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Michael Wahl Berardi: two handed polyphony - post 29,000

29,000 posts - Stunning two handed ideas from Michael Wahl Berardi - time machine to the future past

Two Hand Tapping Guitar Synth Michael Wahl Berardi Red Line Organ Jam

Two Hand Tapping Two Guitars Bartok's Express Michael Wahl Berardi Spectrum 1991

Two Hand Tapping Guitar Michael Wahl Berardi Drexel 1991

SynthAxe Two Hand Tapping Michael Wahl Berardi invented two hand neck zoning for the SynthAxe 1986

Two Hand Tapping SynthAxe Room Michael Wahl Berardi 1986.m4v

Daniele Gottardo, Jason Becker: thanks Daniele - "Love you brother"

Daniele GottardoJason Becker
Hi Jason, it was so beautiful playing this for you! Thanks buddy :)

Jason Becker You are so amazing, Daniele! It was a blast and honor meeting you. Your version of End of the Beginning is simply beautiful. Please come again. Love you, brother!

End of the Beginning - Jason Becker, played by Daniele Gottardo

Ola Englund, Fred Brum: Strictly 7 Guitars Solar7,Jaden Rose Spider #3 - post 28998

My good friend Ola asked me to record a lead on one of his tracks. Needless to say, I said "send it over, dude!" and the rest is history! :)
This is a still unreleased song from Feared called Vintersol, and here's Ola's video edit of the whole thing, yours truly included. Check out Ola Englund's righteous metal playing and glorious amp demos at:
There are some amazing production tips and patches on his site as well, and I can't recommend them highly enough!

For this vid, here are both signal chains:
Ola Englund: Strictly 7 Guitars Solar7 - Engl Victor Smolski - Hesu 2x12 - SM57 - Focusrite Saffire 24
Me: Jaden Rose Spider #3 (her first official vid! Yay!) - Eleven Rack (yes, I'm a minimalist at times :P)

My album Atonement is out now, so if you're interested in getting a free track or check out some of the tracks on the album, please go to

Feared -Vintersol (feat. Fred Brum) - ENGL Victor Smolski

George Marios: Yamming - post number 28997

Jamming along in my house in Leeds,
For more info on lessons,session work, gigs visit or drop me a line,
George Marios

Yamming along

Északi Szabolcs: busting out a Bonham groove

Bonham groove

Cássio Jc: Another day original

Another day - Cássiojc

Poul Veloce Hystoria: Jump - high energy version includes keyboard parts on guitar

Van Halen Jump Solo Guitar

Máté Kovács: dream tapping

Máté Kovács:
I couldn't sleep last night so I started to play guitar and had this idea at 3.00 am. I kinda liked it so I recorded it in the morning. Nothing serious, just one take, sorry for the mistakes :)

Tapping idea (with Pocket Pod and Samick guitar)

Anouck André: The French Guitar Contest

The French Guitar Contest : Anouck André entry

To participate, visit Kenny Serane: French Guitar Contest

Allan Holdsworth: new material details... sign up!

Allan Holdsworth‎(via Nardini)==>> please sign for the MoonJune records' newsletter, next week two catalog reissues of AH will be announced on the label's website and with the direct link on Allan's website. NONE TOO SOON and HARD HAT AREA, for the first time re-mastered, will be available by the end of February. ... the long awaited new album, it will come later this year, hopefully...

Leonardo Pavkovic and MoonJune Records are pleased to announce the highly-anticipated and long-awaited return of guitar legend Allan Holdsworth. Commencing in January, Allan will begin the American leg of his world tour starting in California. He will be supported by jazz legend Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets; Holdsworth / Pasqua / Haslip / Wackerman Band) on bass and the incredible Virgil Donati (Planet X; CAB) on drums.
The itinerary is being draw out by MoonJune Bookings & Management. At present, the tour will encompass 12 states (as well as a visit to his Canadian fans in Toronto) before heading overseas to a multitude of European destinations. Stayed abreast of scheduling and updates at MoonJune Records' Facebook page and at our Mad Mimi page.
Unquestionably one of the most innovative and influential guitarists of the electric era, the tour marks the next phase of a remarkable journey and storied career. To commemmorate the incomparable Mr. Holdsworth's return to center stage, MoonJune Records will be re-releasing several of Allan's classic albums, as well as sponsoring and producting two brand new releases over the upcoming year.
Opening for Holdworth's trio for part of the American leg of the tour will be MoonJune Records own Marbin.
Negotiations are still in progress to extend the tour well beyond the bounds of Europe, with a number of major countries around the globe being considered. Further details and additional bookings will be posted at the previously-mention Mad Mimi page as they take shape. Be sure and help get the word out, and be in attendance and show your support for one of progressive music's all-time greatest treasures.
You can also keep up with Allan through his website:

Jani J Szentkiralyi: Preparing for Musikmesse

1.- Kadosh 2.- Canon Rock 3.- Triumph's March

Jani J. Szentkiralyi - Preparing for Musik Messe

Slash: Second Solo Studio Album details

Slash is currently in a Los Angeles studio putting the finishing touches on his second solo album. The as-yet-untitled disc is due out May 22 on Slash’s own label Dik Hayd International distributed through EMI and will follow his 2010 debut album Slash and his November 2011 first-ever live solo album, the two-CD/DVD set Made In Stoke 24/7/11.

Eddie Van Halen: Best Sounding Audio From Van Halen’s New Album Celebration Concert

Best Sounding Audio From Van Halen’s New Album Celebration Concert

Jason Becker: Amsterdam festival highlights 30 plus minutes of goodness

High Lights from the Jason Becker "Not Dead Yet" Benefit Concert in Amsterdam. Featuring. Atma Anur,Guthrie Govan, Michael Lee Firkins,Stuart Hamm, Andy James, Mattias Eklundh, Kiko Loureiro, Marco Sfogli, Daniele Gottardo, Franck Hermanny, Stephane Forte, Marcel Coenen, Joop Wolters, Timo Somers, Barend Courbois, Frederico Solazzo, Martin Miller and Hedras Ramos.

Jason Becker Fest High Lights from on Vimeo.

Jess Lewis, Alex Hutchings: Room 335 - 10 star performance

Available as a free download from the 9th Feb 2012!! Watch this space!
The uber talented Jess lewis strikes again with another astounding rendition of a classic guitar tune. This time it's Larry Carlton's epic 'Room 335' and includes special guest Alex Hutchings filling in with an amazing improvisation over the keyboard solo from the original track.
This 17 year old Guitar Vixen wrestles this charming yet complex tune to the ground and then shakes the dust off and adds her own polish.

Oh and if you think Jess is up there with the female greats (and male of course!), please say so. We think she is! SPREAD THE WORD.
Come and see us at...

"The No 1 in Guitar improvisation"

Jess Lewis ft. Alex Hutchings - Room 335 (Full Length Version)

Chris Broderick: Rock Star Moments

Chris Broderick Rock Star Moments

Andy Timmons: Strawberry Fields

The Andy Timmons Band promo clip for Strawberry Fields Forever from the "Andy Timmons Band Plays Sgt. Pepper" CD available from, iTunes and Amazon.

Andy Timmons Band Strawberry Fields Forever

Daniele Gottardo: The End of the Beginning - jaw dropping

The End of the Beginning - Jason Becker - Live By Daniele Gottardo

Kenny Serane: The French Guitar Contest 2012 - a global competition

Please visit to participate
Don't forget to make a video response here with your entry!
This is the official video of the French Guitar Contest presented by Kenny Serane
This contest begins the 8 of february to the 8 of april 2012.
To participate, visit the website

Stunning prize list!prizes

More :

Voici la vidéo officielle du French Guitar Contest présenté par Kenny Serane
N'oubliez pas de faire un commentaire vidéo sur cette page avec votre performance, puis de valider votre participation sur le site dans la rubrique "valide!"
Ce contest commence le 8 février et se termine le 8 avril 2012
Pour participer, visitez le site
De nombreux prix à gagner et un jury de choix : Patrick Rondat, Jean Michel Kajdan, Michel Läg, Kévin Cintas et Kenny Serane sélectionneront 10 gagnants + un participant remportera le prix des internautes avec le plus haut taux de "j'aime" sur sa vidéo.


Courtney Cox, Nita Strauss: South America and Indonesia tour dates

Iron Maidens tour:
Feb 18 - Ecuador - Guaranda Stadium
Feb 24 - Tarzana - Paladino's
Feb 25 - Fullerton - SLideBar
March 3 - Guatemala City - Mega Artes
March 5 - Costa Rica - San Jose @ Peppers Club
March 6 -Colombia - Medellin @ Teatro Matacandelas
March 7 - Colombia - Pereira @ Teatro Comfamiliar
March 10 - Colombia - Bogota @ Ozzy Bar
March 17 - Brasil - Catanduva, Brasil @ Armazém do Café
More dates to come in Brasil and Peru! Stay tuned!
April 5 - Indonesia - Jakarta @ Rolling Stone Cafe
April 8 - Indonesia - Bali @ Boshe club!

Niels Vejlyt: Dragon Ball 8 finger tapping, sweep picking lesson

Dragon Ball Shred Guitar Lesson - How To Shred On Guitar

Mark Kroos: Eminence Speakers NAMM 2012

Acoustic guitarist Mark Kroos plays a double-neck 6-string Ovation in a tapping style. He was the winner of Guitar Player magazine's 2011 Superstar Competition.

Mark Kroos at the Eminence Speaker booth

Tony Haven: Lap Tapping Acoustic Guitar

Tony Haven - Concrete Jungle - Lap Tapping Acoustic Guitar

Listen Angel: 8 Fingers Tapping tour de force

GoW EPIC 8 Fingers Tapping!!! GUITAR Lesson

Don Alder: Haunting Me - live

Song; Original; Don Alder - Haunting Me [Live Solo Acoustic]

Adam Grisdale: For Those About to Shred competition

For Those About to Shred - Adam Grisdale

Volker Scheidt: Power and Glory - super melodic rock soloing

Power and Glory / Super Melodic shred guitar by Volker Scheidt

Jason Becker: cool pledge options to help Jason

Please pledge your support for Jason Becker

Neal Nagaoka: Noodling In D Minor - red hot rock fusion

Almost burned my fingers on this red hot playing from Neal Nagaoka

This is a collage of videos I made with my new Sony HD Bloggie Camera. I'm basically improvising over D minor 7 chord in Band In A Box. A few weird notes in there but since this was only a test video. I was going for a more "outside sounding" feel.

Noodling In D Minor

Scott Mishoe: new video for 2012 - on fire!

Scott Mishoe's Video February. 4 / 2012