Andy James: new Custom Metal Series just days away

Andy James... fingers flying

Next Week's Big Release

The biggest release this year has been Andy James debut 5 track 'Custom Metal Series 1' simply because it is full of great tracks and inspiring playing....the perfect jam track package formula.
So we are pleased to announce that next week will see the release of 'Custom Metal Series 2'. That's read it here first! And boy oh boy are you in for a treat! In music terms they talk about the 'difficult second album', well we can ensure you that is far from the truth with this second series of jam tracks. Andy has come back with 5 new tracks that are raising the bar even further! We can't wait to show you.
So for those of you that have not got Series 1 as yet, now is your chance to get it and practice hard in anticipation for Series 2. And to help you out, we have put a nice 20% discount in place for the next week only! Click here to grab your copy and get ready to get your shred on!