Dave Reffett: should I go to music college?

For today’s column, I have a really good reader question from Tyrone Darnell in Wolf Point, Montana.
The question reads, “Dave, I want to know if going to music school is worth it. I have thought about it but I’m not sure; I might want to take the Hendrix or Dimebag route. My goal is to play heavy metal on the stage. What do you recommend?"
This is a great question. When I was younger I had a decision just like this to make. I had been in some bands and had success on the local scene, had played some big venues where I had seen my heroes play such as Motorhead.
I had put out an album with and almost got signed with a band that fell apart. We were clueless about how the music business actually worked and were doomed to fail from the start.
Then I moved to Denver and started to build a reputation with my then band playing at cool venues all over the city.
But still I wanted more.