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Alex Hutchings: At The Bristol Guitar Show

Alex Hutchings At The Bristol Guitar Show

Jess Lewis: Wonderful Slippery Thing Monkeyfest 2011

Jess Lewis: Wonderful Slippery Thing Monkeyfest 2011. I was stunned to see Jess Lewis playing guitar. Jess is a natural talent with god given powers of guitar, although Jess herself is very humble. I don't think I've seen anything like this for many years, overall nothing short of stunning.

This is Jess Lewis's interpretation of Guthrie Govan in pictorial form

A photo of Jess from that show taken by Shred Medium.

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Jess Lewis: Wonderful Slippery Thing Monkeyfest 2011

Chris Maerten: shredding on a four string guitar... less is more?

Yeah...I have so much fun with PICCOLO axe ! 4 , 6, or 7 strings would make no difference when you know how to play ONE ! The only real problem is to find that string that would fit the length of the bass neck ! I did ! God have sent me a old box of PICATO strings!
Chris Maerten

Double Strike on Picato strings

Michael Lee Firkins, Hedras Ramos: Warsaw, Poland date announced

Pre-notice, but now official: 9.11.2011r., Club Rock, Racławicka 99, Warsaw, g. 20:00 Firkins Michael Lee (USA) - git., Atma Anura (Polska!) - Dr. Michal Baranski (Poland) - bass. 
Guest: Hedras Ramos Jr. (Guatemala), - git., Hedras Ramos Sr. (Guatemala) - bass. On drums and Atma Anura (Krakow) :-)
In a week or two will be a poster and ticket sales will begin in the club Club Rock! WELCOME!

Theodore Ziras: Monster 5 new CD out

To purchase Monster 5 visit
CD: Download:
This is the promotional trailer of the forthcoming Theodore Ziras
instrumental CD "Monster 5".
Release Date: 25 September 2011
"Monster 5" is available in CD and Digital Download
from Sleaszy Rider Records
Drums: Christian Nativo
Keyboards: Sergey Boykov
Guest: Andy James

Video Produced by Theodore Ziras for
Theodore Ziras - Monster 5 New CD OUT NOW

Product Description
All Songs Composed, arranged and produced by Theodore Ziras
All Guitars + Bass Guitars recorded by Theodore Ziras at Magic Sound Studio (Athens/Greece)
Drums recorded by Christian Nativo at CN Productions (Melbourne, Australia)
Keyboards recorded by Sergey Boykov at Shadowmusic studio ( Pärnu, Estonia)
All songs mixed and mastered by Maciej Dawidek at Widek Records Studio (Sopot, Poland)
Artwork and cover Design by Gogo Melone
Photo shooting by Eva Zira

Here I'm going to comment a little about the concept and musical aesthetic I wanted to present on this CD. Monster 5: why this name? This is my 5th instrumental solo album. My intention was to produce something modern using seven string guitars and experiment into new territories, using various Scales/Modes, new grooves and so... this is my new monster…..
“Monster 5” is literally and directly what the title says. I tried to create a piece of art that blends various styles, grooves and sounds. On this album you can listen to Modern Metal, Shred and Fusion all mixed together in a “unique” (I hope so) way. I hope this CD will be worth all the money you spend to buy it and most important the time that you will spend listening to it. My main ambition is to entertain and inspire YOU… I hope you will enjoy it.
Theodore Ziras

The Songs
1. Tearing Apart
The opening song of this album. This is the heaviest song with brutal seven string rhythm patterns that gives you a rough idea how the remaining songs of “Monster 5” will sound. The tempo is pretty fast (200bpm). The solo section is one the fastest I ever play so far reaching 20 notes per second (on 2.12) but the Verse and especially the Chorus is catchy and melodic. 
2. Chaos I.M.F
This is a chaotic song with a strange (diminished) intro. Reflects totally the situation of my country (Greece). ) Unfortunately after the loan from I.M.F (International Monetary Fund) during the last months Greece is in the greatest crisis of all times. The solo section is quite optimistic. I hope everything will be better for my country very soon.

3. Liquid Fire
Fast and furious track. My guitar is on fire during the whole song. The guitar solo section is whammy pedal-based., sounds like liquid fire.

4. Alex Left the Building.
This song is like a strange joke (but a fast one), inspired from a guitar player I really dislike (I will not tell you who he is) but sometimes you get inspiration even from things you don’t like.
This is fastest track of the CD (240bpm). Catchy breath taking “military march” sounding intro and chorus. The solo based on few typical neoclassical licks that I practice very often in order to keep my technique into shape. Every note during this solo is picked. Extra credits to Christian Nativo, his drumming is unbelievable, thank you Christian.

5. Future Waves
Mid Tempo powerful Heavy-Rock song. Inspired from my favorite Guthrie Govan’s song “Waves”. So… this is my interpretation of this song in a more “heavy” way.
The Verse and Chorus truly sound s like a wave with notes running up and down melodically.
In the solo section you can listen more fusion and “outside” stuff like Dorian phrases, bluesy licks and diminished runs

6. 1923
Actually this is a continuation of song “Irredenta” from my album Territory 4 (2009).
So you can call it also “Irredenta Part2”
1923 is an oriental inspired heavy song. When I am listening to this music “Konstantinoúpolis” the capital of the Byzantine Empire is coming to my mind.
A great musician on keyboards (Sergey Boykov) plays all the melodies and themes on the second Verse and Chorus plus a great extreme keyboard solo. Thank you Sergey!

7. Into the Rush
A powerful and melodic straight forward rock song inspired from the great Joe Satriani (Track: One Big Rush, Album: Flying in a Blue Dream).
I love this song since early 90’s and I wanted to make “my version” of it. Of course the melodies I did have nothing in common with the Joe’s original track but the vibe and feel is the same (at least I hope so!)

8. Paradigma
This is a strange song, because the verse and the Chorus both based on the same melody played in different time signatures and this makes them sound different even if the notes are the same. Extremely groovy song with few LTE’s (Liquid Tension Experiment) Prog-Rock flavors and an extremely technical solo.

9. Transition Game
This song is a transition between rhythm and scale changes. Actually I am using more than 10 scales-modes all over the song but the transition between them is smooth and easy to listen. It is a primarily experimental song combining dynamics, ultra fast metal grooves, smooth fusion grooves, virtuosity and elegant playing, one of my favorites.

10. Mess
Mess?? From Mesh-uggah, I really like the Swedish band “Meshuggah” so I wanted to make a song that will sound like them but in my style. Lots of brutal 7-string rhythms, groovy drumming and cool melodies. Sergey Boykov is doing an excellent job on the keyboards.

11. Monster 5
This is the last song of the album, pretty fast song with catchy melodies inspired from a Youtube video of the great British shredder Andy James (I really like this guy). So i asked Andy to play a guest solo for this song and he did an extraordinary job. In the outro of the song Andy and me we’re doing an extreme solo trade-off. Thank you Andy, it is a great honor and privilege for me to have you on my album.

Paulo Pacheco: Boss Stand Expomusic 2011

Expomusic 2011-Paulo Pacheco Stand da Boss

Carl Verheyen: Little Wing

Improvising on the Hendrix classic during a master class in Italy.

Carl Verheyen - "Little Wing"

Carl Verheyen - guitar improvising live

Plato Cratoteles: tribute to Michael Angelo Batio

No Boundaries - Michael Angelo (platocratoteles)

Jonas Hansson: Stand up and shout! 1984

SILVER MOUNTAIN - Stand up and shout! 1984

Orianthi: Alice Cooper - Only Women Bleed,

Alice Cooper - Only Women Bleed, Auckland Trusts Stadium 2011


Alice Cooper - Poison, Auckland 2011

Alice Cooper - I'll Bite Your Face Off, Auckland 2011

Sashe Brankovski: 6th Live4Guitar Competition

6th Live4Guitar Competition - Sashe Brankovski

Daniele Gottardo: Glass Box Blues Frankfurt 2011

Daniele Gottardo on the Mark Bass stand which consists of a glass box, he's borrowed an Ibanez guitar for the appearance. The stand is like a fish tank, supposed to enable the players to jam at higher volume and not got the sound police on their backs. I got some video of Frank Gamble playing there in 2010.

Daniele Gottardo: Glass Box Blues Frankfurt 2011

Scot Marcs: Kidd Havok

Kidd Havok guitarist Scot Marcs checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about the brand new album Dirty Money; specific songs like “Back Door Man” and “The Way I Feel With You;” his upcoming solo instrumental; tour plans; and a whole lot more. listen to the interview

Christophe Deremy: The Dreamer - Original

The Dreamer - Original

Chris Brooks: The Axis of All Things released

"The Axis of All Things" out now on CD and digital download!
ine years after the release of his successful indie debut "The Master Plan", the long-awaited new solo album from Australia's Chris Brooks is about to land! Showcasing a more mature-sounding Brooks in a variety of songs ranging from funk-fusion, progressive rock, wailing ballads and acoustic, "The Axis Of All Things" is an epic journey that will no doubt please existing fans, and also convert a great deal more!

Features the songs: Prelude, The Axis of All Things, Transfiguration, Open Doors, Not the Day Nor the Hour, Wisdom Road, Hammer's Heart, Feeding the Myth, In and Out of Dreams, Velvet Claws.

CD Packaging includes 6 page insert with liner notes and personal notes about the songs on the album.

The album is available now from and will also soon be at Amazon, iTunes, CD Universe and more!

Check it out now!

Byron Fry: The Fairy God Shredder

Mark Varney presents Byron Fry in a shredding, good, fairytale. The Fairy God Shredder

The Fairy God Shredder

Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar: Chickenfoot Presents "III" Live

Chickenfoot Presents "III" LIVE CONCERT WEBCAST 9/27/11

Mattias IA Eklundh: Expomusic Sao Paulo 2011

Mattias Eklundh | Santo Angelo - Expomusic 2011 - Cifra Club TV

Mattias Eklundh - Expomusic Sao Paulo - Brazil (Insane Moments)

Allan Holdsworth: None To Soon to get a re-release!

Allan Holdsworth One of the most seminal 90's jazz albums NONE TO SOON to be released very SOON for the first time ever as a digital remaster, in digipack front, with liner notes, testimony from Allan and more.
Mr. MoonJune Nardini will let you know soon... Please bare in mind: first time ever. Do you think the front cover should be exactly the same?
Stay tuned.... Register Your e-mail for ALLAN HOLDSWORTH updates, upcoming WORLDWIDE tours and upcoming records

Pete Graves, Adam Nolly Getgood, Jamie Humphries: Bristol Guitar Show 2011

Just back from the Bristol Guitar show. Lots of nice guitars, Alex Hutching, Jamie Humphries, Adam Nolly Getgood, Pete G, Jaden Rose, Ben Wilshire, Dave Reeves and more. Missed Alex Hutching playing.. but did have a quick chat. Alex really enjoyed the Bangkok shows with Jack Thammarat. Alex continues to work on material for his upcoming CD's, looking like 2012 being a release window. Jamie Humphries was great, very funny anecdotes in his presentation. In addition the Djental men of Red Sea Fires, Adam Nolly Getgood, Pete G, demoed some tracks live, sounding awesome, even fighting over the background music. Adam travels to the USA to work with Misha Mansoor on the upcoming Periphery release. Nice to catch up with Jaden Rose too, guitars looking stunning as ever. Jaden will be presenting a guitar to the winner of the live Guitar Idol final. I saw a number of other internet guitar dudes and overall the show was very busy, very hot and very enjoyable.

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News: Pro Tone Pedals Buy 1 Get 1 Free

I'm not going to bore you with a bloated announcement post, because I know you probably don't care about the why... you just want to know how to get it.

Buy ANY pedal between Friday September 30th and Sunday Oct 2nd
Post a 5 minute demonstration video of the purchased pedal to YouTube
Tell me what free pedal you want (equal or lesser value than the one you purchased)
Dealers are welcome to join in
Rinse and repeat
I'm sure there will be a million and 1 questions, please post them in the comments section below and I'll answer them all in the days leading up to the 30th.

Pro Tone Pedals Buy 1 Get 1 Free Info

Dave Martone, Glen Drover: Global Live Webcast tonight!

All the times on line at the web cast address:

Glen Drover
Dave Martone