Thursday, 21 April 2011

News: your chance to help those who suffered in the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Lion Music are proud to unveil the cover artwork for "Embrace The Sun", our benefit album from which all artist royalties and label profits shall be donated to the Red Cross benefit for the victims of the March 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.

The album artwork (and inlay) has been produced by long-time Lion Music associate Carl-Andre Beckston (Monowasp).

"Embrace The Sun" will feature only previously unreleased and in many cases new songs recorded exclusively for this special album from many acts on the Lion Music roster as well as some special surprises.

Full artist involvement and track listing will be confirmed soon.

"Embrace The Sun" is set for release on 17th June 2011.

Join the albums special facebook page at

Muris Varjic, Damjan Pejcinovski, Dragianni: selection of videos from OMIS

Muris Varjic, Damjan Pejcinovski, Dragianni: Blakan 3G plus

Andrea Fedeli: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

ANDREA FEDELI : The Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Chris Feener: Vanilla Funk Sundae

"Vanilla Funk Sundae!" performed by Chris Feener

David Wallimann: DiMarzio Evolution vs Dimarzio Fred

DiMarzio Evolution vs Dimarzio Fred

Arnaldo Alves: Dream Circle

Arnaldo Alves - Dream Circle - Cover

Pedro Molina: Axe FX jam

AXE FX JAMM Pedro Molina

Chris Feener: Seeing Red

Chris Feener & Alex Rudinger - Threat Signal - Seeing Red

Morten Faerestrand: Intensity building sweeping pattern

Practice Blog #4 - Intensity building sweeping pattern

Adrian English: new album is really great

There are songs that really really hit home with me such as the cool Paranormally and the ballady Velvet Rain where Adrian at least tries to restrain himself (and does pretty well, adding some nice harmony work to the mix). Harmony Creek is another slow ballad where the melodies rule for the most part. He really shows he does have a nice sensitive side to his playing. Nice tone, great playing and an overall really great song. Album closer Closure shows another side as well, where Adrian brings out the acoustic and shows he does his thing also in this context. All in all a really great album, which shows a guitarist that has taken a huge leap since the first album. Well done, indeed!! more

Greg Howe: Rihanna not a guitar model shock!

Greg Howe: I'm going out with artist Rihanna :O

Apparently this is not a new make of guitar... but rather a super talented pop star... I need to get out more...

Plus a live4guitar interview by Irene Ketikidi,

Irene Ketikidi spotted with Greg Howe at the recent ICMP clinic 
If you had to pick one favourite guitarist for blues, rock, shred, jazz and fusion who would they be?
The guy that does if for me in blues is Albert Collins. He plays some of the most unorthodox lines and he’s one of those guys to remind me that playing blues licks is not necessarily playing blues. He basically never played traditional blues, instead he kind of redefined blues, and his playing is absolutely infectious for me. For rock it would be Van Halen. For straight up shred, even though the reputations have turned, I still think Yngwie is great at what he does. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone else do that particular thing better than him. In jazz, I love John Scofield and he’s one of my favourite guitar players ever. And if you think that I actually don’t like his tone, I can’t imagine how much more I would like him in that case. He probably crosses over into fusion, but I really like Scott Henderson in this one as well.

Who of all the great musicians you’ve worked with has had the strongest impression/influence on you?

Of the people I’ve worked with, I think honestly Dennis Chambers has had the biggest impact on me. He’s one of my favourite musicians in the world of any instrument. He is just so musical, everything about him is made of music. I can’t really put it into words, but I know I’m most inspired after playing with him or during playing with him. more
Greg Howe Laurie...I am correct in assessing that you thought I was going out with a guitar? Don't get me wrong, I love guitar, but thus far it has remained a platonic relationship for the most part.

Laurie Monk LOL...only kidding buddy... Least I think I am... did another search on google just in case...

More importantly

PPS Greg Howe Update - So in addition to a free webcam session granted to the 5000th 'liker', there will be 2 additional webcam sessions granted to random drawing winners. When it hits the 10,000 mark, I will pick a random 'liker' as the winner so that everyone, including all of those who have been at the fan page for a while, have an equal chance to win the guitar as well.

Dave Reffett: Iron City Rocks interview

Dave Reffett Interview with me from "Iron City Rocks"... UFO's Andy Parker is also on the episode. Rock on :) City Rocks - Download free podcast episodes by Unknown on
Download or subscribe to free podcast episodes from Iron City Rocks by Unknown on iTunes.

Achilleas Diamantis: The magic cave - fusion lick burst for Guitar Idol

The magic cave Video

Rusty Cooley unveils his new Dean RC8 8-string Guitars. Dean Best of NAMM!!

Rusty Cooley unveils his new Dean RC8 8-string Guitars. Dean Best of NAMM!!

Eric Maldonado: my NEW instructional book is out now!!

Eric Maldonado‎" Neoclassical Shred 101" my NEW instructional book is out now!! In this book you will learn 22 amazing Neoclassical shred licks. This book is complete with PDF tab, text explanation, and audio demonstrations. Learn licks in the style of masters like Yngwie, Gus G, MAB, Jason Becker, The Shrapnel guys, Randy Rhoads and TONS more! Get it NOW!

Pete Pachio: Daniele Gottardo super emotion soaked solo

My Improv over the Daniele Gottardo Contest Backing by pete-pachio

Dave Lopez: Flipsyde Update

I owe big time kudos to Dave Lopez from Flipsyde. He's a super guy... a big fan of Jason Becker and the organiser for the San Francisco Jason Becker gig. He also made it possible for me to watch another hero of mine Greg Howe do some rehearsal time before the show.... Dave Lopez is surely the man behind the term "Keeping it real".

Flipsyde Update 2011