Mika Tyyskä: Mr Fastfinger Scary Arpeggio Sequencing

A little update from the making of the new album. We are currently working on a new composition called Daemons & Ghouls. It's a bit strange video, I know. Maybe I just saw Roger Rabbit too many times as a kid.
This chorus part from the song features some interesting arpeggio sequencing which I thought could be worth sharing.
People are always requesting for slower versions. So I'm doing it this time! In addition you can fetch the tablature and guitarpro file at MrFastfiger.net
Download Tablature notation and further playing tips over here:
http://mrfastfinger.net/index.php/daemons-ghouls-video-and-transcription/In addition you can read about the prgress of the album (and this song!) here:http://mrfastfinger.net/index.php/category/actionguitar/

Mr. Fastfinger - Scary Arpeggio Sequencing