Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Mitch Perry: War Pigs

Mitch Perry with special guest drummer Vinny Appice, Chas west - Vocal, Sean McNabb - Bass performing Black Sabbaths - War Pigs. Video by Salvatore Sebergandio.

Mitch Perry & Special Guest - War Pigs

Andee Blacksugar: Sheer Velocity Volume 1: Crop Circles new CD

If you've enjoyed my videos here, do check out my first all-instrumental, mega-indulgent, monster SHRED GUITAR album, now available in high quality digital downloads on Bandcamp.com!

The URL is sheervelocity.bandcamp.com. you can stream the whole thing there; if you like it, please buy it!


Promo clip for the first SHEER VELOCITY album, now on Bandcamp!

1.EADGBE 00:34
2.Marching to Mars 02:53
3.Please Welcome Back to the Program... 03:34
4.Beautiful Brutality 03:44
5.National Coffee Day 02:38
6.Cut To Ribbons 02:22
7.Rumours 02:41
8.Susan's Arpeggiated Skull Fragments 03:33
9.Seven Autumn Hours 03:04
10.Slanting Sun 03:54
11.Winfred 03:08
12.Closing On Four 04:38
13.Snowpants Fantasy 02:10
14.Return of the Locusts 03:21
15.Helen Got Bored 02:24
16.The Acolytes 03:12
17.We Killed Raj 02:32
18.Rust 02:53
19.Charlie Drowns 03:26
20.Torch It @155 03:06
21.New Age NASA Porn 02:47
22.The Fast 03:03
23.Headless Woman 02:45
24.Van Out of Control 01:49
25.Shower Porn Massacre 02:47
26.Dating In the Dark 03:41
27.Cold That Kills 04:43

All-instrumental, guitar-centric extravaganza that veers unsettlingly between exotic beauty and nightmare soundscapes. Daredevil fretboard virtuosity is offset by unpredictable, bizarre and often linear arrangements and a whole world of textures & moods.

"A precision-fingered assemblage of daredevil works...its exotic geometries will be impressed in the fertile fields of your musical mind" - FRACTAL AUDIO

"Like early Steve Vai with Rob Zombie producing. Really clever compositions and soundscapes...the best guitar album I've heard in years!" - ANDY WOOD, Down From Up
released 17 June 2010
When Andee Blacksugar is not busy helming his "highly destructive dance-rock" outfit Black Sugar Transmission, touring the world with Acey Slade and the Dark Party or tending to his hair, he records stacks and stacks of stream-of-consciousness instrumentals like those featured on this, his first official instrumental release.

The purpose is to explore concepts on the guitar and stretch the limits of his instrumental abilities, but Sheer Velocity is also a creative palette-cleansing, which drains off the more bizarre and indulgent musical notions that rattle around in this songwriter's head.

Each piece is conceived, written, recorded and mixed in one sitting. During particularly prolific periods, as many as two or three of these are finished in a day's time. An avid pop music fanatic who writes catchy electro-rock songs by day, Andee uses these sessions to exorcise the darker, more warped and decidedly anti-pop tendencies of his musical persona. Oh, and to shred gratuitously on his Stratocaster. He played and programmed all of the parts you hear, and records exclusively in his Brooklyn apartment under the influence of copious amounts of hubris.

Generally bored by most instrumental guitar music, Andee is nonetheless quite taken by the work of Jeff Beck and Marty Friedman, among a few others.

Andee has collaborated with artists as diverse as Vernon Reid (Living Colour), Dug Pinnick and Jerry Gaskill (King's X), Boy George and Scissor Sisters. And he loves talking about himself in the third person

G minor trade-off guitar jam with backing track

Orianthi: jam band in Japan 2011

Lights Of Manos in Japan

Orianthi/ Paul Smith jam on Imagine in Japan 2011

Stephen Ross: Vocal Demos 1998

Steve Ross plays all instruments and lead vocals. An original composition rooted in blues. Recorded on a 4 track tascam machine with a roland drum machine. The guitar was going through a rockman module. The guitar solo reminds me of Robben Ford after overdosing on caffeine.

Stephen Ross Vocal Demo - Forever Blue (1998)

Stephen Ross Vocal Demo - A Better Place (1998)

Stephen Ross Vocal Demo - Love Me (1998)

Kiko Loureiro: live Tapping Into His Dark Tranquility guitar cam

Kiko Loureiro Tapping Into His Dark Tranquility

Krisztian Lovrek: Hammer Gitárhős II - Top notch rock playing!

Lovrek Krisztián - Hammer Gitárhős II.

Warleyson Almeida: Super Metal Drive demo

Super Metal Drive - Fuhrmann - Warleyson Almeida

Doug Aldrich: discussses Whitesnake recording

Whitesnake: Doug Aldrich about the FOREVERMORE album

Part 1: Whitesnake's Doug Aldrich Demos Marshall's New MG Amps at NAMM 2009

Whitesnake's Doug Aldrich Demos New Marshall MG Amps at NAMM 2009, Part II

Rob Chappers: Ollie Snow ML2 and the Chapman Ghost Fret.

Jamming with a student ;-)

Gerson Antezana: prog, progress, progression

progresion progresion.wmv

News: JamPlay iPhone App Demonstration

JamPlay iPhone App Demonstration

Guthrie Govan,Michael Casswell: iGuitarMag Interview Feature

http://www.iguitarmag.com - Guthrie Govan and Michael Casswell interview in this months first issue of iGuitar mag.
Guthrie Govan is interviewed by Michael Casswell this video is from the interview. Watch the full interview full of Guthrie Govan and Michael Casswell Jammin.
Licklibrary proudly present igutar mag the online digital magazine for guitarists! Its FREE and FREE to subscribe. Head to http://www.iguitarmag.com to get viewing the new magazine!

Guthrie Govan & Michael Casswell Guitar Performance - iGuitarMag Interview Feature

Roger Pedersen: Days of wine and roses - super jazz piece!!

Yea, at last I have managed to sync video together with Cubase. I use Axe Fx from Fractal Audio, and a standard patch called "George Benson" with some editing. The song is a jazz standard and I just improvise over it. Hope you like it. Feel free to comment :-)

Days of wine and roses- Roger Pedersen

Mika Tyyskä: Mr Fastfinger Scary Arpeggio Sequencing

A little update from the making of the new album. We are currently working on a new composition called Daemons & Ghouls. It's a bit strange video, I know. Maybe I just saw Roger Rabbit too many times as a kid.
This chorus part from the song features some interesting arpeggio sequencing which I thought could be worth sharing.
People are always requesting for slower versions. So I'm doing it this time! In addition you can fetch the tablature and guitarpro file at MrFastfiger.net
Download Tablature notation and further playing tips over here:
http://mrfastfinger.net/index.php/daemons-ghouls-video-and-transcription/In addition you can read about the prgress of the album (and this song!) here:http://mrfastfinger.net/index.php/category/actionguitar/

Mr. Fastfinger - Scary Arpeggio Sequencing

Frank Zappa: Classical Selection new CD

Frank Zappa's Classical Selection: The Dissonant Classics That Informed and Inspired Zappa (2 CD Set)
A man of hugely eclectic tastes, Frank Zappa was a lover of everything from Doo-Wop to Heavy Metal and from Jazz-Funk to New Wave. Indeed a radio show he produced for the BBC in 1980 found him playing records by Edgar Varese and Igor Stravinsky, representing his love of modern classical music. Featuring nineteenth and twentieth century mavericks as diverse as Wagner, Holst, Ravel, Boulez, Stockhausen, Schoenberg, Penderecki, Harry Partch and John Cage - in addition to the aforementioned Stravinsky and Varese - this collection illustrates the impulse for many of Zappa's own compositions and as a guide to the music Frank Vincent took to his heart and cherished throughout the major part of his tragically short life. Including fully illustrated 16 page booklet with extensive notes by music historian Derek Barker, this delightful package finally reveals what it was that informed so much of Frank Zappa's extraordinary music.


Disc One:
1. RICHARD WAGNER – The Ride of the Valkyries (1856) 5.49
2. IGOR STRAVINSKY – ‘Spring Rounds’ from the Rite of Spring (1913) 3.07
3. ANTON WEBERN – Bagatelle Opus 9 (1913) 1.15
4. IGOR STRAVINSKY – ‘Royal March’ from A Soldier’s Tale (1918) 2.38
5. GUSTAV HOLST – ‘Jupiter’ from The Planets (1921) 6.59
6. EDGARD VARÈSE – Hyperprism (1922) 4.22
7. GEORGE ANTHEIL – Ballet Mecanique (1924) 9.09
8. MAURICE RAVEL – Bolero (1928) 16.08
9. ARNOLD SCHOENBERG – Begleitungsmusik Zu Einer Lichtspielszene Opus 34 (1933) 7.59
10. SILVESTRE REVUELTAS – Sensemaya (1937) 6.00
11. JOHN CAGE – 4.33 (1947) 4.36
12. CONLON NANCARROW – Study No. 11 (1955) 3.32
13. PIERRE BOULEZ – First Movement (L’artisanat Furieux) of Le Marteau Sans Maitre (1955) 1.29

Disc Two:
HARRY PARTCH – US Highball – A Musical Account of a Transcontinental Hobo Trip (1955)
1. Part 1 7.47
2. Part 2 9.05
3. LUIGI NONO – Il Canto Sospeso (The Suspended Song) (1956) 9.47
4. Part 1 8.14
5. Part 2 9.08
OLIVIER MESSIAEN – Chronochromie (1959)
6. Part 1 7.45
7. Part 2 8.05
8. KRZYSZTOF PENDERECKI – Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima (1960) 9.45
9. BULENT AREL – Electronic Music No. 1 (1960) 10.07

Theo van Niel: improvisation on Red Baron


Rob Chappers: Blackstar HT408 4x8

Blackstar HT408 4x8 Guitar Cab Demo at Andertons

Michael Romeo: Symphony X live in Paris 2011

seven videos from Power Metal Fest in Paris

Setlist -

Of Sins and Shadows
Serpent's Kiss
End of Innocence
Paradise Lost
Inferno (Unleash the Fire)
Smoke and Mirrors
Set the World on Fire (the Lie of Lies)

Sea of Lies

Michael Romeo: Symphony X live in Paris 2011

Alex Skolnick: new CD details and tour dates

Upcoming ALEX SKOLNICK TRIO appearances:

Thursday, March 17
Easy Tiger - 11PM
709 E. 6th Street
Austin, Texas 78701

Friday, March 18
Rusty Spurs Saloon - Noon
405 East 7th Street
Austin, TX 78701-3316
(512) 482-9002

Friday, April 8
Veritas CD Release Party & Show
Tammany Hall - Doors @ 7:00; Show at 8:30
152 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

Tuesday, April 26 at 7:30 p.m.
Rockwood Music Hall - NYC show
196 Allen Street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 477-4155

Monday, May 30 - Two Shows 8:00 p.m. / 10:00 p.m.
The Iridium Jazz Club, Les Paul Mondays
AST plays; Alex joins Les Paul Trio for tribute to Les Paul
1650 Broadway (51st. St.)
NYC 10019

"Veritas" track listing:

01. Panna
02. Bollywood Jam
03. Song of the Open Road
04. Veritas
05. Fade To Black
06. Alone In Brooklyn
07. 99/09
08. Path Of Least Resistance
09. Reflections
10. The River Lethe

11. Bollywood Jam - Club Remix Version

Reb Beach, Glen Drover: Iron City Rocks podcast

Iron City Rocks podcast: http://www.ironcityrocks.com/podcast/Episode_098.mp3

Tony MacAlpine: CAB live new CD

CAB/Bunny Brunel, Virgil Donati, Tony MacAlpine, Dennis Hamm: Live at Sunset
Bunny Brunel (Bass); Virgil Donati (Drums); Tony MacAlpine (Guitar); Dennis Hamm (Keys)

2011 Release from super band CAB. This explosive fusion disc was Recorded November 14, 2010 in front of a live audience at SIR Hollywood. Featured new music and scintillating performances by all members: buy

Alex Machacek: Modal Workshop: Intervallic Structures

I’d like to introduce you to a very useful way to expand your chord vocabulary. The voicings we are about to explore work really well for comping and also for harmonizing melodies in a bunch of different musical contexts. All of the following examples are in E Dorian, so you can use the low open-E string as a drone. It is very helpful to be able to hear how each of these chords fit harmonically within a key. But before we get into the chords, let’s take a look at the E Dorian scale. I tend to think of this scale in one of three ways:
• As a D major scale starting on the second degree (E).
• Following the formula for a Dorian scale based off of E major (1–2–b3–4–5–6–b7).
• Simply by the names of the notes: E–F#–G–A–B–C#–D.

Personally, I tend to gravitate toward the scale-degree formula. It simply makes it easier to translate anything you work on into all 12 keys. We are going to think of an intervallic structure as a combination of intervals within a given scale. This structure can then be sequenced through the entire scale, which will result in seven different voicings. Sound complicated? Let’s break it down: more



ALAN HERTZ - drums


March 08 Osaka - (Japan)
March 09 Nagoya - (Japan)
March 10 Tokyo - (Japan)
March 11 Sendai - (Japan)
March 12 Taipei - (Taiwan)
March 14 Hong Kong
March 18 Bangkok - (Thailand)
March 19 Singapore
March 20 Jakarta - (Indonesia)

Teaching Assistant: Paolo Patrignani
Organization: Ladybird ProjectIn Cooperation with EMMECI S.R.L.
April 17 ROMA (Italy) Ladybird ProjectApril 18 FORLI' Italy) CosascuolaApril 19 FORLI' Italy) CosascuolaApril 20 FORLI' Italy) CosascuolaApril 21 BRESCIA (Italy) Accademia Musicale LizardApril 22 CUNEO (Italy) FuoritempoApril 23 TERAMO (Italy) Music Academy TeramoApril 25 SIENA (Italy) Music Academy SienaApril 26 BARI (Italy) Music Academy BariApril 27 GIUGLIANO (NA)(Italy) Laboratorio Musicale LizardApril 28 PALERMO (Italy) Music Academy PalermoApril 29 ROMA (Italy) Ladybird Project

May 02 LINZ (Austria) - BRUCKNERHAUS
May 03 WIEN (Austria) - PORGY & BESS
May 05 VERVIERS (Belgium) - SPIRIT OF 66
May 09 LONDON (G. Britain) - RONNIE SCOTT'S
May 10 LONDON (G. Britain) - RONNIE SCOTT'S
May 11 TRONDHEIM (Norway) - BLAEST (Trondheim Jazz Fest)
May 13 MILANO (Italy) - BLUE NOTE
May 14 MILANO (Italy) - BLUE NOTE
May 16 MUMBAI (India) Sandeep Chowta Projects