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Luke Fortini: album for sale,luke-fortini.html

Stephen Ross: guitar messenger creative tapping sequences

This lesson will explore tapping sequences that depart from the typical rock and metal patterns we all know and love. To drive this lesson, I will be extracting two sections from ‘Warp,’ the unaccompanied solo from my debut Shrapnel release Midnight Drive. All examples involve hammer-ons from nowhere in the left hand. The first three examples use the right hand’s middle finger to tap out notes, while the last three use the first and third fingers. I like using the middle finger for the single taps because I hold the pick in between my index finger and thumb.

Using the right hand to tap out notes can create sounds that would otherwise be very difficult to achieve. Almost any tapping lick can be played without using tapping; however, chances are it will not sound exactly the same. I always encourage trying to execute a lick many different ways, but for the sake of this lesson we will stick with one approach. The lesson and tab

Stephen Ross: Creative Tapping Sequences

Christian Muenzner: Time Warp free track samples

Christian Muenzner has released an all-instrumental solo album, entitled "Timewarp". It includes guest appearances Derek Taylor, Per Nilsson, Ryan Knight, Bob Katsionis and Alex Guth.

"Timewarp" track listing:

01. Maybe Tomorrow
02. Confusion
03. The Tell-Tale Heart
04. Timewarp
05. Victory
06. Rocket Shop
07. Soulmates
08. Over The Mountains
09. Wastelands
10. Dawn Of The Shred
11. The Gunslinger
12. Endless Caravan

Latest tracks by Christian Muenzner

Glen Drover: maximumthreshold audio interview

Glen Drover (mp3)
Glen called in and we talked about his solo record Metalusion. Talked about the making of it, some of the artists who helped him, Megadeth departure, King Diamond. Glen fielded questions from the chatroom and much more

Francesco Artusato: "Chaos And The Primordial" sure to showcase stunning 30 fret Ibanez RG2011SC-BK

Sumerian Records has announced the signing of the dynamic, renowned guitar shredder Francesco Artusato. Artusato will release his new solo album, "Chaos And The Primordial", under the THE The Francesco Artusato Project banner on June 28. The effort will be available across all digital platforms and full-artwork physical copies will soon be available exclusively via or at the merch booth at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival all summer long.

Commented Artusato: "The song 'Chaos And The Primordial' [audio stream] is a very technical and intense track that has a progressive vibe with some very open and lyrical parts mixed with very powerful moments of intensity and complexity. It perfectly showcases the mixture and musical variety that is strongly prevalent across the entire disc."

Explosive technicality combined with musical taste and an energetic sense of phrase is the main emphasis behind "Chaos And The Primordial", which is composed of 10 tracks of all instrumental music that explore therock/metal language in singular ways through the artistic and innovative mind of Berklee College of Music graduate Francesco Artusato. Produced by Ben Cohen at Sky Blue Studios, the disc showcases Artusato's unparalleled guitar prowess and songwriting ability as he handles all of the album's arrangements and instrumentation. Throughout these diverse tracks he takes the listener on an all encompassing musical journey and the depth and diversity in which he does so is astonishing.

Added Artusato: "I'm really happy to become a Sumerian artist and I hope my relationship with them is going to be a long one. It's always been one of my dreams since I started playing guitar to come out with a solo record and I am glad to see it finally happening.

"'Chaos And The Primordial' is the result of the experiences, studies, thoughts and musical moments that shaped my sound and vision throughout these years. Putting all this music together was definitely a big endeavor."

Showcase Model 2011 - RG Extreme Shredding Machine RG2011SC-BK | Ibanez guitars

As industry pioneers of 7 and 8 string guitars and extended range instruments for production models, Ibanez has always been on the cutting edge. Instead of focusing on the lower register, we’ve added higher notes, with an extended 30 fret fingerboard to create an extreme shredding machine!

RG2011SC-BK Francesco Artusato (All Shall Perish)

Tom Morello: new EP, "Union Town"

Tom Morello will release a new EP, "Union Town", digitally on May 17 and as a CD and vinyl album on July 19. All profits from "Union Town" will benefit The America Votes Labor Unity Fund via The disc consists of eight pro-union songs, with Morello saying in a statement, "Unions are a crucial counterweight to the raw corporate greed that torpedoed our economy, threatens our environment and wants to strip away decades of social progress."

Morello played at pro-union rallies in Madison, Wisconsin this past February, where Governor Scott Walker put forward an anti-union bill passed by Republicans.

The title track from the "Union Town" EP is available now at

Andy Gillion: lands gig with Mors Principium Est

30.4.2011 THE NEW PLAYER
Alrighty then, let's make it official.
Our new guitar player is Andy Gillion from United Kingdom.
Welcome to the "family", bro!

We are still searching for the player number 2.
So, keep on sending us those applications.

Previous players include Tom Gardiner

News: Guitar Player’s Guitar Superstar 2011

It’s FREE!  more
Big News! Guitar Player’s Guitar Superstar 2011 will be held in Music City — yes, Nashville, Tennessee — during the Summer NAMM show on Saturday, July 23.
Five finalists will perform fronting a red-hot house band in the ballroom of the Renaissance Nashville Hotel, vying for the 2011 Guitar Superstar title in front of celebrity judges, the people who make the gear you love, the city’s guitar fans, and perhaps even a few label, management, and publishing executives. Hey, it’s that kind of music town — anything is possible!
Now in its seventh year, the annual Guitar Superstar competition seeks out transcendent guitarists across the United States to showcase their chops, tone, charisma, and compositional skills in a six-minute (or less) video of themselves performing an original instrumental song. Entries are FREE at
All entries are viewed and rated by the staff of Guitar Player, and five finalists will be chosen to battle it out in Nashville. Only one will emerge as the 2011 Guitar Player’s Guitar Superstar champ, winning a one-album deal on Guitar Player Records, as well as fabulous prizes from the event sponsors. (Two runner-ups will also win prize packages.)
To get the feel of this thrilling event, please CLICK HERE to view the performances and judges’ comments from last year’s Guitar Superstar competition.
The host, judges, and prize sponsors for Guitar Player’s Guitar Superstar 2011 are still being confirmed, so please check back here often for updates.
NEWS FLASH, April 5: Ampeg has just signed on as a Presenting & Backline sponsor for its new GVT line of amps! See a demo from Frankfurt Musikmesse by clicking here.
Summer NAMM 2011 is also a sponsor of the guitar-slinging event!
Previous Guitar Superstar judges and hosts include guitar stars and legends such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Andy Summers, George Lynch, Steve Lukather, Nuno Bettencourt, Elliot Easton, Greg Howe, Jennifer Batten, Richie Kotzen, Greg Kihn, and Brendan Small(creator of Metalocalypse). Past event and prize sponsors have Mesa/Boogie, DigiTech, Framus, Mackie, PRS, Yamaha, Gibson,Epiphone, D’Addario, EMG Pickups, GHS Strings, Keith McMillen Instruments, Levy’s Leathers, Line 6, Samson, Sony, TC Electronic,Tech 21, Voyage-Air, Zoom, ZT Amplifiers, Digidesign, and
The staff of Guitar Player is always energized and honored to present its annual Guitar Superstar competition. The event not only spotlights some of the best unsigned guitar talent in the universe, it also shows off all that is cool and edgy and, yes, heroic about slinging a guitar across your shoulder, and blowing someone’s mind with a great riff or a stunning tone or lightning-fast solos or a beatific melody.
So what are you waiting for? This could be the break you’ve dreamed of! Click to the Official Rules page, or, and ENTER THIS COMPETITION! We’ll be waiting to hear — and see — what you’ve got, so BRING IT!
HURRY! Deadline for entries is Wednesday, June 15 at 11:59 pm.

Michael Romeo: Symphony X - Dehumanized

Symphony X A new track for you!

Symphony X — Symphony X - Dehumanized
Duration: 6:49
Listen to more tracks on the official Symphony X BandPage:­/symphonyx

Bill LoNero: LoNero Preorders for JFL album available

LoNero Preorders for the new LoNero CD "J.F.L." produced by Grammy Award winning producer Michael Rosen (Metallica, Testament, Joe Satriani, Santana, Papa Roach, etc) are available at Limited copies are available directly from us.

LoNero - JFL
Order page for J.F.L., the new album from Guitarcore Originators, LoNero. Also available worldwide via Sony Red

Ron Thal: alternative matter... three part interview

"Haha, I could talk all day about this. The thing is that I’m not talking about the METALLICA's and U2’s of this world, but about guys who are trying to get their first bands together and getting their music out there. It’s about delivering the music to people in the best possible way and have a future in doing that. It’s geared towards those kind of people. Where to begin? It’s really simple. Fifteen years ago when I started putting out albums you still had all the big gatekeepers like labels and distro. There was a lot of money being allocated to promote albums and making people aware of their existence. This was before the time the internet got big. The only way to do it was through hellishly expensive ads in magazines and you didn’t get the worldwide coverage you get nowadays because of internet. If you wanted to get some visibility in a record store you had to pay 500 dollars each month on one location to have it in the listening booth. That really adds up and could wipe you out. The distro would be waiting on getting paid from the stores and it would hold up paying the label, and after all the expenses for recording and promo you wouldn’t see a dime as an artist. That happened to me several times. A label wouldn’t do a lot of promotion and they wouldn’t help set up a tour, and would say I owed them twenty grand. I was busting my balls making albums and not making a dime in return. I wasn’t in it for the money, but you still need to pay your bills. You’re putting all of your time in but it’s not putting food on the table. How are you supposed to live?"


eah, that’s a whole other point to contend with. The income from music is a tenth of what it was. Big studios started to experience it when home computers started to get better and better. Nowadays you can make a record on your laptop. You don’t have to buy studio time and you can do it yourself. You don’t need a photography darkroom anymore, because you have a digital camera and Photoshop. As a producer you don’t get 50,000 dollars anymore to work on an album, the numbers aren’t as high and the expenses aren’t as big. The ratios may be the same, just the proportions have shrunk. So now you’d produce that same album for 5,000 dollars. That’s reasonable because that’s the amount of money that is moved around and people aren’t making as much. Also because of all that your income isn’t as much in the very end. There was a time where making music was the nucleus and all the merch and promotion was based around that. That has changed now, everything orbits around you as an artist and as a human being from my point of view. Connecting to the artist is now the nucleus and recording music has become one of the aspects of what an artist does, like touring and whatnot. Hopefully people are understanding enough to grasp that artists are spending money to do all these things and they need to be supported in order to keep doing it.

It does take a lot of the magic away of being a musician…

part 1
part 2
part 3

Ron Thal: metal assault interview

Andrew: When the full length eventually comes about, how do you think it'll compare to the previous release "Abnormal"?
Ron: I don't know what it's going to sound like in the end. It's hard to say. Hopefully it'll be as good or better, and not worse (laughs). But as far as what kind of music it'll be, jazz, death metal or whatever else, I have no idea. Whatever is going to come out, will come out and I just go by where my life is at that point.

Andrew: Is "Invisible" a digital-only release or will you be putting out a physical release as well?
Ron: If I do anything of that sort, it'll be at the end of the year as a kind of 2011 CD. But so far everything is just 0s and 1s, just the digital shit, that's it (laughs).

Andrew: The reason why I asked is because I think the artwork is great, and I would love to see it being released on a 7-inch or something, for people to be able to get a hold of it.
Ron: Yeah, the art totally kicks ass. There's this guy in Australia, he's like my official artist now. I love his artwork so much, he's been doing all my stuff. He's phenomenal. So he did that art and we made a shirt of it. This time I went for full color digital printing so you get the full image and it's not just a cutout. So yeah, it's kickass art. more

Jim Root: Rig Rundown

Jim Root Rig Rundown

Alex Skolnick: bryanreesman podcast

While many rock guitarists fall into a comfortable niche, Alex Skolnick has been expanding his horizons throughout the last decade. Known originally for his agile axe playing in legendary San Francisco thrash metal band Testament, he departed that group in the mid-Nineties to play with Savatage and then a series of instrumental groups that explored the funk and jazz realms. By the early ’00s he was devoted to the jazzy Alex Skolnick Trio, which has become known both for original material and instrumental covers of classic hard rock and metal songs. Since the mid-’00s, the guitarist has balanced his time between the Trio and Testament, whose reunion of its classic line-up has experienced a healthy resurgence. While some metal fans are scratching their heads over Skolnick’s dual musical life, it makes sense given that both of the genres he loves to explore emphasize chops and require that its purveyors push themselves musically. They are a natural fit for him. more


Juan Bravo: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Juan Manuel Saez Bravo - The Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Neto Sousa: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Neto Sousa - The Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Dominic Bloom: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

The Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition- Dominic Bloom

Khoirus Sobri: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

The Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition First Entry

Richie Kotzen: Gets A YouTube Artists page

Artist Biography:
Guitar virtuoso Richie Kotzen burst onto the heavy metal scene as a teenager with a lightning-fast guitar technique. After recording three albums for the Shrapnel label


Luke Fortini: Arpeggios from Another World

A couple of originals

LUKE FORTINI Another World

LUKE FORTINI Across the Universe

plus too handed jam


Andy Gillion: Defending the New World - 8bit version

Shadow Law - Gameboy Remix

This is an 8-bit Gameboy style remix of the title track from my band's debut album "Defending the New World"

Check out the real version here: or the player

Joop Wolters: tribute to Jack Thammarat


Doug Aldrich: Masterclass, Bletchley

Doug Aldrich: Masterclass, Bletchley

Daniel Piquê,Billy Sheehan: Mike Mangini appear on new album

Daniel Piquê - OO (Official Music Video)

features Mike Mangini and Billy Sheehan

Dowload the free music

Ron Thal: Alternative Matters interview

Another remarkable thing is that you releasing those songs in different formats. What’s the deal on that?

I didn’t want to release a bare mp3 on iTunes and leave it at that. I wanted to do something different, so I asked people on my forum what they wanted and they came up with lots of ideas. So I decided to release different versions of each song. For guitarists I have the so-called “player pack”, it has transcriptions on the lead guitar parts, which features the notes, picking and all that kind of stuff along with some remixes to accommodate that. Transcribing the songs was actually the most difficult part. I’m a big a studio geek, so I came up with a special “producer pack” for people who like to to play producer. It features all the different elements used in the song, so people can put in their multi-track software and create their own mix.

You can make your own Bumblefoot remix. Nice! How are people reacting to it?

Exactly, do your own mash-up! People are really enjoying it. Last year I released a transcription book of my very first instrumental album and people really tried to nail that stuff and I really liked that. I’ve received some great reactions from it from guitar players. more

Alex Hutchings, Jess Lewis: confirmed for MonkeyFest 2011

Dan Davies Hey guys. Alex is playing at MonkeyFest 2011 on Saturday 2nd July. Check it out!

The Monkey Lord (Rob Chappers)It's face-melting time. Jess Lewis is confirmed for MonkeyFest 2011 \m/ Monkey Lord (Rob Chappers)Stay up to date with MonkeyFest on Twitter -

MonkeyFest is a music festival taking place at Bisley Pavilion, Woking from the 1st - 3rd of July 2011, hosted by Rob "The Monkey Lord" Chappers and sponsored by Marshall Amplification. The festival is in its first year, and will play host to a selection of guitar players, enthusiasts and fans. The theme will be mostly shred, with a few surprises here and there. The principle of the festival is to have a "Glastonbury for guitarists", where guitarists of varying styles teach as well as play, so that people get the sense of really taking something away from the festival.

The venue itself is 20 minutes off of junction 3 (M3), 5 miles from Guildford and 3 miles from Woking. It is a 35-minute train journey from London Waterloo.


The Fellowship ft. Guthrie Govan
Andy James
Alex Hutchings
Rob Chapman
Sons of Icarus
Mike Dawes & Amy Turk
Ben Wilshire
Lyle Watt
Sammy Coulson
Mark McGuigan
Red Kites
Adam Lee
Adam Ironside
Greg Davies
Us Against All
Fred Brum

Brian Auer: Moto Perpetuo

Moto Perpetuo


Andy Timmons (Cry For you) Nice Improv

News: Crazy Guitar Quartet - Tico Tico Fortissimo

Tico Tico Fortissimo- Guitar Quartet

4tissimo Tico Tico

Ramon Luis Galang: Waves... time to burn your guitar!

Luis Galang (performance video)

Fran Alonso: Overloud TH2 Guitar Contest

Fran Alonso - Overloud TH2 Guitar Contest !!.mpg

David Wallimann: Overloud TH2 Guitar Contest

Overloud TH2 Guitar Contest

Overloud and Guitar Playback are proud to bring to you this new exciting guitar contest.
1st prize: Full version of Overloud's TH2 modeling software. Find out more about this amazing product at
2nd and 3rd prizes: $50 gift voucher to
To enter this contest, simply follow the following steps:
1. Subscribe to this Youtube channel
2. Record a video of yourself playing a guitar piece.
Video must be at least 30 seconds.
No backing track, or overdubs allowed. This is a GUITAR ONLY contest!
Don't sing, don't play anything else than your guitar!
Make sure you are in tune!
Be musical and expressive.
Pure shred will probably not make you win this one.
Record your guitar as well as you can!
The best way is to record the audio on your computer directly and edit your video after to sync the audio with the video.
3. Post your video on Youtube and submit it as a video response to this video.
You have until May the 30th 2011 to upload your entries!

Overloud TH2 Guitar Contest