theatre and Rock. I was convinced from the moment we worked together on ‘We Will Rock You’ nine years ago, that she was destined to be a worldwide star. The challenge was to develop songs and arrangements to allow that amazing voice to reach its true potential."
Here's the tour dates:
May 2011
3 - Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
5 - Gateshead Sage
6 - Sheffield City Hall
8 - Nottingham Royal Centre
9 - Birmingham Symphony Hall
11 - Edinburgh Festival Theatre
12 - Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
14 - Cardiff St. David's Hall
16 - Manchester Bridgewater Hall
18 - Milton Keynes Theatre
19 - Southend Cliffs Pavilion
21 - Bath Forum
General sale kicks off at 9am on Friday but you can get your tickets NOW from the link below.

Tenyu Nakamura: Mute your own

Google translate needs a little work...
Mute made from solid rubber Maikeruje securely in things like open strings and sound off. I was looking for something more affordable and Jenifabatoun Sutoringudanpa of Russia, attempts. Why do I become a good and surprising dynamic to be able to rotate on and off with your fingers wrapped around to the plate I took a picture. The things that make glad this idea firmly in someone The.


Kentarou Matsuura: Tribute to Gary Moore

Detail take dedicated to spirit of Gary Moore.
"Bite The Air,To Burn" composed by Kentarou "ed" Matsuura (HAYATEBUNE)

BTATB -R.I.P. Gary Moore-

Claudio Passamani: Serrana Arpeggios

Passamani plays Serrana Arpeggios

Victor Wooten, Billy Sheehan, Stu Hamm: Hartke photo shoot

Hartke photo shoot featuring Victor Wooten, Billy Sheehan, David Ellefson, Frank Bello and Stu Hamm

Jeremie Revel: Tokyo Dream

Tokyo Dream - Allan Holdsworth

Jack Thammarat: A super Tribute To Gary Moore

The Loner - A Tribute To Gary Moore