Sunday, 23 October 2011

Kermheat: Space Swing

Kermheat plays French Space Swing

Stéphan Forté: Monster new album nearing release

"The Shadows Compendium", the first instrumental solo album from guitarist Stéphan Forté of French neo-classical metallers ADAGIO, can be seen below. Due in Europe on November 21 and in North America in February via Listenable Records, the CD was mixed by Kevin Codfert at XFade studio in Paris, France. Stéphan and Kevin previously worked together on the production of ADAGIO's fourth album, "Archangels In Black".

"The Shadows Compendium" features several other guests, such as Jeff Loomis, Glen Drover, Daniele Gottardo and Derek Taylor.

One of the songs from the CD, "De Praestigiis Daemonum", can be streamed at this location. The track, which features a guest appearance by Mattias IA Eklundh from FREAK KITCHEN, was described by Forté as "probably the most shredding song of the album. I guess it is not the easiest one to listen to, but since it's the very first song we're offering to the guitar fans, I wanted to give them an 'in-your-face' kinda track. This is also a song I've made as a tribute for Jason Becker. He is one of my biggest guitar influences ever and it's been a while since I wanted to do it, so I am very glad to share this track with you guys!"

Stephan Forté - De Praestigiis Daemonum

Stéphan previously stated about "The Shadows Compendium", "When I decided to record this album, it was obvious that I wanted to work with Kevin again. We both know each other so well that sometimes we don't even need to talk while mixing. Kev knows perfectly what I want and I am 100 percent happy with the mix he did on this album. It has been a real work in common since not only he mixed it, but also did the drums programming and, of course, played all the keyboards and piano. On the bass, same thing — it was clear that Franck [Hermanny] would do the bass. He is one of the most skilled bass player I know in metal, he is in ADAGIO with me since day one and just like Kevin, he's one of my best friends, so it could not have been done differently!"

See and hear the towering composition and soloing of Adagio's Stéphan Forté and Franck Hermanny - GET YOUR TICKETS NOW... time is running out!

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Jeff Loomis: setting light to Indonesia and China

Jeff Loomis - Shouting Fire at a Funeral - Live in Jakarta Indonesia

Jeff Loomis - Jato Unit (live in Schecter guitar clinic Surabaya, Indonesia)

Jeff Loomis playing Miles of Machines live Nanjing 10-14-11

Chris Broderick: Tornado of Souls

Chris Broderick- Tornado of Souls solo

John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess: Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory on vinyl

Enjoy The Ride Records, in association with WEA and Brookvale Records, will re-release DREAM THEATER's fifth album, "Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory" (1999), on 180-gram vinyl for the very first time. Due on November 25, the record will be made available as a double-LP set and will come in a beautiful gatefold sleeve.

If you pre order now

"Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory" is a concept album that deals with the story of a man named Nicholas and the discovery of his past life, which involves love, murder, and infidelity as Victoria Page. It was recorded at BearTracks Studios in New York, where the band had previously recorded their second studio album, "Images And Words" (1992) and the EP "A Change Of Seasons" (1995). The album is the sequel to "Metropolis, Pt. 1: The Miracle And The Sleeper", a song previously featured on "Images And Words". It was also the first album to feature Jordan Rudess on keyboards, and was the last album for which bassist John Myung wrote lyrics until the 2011 album "A Dramatic Turn Of Events".

Devin Townsend: a little left over shrapnel

DTP over the past few months....

William Shatner: Bohemian Rhapsody - enough said!

Beyond Epic!

William Shatner - Bohemian Rhapsody [Official Music Video]

Russ Parrish: Six inches for Satchel

STEEL PANTHER is Michael Starr (vocals), Satchel (guitar), Lexxi Foxx (bass) and Stix Zadinia (drums).

"Balls Out" track listing:

01. In The Future
02. Supersonic Sex Machine
03. Just Like Tiger Woods
04. 17 Girls In A Row
05. If You Really, Really Love Me
06. It Won't Suck Itself
07. Tomorrow Night
08. Why Can't You Trust Me
09. That's What Girls Are For
10. Gold-Digging Whore
11. I Like Drugs
12. Critter
13. Let Me Come In

Steel Panther - Balls Out EPK Pt. 1

Steel Panther, "Eyes of a Panther"; Chicago October 19, 2011

Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian: BCC Live Over Europe

Black Country Communion- Man In The Middle- LIVE OVER EUROPE DVD

"Live Over Europe" track listing:

01. Revolution of the Machine
02. Black Country
03. One Last Soul
04. Crossfire
05. Save Me
06. The Battle For Hadrian's Wall
07. Beggarman
08. Faithless
09. Song of Yesterday
10. I Can See Your Spirit
11. Cold
12. The Ballad of John Henry
13. The Outsider
14. The Great Divide
15. Sista Jane
16. Man In The Middle
17. Burn
18. Smokestack Woman

Bonus Features

* Forging BCC - The Making of "Live Over Europe"
* Photo Collection - Live On Tour
* Photo Collection - Behind The Scenes

John Petrucci: Mark V Studio & Live 2011

John Petrucci explains how the Mark V became the go to amp for the recording AND live rig for their 2011 album A Dramatic Turn of Events.

John Petrucci Mark V Studio & Live 2011

John Petrucci Live Rig Tour 2011

Jordan Rudess: A Tour Of Jordan's World

Jordan Rudess Dream Theater Interview and live rig rundown

News: Clinic for Gene "The Atomic Clock" Hoglan

I've seen this guy live... never a truer name for a player...
Gene "The Atomic Clock" Hoglan will demonstrate his killer technique, discuss his projects, share tips and methods, and answer your questions during a drum clinic presented by Pearl Drums on Monday, October 24 at 7:00 p.m. at Sweetwater in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Admission is free.

Gene Hoglan recently released his long-awaited instructional DVD, "The Atomic Clock". Available on Hoglan Industries in the U.S. and on Reversed Records in Canada, the disc showcases Hoglan's three decades of experience of performing and recording with the world's most well-known metal bands such as DEVIN TOWNSEND, DARK ANGEL, DEATH, DETHKLOK, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, TESTAMENT, ZIMMER'S HOLE, and most recently FEAR FACTORY, along with many others on his resume.

Petey Graves: 8 String Bare Knuckle Pickups Comparison

Hey everyone, so I recently switched out the set of Aftermaths from Bare Knuckle Pickups in my new custom Mayones Regius 8, and I replaced them with a Rebel Yell in the bridge, and a VHII in the neck.

The reason I switched the Aftermaths was because they were way too hot for what I was looking to do with them, regardless of the fact that they sound awesome.

As per usual this is all recorded using an Axe FX Ultra. There is no bass on any of the parts

8 String Bare Knuckle Pickups Comparison: Aftermath vs. Rebel Yell (Bridge) & VHII (Neck)

Ben Wilshire: Gravity Picks review

New Gravity Picks! - Demo With Ben Wilshire!

Steve Morse,Alex Skolnick,Charlie Hunter, Oz Noy, Mike Stern, Michael Lee Firkins: Jam Bands - the album

Magnatude Records has captured performances by some of the leading lights in the Jam Band field. Music from blues to folk to jazz and back to hard rock are intertwined, combined and refined.

Featuring performances by:
Steve Morse, Jake Cinninger, Alex Skolnick, Jerry Garcia, Charlie Hitchcock, Fareed Haque, Charlie Hunter, Oz Noy, Mike Stern, Michael Lee Firkins, Will Bernard, Mark Karan, Ed Wynne

The Jam Band Culture has produced some of the most inventive and diverse music that the rock genre has seen in a long time. Influences from blues to folk to jazz and back to hard rock are intertwined, combined and refined. The guitar has been the instrument that all this musical abundance is built around. Magnatude Records has captured performances by some of the leading lights in this field. “Jam On Guitars” illustrates the fact that it’s not about technique. It is about substance. Steve Morse, Jake Cinninger, Alex Skolnick and Michael Lee Firkins join an outstanding line up of players.

Romain Roo Chapus: live band kicking ass!

RooBand Live @Sound-Shop's Party 15.10.2011

Frank Pearl: Staind Guitar Solo Showdown winner

This is my entry for the Staind Guitar Solo Showdown. This entry won the Judges pick,

Frank Pearl - Staind Guitar Solo Showdown

Roger Pedersen: ripping on Vinai Trinateepakdee backing track

Legato technique is something I almost never use live, but after hearing the Master him self while I was out jogging, I could not resist trying. The guitar sound is maybe similar ;-) The backtrack is called "Alive", and is the property of Vinai Trinateepakdee.

Legato Holdsworthish (kind of..) - Roger Pedersen

Just got a brand new Fender Deluxe American Stratocaster, and it immediately became best friends with my Axe FX from Fractal Audio :-).

The backtrack is called "Alive", and is the property of Vinai Trinateepakdee.Testing my new guitar- Roger Pedersen

Guthrie Govan: Live show

Guthrie Govan Erotic Cakes

Guthrie Govan , Erotic Cakes.

Guthrie Govan clinic & master class at Bradley School of Music January 11, 2011

Go and see the Aristocrats live. Amazing bands like this deserve your support!

01/21/12The Aristocrats in San Pedro, CAAlvas ShowroomUnited States
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: $30.00. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 1417 W. Eighth Street San Pedro, CA 90732. Venue phone: 800-403-3447.
01/22/12The Aristocrats in San Pedro, CAAlvas ShowroomUnited States
Time: 6:00pm. Admission: $30.00. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 1417 W. Eighth Street San Pedro, CA 90732. Venue phone: 800-403-3447.
01/27/12The Aristocrats in San Francisco, CABiscuits & BluesUnited States
Time: 8:30pm. Admission: TBA. Address: 401 Mason St. @ Geary St., SF, CA 94102. Venue phone: 415-292-2583.
03/02/12The Aristocrats in San Diego, CABrick By BrickUnited States
Time: 8:30pm. Admission: $20 advance, $25 door. Age restrictions: No Minors. Address: 1130 Buenos Avenue, San Diego, CA 92110. Venue phone: 619-275-5483.
03/07/12The Aristocrats in London, United KingdomThe PeelUnited Kingdom
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: TBA. Box office: 0208 2558104. Address: 160 Cambridge Road, Kingston upon Thames KT1 3HH.Venue phone: +44 (0) 20 8546 3516. With Godsticks in supporting role:
03/08/12The Aristocrats in BilstonThe Robyn2United Kingdom
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: £12.50 Advance, £14.00 Door. Address: 20-28 Mount Pleasant, Bilston, Wolverhampton WV14 7LJ.Venue phone: 01902 401211. With Godsticks in supporting role: Buy tickets
03/09/12The Aristocrats in ManchesterNight and DayUnited Kingdom
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: £15.50. Address: No. 26 Oldham Street, Northern Quarter, Manchster, M1 1JN. Venue phone: 0161 236 4597. With Godsticks in supporting role: Buy tickets
03/10/12The Aristocrats in NewcastleThe ClunyUnited Kingdom
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: £15.00. Address: 36 Lime Street, Ouseburn, Newcastle upon Tyre, NE1 2PQ. Venue phone: 01912 304474. With Godsticks in supporting role: Buy tickets
03/11/12The Aristocrats in EdinburghThe Voodoo RoomsUnited Kingdom
Time: 8:00pm. Box office: 0131 3347100. Address: 19a West Register St., Edinburgh, EH2 2AA. Venue phone: 0131 556 7060.Call or email to get tickets With Godsticks in supporting role:
03/13/12The Aristocrats in ZoetermeerBoerderijNetherlands
Time: 8:30pm. Admission: €22 Advance, €25 Door. Address: Amerikaweg 145, 2717 AV Zoetermeer. Venue phone: 079 321 10 12. Buy tickets

Derryl Gabel: Outside Secrets 4 DVD reveiwed in detail

Shred Knowledge:
Fusion virtuoso Derryl Gables 12th DVD and 4th DVD in the Outside Secret titles is a must have look into the workings and mechanics of a modern fusionist.
This another great leap forward for those in pursuit on an understanding of outside sounds and fusion virtuosity all taught by someone who can walk the walk and to such a high standard.

This package not only has a huge resource of concepts, mechanics , theory , technique and a host of 75 examples and licks to keep you going for a long time to come. If that wasn't enough there is also the extra's and bonus mp3 backings, diagrams , three note per string shapes in diagram form , hybrid and extended forms of the scales and that great stuff is in both PDF- on screen diagrams and in power tab format (readable in guitar pro). full review I'm pleased to announce that my new DVD, "Outside Secrets part 4" is now available. It comes in standard and Blu-ray editions. In this one hour video we will take a look at the diminished scale and its applications regarding the dominant and minor 7th chords. I also share with you a vast array of concepts and licks using economy and sweep picking, legato runs, and even tapping. This time I have included on screen fretboard diagrams to make it even easier to follow along! Besides getting the transcriptions of all 75 examples you will also get the fretboard diagrams and backing tracks to help you practice applying all the new ideas you will learn. To place your order just go to my website and click on the Store page.

Outside Secrets 4 DVD

Sunny Dsouza: Noodle on Suhr Pro Series S3 Bengal Burst

Suhr Pro Series S3 Bengal Burst

Alex Hutchings: Spain and India clinic series

Alex Hutchings: Spain and India clinic series

Jack Gardiner: the best guitar site interview

How many hours a day do you practice? Do you have any practice schedule?

Now-a-days, practice has become much harder to fit in. When I was 15, some days I’d practice as soon as I got home from school ’til I fell asleep with the guitar in my hands. Now I wish I could do that! I always try and get half an hour of constructive practice in a day no matter what. It seems now, on Fridays I can get in 6-9 hours which is awesome!

When I used to practice, I used to simply put on a backing track and play with new ideas. I’ve found now that you don’t really progress too much doing this. Tom Quayle opened my eyes to constructive practice. At the moment I pick one thing for example continuous scale exercises, and work only on that for half an hour, break, start again! For me it’s much more efficient! more

Billy Gibbons: Lynyrd Skynyrd join La Grange Fest in Austin Texas

ZZ Top’s First Annual La Grange Fest in Austin, TX. It’s a ZZ Top-hosted music festival set for Saturday, October 22. Joining ZZ Top are Lynyrd Skynyrd and country singer Jamey Johnson. Just added to the show, for a very special acoustic set, is Slipknot and Stone Sour lead vocalist Corey Taylor, the multiplatinum selling, New York Times best-selling author and Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter in two of the most successful bands in rock music today.

"I really can't say how excited I am to be sharing the stage with Skynyrd and ZZ Top!" says Taylor. "Just from a fan's point of view, I can't wait to see these bands. I'm trying to figure out what I can bring to the table, but I'll do my very best. And of course, it's always good to be back in Texas!!"

Says ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons, "We're looking forward to having a good time with all of our friends and fans on the 22nd. Down Austin way is gonna be the place to be that day, doncha know..."

Tickets to La Grange Fest.

Preston Reed: Running - acoustic tapper

"running" preston reed @ the fox theater

Daniele Gottardo: warming up for Jason Becker festival

Preparing my arrangement of this beautiful song of Jason Becker for the the Not Dead Yet Festival, I will play this without whammy bar, my fingers are already broken!!!

Get your ticket for this once in a lifetime show in Amsterdam... just a few more weeks away now.

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