Sunday, 20 March 2011

Dave Reeves, Rob Chappers: ML1 Audio to Digital, Exeter

Dingle and Chappers at Audio to Digital, Exeter. Warning, ML1 content.

Uli Jon Roth: Beethoven Paraphrase

Uli Jon Roth - Historic Performances - Beethoven Paraphrase.mpg

Joop Wolters: little light Santana


News: double barrelled shotgun found in guitar!

A Death Metal guitar in the literal sense has recently been discovered in the North of Sweden. The guitar which should be used to crank out killer solos is actually more equipped to blast out bullets. The guitar has a hollowed out neck which was used to hide a double barrelled shotgun. more

Rich Brymer: cool New song idea

New song idea 3/20/2011( ending solo section)Rich Brymer.

New idea(ending solo section)Richb

Manu Livertout,Daniel Peroine,Kermheat,Yann Klimezyk: Live at "L'Ostra" in Nancy

Live at "L'Ostra" in Nancy.
Featuring :
Manu Livertout : guitar and vocal
Daniel Peroine : guitar and 8 fingers
yann klimezyk : guitar and big sound
Kermheat : guitar and ponies
Adrien Kah : Bass and groove
Joey Reiter: Drums and Anvil

Red House Jimi Hendix Jam all stars !!!!!

Ruggero Robin: AMC Trio tour dates

Ruggero Robin
11 aprile '11 Vicenza, IT,(VINATUR) AMC Trio & Ruggero Robin
15 aprile '11 Padova, IT, Big Club, AMC Trio & Ruggero Robin
28 aprile '11 Praga, CZ, Dock Jazz, AMC Trio & Ruggero Robin
29 aprile '11 Bratislava, SK, Hlava XXII, AMC Trio & Ruggero Robin
30 aprile '11 Čadca, SK, Jazz Cafe, AMC Trio & Ruggero Robin

Jordan Rudess: Japan Earthquake - Rebirth

JAPAN Rebirth

Rusty Cooley: dried shred... just add notes!

This is what he first played at a clinic held at Battle Axe Guitar Werks for their grand opening. All credit obviously goes to Rusty himself. Check out Battle Axe Guitar Werks in Salem WI or or check them out at

Rusty Cooley Simply Shredding

Danny Feng: The Philosopher and his Universe

Official Page:
Written and produced by Danny Feng.
Song Description:
This song is basically about different types of people with different understandings of life. It contains various types of believers having an "intense" debate about what, in our human eyes, life is.
An argument that is still pondering us day to day. More questions develop every minute as we gain more knowledge of "what is life".
It's all about the emotions and opinions of what we different humans accept for our existence and life itself.
Danny Feng has an album available on:
Danny Feng: The Philosopher and his Universe

News: Djent with Sees free download EP

After spending two years cycling through a ton of members and not writing a thing, we decided to sit down and write an album as a three piece (for a five piece). We hope that putting this album out will help us find members and and simply get our music out there. We worked tirelessly to put everything together and come out of 2010 being able to say that we actually created something. We had to juggle work, life and music in order to make it happen....and hell - Unfortunately music isn't our job - we're just normal artists that want to share our music for free - so download and enjoy!!!

For the recording we used the following:

Vocals - Shure sm7b, Studio Projects C1, Avalon 737sp
Guitar - Agile AB3000, SC 607B, Various Frankenstein Ibanez Guitars w/Dimebuckets, X3, pball, Hi watt lead 90
Bass - Schecter Stiletto Custom-5, X3
Drums - Roland TD20 kit with add ons (actually played!), SD2/MF
Keys - Reason
DAW - Digital Performer 7, Motu HD192, tons of plugs...

Please share and thanks!

SEES | Art Cures All - Download Our New Album "TheenD" for Free!

For the recording we used the following:
Vocals - Shure sm7b, Studio Projects C1, Avalon 737sp
Guitar - Agile AB3000, SC 607B, Various Frankenstein Ibanez Guitars w/Dimebuckets, X3, pball, Hi watt lead 90
Bass - Schecter Stiletto Custom-5, X3
Drums - Roland TD20 kit with add ons (actually played!), SD2/MF
Keys - Reason
DAW - Digital Performer 7, Motu HD192, tons of plugs...

Please share and thanks!

SEES | Download Our New Album "TheenD" for Free!

Orianthi: Here on Earth

Orianthi-Here on Earth

David Locke: Annie's Song - John Denver

Annie's Song - John Denver - David Locke

Paul Wardingham: Assimilate Regenerate Sampler

Paul Wardingham - Futureshock

Paul Wardingham - Assimilate Regenerate Sampler

Paul Wardingham: Assimilate Regenerate buy

John Huldt: Spence looking to you

John Huldt's band, Spence, is looking to record some new material, can you help?!

Spence will be self funding our upcoming album in Florida with renowned producer Brett Hestla (Creed , Dark New Day , Framing Hanley). This is a crucial year for us and we would love to have you be a part of our journey. There is a long road ahead but hard work and dedication never killed anyone. Most importantly all the friendly people we've made connections with around the world have made this road easier. We know we're going to make an impact this year because of our amazingly caring supporters that have kept us driven and high spirited. We hope that you will take part in our journey this year by helping get our wheels on the ground and being a part of the upcoming album. Nothing keeps us more inspired than your support, and we won't let you down. We'll see you on the road real soon! - Daniel David

Level 1 - $5 - Download the entire upcoming Spence e.p 2 weeks before its official release!
Level 2 - $10 - Get your name put in a thank you section inside the album sleeve of the upcoming album -Includes Previous Donation Level-
Level 3 - $15 - Get your name put in a thank you section inside the album sleeve + a personalized hand written letter from each member in Spence -Includes Previous Donation Levels-
Level 4 - $25 - Online Guitar lesson with John Huldt or Online Vocal Lesson with Daniel David (skype or Web Cam Program of Your Choice) -Includes Previous Donation Levels-
Level 5 - $50 - Private Guitar Lesson with John Huldt or Private Vocal Lesson with Daniel David (While in Your State) -Includes Previous Donation Levels-
Level 6 - $100 - Dinner with Spence after the show - Limited to 5 per state -Includes Previous Donation Levels-
Level 6.5 - $200 - Spence will write and record a song about YOU for YOU! This will be done within a 30 day period so you will NOT have to wait long! -Includes Donation Levels 1/2/3/4-
Level 7 - $600 - Daniel David will come out to where ever you're at and perform an acoustic set for you and your friends -Includes Previous Donation levels

Jack Gardinee: testing Toadworks Meat and Texas Flood pedals

Just testing my Toadworks USA Meat pedal and the Texas Flood od pedal. I must say a massive a thanks to Ryan from Toadworks! These pedals are heavenly through a Blackstar HT-5! A big thanks to Tom Quayle for letting me borrow the amp!

Messing around..

Katsumi Yoshihara: Concierto de Aranjuez - in mourning for the lost souls in Japan

It is the second movement short version than Alan festival concerto. Some guitar technique enters. I play the electric guitar guitar while hearing Concierto de Aranjuez 2nd Movement of John Williams. Because it was only dark news, I made ending a measure. The short version of the second movement from Aranjuez. Some guitar techniques are included. John Williams の Concierto de Aranjuez 2nd Movement を 聞き ながら, エレキ ギター を 弾い て います.
News just so dark, ending up in a major.

My message / Katsumi Yoshihara / Concierto de Aranjuez Part 2 Short version

David Locke: Wallimann Wah Competition

Morley Mark Tremonti Patriotic Wah Guitar Contest - David Locke

Wallimann Wah Competition

Greg Howe, Levi Clay: ICMP clinic review

I caught up with Über transcriber Levi Clay to get a low down on Greg Howe's recent ICMP clinic and see how it compared to the recent BIMM clinic in Bristol. Like BIMM, the ICMP is a highly regarded music eduction establishment.  Levi was lucky enough to get some quality up front time with the eminently likable Greg Howe, having been given the enviable job of looking after Greg while he was ICMP.

Levi Clay explains:
For the serious student of rock fusion, its impossible to overlook the six string wizardry of Greg Howe. In the Shrapnel golden era, Howe was at the forefront pioneering shred guitar melody and techniques such as the “hammer on from nowhere”. From his glorious second album “Introspection” through to the super group “Extraction” record (featuring Dennis Chambers and Victor Wooten) via the Van Halen tinged band “Howe II” and tours around the world with Michael Jackson, N-Sync and Enrique Iglesias Greg Howe has made an undeniable impression on the guitar scene. So imagine my delight when the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance sent me an email at Christmas informing me that they would be hosting Greg for an exclusive masterclass in March.

Greg Howe in the ICMP clinic auditorium 

Needless to say, on the day of the clinic, I arrived in good time and to my delight was given the job of looking after Greg while he was with us. This gave me the unique opportunity to get to know Greg a little better in a private setting.... one of my conclusions is that he likes green tea and without my power transformer the show couldn’t go on. (Lets hope some of his mojo rubbed off onto it!)

The other pleasant surprise was that Greg is touring with his entire rig. In the past I have had the pleasure of seeing great players like Wayne Krantz and Richard Smith come in and get fabulous tone from the in house Peavey amps, but there have certainly been those that have had a less than pleasant tone too! Greg’s rig currently consists of, The Axe FX Ultra, a Marshall power amp and two Marshall 2X12 cabs. He also has got his hands on the brand new Axe Fx foot switch which is used to control all his preset patches.

Greg Howe mid demonstration

For the actual clinic Greg treated us to a mixture of tunes (including “Kick it all Over”,” Jump Start” and my current favourite – “Morning View”) a pre planned talk on expression, improvisation and the most commonly asked questions he gets teaching, and of course, a lengthy Q&A session. Laughs were had by all as Greg is a real funny, down to earth guy. When talking about his experiences with Michael Jackson and how he prepares for such high profile gigs, he couldn’t help dropping in things like “the downside was they wanted me to wear this awful wig which, fortunately, didn’t fit me. I escaped it for three shows....” and his dealings with a pyro guitar where the only advice he was given after a chat on choreography was “Dont blow your hands off!”.

Greg tackled phrasing in a great degree of detail, rhythmic interpretation and variation and in general the topics you would expect from someone like Scott Henderson. It was really nice to get someone so deep into the rock side of fusion to talk on this. He delved into his “hammer ons from nowhere” technique which gave the audience a chance to get him to demonstrate some of his more technical string skipped tapping licks. Overall the night stayed quite far away from technique talk, in fact alternate picking, sweeping and legato weren’t mentioned once. This really was a special gathering of musicians rather than the guitar athletics show you may have feared.

The only complaint that I could think of was Greg’s control of the Axe FX, he did mention that he had been on the phone with the guy from Fractal Audio getting them to talk him through it a little, but some of the master volumes between patches were quite noticeably different and unfortunately for Greg he had set up his expression pedal as a wah so there was very little he could do about it. I also felt that the tone used would have been perfect for a live band, there was very little bass and a LOT of mids that would really help cut through when playing with a bassist and keys player. But, on his own.... there was just no bass and too much mids.

Greg Howe and Levi Clay

Greg also took a huge chunk of time after the clinic to sign whatever people had and take pictures. I now have Greg’s signature alongside Guthrie’s on my Suhr, plus Greg was kind enough to sign my transcription of “Morning View” and write me a very personal message in my introspection tab book thanking me for my help on the night.

I really want to stress that this didn’t make it a bad clinic, just dealing the truth. I took away some great advice from this clinic and the time I spent with Greg and I would urge any of you with the opportunity to catch Greg, do so. If you have already missed your chance, take a look at Greg’s website where you can book a Skype lesson and pick the man’s brain yourself.

Levi Clay has a significant reputation in the transcription field. You can also subscribe to his YouTube Channel and of course his current web site is where you can find some of his transcriptions and other goodies

Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse “Trinity” offer ends soon!

There are only 24 hours left to go on the special offer being run by Metal Mayhem Music and over at
Grab your copy of the brand new studio album Trinity now and get Condemned To Burn - The UK Tour Collection E.P. or Seven Deadly Sins - The Acoustic Sessions E.P. absolutely free and pay NO postage !!!
There are lots more bargains to be had on Eden's Curse merchandise including some rare related releases like Michael Eden's previous band Seven Ten and Paul Logue's former act Cry Havoc plus much much more!
The clock is ticking, so don't be late to the party!

Ritchie Blackmore: Protege Shred Off 2011 competition announced

Julie Barela Mills, writer for the Dutch Rainbow Fanclan Legacy site, has officially announced The RITCHIE BLACKMORE Protege Shred Off 2011, which is in conjunction with the Induct Ritchie Blackmore Into The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame site on Facebook ( The contest winner will be announced on Blackmore's 66th birthday, April 14th. More details to follow later this week, including the page to send the videos, etc.

LYRAKA songwriter/lead guitarist Andy DiGelsomina is slated to be a part of the three judge panel. More information will be available soon.

Remy Hansen: Bach Partita in D minor with Ibanez Fireman sans amp

Ibanez Fireman Played Without an Amp ( In D minor)

UFO and Marvin Gaye

UFO and Marvin Gaye - Too Hot To Give It Up

Emir Hot: Straatus

Straatus -

Ichirou Minami: Rondo Capriccioso

This is the famous tune which Camille Saint-Saens wrote for Sarasate. Many Great masters of violins world left the excellent performance of this song. He tried play this song by the electric guitar. He plays the melody of the violin from the score of the violin directly. He does not use Sweep Picking for this song.
He is 14 years old now.

Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso by Saint-Saens by the Electric guitar

Richard Hallebeek,Shawn Lane: Brian Moore C-90 guitar on Ebay

Richard Hallebeek:
I'm selling my Brian Moore C-90 guitar on Ebay. I've did 5 albums with it and it has also been played by the legendary Shawn Lane on the album Richard Hallebeek Project from 2004. It's a real beauty and has three outputs: magnetic, piezo and 13 PIN out, a unique custom inlay , alder body and maple neck with a fat tone. It has just been refretted and plays like a dream with a comfortable action.

Cameron Barton: fan fretted 8 string Lick Of The Week

Lick Of The Week - Week 5 (Cameron Barton)

Kristen T Clark: Glasgow Kiss solo

John Petrucci - Glasgow Kiss solo - Kristen T. Clark

Prashant Aswani: "Stephanie"

The story of how Stephanie was created. A song for my lovely wife. Buy Soncally Speaking @ or Download it @ or Download other records @

Prashant Aswani - "Stephanie"