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Ruggero Robin: Trio live

Ruggero Robin & Bukake Trio .wmv

Plus Taurus-Amp Artists: Ruggero Robin and his Taurus gear:
Stomp-Head: 70Watt ultralight weight analog guitar amplifier.
Zebu: Reverb/Delay effect pedal.

Ruggero Robin - Mayo Legend & Taurus Stomp-Head.

Ruggero Robin Demo Amplifire Taurus T-70 and Taurus Zebù Delay/Rev Clean Sound and Crunch Sound with Telecaster Jim Reed Carolina

Ruggero Robin Demo Taurus T-70 Zebù.avi

Fat Ed: metal rules

Fat Ed: metal rules (subtitulado en español)

Lars Eric Mattsson: Obsession CD details

Lion Music is pleased to present a newly remastered limited edition digi-pack version of the Lars Eric Mattsson release ‘Obsession’.

Originally released in 1998, ‘Obsession’ was at the time the fourth solo album from Lars Eric Mattsson seven years after his previous album “Electric Voodoo”, and just like on Lars’ previous 1995’s ASTRAL GROOVE band project he was joined by singer Bjorn Lodin (Baltimoore / Hard) with whom the pair would go on to record numerous albums together over the subsequent years.

Stylistically “Obsession” can be described as the classic hard rock/metal with some neo-classical flourishes in the guitar stylings combined with Lodin’s gritty vocals.

Looking back at the album now in 2012, Lars comments, “After a few years that I don't consider to be the best part of my life I finally got that sparkle to try to do the absolutely best music I can, or rather music I would personally like to hear. I think I found myself in a very creative mood and I was able to come up with 12 really good songs that fused a lot of influences from the 70-ies and 80-ies but specially from the 70-ies. I think Obsession is my first good album since this was the first time I allowed myself to take the time I needed to complete everything. Still today I think most of these songs are really good”.

Whilst the Mattsson name has been synonymous of late with more progressive metal orientated releases such as “Mattsson - Tango” (LMC282) or the upcoming release “Book Of Reflections – III Relentless Fighter” (LMC323), “Obsession” will give new fans of this guitarist highly distinctive style a solid taste of his earlier years musical stylings in this remastered limited edition digipack re-release.


01. Caught in Your Web
02. Alive
03. Just a Leo
04. Messenger
05. Long Way Home
06. Time and Again
07. Sense and Obsession
08. Mother Forgive
09. As the Sun meets the Sky
10. Eyes of a Child
11. Lay it on the Line
12. And the Road goes On

Lars Eric Mattsson – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Backing Vocals.
Bjorn Lodin – Lead Vocals.
Christer Jansson – Drums


Music written by Lars Eric Mattsson in 2007.
Recorded and Mixed at Lion’s Cage Studio, Aland in 2008.
Remastered by Lars Eric Mattsson in 2012.


Richard Hallebeek,Lalle Larsson: RHP live - these guys rule!

RHP playing the song Lemuria from Lalle Larsson´s Weaveworld album: "Infinity of Worlds".
Richard Hallebeek - Guitar
Lalle Larsson - Keyboards
Frans Vollink - Bass
Sebastiaan Cornelissen - Drums

Visit www.richardhallebeek.com and www.myspace.com/lallelarsson for more music.

Lalle Larsson/Richard Hallebeek Project - Piano solo/Lemuria - De Stier, March 11, 2012

plus a compilation:
Richard Hallebeek Project Live at De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, march 13, 2012. A compilation of various songs played throughout the evening; East Side Bridge, Wristkiller & Lemuria. With Richard Hallebeek - guitar, Lalle Larsson - keys, Sebastiaan Cornelissen - drums, Frans Vollink - bass.

RHP - Boerderij Zoetermeer Compilation

Mark Tremonti: All I Was CD details

* All I Was
* Brains
* So You're Afraid
* You Waste Your Time
* Decay
* New Way Out
* Leave It Alone
* Wish You Well
* Don't Claim
* Proof
* Gone
* All That I Got
* Giving Up
* Doesn't Matter

Peter Hodgson of IHeartGuitarBlog.com recently conducted an interview http://iheartguitarblog.com/2012/03/interview-alter-bridges-mark-tremonti.html

Timo Tolkki: Loneliness Of A Thousand Years

In the spring of 2004, Timo was overtaken by a nervous breakdown that caused him to be hospitalized. The next few years would completely engulf his life and leave him on the brink of suicide. "Loneliness Of A Thousand Years" candidly describes his heart-breaking journey through life and gives his fans just a glimpse into the intricate psyche of Timo Tolkki.

With a touching honesty, he describes his tumultuous childhood, his battle with a debilitating psychosis, and the philosophies that shape much of his deep thinking and views on the world. His story reveals the other side of the man that most people know only as the mastermind of STRATOVARIUS. It is an intimate portrait of his agony, as well as a probing look at an illness that affects millions, yet is widely misunderstood.

Written in a clear and compelling prose, "Loneliness Of A Thousand Years" is a bold, honest and ultimately uplifting look at the life of a man and his childhood, growing up as Timo Tolkki. Free reader

Frank Steffen Mueller: French Guitar Contest 2012

French Guitar Contest 2012 - Frank Steffen Mueller

News: Marshall Fridge... want one!!!

Introducing the MARSHALL FRIDGE

Chris Poland: OHMphrey Posthaste details

OHMphrey is:
• Chris Poland - guitars • Robertino Pagliari - bass • Jake Cinninger - guitars • Joel Cummins - keyboards • Kris Myers - drums

OHMphrey, a jamband supergroup, which features three members of the prog rock/veteran jam band Umphrey's McGee (keyboardist Joel Cummins, guitarist Jake Cinninger and drummer Kris Myers), and OHM guitarist (former Megadeth guitarist), Chris Poland and bassist Robertino Pagliari (a.k.a. "Pag").

OHMphrey's latest effort, the unforgettable, and soon-to-be-classic, Posthaste, finds these five extraordinary artists creating instrumental music with a unified voice – once again. The album's seven original instrumental compositions, and two bonus live tracks ("Firestarter" and "20/20") recorded at Winston's in San Diego in 2009, never meander. Simply put, Posthaste contains some of the most thought-provoking, elastic and heavy jam band music this side of A Live One, Space Wrangler, and Under the Table and Dreaming.

Tracks such as "The River Runs", "Tom Bombadil" (named after a character in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings fantasy trilogy), "The Sun also Rises", and "The Devil's in the Details" are as distinctive and enthralling as their titles might suggest. Each track has its own identity and the music never lets up. Even upon repeat listens, Posthaste continues to inspire, surprise and even shock.

Dig the joyous and playful staccato rhythms, Cummins' Wakeman-esque lead synth lines and Myers' ability to play with time during a drum solo in "Ramona's Car Wash." Rifle through your memories as you listen to the intriguing arpeggios opening "The Shoemaker's Back" (as if these riffs have been encoded with subliminal information). Free your mind (and your butt) to the totally chilled out trace/dance feel of "Reggaelic" (which fades with a glorious guitar solo).

"Composing these songs was something we all did together," says Cummins. "One of the best analogies I can give is 'Simon Says for Musicians', where we're trying to organize these musical ideas in the moment."

"Everybody contributed to these songs," says six-string fretless bassist Robertino Pagliari, or Pag. "Once an idea popped out, it was like, 'Oh, I have a melody…' Or, 'Oh, I have a rhythm part that works with that …' These ideas just molded together, as if we had been working together forever, you know?"

"We all have this kind of synchronicity," says Poland. "It's kind of an overused word, but we have it. Whatever we're doing, it works."

"Posthaste" track listing: order

01. Devil's In The Details
02. The Sun Also Rises
03. Tom Bombadil
04. The River Runs
05. The Shoemaker's Back
06. Ramona's Car Wash
07. Reggaelic
08. Firestarter (live version)
09. 20/20 (live version)

Adrian Vandenberg: hard at it

Adrian Vandenberg is continuing work on a new album, to be released later this year. According to a posting on his official web site, "Lovers of dynamic, rough-edged blues based rock with strong, melodic twists will not be disappointed! Negotiations with several interested record companies are coming up and it looks like the album will get released somewhere after the summer. Try-out shows are expected to take place in the fall 2012. more

Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Steve Morse: G3 Europe tour dates

Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Steve Morse will join forces for the European edition of the G3 tour in July/August.

The first confirmed dates are:
Jul. 21 - Offenbach, Germany
Jul. 23 - München, Germany
Jul. 24 - Hamburg, Germany
Aug. 01 - Budapest, Hungary
Aug. 05 - Moscow, Russia

John 5: in the studio

In-Studio DVD Clip From 'God Told Me To'

Click Here To Watch The Video

George Lynch: Tooth and Nail get clipped

Tooth and Nail:  out come the clippers and the drill to shorten the name to T&N... George Lynch (guitar), Jeff Pilson (bass), and Mick Brown (drums)... the reason... another band already has that name!

Jeff Loomis: Mercurial

Jeff Loomis - New, Check it out! EMGtv

Mike Orlando, Mike Portnoy: Adrenaline Mob Euro Tour dates

The dates are as follows:

Jun. 08 - Sweden Rock - Sölvesborg, Sweden
Jun. 10 - Nosturi - Helsinki, Finland
Jun. 12 - Studio Club - Krakow, Poland
Jun. 14 - MMC Club - Bratislava, Slovakia
Jun. 15 - Pesca Music Club - Budapest, Hungary
Jun. 16 - Szene - Vienna, Austria
Jun. 17 - Conrad Sohm - Dornbirn, Austria
Jun. 18 - Z7 - Pratteln, Switzerland
Jun. 20 - Orion - Rome, Italy
Jun. 21 - Gods Of Metal - Milan, Italy
Jun. 23 – Graspop Metal Meeting - Dessen, Belgium
Jun. 24 - Maroquinerie- Paris, France
Jun. 25 - Colos-Saal - Aschaffenburg, GER
Jun. 26 - Knust - Hamburg, GER
Jun. 29 - King Tuts - Glasgow, UK
Jun. 30 - Moho Live - Manchester, UK
Jul. 01 - Academy2 - Birmingham, UK
Jul. 02 - The Junction - Cambridge, UK
Jul. 03 - Koko - London, UK
Jul. 05 - Rockfabrik - Ludwigsburg, GER
Jul. 06 - Theaterfabrik - Munich, GER
Jul. 07 - Matrix - Bochum, GER
Jul. 08 - Bospop - Weert, Netherlands

Noisecreep interviews Adrenaline Mob.m4v

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther Interview Berlin Metal TV

Steel Panther Interview - March 2012 Berlin Metal TV

Steel Panther -Bitches & Fans on stage - Berlin Huxleys 17.03.2012

Interview with Steel Panther


Guthrie Govan, Brian Beller, Marco Minnemann: Flatlands (İstanbul Concert)

Such a great track

T-Shirts and albums http://thearistocrats.spinshop.com/
Upcoming Tour dates http://the-aristocrats-band.com/shows/

Here are the dates for the US Midwest Tour:

May 18, Fri, 8pm – Nashville, TN - The Rutledge
May 19, Sat, 9pm – Louisville, KY - ZaZoo’s
May 21, Mon, 8pm – Indianapolis, IN - Birdy’s
May 22, Tue, 8:30pm – Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom
May 23, Wed, 8pm – Columbus, OH - Rumba Cafe
May 24, Thu, 10pm – Charleston, WV - The Sound Factory
May 25, Fri, 10pm – Charlotte, NC - The Double Door Inn

The Aristocrats - Flatlands (İstanbul Concert)

The Aristocrats - Flatlands Live in Bordeaux

The Aristocrats - Sweaty Knockers Live in Bordeaux

Tony MacAlpine,Nili Brosh: KKZ Moskva, Moscow, Russia 2012

Tony MacAlpine,Nili Brosh: KKZ Moskva, Moscow, Russia 2012

Tosin Abasi: interview at Linea Rock

Tosin Abasi interview at Linea Rock

Tom Quayle: Fibernare MusikMesse Frankfurt 2012

Tom Quayle improvisation on Fibernare MusikMesse Frankfurt 2012

News: Institute Launches New Songwriting Degree

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance has announced the launch of their new three year BA Honours degree in Songwriting.

As part of the Institute’s rapidly growing Songwriting programme, the course is focused on developing each songwriter’s unique ‘creative voice’, combining both the craft and skill of songwriting with the entrepreneurial and business skills required to create a rewarding career in the music industry. The course prepares each student to graduate with a fully developed artist project.

The Institute Songwriting degree has been developed using the same wealth of experience that over twenty-five years has ensured the Institute has been consistently recognised as one of the world’s leading providers of contemporary music education. Students will have the opportunity to be taught by a range of internationally acclaimed musicians, academics, educators and songwriters including pop writer Amy Studt, producer Peter Cunnah and ASCAP senior executive Simon Greenaway. The course will be delivered at the Institute’s specialist facilities in London, UK.

Sophie Daniels, Programme Leader on the Institute Songwriting course, had this to say:

“We’re delighted to be offering a degree in Songwriting and I believe there is no better place to study than at the Institute. We have spent many years developing our Songwriting courses and now we are able to offer young musicians the opportunity to achieve a degree in the subject.”

Past Songwriting students have gone onto great success, most recently Elena Tonra and Igor Haefeli, graduates of the Songwriting Diploma who have gone on to sign a major publishing deal with Universal Records.

For further information on the Institute’s Songwriting degree, including details on how to apply, contact:

- www.icmp.co.uk
- 020 7328 0222
- enquiries@icmp.co.uk

Jeff Kollman: gig at the baked potato

Jeff Kollman
Now that's a show flyer!!! Come on down for the Squad onslaught this Friday!!

Levi Clay: Gator Bite Brent Mason Tribute

This is just my little tribute to Brent Mason who has been a major influence on me over the last years. I really cant recommend his first solo record "Hot Wired" enough as I really feel it's one of the best instrumental albums out there.
Unfortunately its out of print and very hard to come by (I think I paid £35 for it on the old evil bay) but fortunately you can listen to it and find out plenty more about the man himself over on his site
Transcribing this record has been an ambition of mine for a long time now, and my buddy Jason Wilding of Wampler pedals (who make a signature Mason pedal) has spurred me to get on with it - so thanks Jason!
aside from that - its the usual thanks to

join me on www.facebook.com/transcriptions to talk music!
Levi Clay - Gator Bite Brent Mason Tribute

Chris Broderick: Montreality interview

In this Interview with Montreality, Chris Broderick of Megadeth speaks about:

- His story (0:16)
- The type of student he was at school (0:30)
- Jobs he's had as a teenager growing up (0:46)
- What he spent his 1st big paycheck on (0:55)
- The key to success (1:17)
- What he would call his book, if he were to write one (1:42)
- Megadeth's Gigantour 2012 (2:04)
- His 1st paid show (2:31)
- His favorite airport (3:05)
- A memorable tour story (3:33)
- Music he's been listening to (3:57)
- An artist he'd like to collaborate with (4:08)
- What keeps him motivated (4:13)

The Urban Authority across Canada.


Chris Broderick of MEGADETH x MONTREALITY // Interview

Timo Somers: busy schedule announced

Timo Somers
Vengeance CD released, gonna play live with them very soon, Delain CD has a release date (june 1st), 1 show with them April 14th and then a lot of shows later this year. Zylver album is almost mixed, will be released somewhere in April probably. Live plans for that too. Tri-Head drums are recorded, April-may we will record the bass, guitar & keys. That's going live too later. Live CD of the Jason Becker festival is being made. Boring year.

Guthrie Govan, Brian Beller, Marco Minnemann: The A team Live - Robin 2

The aristocrats - Live - Robin 2 - 2012

Oli Brown: new blues star set to tour UK

After winning ‘Best Band’ and ‘Best Album’ at the British Blues Awards 2011, 22-year-old British guitar sensation Oli Brown returns to the UK for his biggest headline tour to date, which starts at the Manchester Academy on April 11th.

Described by Mojo as “the hottest young pistol in British Blues”, Oli’s UK tour will coincide with the release of his new album “Here I Am”. Tickets are available from 0844 478 0898, www.thegigcartel.com.

Since the release his 2010 album “Heads I Win Tails You Lose”, Oli has been constantly on the road with tours across Europe, America, Canada and New Zealand. The album was produced by Mike Vernon (Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton), who came out of retirement especially to work with Oli. In October 2011, Brown was hand-picked for a 25-date UK tour with the legendary John Mayall & The Blues Breakers.

Manchester Academy (April 11)
York The Duchess (April 12)
Edinburgh The Caves (April 13)
Glasgow O2 ABC2 (April 14)
Aberdeen Lemon Tree (April 15)
Newcastle O2 Academy2 (April 17)
Nottingham Rescue Rooms (April 18)
Birmingham O2 Academy2 (April 19)
Exeter Phoenix (April 20)
Bristol The Tunnels (April 21)
London O2 Academy Islington (April 22)


Andy James: Sacred Mother Tongue set to play headlining tour in China

Sacred Mother Tongue set to play headlining tour in China plus a slot at the Hang Zhou Music Festival. Plus Andy James to host guitar clinic tour of China!

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Mark Knopfler: A Night In London

A Night In London (full concert) - Mark Knopfler