Monday, 21 March 2011

Christian Muenzner,Bob Katsionis: The Tell Tale Heart

Bob Katsionis recording a key solo for The Tell Tale Heart

plus an old cover from Greg Howe

Bad Racket Greg Howe Cover

Fanalo Alaux: Plug-In EP from 1999 available for free on Bandcamp (not buckethead!!)

The new album is going at the pressing plant this week ! Celebration time !
Our first EP from 1999 is now available for free on Bandcamp :

Digital Album
Immediate download of 5-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

1.Lifetime 06:41
2.Meeting Satch 04:17
3.Cendres 04:45
4.Hayate 04:31
5.Ultimate Groove 08:04

News: an insight into the recording industry demise

An excellent insight into the current recording industry demise

Not factored in is the lost dollars by digital downloading.

Andy Gillion: BBC News... epic sweeping arpeggios and tapping version! MUST HEAR!

BBC News theme tune remixed with epic sweeping arpeggios and tapping.

Join Andy Gillion's bands' facebook page: Octopus Storm

Chris Geden: Lick of the Week

For this weeks' "Lick of the Week" I chose a mixture of techniques that can be used over an A7 backing track.

The techniques used are:

Left-hand Tapping (Hammer-on from nowhere)
Right-hand Tapping
The lick starts off with an A mixolydian run, adding a minor 3rd passing note in-between and continues up an A dominant 9th arpeggio. It then slips back into A mixolydian and finishes off with some right-hand tapping and finally a left-hand tapping (hammer-on from nowhere) run in A minor pentatonic.

Plus Chris's Guitar Idol III entry :

Breathless - Guitar Idol 2010 - Chris Geden

Nahuel Schiumarini: new trio gigs announced

"These are my Gigs with Julius Pastorius and Massimo Selvi

Martedì 22 Marzo Lismore Pub Faenza 22.00
Giovedì 24 Marzo Muffa shop 18.30
Giovedì 24 Mazo Petit Arquebuse 22.00

Nahuel Schiumarini guitar
Julius Pastorius drums
Massimo Selvi bass"

Ajdin Rovcanin: Valse diabolique lesson

Ajdin Rovcanin - Heavy Valse, the track originally recorded by Mario Parga

Joe Stump, Michael Abdow: live show announced

09 April at 21:00 - 10 April at 01:00
Ralph's Rock Diner
148 Grove St.
Worcester, MA
Created by:
Metal ThursdayMore info
21+ $10
"Joe Stump is one of the most intense and over the top guitarists on the planet. His maniacal guitar driven releases are amazing displays of power and jaw dropping technical command. He was named by ‘Guitar One’ Magazine as one of the ten fastest shredders of all time and by ‘Guitarist’ as one of the top 20 shredders of all time."
MIKE ABDOW GROUP (feat. Mike Abdow of Frozen)

Jean Fontanille: Trio live Salem 2011

Jean Fontanille Trio le 19/03/2011 à Salem (33)

Reece Fullwood: djentlemen start your engines!


Reece Fullwood going equipped to shred - AGILE INTERCEPTOR PRO 825 'black Flame'

Michael Dowdle: Convergence new cd

CONVERGENCE is a compilation of 12 rock/fusion instrumental songs written and performed by Michael in a power trio format.( 1 guitar, bass and drums) Demos were featured on Michael's YouTube channel MichaelJDowdle as they were written. This album is a "studio version" of those songs. All of these songs are Melody driven with a little extra room for improv solos.
Album contains; Convergence, The Dancin'Man, Big Big Sky, Swank, Yoyo Recital, Rockadagio, Mikey's Bluesy Shuffle, Texas Nexus, Say it Isn't So, Over and Under,Walk the Iguana, For Cryin' Out Loud.
released 15 March 2011
Michael Dowdle; Guitar and Bass
Todd Sorensen and Joel Stevenett; Drums
Drums recorded at Anarchy Studios and Counterpoint Studios in Salt Lake City, Utah. Engineered by Todd Sorensen and Gianni Skolnick. Mixed by Todd Sorensen
Mastered by Barry Gibbons at Platinum Studio.
All songs written by Michael Dowdle BMI

Michael Dowdle HAMMER PULLER

Michael Dowdle ETUDE in Aminor


Kosta Vreto: Wardrum - "Spadework" new cd

"Spadework" will be the name of the Wardrum debut. All recordings are done and Kostas Scandalis is reaching to the production's final stage, the album's mix and mastering. This work will be released under the label of "Steel Gallery Records", the oldest Greek record label for Metal, while the artwork belongs to Michal Karcz, member of the famous Rainer Kalwitz team (Shadow Gallery, Century Media, Massacre, Inside Out).

The release is arranged for the 15th of April.

Richard Daudé: Reaction

Find more artists like Richard Daude at Myspace Music

Salvo Vecchio: Dream Theater Wither guitar solo

Salvo Vecchio - Dream Theater Wither guitar solo

Milan Polak: Shadowdance Suite, Opus II - jaw dropping chops!

Originally written & recorded about 10 years ago for my album "Dreamscapes" (Lion Music), I decided to re-record it and make this video.
Milan Polak: all acoustic & electric guitars, bass
Thomas Lang: drums
Please support me by purchasing my music:
Milan Polak's albums are available on iTunes, CDBaby, amazon and guitar9.
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Shadowdance Suite, Opus II - Milan Polak