Greg Mara,Craig Small: New CD available


After a successful release and US tour in support of the debut instrumental record "Collective Disorder" featuring Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper) on drums in 2005 Greg Marra began writing material for his sophomore self-titled release - MARRA. In 2006, Greg began writing with the notion of having a largely vocal based record with as many amazing players that you could shoe-horn into 10 tracks.
- Ray Luzier (Korn, David Lee Roth) spent an afternoon at Greg's studio in Camarillo, CA and killed in 7/4 time on the track "Anonymous", and the King's X inspired song "Take Me Back". Greg commissioned the help of Craig Small for a dueling guitar lead for the end of "Anonymous". Craig Small and Ray Luzier played on a record in a band called 9.0 on Shrapnel Records and the opportunity arose to reunite the two after more than 20 years on this track.
- Joey Heredia plays drums on the tracks "Flinch" and "Punkass" and is known as one of the greatest drummers amongst the music industry as well as his contemporaries. Joey is well known for having recorded hundred of albums more notably with Scott Henderson and Tribal Tech.
- Philip Bynoe lends his bass talents to the instrumental track "Punkass". Philip has played in Steve Vai's band and has a long list of professional credits as well.
- Jimmy D'Anda plays drums on the epic track "DNR", and "Twenty Two". Jimmy is well known as the drummer of the high charting band Bulletboys signed to Warner Bros. Jimmy recorded his tracks at Greg's studio in Camarillo, CA in one afternoon and added a rock solid John Bonham groove to the tracks.
- Mike Martin plays a guest solo and the end of the track titled "2012". "One last night, gonna party like it's 2012!" Mike is well-known as being the guitarist in the band Fozzy with Chris Jericho as well as Agent Cooper now on tour with Tony MacAlpine. Mike is also signed to Steve Vai's Favored Nations label.
- Andrew Freeman is well known as the lead singer for Lynch Mob and touring guitarist and vocalist with The Offspring. Andrew has been recording with Greg since 2008 and sings lead vocals on all of the 8 vocal tracks on the record as well as harmony vocals.
- Greg Marra wrote, produced, sang harmony vocals, and played guitar on the record. Greg is well-known in the industry as a clinician and endorsee for several companies including Dimarzio Pickups, Delaney Guitars, Fargen Amps, Xotic Effects, Curt Mangan Strings as well as many others. Greg has produced several bands in Southern California since building his studio in 2000.