Monday, 19 December 2011

Arnaldo Alves: Concurso Cultural Vinheta Santo Angelo

Concurso Cultural Vinheta Santo Angelo - Arnaldo Alves #2

Oz Noy: Nashville 2011

FPETV Oz Noy, Michael Rhodes, Keith Carlock Nashville 2011

Rob Chappers: ML2 available

ML-2s available for Christmas!

Vinnie Moore: UFO Seven Deadly details

UFO will release their new album, "Seven Deadly", on February 28, 2012
"Seven Deadly" track listing:
01. Fight Night
02. Wonderland
03. Mojo Town
04. Angel Station
05. Year Of The Gun
06. The Last Stone Rider
07. Steal Yourself
08. Burn Your House Down
09. The Fear
10. Waving Good Bye
11. Other Men's Wives (bonus track)
12. Bag O' Blues (bonus track)

Joe Satriani: Eternal Descent comic book 2012

Eternal Descent has teamed up with Joe Satriani, drawing inspiration from his iconic back catalogue to bring you a reimagining of the mythos behind his music. Find out more at:
Set for release in February 2012 by IDW Publishing and available worldwide through Diamond Distribution, Eternal Descent Volume 2 Issue 3 opens with a group of heroes divided and in turmoil. Strange beautiful music resonates throughout the cosmos, heralding the arrival of Joe Satriani - The Extremist himself - seeking to guide the lost and bring harmony to dissonance.
Music by Joe Satriani ( Track: Crystal Planet )
Images & Words by Eternal Descent
Video edited by Yaya Halawani

Joe Satriani in Eternal Descent comic book!

Jeff Loomis: Asia Clinic Tour 2011 Jakarta, Indonesia

Jeff Loomis: Asia Clinic Tour 2011 Jakarta, Indonesia

Amadeus Awad: Mark Boals guest appearance on "Time Of The Equinox"

Mark Boals makes a guest appearance on "Time Of The Equinox", the new album from the Lebanese guitarist Amadeus Awad.

Due on January 13, 2012, the CD will feature Boals in the progressive metal trilogy "Paper Dreams", which consists of the following movements:

I - Requiem
II - Dies Irae
III - The Tempest

Spiritus Devi by Amadeus Awad

The Origins Of Light by Amadeus Awad

Alex Skolnick: BW and BK interview

TESTAMENT's Alex Skolnick talks to's Mitch Lafon about his ALEX SKOLNICK TRIO, the departure of Testament's drummer Paul Bostaph, the band's upcoming 2012 tour with ANTHRAX and Testament's current recording project - The Dark Roots Of Earth.
Testament's Alex Skolnick Talks To (December 2011 - Part 1)

Dhalif Ali: Us Against The World

Re-make of the song. Instrumental Guitar, re-arranged on Ableton Live
Custom Acoustic
Ernieball Musicman Guitars
Awe-in-one Picks
Line 6 Pod X3 Live
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Us Against The World

Nita Strauss: talks RGT320Z prestige and pickups and consumes the fire

Nita Strauss It's an RGT320Z prestige.. I have a DiMarzio D Activator in the bridge and an Evolution in the neck as well as a couple other cool customizations :) ... I love the D- Activator. It's kind of similar in tone to an EMG 81 but without the internal preamp so it's very expressive. Great harmonics too. I have a D-Activator in the bridge of almost all my guitars. Nice and quiet when muting too.. most pickups with super high output like this will get a ton of feedback

Nita Strauss Consume The Fire intro solo

Fred Brum: The Art Of Suffering is Suffering for your Art!

Fred Brum  In spite of the delays caused by the whole process regarding copyrighting my material and ensuring all paperwork was in check, the cover work for the album is now complete and the CD is getting ready right after a final adjustment and printing colour check. I expect to receive the CD’s, ready for my autograph / dedication marathon sometime next week, and off to your mailboxes it goes (along with the tee, for those who ordered one)!

I can’t thank you enough for your patience regarding this matter and for your understanding of the shortcomings of facing the paper jungle that is protecting one’s work when you’re a one man operation.

In case you have somehow missed it due to some pesky email filter, everyone who has purchased the CD has access to the MP3 at no extra cost. please don’t hesitate to email me should you have not received the link to download the MP3 content from.

From Drop Box

Jamie Humphries: Christmas Ecard

Christmas Ecard - Chesnuts Roasting On An Open Fire With Jamie Humphries Licklibrary

Nili Brosh, Tony MacAlpine: ready for the tour!

Nili Brosh
Finished learning the MacAlpine set...21 songs for me in total - that was a lot of transcribing! Now to practice it all till I really have it road-ready...!

Tour dates
Date City Venue Country
1/21/2012 Tony MacAlpine in West Hollywood, CA The Key Club United States
1/22/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Ramona, CA Ramona Mainstage United States
2/11/2012 Tony MacAlpine in West Oakland, CA Pound United States
2/21/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Manchester Moho Live United Kingdom
2/22/2012 Tony MacAlpine in London The Underworld United Kingdom
2/24/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Kerkrade Rock Temple Netherlands
2/25/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Sneek Het Bolwerk Netherlands
2/26/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Berlin Crystal Germany
2/27/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Nürnberg Hirsch Germany
2/28/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Cologne Luxor Germany
2/29/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Prague Matrix Czech Republic
3/3/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Bratislava Randal Club Slovakia
3/4/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Budapest Club 202 Hungary
3/5/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Bucharest Silver Church Romania
3/6/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Sofia Sofia Live Club Bulgaria
3/7/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Istanbul Jolly Joker Balans Turkey
3/8/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Thessaloníki Eight Ball Greece
3/9/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Athens Kyttaro Live Greece
3/11/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Mezzago Bloom Club Italy
3/12/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Pratteln Galery Switzerland
3/14/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Barcelona Razzmatazz3 Spain
3/15/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Madrid Ritmo y Compas Spain
3/16/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Murcia Stereo Spain
3/17/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Sevilla Fanatic Spain
3/18/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Vigo El Infierno Spain
3/19/2012 Tony MacAlpine in San Sebastián DOKA (Donostia Kafe Antzokia) Spain
3/21/2012 Tony MacAlpine in Paris Divan du Monde France
07/09/12- 07/13/12 Tony MacAlpine in Big Indian, NY Paul Gilbert’s Great Guitar Escape, featuring Paul Gilbert, Tony MacAlpine and Guthrie Govan @ Full Moon Resort United States

Ignazio Di Salvo: Natale roccia fusione

Ignazio Di Salvo - New Video testing 1

Mario Iaccarino: Just 2 CD available on itunes

Mario Iaccarino:  Buy my new EP on iTunes: 2 - Written, arranged and performed by Mario Iaccarino. Shooting and editing by Carmine Cuomo.

Mario Iaccarino - Just 2

Taka Minamino: Blood Rain CD available via itunes

2nd CD"Blood Rain" is
now on iTunes!
1. Woke Up Dead2. Lost Forever3. Mercy Of Evil4. Set Me Free5. BloodRain Intro6. Blood Rain7. All My Days Alive8. Thy Postremus Velum

Theodore Kalantzakos: The G Mixolydian Mode

Download the Free fingerboard diagram at this video Lesson Theodore K ( demonstrates the 7 Positions of the G Mixolydian Mode.
Watch all the Free Video Lessons about the Modes of Major here: Theodore K's TV ( for more videos!

The G Mixolydian Mode (7 Positions) - Guitar Scales And Modes Series - Free Lesson By Theodore K

Faze: Suhr talk and clinic shows

Suhr Guitar Talk - Faze

Faze guitar clinic at Musicians Warehouse Dubai


Dimitar Nalbantov: sweet MAGIX Samplitude Pro X demo

MAGIX Samplitude Pro X - Vandal Amp

Chris Brooks: Must have album review and give away

Full review and give away:
There is a lot of “Morse” moments because of the band working together so well with Chris, but moreover he kept his mind on making music and knew when to shred and when to harmonize, build, changeup, let loose, and come back down. It’s hard to lose interest in this album for me. It’s like my playlist. I’ve always been happy with a few tracks to add to my playlist. I even started buying two or three tracks from albums. It’s been the norm. But this…this album is a must have. The samples just can’t do it justice. You have to take the ride! …and HOLY LEGATO!!!!!!!!

Adam Nolly Getgood, Misha Mansoor: Periphery album finished

Do not watch this in HD.

The plot of the video:
"Okay, how does this look on me, guys?" Aerith said as she stood in front of a mirror with a yellow sun dress on. "It looks really cute!" Yuffie said through a wide smile. "Yea, yellow really matches you. It looks as cute as a button on you." Tifa said nicely as she nodded her head. "Cute?" Aerith repeated.

Aerith wasn't shopping for cute clothes. She wanted something sexy and mature. "Okay, I'll just get something else" she said to herself. She quickly walked to the clothes rack and skimmed through until she saw something that was sexy and mature. After putting the dress on, Aerith was once again in front of the mirror waiting for what her friends thought of the dress.

Yuffie, Tifa, and Aerith all examined the dress carefully. It was a soft red lace, embroidered by small flowers. Its bosom was heart shaped causing her breast to be lifted. The dress was held up by a strap that was tied around her neck creating a bow. Her back was completely exposed. The dress was very form fitting around the waist but was loose around her hips and legs. It went about 4 inches above her knees with a slit to the side.

"So?" Aerith said nervously. "It's a pretty dress, Aerith." Tifa began, "But isn't it, well..." Tifa stuttered. "What? Is it what?" Aerith asked worriedly. Yuffie jumped in and spoke, "It's kinda sexy." Aerith's face lit up with happiness. "It is!" Aerith proclaimed as she clasped her hands together. "Why are you happy about that?" both the girls asked. "What do you mean? I want to look sexy." Aerith's voice was happy but trailed off, " I wanna look sexy don't I?"

We Finished The Album!

Jack Thammarat: tribute to Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson - Lonely in the night outro solo cover

Petey Graves: Huge Hammers Mayones Setius

It's the end of the year, so here is my favourite sequence of riffage from the entire of 2011.

The song is Huge Hammers by The Safety Fire. Click the annotation in the video to check it out.

The guitar used is a Mayones Setius, recorded through an Axe FX Ultra.

PeteyG's Riff of the 2011 - 'Huge Hammers' by The Safety Fire

Igor Paspalj: Fractal Audio Axe Fx

Fractal Audio Axe Fx - Ultra DEMO - Igor Paspalj

George Marios: Funky Faces and Metal Modes

Funky licks and faces over a groove i wrote

and in metal mode

A bit of METAL improv