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Jennifer Batten: blues Stazione Birra - Roma

jennifer batten - blues - live in roma -stazione birra

D.R. Auten: Unique fingerstyle guitar 1999

D.R. Auten at the 1999 CAAS in Nashville, playing a unique jazz/blues fingerstyle guitar piece.

D.R. Auten,1999, Unique fingerstyle guitar.

John Norum: jams with Carmine Appice 1996

John Norum jams with Carmine Appice band, 1996.

Jennifer Batten: jams with the Carmine Appice 1996

Michael Jackson's touring guitarist, Jennifer Batten, jams on "Four Miles High" from the Carmine Appice Band in Anaheim California in 1996.

Jennifer Batten jams with the Carmine Appice Band in 1996.

Neil Zaza: jams at the 1996 NAMM show.

Neil Zaza jams at the 1996 NAMM show.

Paul Gilbert: Hey Joe Frankfurt 1991

Paul Gilbert Frankfurt Germany, 1991, playing Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe"

Martyn Stone: upside down tapping

Insane Upside Down Finger Tapping Guitar Solo, Eruption Shred Guitar, bet you cant play this, Best Guitar Improvisation Ever, Martyn Stone

Insane Guitar Finger Tapping Upside Down, Betcha Can't Play This, Martyn Stone Eruption

Tony Macalpine: GIT 1985

Tony Macalpine doing a master class at Git in California demonstrating his approach to sweep picking. The video quality on this is'nt very good, but it is some of the earliest footage of him as it was recorded prior to the release of his first album

Tony Macalpine Git 1985, Sweep Picking.

Roy Ashen: stunning two handed version of Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing" 1996

Roy Ashen another form Mike Varney Spotlight

Roy Ashen, 1996, plays a unique version of Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing".

Dallas Perkins: Kung Fu Licks

Dallas Perkins, a former Mike Varney Spotlight column player.

Dallas Perkins Kung Fu Licks & Keeley Pedals

Dallas Perkins Kung Fu Licks PT 2 & Keeley Nova Wah Demo

Dallas Perkins Solo Improv

Tomasz Andrzejewski: live 2011 series

Tomasz Andrzejewski: live 2011

Fred Brum: Blackat Ninja 8 playthrough - great stuff!

Fred Brum:
My album Atonement is available (along with a free downloadable track at - please give it a listen. :)
So, after my fantastic Decibel AMX and ESP T7, my thirst for Teles with many strings wasn't quenched yet, so enter Blackat, an upcoming company from Poland, and its Ninja 8 model. It's black with red streaks on the grain, so it even matches my Zilla cab. So there.
This guitar features an alder body with a sandblasted ash top, Hipshot hardware and SD Blackout 8's, with a rosewood board on a maple / mahogany neck with asymmetrical profile. Scale length is 27". All the guitar parts were recorded straight through the Kemper Profiling Amp, into the Eleven Rack, that did the role of audio interface.
This is a song in progress called Roland's Last Stand (referring to the medieval legend, not the brand, of course :P), which will be featured on my second album. Hope you guys enjoy the song! :)
Patch on the rhythm guitars is a variation of Ola Englund's DV Mark patch (whether it's a handjob patch or not, I'm not sure... heh!), so many thanks to the man! :)

Fred Brum - Blackat Ninja 8 playthrough

Read my in depth interview: Fred Brum the likable enigmatic

Gonçalo Pereira: Gambuzini Chasin'

Gonçalo Pereira - Gambuzini Chasin'

Arnaldo Garcia: Altitudes - great tribute to Jason Becker


Gretchen Menn,Jason Becker: documentary premiered last night.

Gretchen Menn

The Jason Becker documentary premiered last night, and I was honored to be there! It was a truly beautiful film about one of the most beautiful human offerings the world has ever produced. Don't miss it! There are still a few more screenings at the Cinequest Film Festival, and it will be in various other festivals around the world. Director Jesse Vile gorgeously captures the inspiration, kindness, love, heartbreak, and humor of Jason's story.
We attended Jason Becker's "Not Dead Yet" film premiere last night in San Francisco and it was absolutely amazing. We got a very deep sense of how incredible Jason's life is and how immensely talented he is on all fronts. If the film travels to your town, or becomes available on DVD- Go/Get it. It's moving & you will hear the craziest guitar playing you've ever heard... Congratulations Jason.

Don MennWhat a joy to talk with you, your family, and some of your long-time friends (even ones we've had in common like Varney), but most of all to be one of the lucky members of the audience to see this beautiful premiere. "Not Dead Yet" indeed—but still killin'! :)

JASON BECKER's 'Not Dead Yet' Documentary Focus Of New KGO-TV Video is the CNN of heavy metal and hard rock news, reviews and music featuring the latest news, reviews, tour dates, release dates and rss heavy metal and hard rock feeds

'Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet' [Film Trailer]

Greg Mara,Craig Small: New CD available


After a successful release and US tour in support of the debut instrumental record "Collective Disorder" featuring Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper) on drums in 2005 Greg Marra began writing material for his sophomore self-titled release - MARRA. In 2006, Greg began writing with the notion of having a largely vocal based record with as many amazing players that you could shoe-horn into 10 tracks.
- Ray Luzier (Korn, David Lee Roth) spent an afternoon at Greg's studio in Camarillo, CA and killed in 7/4 time on the track "Anonymous", and the King's X inspired song "Take Me Back". Greg commissioned the help of Craig Small for a dueling guitar lead for the end of "Anonymous". Craig Small and Ray Luzier played on a record in a band called 9.0 on Shrapnel Records and the opportunity arose to reunite the two after more than 20 years on this track.
- Joey Heredia plays drums on the tracks "Flinch" and "Punkass" and is known as one of the greatest drummers amongst the music industry as well as his contemporaries. Joey is well known for having recorded hundred of albums more notably with Scott Henderson and Tribal Tech.
- Philip Bynoe lends his bass talents to the instrumental track "Punkass". Philip has played in Steve Vai's band and has a long list of professional credits as well.
- Jimmy D'Anda plays drums on the epic track "DNR", and "Twenty Two". Jimmy is well known as the drummer of the high charting band Bulletboys signed to Warner Bros. Jimmy recorded his tracks at Greg's studio in Camarillo, CA in one afternoon and added a rock solid John Bonham groove to the tracks.
- Mike Martin plays a guest solo and the end of the track titled "2012". "One last night, gonna party like it's 2012!" Mike is well-known as being the guitarist in the band Fozzy with Chris Jericho as well as Agent Cooper now on tour with Tony MacAlpine. Mike is also signed to Steve Vai's Favored Nations label.
- Andrew Freeman is well known as the lead singer for Lynch Mob and touring guitarist and vocalist with The Offspring. Andrew has been recording with Greg since 2008 and sings lead vocals on all of the 8 vocal tracks on the record as well as harmony vocals.
- Greg Marra wrote, produced, sang harmony vocals, and played guitar on the record. Greg is well-known in the industry as a clinician and endorsee for several companies including Dimarzio Pickups, Delaney Guitars, Fargen Amps, Xotic Effects, Curt Mangan Strings as well as many others. Greg has produced several bands in Southern California since building his studio in 2000.

Jakub Żytecki: Cosmic Mother

Jakub Żytecki made an appearance at the recent Tony MacAlpine show in Poland.

Michał Kubickim,Jakub Żytecki,

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh, Jakub Żytecki
Jakub Żytecki at Lizard King Kraków.

Jakub Żytecki ~ Cosmic Mother

Lorenzo Venza: Almost spring solo

Lorenzo Venza - Almost spring solo

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh: Pyrokinesis Kraków/Poland

Tony MacAlpine - "Pyrokinesis" Kraków/Poland 2012

Vinnie Moore: UFO on top of the charts!

Vinnie Moore
UFO enters at Number 1 in the Official UK Rock Charts and Number 63 in the Official Album Charts with their latest album "Seven Deadly"

Tomasz Andrzejewski: Forever 2008

Tomasz Andrzejewski: Song from my first CD "Not made in China"

Forever (2008) -Tomasz Andrzejewski

Ronnie Montrose: Dead at 64 - a titan of the guitar world passes

The Truth In Shredding flag is at half mast this morning learning of the tragic news that Ronnie Montrose has died, after a long struggle with Cancer, late 2009, Montrose revealed that he had successfully fought prostate cancer over the last 2 years.

My condolences to all family and friends. I've been a fan of Ronnie's playing for many years from early Montrose, Classic Gamma era to the recent shows I'v e been watching on the Internet with fellow guitar titan Michael Lee Firkins. My heart goes out to Michael too, as I know what a fan of Ronnies playing he was. Rest In Peace...
Photo courtesy of
Ronnie Montrose Official
Ronnie Montrose

"A few months ago, we held a surprise party for Ronnie Montrose's 64th birthday. He gave an impromptu speech, and told us that after a long life, filled with joy and hardship, he didn't take any of our love for granted.

"He passed today. He'd battled cancer, and staved off old age for long enough. And true to form, he chose his own exit the way he chose his own life. We miss him already, but we're glad to have shared with him while we could."

In a September 2011 interview with North County Times, Montrose revealed that he didn't pick up his guitar for two years following his cancer diagnosis. "I had prostate cancer that, for me, was debilitating," he said. "I didn't touch a guitar for two years, but when I realized I was seeing the light at the end of the recovery tunnel and was going to live pain-free, I realized again that it was a fun little instrument to play."

He added, "I've blocked all my health issues out of my mind. That's a portion of my life that I'm done with. Now, I can't wait for every day to come so I can wake up and plug in. I'm up there entertaining myself and my playing is stronger than ever, because my excitement is back."
Truth In Shredding Blog Posts:

Voyager - Ronnie Montrose

Montrose with Michael Lee Firkins - Bad Motor Scooter

The legacy, the main albums Ronnie Montrose played on

Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey (1971)
Edgar Winter Group - They Only Come Out at Night (1972)
Montrose - Montrose (1973)
Montrose - Paper Money (1974)
Montrose - Warner Brothers Presents... Montrose! (1975)
Montrose - Jump On It (1976)
Ronnie Montrose - Open Fire (1978)
Gamma - Gamma 1 (1979)
Gamma - Gamma 2 (1980)
Gamma - Gamma 3 (1982)
Ronnie Montrose - Territory (1986)
Montrose - Mean (1987)
Ronnie Montrose - The Speed Of Sound (1988)
Ronnie Montrose - The Diva Station (1990)
Ronnie Montrose - Mutatis Mutandis (1991)
Ronnie Montrose - Music From Here (1994)
Ronnie Montrose - Mr. Bones (1996)
Ronnie Montrose - Roll Over And Play Live (1999)
Ronnie Montrose - Bearings (1999)
Gamma - Gamma 4 (2000)

Rolling Stone news

Ronnie Montrose Interview

I only just managed to get my Gamma CD collection together... I had the LP's a long time ago.

Gamma 4 - Last Man On Earth

Condition Yellow - Gamma

GAMMA 3, Mobile Devotion

Twitter Tributes!/search/realtime/montrose

Steve Lukather ‏ @stevelukather
My heart goes out to Ronnie Montrose and his family. Monster player and really nice guy. He will be missed...

JOE BONAMASSA ‏ @JBONAMASSA Rest in Peace Ronnie Montrose. I have always been a fan of his playing and tone. 1959 Gibson Les

Richie Kotzen ‏ @Richie_Kotzen
Sad times for the guitar community. RIP Ronnie Montrose.

Peter Frampton ‏ @peterframpton
Saddened to hear the passing of friend Ronnie Montrose. He was a wonderful person & an amazing guitar player, I will miss you dear Ronnie.

Alex Skolnick ‏ @AlexSkolnick
RIP Ronnie Montrose. Though often overlooked, still a towering figure of Bay Area hard rock. 1st 'Montrose' album = essential

Slash ‏ @Slash
Myles just told me Ronnie Montrose passed. fn' shame. "Montrose" is one of the all time great R&R albums. Major influence. RIP man. IiiI; )'

Gus G. ‏ @gusgofficial
R.I.P. Ronnie Montrose

Michael Amott ‏ @Michael_Amott
R.I.P. RONNIE MONTROSE (Edgar Winter Group, Gamma, Montrose) np: Montrose - Space Station # 5

Billy Sheehan ‏ @BillyonBass
Rest in Peace, Ronnie Montrose. First Montrose record... one of the greatest rock records ever made.

Tony Franklin ‏ @FretlessMonster
R.I.P Ronnie Montrose. Our loss, heaven’s gain! Rock on Ronnie!

David Ellefson ‏ @ellefsondavid
RIP Ronnie Montrose!!! I had the pleasure of playing bass for him circa 2005-07. Such a powerhouse human being...

Nikki Sixx ‏ @NikkiSixx
Ronnie Montrose's first two "Montrose" albums & his work with Edger Winter changed my musical life forever.RIP.

Mike Orlando ‏
RIP Ronnie Montrose. Great talent & will be missed. Jesus, can we please get a damn f*ckin cure 4 cancer already! WTF..

Kip Winger ‏ @kipwinger
I had the pleasure of working w/ Ronnie not too long ago.He was a real gem,very giving & very talented.A great loss to the world. RIP Ronnie

Mike Keneally @MikeKeneally
Oh man. RIP Ronnie Montrose. Much love and respect.

Derek Sherinian ‏
RIP Ronnie Montrose

James Byrd
I wore out this album when it came out. RIP Ronnie Montrose.

Stef Burns ‏
Lost one of my heroes. Ronnie Montrose. I used to play "I Got The Fire", "Rock The Nation" with my band in school! What a great rocker! :-(

Tommy Denander ‏ @tommydenander
RIP Ronnie Montrose :(

Mark McGee
R.I.P. RONNIE MONTROSE You were truly one of the good guys!!

Scott Jones
R.I.P. Ronnie. :-(

Bill LoNero @LoNero
R.I.P. Guitar Legend Ronnie Montrose. It's now time to jam with Randy Rhoads, Jimi Hendrix and all the other greats up there.

Matt Cafissi ‏ @MattCafissi
R.I.P. Ronnie Montrose

Eddie Trunk ‏ @EddieTrunk
The first Montrose album is a timeless classic. Introduced the world to Sammy Hagar, TONS have covered its amazing music including Maiden. Also liked Gamma, but nothing touches the debut album, a masterpiece that influenced SO many rock & metal bands! RIP Ronnie Montrose.

Terry Lauderdale
Rest in Peace Ronnie Montrose. I was scheduled to open for Ronnie in April. He was a huge influence when I first picked up the guitar and I will miss him.....

Neal Nagaoka
RIP Ronnie Montrose :-(

Stefan Rosqvist
R.I.P Mr.Montrose

Conrad Hultermans
RIP Ronnie Montrose!!

Thomas Bressel
RIP Ronnie Montrose ... here the last year at NAMM 2011, I've Got The Fire "one of my favorite track (by Iron Maiden took a certain time)

Dee Snider (TWISTED SISTER): "Just found out that the legendary Ronnie Montrose died. That first MONTROSE album was life-changing for me."

Chris Jericho (FOZZY): "Sorry to hear about passing of Ronnie Montrose! Met him at Dean Markley [booth at] NAMM [show in Anaheim, California] last year and exchanged a few emails. Nice guy!"

KISS: "Ronnie Montrose, a great guitarist and friend of the band has lost his battle with cancer and has sadly passed away. His first band album, 'Montrose', remains a classic and his influence can be heard in numerous contemporary guitarists. We will miss him and send our condolences to his family."

SCORPIONS: "Even though we‘ve never met Ronnie Montrose, we like to pay respect to a great artist who passed on way too early. His music lives on forever."

James Kottak (SCORPIONS, KOTTAK); "I am deeply saddened by the passing of my rock and roll hero Ronnie Montrose. He was a HUGE inspiration to me and millions of others. I will always be grateful for him giving me my first 'big break' doing the MONTROSE 'Mean' album. I am proud to be part of his musical legacy. 'Rock the nation' forever, Ronnie!"

Roger Earl (FOGHAT): "It is so sad to hear about Ronnie Montrose. We did lots of dates back in the '70s and just played with him last year. Ronnie was a brilliant guitar player and a great innovator. He was a friend and will be missed. Our hearts are with his family tonight. Rest in peace, Ronnie."

FORBIDDEN: "The world lost one of the great guitar icons of all time yesterday. RIP, Ronnie Montrose. You will always be remembered!"

Michael Sweet (STRYPER): "God bless Ronnie Montrose and his family. His music was a big influence of mine and so many others. You will be missed, Ronnie."

Matt Sorum (VELVET REVOLVER, GUNS N' ROSES, THE CULT): "Lost the great Ronnie Montrose. Check out the first couple of MONTROSE records if you don't know him. Classic and great. RIP Ronnie."

Jon Paget  New York Times
RIP Ronnie - my 1st ever concert was you at Long Beach Arena - I'll see you soon on Space Station #5
TESLA: "We all loved him."

Mike Cochrane @Mike_Cochrane
@EddieTrunk Ronnie Montrose has passed away. Ronnie & I designed a guitar amp together. He had many talents. He will be missed! RIP Ronnie
Byron Fry
I just heard through the grapevine that Ronnie Montrose is gone.
What a loss...way before his time.
It makes me feel the urgency to do what I'm here to do.

Christophe Godin: cool improvisation over Beatle's "Yesterday"

Hello everyone ! This video shows an outstanding improvisation over Beatle's "Yesterday" song done by the virtuoso french guitarist Christophe Godin during a Masterclass.

Enjoy the video folks ;) !

Christophe Godin guitar solo

Alexandre Bicudo: Amanhecer - killer tone... so thick you can walk on it!

Yes this is my kind of sound, rich and creamy. Great video, looking forward to the new album for the talented Alexandre Bicudo. The guitarist playing Pernambuco Alexandre Bicudo a new version of the music copyright "Dawn" which was recorded on the CD Solo Drummer Ebel Perrelli "Portal" (2000).

Alexandre Bicudo - Amanhecer (Live at Toraliens Studio 2012)

Alexandre Bicudo - Terra de Gelo

Wes Hauch: now playing guitar for The Faceless - congratulations all round!

Misha MansoorGood Buddy Wes Hauch is joining the legendary band The Faceless!! Wes, I couldn't be more proud of you, and i can't think of anyone more deserving or appropriate to fill the position. Congrats dude!

Jeremy Krull
So my good buddy Wes Hauch (who happens to be a frighteningly insane guitarist) is now playing guitar for The Faceless. If anyone I know deserves a break, it is this man. Cannot think of another person more deserving of notoriety for what they do than this guy.

Adam Nolly GetgoodI am SO PROUD of my excellent buddy Wes, who has just joined The Faceless on guitar. If you haven't seen this guy play, get ready for your jaw to hit the floor... Congrats dude!
Threat Signal "Through My Eyes" Guitarist Audition.

Monday Morning Improv.

Wes Hauch: I have some super affordable lessons available for today and tomorrow on Bandhappy! Hit me up if you're interested!!!

Toshi Iseda: Intex Guitar Cables

INTEX cables is proud to announce the launch of our Artist Signature Cables series. The first offering in this series is the signature cable of master shredder, teacher, recording artist and product of Berklee College Of Music, Toshi Iseda. Featuring black NINJA shells and black cable, this is the perfect cable for the guitar assassin! Available in lengths from 3 meters to 8 meters.

INTEX cables are completely hand made from the finest components here in the USA. All connector parts are made of solid metal, from the brass M642/1-1 Military Spec connector & custom engineered shell to the plated spring steel stress relief spring. All cables are made with Belden 8412, an industry standard microphone cable for over 30 years. No compression or crimping is used to attach cable to connector, INTEX cables are welded insuring the strongest and most durable connection possible.

Alberto Lima: State of Mind - great new album available

Alberto Lima: State of Mind

live streaming or downloading (paypal)

Sunny Dsouza: tribute to Richie Kotzen and Jimmy Hendrix

The Overdrive Trio @ Mahindra Blues Fest 2012 - 5

Overdrive Trio - Purple Haze (Tribute to Jimi Hendrix)

Overdrive Trio - Live @ Mahindra Blues Fest 2012

Karl Bourdin: KB Electronics For Dogs (2012) - great guitar performance

Great album packed with state of the art licks, plenty of two handed stuff!

Song extract from my first CD called "Twelve ways to warm up your days" available at :

KB_Electronics For Dogs (2012)

Courtney Cox, Nita Strauss: enjoying Guatemala!

Nita Strauss‏ @hurricanenita

The gear for the Guatemala
Me and @ccshred [ aka Courtney Cox] are loving Guatemala!

hurricanenita Nita Strauss
They let us drink too much at meet & greet
Just a few meet and greet drinks

The rest of the tour

March 5 - Costa Rica - San Jose @ Peppers Club
March 6 -Colombia - Medellin @ Teatro Matacandelas
March 7 - Colombia - Pereira @ Teatro Comfamiliar
March 10 - Colombia - Bogota @ Ozzy Bar
March 17 - Brasil - Catanduva, Brasil @ Armazém do Café
More dates to come in Brasil and Peru! Stay tuned!
April 5 - Indonesia - Jakarta @ Rolling Stone Cafe
April 8 - Indonesia - Bali @ Boshe club!

Saludo a Guatemala de Courtney Cox.wmv

Jennifer Batten: Europe tour dates

March 31 Rockstarz Kona Hawaii
April 3-20-Japan
May 16 --Warsaw Poland
May 17 Siedice Poland
May 18--20 Poland cities TBA
May 23 Cafconc France
May 25 Gandrange France
May 26,March 31 Rockstarz Kona Hawaii
April 3-20-Japan
May 16 --Warsaw Poland
May 17 Siedice Poland
May 18--20 Poland cities TBA
May 23 Cafconc France
May 25 Gandrange France
May 26,27 NW France
25,26 and 27 of May in northern France. Details TBA
May 30 Detmold Germany
May 31 UK TBA
June 1 Tech Music School London 38-42 Brunswick Street West, Brighton, BN3 1EL27 NW France
25,26 and 27 of May in northern France. Details TBA
May 30 Detmold Germany
May 31 UK TBA
June 1 Tech Music School London 38-42 Brunswick Street West, Brighton, BN3 1EL

Jennifer Batten: ZC3 Michael Jackson Tribute