Friday, 3 June 2011

Alessandro Noia: tributes to Gilbert. MacAlpine and Tafolla

Get out of my yard ( P.Gilbert )

Capistrano ( T. Macalpine )

The six string soufflè (J. Tafolla)

Derryl Gabel: Guitar Playback Featured Artist

Get this backing track and many more at

Big thank you to the amazing Derryl Gabel for sharing his God given talent with us!

Please visit Derryl's site for amazing fusion guitar insight at

Guitar Playback Featured Artist - Derryl Gabel

Larry Coryell,Roman Miroshnichenko: live tour videos

Larry Coryell and Roman Miroshnichenko. River Crossing

Larry Coryell and Roman Miroshnichenko. Mahna De Carnaval

Tom Richardson: Jam with the Nobel Funk Off

Jam with the Nobel Funk Off - Tom Richardson

Tristan Klein: demos Bogner Panama

bogner panama

pARTyzant: pasodoble two hands double neck guitar!

pasodoble by pARTyzant

Temur Kvitelashvili: The Land of Flowers (2011)

The piece from Temur's concert dvd "LIVE at Tbilisi Concert Hall" (2011)

Temur Kvitelashvili - The Land of Flowers (2011)

Joe Bonamassa: Gibson and Epiphone Les Paul demo

Joe Bonamassa Gibson and Epiphone Les Paul video demo Guitarist magazine HD

Rob Balducci: Behind The Music

6-3-11 Balducci Lick Of The Week, Behind The Music - Empress #1

Keith Whalen: Bach and Alkan Licks

Bach and Alkan Licks

Nick Kellie: Guitar Lesson #1

Guitar lesson #1

First guitar lesson on G7 chord and scales to play over as well as chord harmonizations. Here's the tab

Nick Kellie: Guitar Lesson #1

Guitar lesson #1

Richard Hallebeek,Allan Holdsworth,Kiko Loureiro: ESC2011 Syracuse 2011

A warm welcome to the fifth edition of the ESC (European Summer Campus).
With great pride and passion that accompanies the undersigned and all the staff of the ESC, we remind you that Mike Stern, Oz Noy, and DAVE HILL ​​ANDREA OATS (theory and ear-training) will be present at the next faculty at Syracuse from 5 ' August 8, o.
To all the fans, and guitarists, I strongly recommend taking a look at our website to view new content online in an archive section that is in the private ESC WORLD.
See you soon!

Andrea Quartarone
ESC President

4,5,6,7 August


Josh Gooch: infra blues jam

This jam track is available to buy as part of a MEGA package of 54 High Quality Jam Tracks with example solos included and TAB. Only £19.99 from
The rising bluesman Josh Gooch has sent us a film of himself jamming to one of most popular jam tracks 'Three Wise Men'. Josh is gaining popularity worldwide at a breakneck speed so we are honored to have him guest on our channel. Check out the wall of Rivera amps and cabs! Josh endorses Yamaha Guitars.
More about Josh Gooch.
20-year old music prodigy Josh Gooch has been surrounded by music his entire life, including playing, listening to, and reading anything he could get his hands on. His widespread love of all things music has led him to cultivate his own uniquely beautiful sound, whether playing acoustic, slide or electric guitar. His homegrown, self-taught style spans many genres, from blues and jazz, to rock and funk. Born in Seattle, Washington, Josh relocated to San Diego with his family at the age of seven. Following in the footsteps of his father, who always kept guitars around the house and composed music, Josh began playing when he was thirteen years old. He quickly became addicted to the guitar, often times playing for six to seven hours per day. He considers playing the guitar a passion, not a job. Within three years, Josh recorded his first major work for legendary producer of The Allman Brothers Band, Johnny Sandlin on the Highly Kind album, Don't Wake Albert. He then followed up with a stint on Bonnie Bramlett's latest Gospel album. In 2009 Josh beat out over 4000 guitar players to reach the national final of Guitar Center's King Of The Blues. Josh recently toured Japan with Japanese superstar Koshi Inaba. Koshi is the singer for B'z, one of the best selling Japanese bands in history. Having sold over 100 million records they were the first and only asian band to be inducted in Hollywood's Rockwalk. In February 2011, the Koshi Inaba ENII DVD & Blu Ray was released. The footage was taken from a 3 night run of sold out shows at Budokan. Josh recently recorded with Grammy winning producer Ross Hogarth, Tony "The Fretless Monster" Franklin who has worked with Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers and Greg Bissonette (Ringo Starr, Santana).
Check out Josh's website
Josh Gooch jams to our 'Three Wise Men' Jam Track

Alessandro Tuvo: Ritmiche

Alessandro Tuvo (MCR® 2° anno) - Ritmiche "stra-power" #1 di 3

Anouck Andre: Nova Repeater demo

Anouck André Nova Repeater

Jeon In Hyuk: Rasmus by Suhr Distortion Sound

Jeon In Hyuk Rasmus by Suhr Distortion Sound

Stefano Maroelli: Power of Strings competition

Stefano Maroelli Power of Strings comp

Marty Friedman,Yossi Sassi: Thunder March-live in Israel 2011

Yossi Sassi&Marty Friedman-Thunder March-live in Israel 31/05/11

Marty Friedman: Russia 2011

Marty Friedman - Dragon Mistress + Be (live in Russia, 29.05.2011)

Marty Friedman - Novocaine Kiss (live in Russia, 29.05.2011)

Marty Friedman - Ripped (live in Russia, 29.05.2011)

Eric Maldonado: On The Edge Of Time

Solo From New Instrumental Album - Against Time - On The Edge Of Time - Eric Maldonado

Kiko Loureiro: Xi'an, China 2011

Kiko playing some of his solo material in Xi'an, China on 5/31/2011.

Kiko Loureiro live in China

Kiko Loureiro live in China part 2