Thursday, 19 April 2012

Carina Alfie: tribute to Steve Vai - peace and love

Argentina's very own Carina Alfie play peace and love to steve vai Eight 2012 peace and love.

News: The Actual, Hard Costs of Touring

There is one lesson that seems so basic I can’t believe we ever really needed to learn it the hard way, but we have: when planning a tour, make sure you understand ahead of time where every expense is going to come from, and be sure that your pre-determined income is at least helping you break even before you leave for the tour. Either that, or truly understand how much money you’re going to lose at the end of the day and be okay with it.

When you’re traveling, you have to figure out ahead of time how much food is going to cost, per day, per person. How much hotels are going to cost, per day. How much the airline flights, van rental, gas, and gear rental will cost, per day. If you have additional expenses like crew members or management/booking agent commissions, you’ll want to factor those expenses in, too.

It’s incredible how fast things add up.

Vinci Bluesky: The French Guitar Contest 2012 - cool solo

Hi , this is my entry for this beautiful guitar contest so full of good entries and amazing guitarist , it's a deep pleasure to be a part of it . Many thanks to Kenny Serane and to all the people who organized this .I recorded my impro with my Ibanez AT 300 . Thanks for watching , hope you like it . All the subscribers to my channel are welcome

French Guitar Contest - Vinci Bluesky - Ibanez AT

Jeremy Krull: something awesome this way comes??!

Jeremy Krull near New York, NY ·

I love it when I get a phone call and it's somebody sharing an awesome idea with me...
Waiting patiently for some insider information... of course you'll be first to know...

David Gilmour: Pink Floyd - Discovery Box Set Product Walkthrough

Trailer for Pink Floyd's Discovery Box Set - all 14 newly remastered Discovery studio albums available as a boxset collection that includes an exclusive 60-page artwork booklet designed by Storm Thorgerson.

To order your copy, click here:

Pink Floyd - Discovery Box Set Product Walkthrough

Fred Brum: Blackat Leon 8 - Retribution - get the album now!

Published on 19 Apr 2012 by FredtheShred

My album Atonement is available (along with a free downloadable track at - please give it a listen. :)
Facebook - site -
I got myself a new Blackat 8-string, this time the piezo loaded Leon 8 prototype. It features a sapele body with a flame maple top and matching headstock veneer, on a maple neck with mahogany strips and a rosewood board. Pickups are my customary DiMarzio D Activator 8 set, with the addition of a Graphtech Ghost piezo.

All tracks recorded with the Leon 8 through my Kemper Profiling Amp, into a Presonus 22SVL. Hope you enjoy the video and please do subscribe to my channel! :)

Fred Brum - Blackat Leon 8 - Retribution

Petteri Sariola,Mike Dawes: Acoustic tappers UK tour dates

June 01 - Phoenix Theatre, Bordon - 8pm 01420 472664

June 02 - Guitar Fest, Bracknell - 7pm 01344 484123

June 04 - St James Wine Vaults, Bath - 8pm
Fingerstyle Guitar Night w/ Ben Powell & David Mead 01225 310335

June 05 - Tanners Arms, Horsham - 8pm 01403 588789

Hey folks it's been a while, I thought I'd approach promotion a little, differently this time. Boom!

Petteri Sariola, for those of you who don't know, is a fantastic guitar player/singer/songwriter from Finland. His first ever trip to the UK is this June so be sure to check out a show if you can.

I'm really looking forward to getting back on my solo feet, expect surprises and heaps of new material. I'll hopefully see you there!

Don't forget to join the new facebook page at

Petteri Sariola & Mike Dawes - Tiny Tour Promo

Joe Bonamassa: Driving Towards The Daylight #4

"Driving Towards The Daylight" starring Joe Bonamassa Episode 4 #DTTD

Andy James: new Custom Metal Series just days away

Andy James... fingers flying

Next Week's Big Release

The biggest release this year has been Andy James debut 5 track 'Custom Metal Series 1' simply because it is full of great tracks and inspiring playing....the perfect jam track package formula.
So we are pleased to announce that next week will see the release of 'Custom Metal Series 2'. That's read it here first! And boy oh boy are you in for a treat! In music terms they talk about the 'difficult second album', well we can ensure you that is far from the truth with this second series of jam tracks. Andy has come back with 5 new tracks that are raising the bar even further! We can't wait to show you.
So for those of you that have not got Series 1 as yet, now is your chance to get it and practice hard in anticipation for Series 2. And to help you out, we have put a nice 20% discount in place for the next week only! Click here to grab your copy and get ready to get your shred on!

Feodor Dosumov: Impact Fuze Moscow available on line!

Just ordered myself a copy of this album:

The True Meaning of Impact

Sometimes you get introduced to a band and you fall in love with them in an instant. This is exactly what happened when we were introduced to Impact Fuze. The band consist of our latest JTC Artist Feodor Dosumov on guitar, Damien Schmitt on drums and Anton Davidyants on Bass and together they make up this power jazz/rock/fusion trio who create incredible music.
The album takes you on a journey through a maze of unexpected. One minute you are traveling through the fast paced 'Moscow' (for which the jam track version will soon be released), the next you are being punished on the extremely heavy second track 'Punisher' and before you know it you are in beautiful ballad heaven on track 3, 'Song For Elena'. This unpredictable adventure carries on throughout all 9 tracks and is one of the reasons we love it so much. On top of this, the musicianship is incredible. These guys were born to make music together and they each attack the album with enviable playing.
So we are proud to be selling this Special Edition of the album at JTC. Special you say? That's right! Our version also comes with the full length video for title track Moscow as well. You can also get the physical CD at our sister site

If you have not got this album then please come and check out the previews here. We believe you need this album in your life!

Feodor 'Angry Joe' Track Sets Fire

On Monday we introduced you to Feodor Dosumov and his solo trackAngry Joe. We told you that he was something special and just under three days later and this video has been watched by 12,000 people, so we guess we may be right!! I wonder how many views it will get this year alone?
If you have not yet seen this video performance of his debut jam track then you really need to head on over to our YouTube channel and watch it (oh, and then head to our site to buy it too!!) And don't forget to share it with your musician friends too!!
We think that Feodor has an incredible future ahead of him and we are glad to be part of the journey. His second Jam track is Moscow from the Impact Fuze album and will be released in a few weeks time.

Chris Brasil: Reb Beach style lesson


Stephen Ross: writing new instrumental music

Stephen Ross
Finished all of the writing for the new CD. I can't wait to get this stuff recorded! It feels really great to be writing new instrumental music.