Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sarah Longfield: Zeal new EP available

Sarah Longfield is scarily good, fans of djent style music are sure to love this great EP.

News: 24-string bass, aluminium fretboard

24-string bass, aluminium fretboard

Testsite-OverSticks&Stones 1.mp4

Allan Holdsworth: Trio (Carpenter - Novak) 1997

Allan Holdsworth: Trio (Carpenter - Novak) 1997

Allan Holdsworth: Houston TX Nov 15 2011

Allan Holdsworth: Houston TX Nov 15 2011

Inti Velazquez: Gibson Les Paul Fusion Shred

Gibson Les Paul Fusion Shred - Inti Velazquez Nº2

Paul Gilbert: Solo Live in Surabaya 2011 in 3D

Just need to watch all three at the same time to get the 3D effect :)

Paul Gilbert solo guitar @Grand City Mal Surabaya

Paul Gilbert Solo (Live in Surabaya)

Mr. Big - Paul Gilbert's Solo (Live @ Arthur's Day, Grand City - Surabaya)

Andy James: HIGH GAIN Blackstar HT-Pedals

Sound Service: ANDY JAMES plays some HIGH GAIN Blackstar HT-Pedals through an Artisan 100.mp4

Daniele Gottardo: JAM masterclass 2011

Daniele Gottardo @ JAM - Tapping Trip

Daniele Gottardo @ JAM - Cardiology

Daniele Gottardo @ JAM - Marrakesh Market

Andy James, Benjamin Lechuga: Metal 5 guitar idol shoot out

Benjamin Lechuga & Andy James Jam in Lick Library's Guitar Idol 2011 Finals

Andy James,Chris Cowdry: Metal 5 guitar idol shoot out

Andy James and Chris Cowdry Live

Lee Luland: Prospekt - Hunting Poseidon Clip

Prospekt - Hunting Poseidon Clip

Nobby Conrad: LA Funk out!

Los Angeles Funk Jam 2011 - Nobby Conrad

Julien Damotte: Tribute to Greg Howe

[New] Improvisation on "Direct Injection" (Greg Howe) - C# Dorian / D Dorian

Robbert Hanenberg: Ozzy Osbourne / Zakk Wylde - No More Tears

Ozzy Osbourne / Zakk Wylde - No More Tears (covered by Robbert Hanenberg)

Északi Szabolcs: rock wah jam

Eldzsi mod wah jam shred rock licks

Joe Bonamassa: Bakersfield CA, 2011

Midnight Blues~Joe Bonamassa~Bakersfield CA, 2011

Jacek Wenclewski: This is Sparta!

"THIS IS SPARTA" -- Jacek Wenclewski

Jessica Gardlund: Bach Invention for Harpsichord no8

Bach Invention for Harpsichord no8

Anna Yerina: Tributes to Wes Montgomery and George Benson

Anna Yerina - Gone With The Wind (Wes Montgomery cover)

Anna Yerina - I Remember Wes (George Benson cover)

Lisa Lim: blues sliding a HeliArc Guitar

Lisa Lim with HeliArc Guitars

Pedro Santos: Neung Vinai Alive GuitarSolo Competition

Neung Vinai Alive GuitarSolo Competition PEDRO SANTOS

Damjan Pejcinoski: Hunting the Chicken - Guitar Lesson

Damjan Pejcinoski - Hunting the Chicken - Guitar Lesson

This full lesson will be available soon at
The lesson will include 3 backing tracks, close-up slow videos, tab and more...
Meanwhile check out our latest lessons and stay tuned for more...

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther acoustic on Kerrang Radio

Steel Panther - 17 girls in a row! Kerrang Radio

Parker Wallace,Mantor Hays: Band Rehearsal

Had tons of fun jamming before work today with outstanding musicians Matt Miller - bass, Nigel Carnahan - drums, Parker Wallace - guitar, Mantor Hays- guitar and Mike Hill - piano. This was 11 year old Parker's first time playing this awesome tune with us that Matt came up with.

Band Rehearsal with 11 year old Parker Wallace

Guthrie Govan: demos The Suhr Guthrie Govan Antique Modern.

Guthrie Govan - Suhr Demo 2011

Tony MacAlpine: 8 String Tapping Tweet Licks

#Tweetlicks 02 - Tony MacAlpine

and in case you missed the first one

#Tweetlicks 01 - Tony MacAlpine

Alicyn Yaffee: The Next Step, Kurt Rosenwinkel Transcription

The Next Step, Kurt Rosenwinkel Transcription

Jon Neto: Great rock fusion tracks and downloads

Jon Neto - Dia de Festa - música do álbum Jon Neto 2006

Jon Neto - Ela - música do álbum 'Jon Neto - 2006'

News: Truth In Shredding is Google Current

Truth In Shredding
State Of The Art Guitar

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David Maxim Micic: appears on Modern day babylon

Review on

Modern day babylon and David Maxim Micic - little preview

Modern Day Babylon - Animals instincts (short teaser / very raw mix)

Katalina Gonzalez: Guitar Vivo!




Richard Lainegard: Overdrive Pedal Shootout

Overdrive Pedal Shootout Part 2 - Impro over backing track

Overdrive Pedal Shootout Part 1 - Playthrough

Eric Calderone: Deadmau5 Meets Metal

So i got a ton of requests to do Deadmau5 ever since i put "moar ghosts and stuff" as the secret song in "super bass" so here ya go. The request list is huge, i know final fantasy is a big one so im trying to narrow it down song wise, but its coming, as well as the Christmas medley. Big ups for everything, the messages, suggestions, fan art, donations, comments and subs. I say it every time but its always true, you guys rock the casbah...HARD!! and just in case anyone was wondering the song lineup for this here it is:

Some Chords
Ghosts and Stuff
Right This Second
8 Bit

Deadmau5 Meets Metal

Yoger Mucci: Guitangears - featuring an army of guitar players!

OUT NOW!!! more info down,
Physical CD ORDER info
New Yoger Mucci's Album Featuring.Michael Angelo Batio, Joe Stump, David Shankle, Theodore Ziras, Marco Minnemann, Diego Crippa, Silvio Gazquez, Tom Quayle, Antoine Fafard, Alex Hernandez, Joop Wolters, Hittar Cuesta, Ivan Mihajevic, Yos Mucci, Josip Pesut, Carl Puga, Ricardo Walls, Angel Villanueva and Gustavo Bonfa.
FACEBOOK GROUP!/pages/The-Guitangears/161310713932598
Yoger Mucci´s The Guitangears - Triangulum (Chapter 1)
Triangulum Chapter 1 is the first solo Album by Yoger Mucci. featured by 15 tracks of original, experimental, progressive, fusion, metal, avant garde and instrumental music plus sci-fi SuperHeroes The Guitangears is Music a Yoger's project, inspired by comics. It contains Sci-Fi and futuristic adventure, Not limited music to one style plus Marvelous worldwide musicians collaborations.He uses differen styles — prog, metal, fusion, industrial, electronic, etc — Yoger just wanted to making the music he loves. This album became The Guitangears - Triangulum

The Guitangears is a team of Superguitar and Supermusicians heroes who joined to fight the threat "Legatus Electrum" who plans to conquer the universe using music as a weapon and probably the only hope to destroy him will be the mysterious Voynich's manuscript and bring peace to the universe.

THE GUITANGEARS! OUT NOW! Feat.Michael Angelo Batio,Joe Stump,David Shankle,M

Maki Sawa Peace: Absolutely pop! Introduction to Super Blues Guitar

Absolutely pop! Introduction to Super Blues Guitar [DVD]


Daniel Realpe: Vivaldi's "The storm" Electro-acoustic

Vivaldi's "The storm" Electro-acoustic