Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mike Zito: Antwerp 2011 - blues soloing, the real deal!


Joop Wolters: Highland wedding

I don't play that much acoustic though i love it listening/playing it fom time to a little piece that i always loved from Steve Morse,,his music inspired me a lot..


Hirohide Watanabe: Bloomin Rose

#8 Both Hands Tapping

#7 Ryukyu Scale - 琉球音階

Neil Zaza: King of the World

King of the World (Neil Zaza)

tour dates
April 23: La Lucciola & La Luna PubPomezia (Roma)
April 27: Pocoloco Pub Paganica (AQ)
April 28: BluesHouse Club Milano (MI)
April 29: Cracow (Klub Kwadrat)
April 30: Wroclaw ( Old Town Market Square )
May 1: Poznan (Blue Note)
May 2: Warsaw (Klub Mechanik)
May 3: Radzyn Podlaski (ROKiR) at the Annual Guitar Workshop

Daniele Tornaghi: A night to remember

Daniele Tornaghi (Ananke) - A night to remember (Andy Timmons)

Cat Ginjineko: iphone 4 HD movie

【ギター】HD MOVIE TEST [Recorded by iPhone4]【iPhone】

News: Shred knowledge giveaway


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Sheridan: beautiful bath tub blazzing

(John Butler) Ocean cover - Sheridan

(Andy Mckee) "Drifting" cover - Sheridan

Panos Arvanitis: A dorian-Am Pentatonic Jam - tight soloing

A dorian-Am Pentatonic Jam

Alex Tunitsky: Orange Jam

Orange Jam (Guthrie Govan) by me (Part 1)

Sam Bell: 8 Sting Legato sweeper madness


Joe Satriani,Jason Becker,Steve Hunter: Jason Becker benefit

Joe Satriani,Jason Becker,Steve Hunter: Slim's San Francisco

Pat McManus: Live Splendid Lille 2011

Pat Mc Manus Band - Juggernaut - Live Splendid Lille - 31/03/2011

Pat Mc Manus Band - Got The Right - Live Splendid Lille - 31/03/2011

Uli Jon Roth: Live Splendid Lille 2011

Uli Jon Roth - Pictured Life - Live Splendid Lille - 31/03/2011

Uli Jon Roth cover Jimi Hendrix - If 6 Was 9 - Live Splendid Lille - 31/03/2011

Patrick Rondat: Olympia Paris - 19/03/2011

Patrick Rondat - Live ADLG - Olympia Paris - 19/03/2011

Guthrie Govan,Patrick Rondat,Youri De Groote: Pacific Rock 25-03-2011

Live in Pacific Rock 25-03-2011. Guthrie Govan and Guests (Patrick Rondat - Guitar ; Youri De Groote - Guitar ; Aurel Ouzoulias - Drums ; Pascal Mulot - Bass ; Patrick - Vocals).

Guthrie Govan and Guests - Too Tired

Guthrie Govan - Waves

Patrik Carlsson: Another World

Patrik Carlsson: Another World (CD)
Hyllan Rekords has released its first album with Patrik Carlsson. The small label against the big world, now with instrumental music from the other side. Another World is a story about a little kid that discovers a mirror, a door to a dreamlike world. In the first song the mirror opens up and the little kid take the first step inside and we will follow the kid on a travel in the other side. Carlsson has previously released the albums "Phraseology" and "Melodic Travel" through Lion Music, and has also contributed to two Shawn Lane tribute albums. Patrik notes, "Another World is just a step on the way on my own musical travel where I explore my own style and discover my own limits. It’s a long way to go and I will either realize my limitations and jump off or I will get to the answer. As far as I know you only live once and I have found my meaning of life through the world of music. I am musically inspired by Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Toto and Red Hot Chili Peppers. When it comes down to each instrument there are so many great musicians, but I think Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Robben Ford, Roscoe Beck and Jeff Pocaro has influenced me mostly among all favorites."


Alex Machacek: Baked Potato action

Terry Bozzio, Alex Machacek, and Doug Lunn

Terry Bozzio, Alex Machacek, and Doug Lunn

Pedro Molina: Suhr Standard fusion Improvisation

Suhr Standar Impro

Vicki Genfan: desktop

VickiGenfanAGT desktop

David Locke: the covers

Firm Hand - Carcass - David Locke

I Was Only Joking - Rod Stewart - David Locke

What's Going On - Senser - David Locke

Hetriani: Logo Contest Winner Announcement

Hetriani Logo Contest Winner Announcement

Temur Kvitelashvili: flight of the bumble bee live in concert

VTS 02 4

Doug Aldrich: Marshall UK clinics

Doug Aldrich will also be hitting the road in the UK and hosting a series of Marshall Masterclasses promoting the JMD:1 range. Tickets are only £5 each.

Monday 11 April @ Komedia, Brighton
Hosted by GAK, doors open at 7pm
Call 01273 665400 for tickets

Tuesday 12 April @ The Boileroom, Guildford
Hosted by Andertons, doors open at 8pm
Call 01483 456777 for tickets

Wednesday 13 April @ GigGear, Harlow, Essex
Hosted by GigGear, doors open at 8pm
Call 01279 432 900 for tickets

Thursday 14 April. Venue to be confirmed
Hosted by Dawsons Music, doors open at 8pm
Call 0113 203 1470 for tickets

Alex Skolnick: fretpoint interview

3. Testament are obviously an iconic thrash metal group. What was it like being
part of the Bay Area thrash metal scene?

Alex Skolnick: It was interesting. It was a bunch of misfits from all the different areas. The other guys in my band came from a little further away. I came from Berklee, university town. Had academic parents. However some of the other guys came from about 40 mins away in the suburbs and we'd play with bands like Death Angel and other groups that came from all over the area.

Death Angel came from South San Fransisco and others from Sacramento so there was this really interesting mix of people that found themselves together in the same scene. From the very beginning I really wanted to do something different. I really liked the high standards of guitar playing by the guys I listened to. Most of the thrash guys at the time however were listening to Motorhead and Venom and stuff like that which was great but it had garage style guitar playing and I refused to do that. I saw no reason why I couldn't include the musicianship of somebody like Randy Rhoads in thrash metal.

Fretpoint: Sure, and I think that really shines through with testaments material.

Thank you, it was just really different. I don't think I reinvented guitar playing or anything. Most of the guys I knew were trying to form bands like The Scorpians, or IronMaiden. If it was bands from South California then there was a trend towards glam rock. Some of these bands had great guitar players but with thrash it wasn't about the guitar solos and I was determined to change that. more

Eddie Van Halen, Sammy Hagar: It broke my heart. Eddie used to be the most humble guy

In your the book you say Eddie Van Halen was completely wasted and barely able to play his guitar during most of the 2004 reunion tour. What made you finally dish on your former bandmate?

He got away with a lot on that tour. There are YouTube videos out there with Eddie too wasted to play -- but his fans are so devotional they would think that I was singing in the wrong key. I want to explain to the people why the tour didn't continue, why we didn't make an album, and why we'll never do it again. I set the record straight, and I feel real good about it. Eddie's not going to like it 'cause he's exposed.

Your father was a tragic character, an alcoholic that lived on the street and eventually died in the back of a police cruiser. Given your family background, how hard was it to see a guy like Eddie Van Halen losing a battle with drugs and alcohol?

It broke my heart. Eddie used to be the most humble guy, even when we got ripped out of our brains, we'd be laughing and crying and making great music together. And after a while he became really hard to get along with; he didn't want help, he didn't want to be friends, and he didn't want to be kind. He was like, 'F--- everybody.' Eventually, I had to let him go. He looks like he is doing better, and I send him all the love in the world. more

Edward Van Halen: Behaving Badly at NAMM 2003

Neil Zaza: I Spy

Neil Zaza - I Spy


April 23:
La Lucciola & La Luna Pub
Pomezia (Roma)

April 27:
Pocoloco Pub
Paganica (AQ)

April 28:
BluesHouse Club
Milano (MI)

April 29:
Cracow (Klub Kwadrat)
April 30:
Wroclaw ( Old Town Market Square )

May 1:
Poznan (Blue Note)

May 2:
Warsaw (Klub Mechanik)

May 3:
Radzyn Podlaski
(ROKiR) at the Annual Guitar Workshop

Special thanks to Michał Kubicki

Mateus Starling: Improvising with x-men triads

Improvising using X-men triads (triades mutantes) by Mateus Starling

Antonello Giliberto: All The Things You Are

Antonello Giliberto - All The Things You Are