Thursday, 25 August 2011

David Wallimann: Guitar Contest Tip

Guitar Contest Tip

Pete Pachio: String Insanity 2011

Pete Pachio remains one of my heroes, this guy has alternate picking chops to burn, he's dedicated and focused... and better still he's a nice guy! My friends I give you: Pete Pachio String Insanity 2011

Mark McGuigan: The Aristocrats "Sweaty Knockers" Learn how to play the riff

Check out the TAB @
Learn how to play the riff from 'Sweaty Knockers' by The Aristocrats
"Sweaty Knockers" is available as a free download from the band's website at
Album out September 13th!
Recorded with Suhr Pro Series S3 ( ) through Cornford Roadhouse 30 ( ).
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Subscribe to Mark's personal youtube channel at

MasterThatRiff! 74 - The Aristocrats "Sweaty Knockers"

News: feds looking allegedly looking into Gibson.

Federal authorities conducted simultaneous raids at Gibson Guitar offices and factories in Nashville and Memphis on Wednesday in the latest of a series of legal woes to strike the legendary guitar maker. Gibson has been the subject of an ongoing federal lawsuit and a separate investigation into whether it illegally imported endangered ebony woods to use in its sought-after instruments. more

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther... Balls Out!

STEEL PANTHER - BALLS OUT DROPS COCKTOBER 18TH! Steel Panther - Panther Pong Steel Panther - Community Property

Daniele Gottardo: Guitar Competition Winner has been selected!

Daniele Gottardo 
Announcement Coming Soon Next Week, stay tuned, thanks !!

Hayden Hewitt: Hayden Music competition

To get things moving on my channel I thought a competition with a monster haul of goodies was well in order.
The Judges:
Tim Slater : Editor of Playmusic Magazine (
Alan Lang : Sidewynder Pickups (
Hayden Hewitt:
Laurie Monk:
The Prizes:
1st prize: Sidewynder HH-1b and HH1n Humbuckers, Rothwell Tornado Overdrive, Guitar Tech Analog Delay, 6 Assorted V Picks, Planet Waves cable and mug, DR Fluorescent strings. (Almost £400's worth of kit!).
2nd prize: Sidewynder humbuckers (model dependent on your genre preference), 6 Assorted V Picks, Planet Waves cable and mug, DR Fluorescent strings.

3rd prize: 6 Assorted V Picks, Planet Waves cable and mug, DR Fluorescent strings.
The Steps you need to take to enter:
1) Subscribe to Then download the backing track Video your response solo
4) and then post your video in response to this video (put name of the competition and your full REAL name in the title!):
5) Promote your video everywhere and anywhere
6) Get free goods delivered to your door (once you win, obviously).
Backing Track is in Emin. If you want to hear Hayden's attempt you can! Download it here :
We're looking for one continuous take here with no harmonies or drop ins. We'll be judging you based only on whether we dig the solo or not. Obviously the picture should be clear and the backing track and your playing audible but apart from that it's your creativity we want to see. The competition is open to people of all ages and from anywhere in the world. You can enter as many times as you like.
IMPORTANT: please DON'T delete your entry once it is posted and approved!!! Each entry goes through a process of being watched, commented, approved and added to a list for the jury. This is a very time consuming act and deleting your entry afterwards messes up that list (apart from the time wasted)! Also, DON'T post your video as a response to any other video as it won't be on here anymore due to YT spam policies...!
Participants who fail to follow the rules will be disqualified!
Problems with video response:
It can take a number of hours for your response to appear. This is because they have to be approved first.
Competition closes 23rd Sept 2011 at 10pm GMT. If there are a lot of entries please be patient and we'll get the results up as soon as possible.
Remember, if you're on Facebook why not "like" my page and be kept up to date with upcoming videos for this and other channels as well as future competitions. out big thanks to Perf for providing the backing track.
Also thanks to Laurie Monk for his time and pointers in getting this comp off the ground. Cheers!
Last of all, the backing track was chosen to open the competition to players of diverse styles. You won't be judged solely on technical ability or anything like that, just make it a solo to remember.
Big ups to the following:
Sidewynder pickups : and Fifth : pedals : Waves : Line Distribution:

Hayden's Big Haul Solo Competition.

Hayden's Big Haul Solo Competition

Jeremy Barnes: Crematoria

A new track from an upcoming release from Jeremy Barnes. Jeremy Barnes:
Here is a performance of 'Crematoria' recorded in...Dubbo. Well, there was nothing else to do out there. Enjoy.

Jeremy Barnes Crematoria

Francisco Meza: The Restless Mind new CD

The Restless Mind is NOW available for download and in Physical CD:
Physical CD: at: (download any format with CD art and bonus track - The Departure of a Soul from my first album)
Itunes (Canada, USA, Mexico, Europe, UK, Japan, Australia)
Amazon (USA)
Napster (Canada)
Emusic, etc
Find me/become a fan/visit me on:
This has been a 100% independently funded project. Please support independent artist by purchasing their music.
Preview all songs here in the form of videos:
Beginning of the end Restless Mind Another Day Big Jam in a Dream* you like it or not
All songs written, performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Francisco Meza © 2011
Except * from 1:55 and 2:11 arranged from Metropolis Part 1 by Dream Theater. Under License No US ML 01511 from Warner-Chappel
Mastered by Andre Sousa at Minus 3 Audio, Toronto, ON

The Restless Mind album 2011 - Promo Video

Marcos De Ros: TV Free guitar improvisation

Marcos De Ros in a TV Show - Agenda - UCS TV - Free guitar improvisation.

Martin Miller: Ian Wong First Drive overdrive pedal Here's my review of this fantastic pedal that Ian Wong built for me! If you're interested in this, contact him through:

Settings I used for the first part: Gain 2 o' clock, everything else 10 'o clock

Distortion part: Gain nearly max, Tone and Touch 2 o' clock, level 10 o' clock

Thanks so much Ian, you rock!

Martin Miller - Ian Wong First Drive overdrive pedal DEMO

Eric Gales: Magneto bag their man!

Thanks to Kelcy at Custom Guitar Boutique: Magneto Guitars is in the process of Building a Sonnet for Mr. Gales. Stay tuned for more updates.

Allan Holdsworth: NAMM 1997

Allan Holdsworth - NAMM SHOW 1997

Allan Holdsworth - Pud Wud (NAMM 97)

Seiichi Syoutai: illogical jazz blues

Seiichi Syoutai - The illogical jazz blues

Seiichi Syoutai - Broken guitar

Andy Godbyone: Godin excelsius

godin guitar, kiss my bluegrass 3

guitar solo,T-rex delay,Elixir strings

Feodor Dosumov: красный лоскуток

Feodor Dosumov


ALKOTRIO, two for one

Billy Cobham & Feodor Dosumov (Marimba Plus)

Aaron Marshall: Intervals

Shot another play-through, this time for a tune I wrote called "Duality". I'm playing an Ernie Ball Music Man JP6 into an Axe Fx Ultra. Enjoy!
You can listen to this tune at:
Or download it for FREE:
***GUITAR TABS: in GP6, GP5, and PDF)
HD Video Play-through By SMACK Productions on a Canon T2i with Zeiss Prime Lenses.

Latest tracks by Intervals

Intervals - Duality (Guitar Play-through)

Intervals - "Still Winning" Play-through

Nico Schliemann: Johnny Swing

Johnny Swing by Michael Landau

performed at Kiste, Stuttgart, 22-08-2011

Nico Schliemann: guitar
Benjamin Jud: Bass
Michael Friedinger: Keys
Jan-Philipp Wiesmann: Drums
Stefan Koschitzki: Sax

Johnny Swing - 22-08-2011 (Nico Schliemann)

Frank Schiphorst: MaYaN

Mainstay of Society by Frank (MaYaN)

Symphony of Aggression by Frank (MaYaN)

Arnaud: Music Man John Petrucci test

Music Man John Petrucci shred guitar sound test - Neogeofanatic (HD)

Mathieu Rach: Just Playin' for fun

MattRach - Just Playin' for fun

Sammy Hagar: Van Hagar

It's been quite a year for Sammy Hagar. He told his own story in a book that shot straight to #1. His band Chickenfoot, featuring guitar god Joe Satriani, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, shocked the rock world by releasing an album so smokin' it went gold. And Gibson has just honored the Red Rocker by creating the Gibson Sammy Hagar Signature Explorer guitar. caught up with Sammy in the studio, where he openly (and, at times, fondly) spoke about his days in Van Halen, including the fact that he took a pay cut when he joined the band. Sammy also spoke about tequila, his Montrose days, and just how many clams he earned from the sale of his tequila company (hint: "gazillions").
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Sammy Hagar Talks Van Hagar, Chickenfoot and Tequila

Sunny Dsouza: Slow Blues

Overdrive Trio - Slow Blues at Hard Rock Cafe

David Locke: Everybody Hurts - R.E.M

Everybody Hurts - R.E.M - David Locke