Monday, 11 June 2012

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Courtney Cox, Nita Strauss: Maidens touring Guatemala!

Nita Strauss: Pillow Concept Heels and Kill Slowly

Cinthya Blackcat: trolls in the dark

Jess Lewis, Zoe Thomson: Jess meets the Mini Band

Rachel Brandsness: Fools For Rowan's "Killed A Man Today"

Lzzy Hale: Halestorm interview

Nita Strauss: Live4Guitar interview

Sarah Longfield: Meets Frederick Thorendahl and Meshuggah

Jess Lewis: Jazz Crymes - Chichester College Jazz

Anouck André: Fender Strat Custom over Tom Quayle Backing Track

Alejandra Mesliuk: A Persuasive Reason - Destination solo

Alejandra Mesliuk from A Persuasive Reason, Destination solo demonstration.

Listen more and follow us in 
Alejandra Mesliuk from A Persuasive Reason (Destination solo)

André Niéri, Lari Basílio, Hussein Haddad, Leandro Farias: Jam Artistas Santo Angelo #4

Jam Artistas Santo Angelo #4 - André Niéri, Lari Basílio, Hussein Haddad, Leandro Farias

Carina Alfie: Dream Like

Great to see Carina posting some new videos. From new album Eight

Carina Alfie: Eight

Carina Alfie Dream Like

Sam Bell: #Prometheus #areyouseeingthis

enginner fear
Same Bell: I wrote this instrumental shortly after being inspired watching the new movie "Prometheus", I based the structure of the tune very loosely on the movie story line, using images in my head to create the sections:
New World: 00:00 - 01:09 The Ritual: 01:10 - 01:47 Falling: 01:48 - 01:57 Contamination and Evolution: 01:58 - 02:53 The Discovery: 02:54 - 03:27 Journey (guitar solo) : 03:28 - 03:56 Arrival "New World/Ritual": 03:57 - 04:24 Revelation and Realisation: 04:25 - 05:06
You can download a high quality version of it for free here:

LTD H308 Guitar (8 string, tuned to drop E)
Cubase 3/DKFH

Ibanez Soundgear 5 string
Prometheus (New Instrumental/Free HQ Download in Link)

Rusty Cooley: Combining 2 Scales

Lick of the Week - Combining 2 Scales

Guthrie Govan: BendNote Blues Jam Lesson

Blues Guitar Lesson with Guthrie Govan on, musical community devlopment, to learn guitar on JamLesson with the greatest guitarist like Christophe Godin, Mattias Ia Eklundh, Christophe Godin, Mika Tyyskä, M.Fastfinger

BendNote - Guthrie Govan Blues JamLesson

in case you missed this posted just a few weeks ago

Guthrie Govan & Christophe Godin -

Angel Ruiz: nice little tapping lick

A curious arrangement of tapping. I've prepared with my good friend Ivan Waterman, to the new presentation of Jamaica Orchestra Show. A greeting colleagues. PS: If I have time, go up the score GuitarPro, for those who care
Lick tapping

Sergey Golovin: demos the stunning Lepsky Prima and Jelani

Deck: mahogany, maple flame top 
Neck: maple, 3 pieces, which is inserted
Scale: 25.5 " 
Fingerboard: ebony, 22 frets Jescar Stainless Steel, the radius of 12 " 
Nut: Graph Tech
Inlay: Blocks, natural mother of pearl 
Finish: Gloss
Edging: Natural
Hardware: Chrome 
Bridge: Schaller roller tunematic / Graph Tech saddles Bridge 
Tuners: Grover Roto-Grip Full-size Locking Guitar Machines 
Sensors: Seymour Duncan SH-1n / SH-4
Switch: 3 positions 
Controls: 2 volume, 2 tone push / push-off

Lepsky Prima

Deck:  Ash top - bubinga
Neck:  wenge / bubinga, 5 parts, mounting bolts
Scale:  27 "
Fingerboard:  Macassar, 24 frets Jescar Stainless Steel, the radius of 16 "
Markers:  point, 4mm. nacre
Finish:  matte fine
Hardware:  Black
Bridge:  Hipshot Hardtail Bridge 7 string through the body
Tuners:  Hipshot Grip-Lock
Sensors:  WRC Miracle Man / MCP Afwayu
Switch:  5 positions
Controls:  1 volume, 1 tone

Lepsky Jelani

Reece Fullwood: four ocatve Pentatonic String Skipping

Here's a new lick i came up with a few minutes ago,
just thought i'd share for those who care. :)
keep shredding..

Pentatonic String Skipping - Reece Fullwood

Luca Turilli: Rhapsody - Ascending To Infinity details

ASCENDING TO INFINITY to be released on JUNE 22, 2012 by NUCLEAR BLAST
Get your copy of the album now at:
Find the official video of the single DARK FATE OF ATLANTIS at:
Purchase the video or the complete album version of the single DARK FATE OF ATLANTIS at:


Next BendNote Talent is an unprecedented contest.

Next BendNote Talent is an unprecedented contest in the music world and it's open to everyone! NBT is a genuine springboard to help you stand out of the crowd and benefit from all of the professional musician's paraphernalia (a Vigier guitar and sponsorship, an interview in the musical press and participation to BendNote). And it will get you worldwide attention !

Next BendNote Talent 2012

Vigier BendNote competition

Vincenzo Grieco: demos Bughera 5 watt valve ampli Fender Stratocaster S.R.V. signature

Vincenzo Grieco test Bughera 5 watt valve ampli Fender Stratocaster S.R.V. signature

Kiko Louriero: 45 minute interview at Linea Rock

Kiko Louriero (Angra) interview at Linea Rock with Barbara Caserta

Kiko Louriero (Angra) interview at Linea Rock

Greg Burgess, Ryan Glisan: Allegaeon - Tartessos - ripping twin guitar attack

Order at:

Allegaeon guitarists Greg Burgess and Ryan Glisan perform "Tartessos: The Hidden Xenocryst" from their album "Formshifter".

Allegaeon "Tartessos: The Hidden Xenocryst" guitar demonstration

Jake Hertzog: NY show dates

Appearing for four nights this summer in New York, the Jake Hertzog Trio, featuring Victor Jones and Harvie S.

Jake Hertzog Residency
Somethin' Jazz Club
212 E 52nd Street 3rd Fl, NY, NY
7:30pm - Opening Act
9:00pm - Jake Hertzog Trio

7/12 - w/ Joe Alterman
7/19 - w/ Alon Nechushtan
7/26 - w/ Dario Boente
8/2 - w/ Dario Boente

Jake Hertzog Trio Residency 2012 Promo Blast

Alan Williamson: Voyager - from up coming Dark Matter CD

One of the tracks of my new album "Dark Matter". Hope you like it! : D


Plus Alan Williamson covering Steve Lukathers "party in Simons pants" (main theme). Hope you like it! : D


Morten Faerestrand: Guitar quiz #2

Can you guess from which guitar player did I transcribe this lick?

Quiz by

Guitar quiz #2 + Answer to last quiz