Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Daniele Gregolin: Euro Groove Department - Super Strut Live 2011

Eumir Deodato & Euro Groove Department - Super Strut Live (2011)

David Maxim Micic: demos Bilo 2.0 due in May 2012

- David is playing his Wood Guerilla "Hydra" signature guitar
- David Maxim Micic
- My Band *Destiny Potato*
Bilo 2.0 is almost here!!
One of many videos just to keep you impatient until May 2012!!

More videos and updates are on the way!!

David Maxim Micic - Bilo 2.0 (teaser 2)

Hedras Ramos: Little Wing California with John Mader

Song: Little Wing (Jimmy Hendrix)
Location: Nimbus Arts - Calistoga, CA
Mixed by: Hedras Ramos Sr.
The Musicians:
Guitar: Hedras Ramos
Drums: John Mader
Bass: Hedras Ramos Sr.
For more info on getting Hedras' music please visit:

Hedras Ramos - Little Wing (Live in California)

Sergey Golovin: Sense Of Reality Album Teaser posted

A palpable sense of excitement for this new release. Great hybrid picking, interesting musical ideas should delive an album of significant merit.

Sergey Golovin-Sence Of Reality(album medley)

Lepsky SeaDevil
Deck: alder, mahogany tonblok, flame maple top

Neck: Mahogany / maple, 5 parts, bolt
nut: Graph Tech 43mm
Scale: 27.5 "
Fingerboard: Ebony, 24 frets Jescar Stainless Steel, radius 12 "
Inlay: trident, the natural mother of pearl
Surface: glossy
Hardware: Chrome
Bridge: TonePros T3BT Locking Tuneomatic, string through body
Tuners: Hipshot Grip-Lock
Sensors: Dimarzio DP193 Air Norton / DP207 D-Sonic
Switch: 3 position (Toggle)
Controls: 1 volume (Shadow SH 124 Kill Pot ), a tone (Push-pull-off) , Vyacheslav Gomulin

Photos of the manufacturing process tool

Lepsky SeaDevil

Carvin V3 Micro

Photos of the manufacturing process tool

Lepsky SeaDevil

Carvin V3 Micro

Photos of the manufacturing process tool

Carvin V3 Micro

Nicolas Waldo: Acoustic/electric Mississippi Blues

NICOLAS WALDO - Mississippi Blues Impro -

Doug Aldrich: demos the Marshall JMD

Doug Aldrich demos the Marshall JMD:1 amp, plays Whitesnake riffs

Berry Evers: competition entries

7th Live4Guitar Competition - Berry Evers

French Guitar Contest 2012 - Berry Evers

News: Truth In Shredding passes 30,000 posts

30,000+ posts... still not sure how I got that many. These are the statistics from all those posts. The cute guy in the picture is now 12 years old... but he's still shred junior!

Truth In Shredding
Site Summary


Total 1,632,919
Average Per Day 1,530
Average Visit Length 2:14
Last Hour 59
Today 943
This Week 10,711


Total 2,818,284
Average Per Day 3,009
Average Per Visit 2.0
Last Hour 127
Today 2,115
This Week 21,062

Originally started back in 2005, but never continued has been recently opened to feature the best in keyboard action

Also the sister guitar web site, featuring a broader range of female guitar players and guitar styles

Neal Nagaoka: went internet crazy

Enough domain names for you?!

Simon Goldsmith: Hypervirtua EP available

A new six track cinematic-ambient-electronic EP by Esgi called 'Hypervirtua'. You can listen to it here! 

For the few of you who haven't yet heard his debut release on Jamendo (that now has over 100,000 plays!) Check it out using the link below.

If you want to purchase the music as a thank you, please do so through Esgi's Music Store (where also, the High Definition 96/24 release of Hypervirtua is hosted). If not, you can download the projects for free using the links above!

‘Hypervirtua‘ is a concept EP spanning a common theme. Integrating orchestral parts, trance, dubstep, ballads and more with technology, so you get more futuristic sounding parts merging with the classical. That is what I am having fun with in this EP and is a personal development in songwriting and production, merging the two and creating something new.

Unless you have great speakers (like studio monitors) and a treated room to listen to them in, you are probably best downloading the original FLAC files from the EP page and playing the whole EP in the order the tracks are presented in a dark room on good headphones, that way you can begin exploring all of the parts in the music that you probably won’t hear otherwise, at least that is how it works for me.

This version of the release (Standard) would be better suited for people who want to broadcast it on podcasts or radio stations and the like, as it is mixed to a more pop-commercial level. The uploaded files are 44.1kHz 16bit FLAC (CD quality) mixed closer to the K-8 spec. There will be a HD release which comes in a tasty 96kHz 24bit flavour and mixed closer to the K-14 system (which is my preferred regime, being as you get to keep more of the original dynamic range).

There will an additional update for when that hits the virtual shelves which won't be on Jamendo as they do not support files of that resolution. Follow my website at for updates to that and much more about projects I'm involved in.

I must say I am proud of this composition, the quality of mixing and the artwork and I hope you enjoy it too. It compares to ‘Echoes In Time‘ like Tron: Legacy compares to Tron, make of that what you will :-)

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Alex Hutchings,Guthrie Govan: Best Of Collections

The Best Of Collections Alex Hutchings and Guthrie Govan are two of our earliest contributors and between them have over 100 jam tracks available for purchase! Most bands with 'Best Of' albums don't have that many tracks, so we figured it was about time we celebrated both of these guys' amazing work with their first 'Best Of' compilations.
We went through every single track and managed to just about whittle both packages down to 8 tracks each. Guthrie's 'Best Of' collection is available for £24.99 and includes tracks from his Contemporary Series such as 'Arctic Roll', Custom Solo series such as his Larry Carlton Style track, Emotive Ballad from his Melodic Series, The Grifter from his new Late Night Sessions package and Tipsy Gypsy from Vintage Modern. That's 8 solo tracks, 8 extended jam tracks, 5 videos and of course complete TAB.
Alex's 'Best Of' collection is available for £29.99 and we have combined 5 tracks from his Custom Fusion Series including Summer Of Love and Feel The Vibe as well as 3 tracks from his Jazzy Jams Series including Me And Miss T. This package contains all 8 solo tracks, 8 backing tracks, 8 extended jam tracks, 8 videos and TAB in both standard and Alex's alternate tunings.
Not only are these packages collectors editions, but are a great start for those new fans that just don't know where to begin with these guys' jam track packages! And don't forget that as these are compilation packages, if you purchase them this month you go straight into the draw to win £300 of gear from Diago. Read more below for fur

Rick Graham: UPS blues

I got the UPS blues

Frank Vignola: Eddie Lang Jazz Seminar

Frank Vignola Guitar Improvisation Lesson for the young students of the Eddie Lang Jazz Seminar

Allan Holdsworth: Hard Hat Area and None Too Soon remastered

Allan Holdsworth
Hard Hat Area and None Too Soon (Remastered/New Packaging)
Gary Husband, Skuli Sverison, Steve Hunt, Gary Willis, Kirk Covington, Gordon Beck

For the very first time, two very important recordings from Allan Holdsworth's career have been remastered and released on special Digipacks by Moonjune Records. Both the records have been out of print for a long time and we are excited to bring them to you almost two months before the street release date.

Hard Hat Area | None Too Soon

Chris Poland: Polcat new album available

Polcat-Chris Poland
Chris Poland, Frank Catalano, Sean O'Bryan Smith, Jim Gifford

Coming together for the first time, four artists took a leap of faith to make a jazz record the old fashioned way—with little writing in advance. The result was pure magic. On track after track, you can hear the excitement growing while the chemistry between the musicians evolves. It's an intense musical conversation, fueled by improvisation and playful energy as the musicians connect, explore and capture the once-in-a-lifetime spirit of the moment.Read More

Thomas Bressel, Jean Fontanille, Gowy Lisieux, Christophe Godin: Vigier day announced

Thomas BRESSEL - A propos du premier VIGIER DAY - 28 Avril 2012