Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Jeff Loomis: Warrel Dane Nevermore not dead... just running without a Loomis...

NEVERMORE frontman Warrel Dane and bassist Jim Sheppard - are currently working on material for a new album due out later this year/early 2012.

"Nevermore is not dead," Dane exclaimed in a recent Twitter update. more

Mattias IA Eklundh: The Woman In Seat 27a NAMM 2006

21JAN06 Demo at the NAMM Convention - Anaheim, CA. as shot by Steve Laub see FreakKitchen.com for more on Mattais

Mattais "IA" Eklundh The Woman In Seat 27a

Morgan Pettersson: Play 4 SK - great solo!

shredknowledge.com Play 4 SK Morgan Pettersson

Fabrizio Leo: Milan Guitar Day 7

Fabrizio Leo: Milan Guitar Day 7

Thanks to Kris Claerhout the Shred Marshall for sending me this video!

The details of the show were:

Time 11 June · 16:00 - 22:30
Via Magenta 77, Building 7

Bill Order:
16.15 / 16.40 Roberto Vanni
16:45 / 17:10 Marco Sfogli
17.15 / 17.40 Alex Masi
17.45 /18.15 Dragon's Cave
18:20 / 18:50 Chicco Gussoni
18:55 / 19:25 Salvi / Carelli
19:30 / 20:05 Luca Colombo
20.10/ 20.35 Dave Marton
20.40/ 21.05 Strings 24
21:10 / 21:30 Bicio
21.35/ 22.15 Marty Friedman
AT 21.30 per Emergency Lottery: Big Draw an electric guitar Ibanez ART Series offered by Mogar Music.
The event is in collaboration with Mogar Music, Eko, Backline and Academy of Sound.

Aleksandar Sukovic: Eugene's Trick Bag - Live4Guitar lesson

The legendary piece written for the motion picture 'Crossroads' (1986).
This interpretation is done by ear and the tablature from the 'Steve Vai - Selections from The Elusive Light & Sound Volume 1' songbook.
The full lesson is available at: http://marketplace.live4guitar.com/

Eugene's Trick Bag - by Aleksandar Sukovic

Pedro Molina: legato fusion jam

sin censura jamm.-Pedro Molina

Tony MacAlpine: Jay Leno show 1993

Tony MacAlpine sits in with Branford Marsalis and the Tonight Show band on January 22, 1993, playing into and out of commercials during the promotion of the "Madness" album.
Included are the jams played between commercial breaks that only the studio audience could hear... until now!
In the video, Tony plays his white Washburn MG series guitar he used to record both "Madness" and "Premonition".
Check out Tony's new album at:
Follow Tony at:

Tony MacAlpine on The Tonight Show 1993

Dave Reffett: should I go to music college?

For today’s column, I have a really good reader question from Tyrone Darnell in Wolf Point, Montana.
The question reads, “Dave, I want to know if going to music school is worth it. I have thought about it but I’m not sure; I might want to take the Hendrix or Dimebag route. My goal is to play heavy metal on the stage. What do you recommend?"
This is a great question. When I was younger I had a decision just like this to make. I had been in some bands and had success on the local scene, had played some big venues where I had seen my heroes play such as Motorhead.
I had put out an album with and almost got signed with a band that fell apart. We were clueless about how the music business actually worked and were doomed to fail from the start.
Then I moved to Denver and started to build a reputation with my then band playing at cool venues all over the city.
But still I wanted more.

Todd Duane: Omnipresent available on itunes

Todd Duane Support and Buy original music!
Omnipresent by Todd Duane - Download Omnipresent on iTunesitunes.apple.com
Preview and download songs from Omnipresent by Todd Duane on iTunes. Buy Omnipresent for just $9.99.

Guthrie Govan, Alex Hutchings,Jess Lewis: Monkeyfest 2011 photo galleries

Here's couple of photo galleries from Monkeyfest 2011 and a few samples.


Jess Lewis and Rob Chappers

Fred Brum, Lyle Watt, Laurie Monk
Mark McGuigan, Guthrie Govan

Alex Hutchings, Jess Lewis
Andy James

Richie Kotzen: Baked Potato 2011

Richie Kotzen: Baked Potato 2011

Daniele Gottardo: trio @ Monteroduni Jazz Eddie Lang

Daniele Gottardo Trio performs "Footprints" (Wayne Shorter cover) @ Monteroduni Jazz Eddie Lang

Main Web site
Facebook events page

Guitar Cobra: ninja girl shreds Sails of Charon!!!

ninja girl shreds - Guitar Cobra plays Uli Jon Roth

News: HeviSaurus - the real dinosaurs of rock


Mattias IA Eklundh: Jason Becker Fest... you have got your ticket right?

Jason Becker's "Not Dead Yet" Festival Amsterdam (November 2011) quote from Mattias IA Eklundh:
"Happy to participate in Jason Becker’s Not Dead Yet festival in Haarlem, Holland November 13th together with Guthrie Govan and many more. The backing band will be Stu Hamm on bass and Atma Anur on drums. Really look forward to it. Do a good thing and spend a few Euros on a ticket, alright? Jason needs it."

Freak Kitchen Blog www.freakkitchen.com

Nathan Doyle: Game of Thrones (solo)

Preliminary 'scratch' solo for Neil Austin's new track 'Game of Thrones' this will be featured as a lesson on my forthcoming website with full transciption COMING SOON www.nathandoyle.co.uk

Game of Thrones (solo)

Tom Hess: How To Improvise On Guitar

http://tomhess.net/CorrespondenceGuitarLessons.aspxThis guitar lesson will teach you how to improvise guitar solos more effectively.
The secret to awesome guitar improvisation is in your lead guitar phrasing. Check out this guitar improvising lesson to learn how to improvise solos on guitar: http://tomhess.net/GuitarSoloLesson.aspx

How To Improvise On Guitar