Eddie Van Halen, Sammy Hagar: It broke my heart. Eddie used to be the most humble guy

In your the book you say Eddie Van Halen was completely wasted and barely able to play his guitar during most of the 2004 reunion tour. What made you finally dish on your former bandmate?

He got away with a lot on that tour. There are YouTube videos out there with Eddie too wasted to play -- but his fans are so devotional they would think that I was singing in the wrong key. I want to explain to the people why the tour didn't continue, why we didn't make an album, and why we'll never do it again. I set the record straight, and I feel real good about it. Eddie's not going to like it 'cause he's exposed.

Your father was a tragic character, an alcoholic that lived on the street and eventually died in the back of a police cruiser. Given your family background, how hard was it to see a guy like Eddie Van Halen losing a battle with drugs and alcohol?

It broke my heart. Eddie used to be the most humble guy, even when we got ripped out of our brains, we'd be laughing and crying and making great music together. And after a while he became really hard to get along with; he didn't want help, he didn't want to be friends, and he didn't want to be kind. He was like, 'F--- everybody.' Eventually, I had to let him go. He looks like he is doing better, and I send him all the love in the world. more

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