Friday, 22 June 2012

Andy James: Sacred Mother Tongue Free Gig and CD competition

We're really excited to let you know that British metallers SMT are all set to release their brand new EP, 'A Light Shines...'

A quantum leap from their 2009 debut album "Ruin Of Man", Sacred Mother Tongue in 2012 are channelling the melodic power of Metallica, the dark demons of Alice in Chains and the visceral intensity of Machine Head. Believe us when we tell you it sounds AMAZING!! The band are firing on all cylinders and this is just the first salvo in their campaign to seize the British metal crown and make it their own. We hope you're going to love it as much as us!


1. Evolve / Become
2. Seven
3. A Final Idea (acoustic)
4. City Is Crying (live from China)

See the official lyric video for "Seven" below.

Sacred Mother Tongue "Seven"- Official Lyric Video - Album Teaser


Celebrating September's EP release and their recent signing to EMI label services, Sacred Mother Tonguewould like to invite you to The Intrepid Fox in London's West End onJuly 5th for a night of free metal spectacle!

The band will unveil many of the tracks from their forthcoming "Out Of The Darkness" album, with support from Cypher 16 and Imicus. It's going to be an UNMISSABLE night!


Fancy getting your mits on a signed copy of Sacred Mother Tongue's debut album 'Ruin of Man'? Well we're giving 5 copies away! Simply click below for your chance to win.

News: Timber Tones picks

As always product development has been going craxzy at Timber Tones Towers. We are just about to finish production of another two types of plectrum. Felt Tones are our version of the classic Felt Ukulele plectrum which will be the same size and shape as our Leather Tones Uke Pic. Jazz Tones are also having four wooden plectrums added to their range for those who want some warm tones when playing Jazz Style!

Watch this space for images of the new products.

View Timber Tones for more info.

News: Guitar Player Magazine amazing summer deal!

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G Interview At Download 2012

Metal Hammer's Amit interviews Ozzy and Firewind guitarist Gus G! Amit's a bit of a guitar nerd so let's hope they don't get carried away with arpeggios and shit...

Gus G Interview At Download 2012

Zakk Wylde: Riff Mag interview at Hellfest 2012

Zakk Wylde | Black Label Society interview at Hellfest 2012

Alex Lifeson: lifts the lid on the hidden meaning of the new CD cover

Clockwork Angels cover art is as fun and interesting as the music on the album. The covershows a clock with the time 9:12. Hugh Syme, Rush’s cover artist of choice, played a fun trick on the cover. If you make the time PM, then the military way of announcing the time is 21:12, as in the band’s classic release from 1976. “Hugh Syme is a very clever and able designer,” says Lifeson. “He works very closely with Neil on all of the artwork. He has done some really dramatic artwork for this record. It made me smile; I got it.”

In reality, Clockwork Angles began years ago but Rush’s touring schedule kept the project from being completed. Lifeson comments on working over such a long period of time, “We spread this one out over a couple of years and it ended up being a very nice way to work. It gave us a bit of breathing space, as we wrote in groups of songs. I think that always helps to get a little bit of variety. When you get into the studio and you record everything together then it brings that consistency through it. I think we really achieved an interesting dynamic. We have a lot of songs that are different from each other. I think a lot of the songs are very cinematic and part of the story.  Full interview

Fredrik Thordendal: Meshuggah "The Ophidian Trek" Euro tour dates

MESHUGGAH's "The Ophidian Trek" dates with DECAPITATED and C.B MURDOC:

Nov. 22 - GER Hamburg - Markthalle
Nov. 23 - B Antwerpen - Trix
Nov. 24 - F Nantes - Stereolux
Nov. 25 - ES Durango - Plateruena
Nov. 27 - PT Porto - Hard Club
Nov. 28 - PT Lisbon - Paradise Garage
Nov. 29 - ES Madrid - Penélope
Nov. 30 - ES Barcelona - Salamandra 1
Dec. 01 - F Bordeaux - Le Krakatoa
Dec. 02 - F Paris - Bataclan
Dec. 04 - CH Zürich - Komplex
Dec. 05 - IT Milan - Alcatraz
Dec. 06 - GER Munich - Backstage Halle
Dec. 07 - AT Vienna - Arena
Dec. 08 - GER Berlin - C-Club
Dec. 09 - NL Eindhoven - Distortion Festival
Dec. 11 - GER Frankfurt - Batschkapp
Dec. 12 - LUX Esch-Sur-Alzette - Kulturfabrik
Dec. 13 - GER Köln - Essigfabrik

Chris Alcala: God's Promise - classy original play through

What's up everyone!! I'm back again with a new song. Apologies for not uploading a video in a long time. I've just been pretty busy with school and some other stuff. Also, as you can see I updated my whole set up with a new computer running Cubase because my other computer was giving me a lot of problems. It's summer time now, so I will definitely be uploading more music more frequently now. Hope you guys enjoy this new song!
Thank You For Watching And Please Comment
God Bless

God's Promise - Original by Chris Alcala

Daniele Liverani: Mysterious Impulse

DANIELE LIVERANI - Mysterious Impulse
Daniele Liverani: All guitars
Marco Zago: Keyboards
Tony Dickinson: Bass
Paco Barilla': Drums & Percussions
The song "Mysterious Impulse" is taken from Daniele Liverani new guitar instrumental album "Eleven Mysteries" coming soon on July 20th 2012 by LION MUSIC
Like new DL facebook page:

DANIELE LIVERANI - Mysterious Impulse

Frank Gambale: acoustic sweeper



Guitar Solo Artist Frank Gambale plays Another Challenger from Natural High album

Gambale & Colonna Live in Torino, Italy

pARTyzant: PacMan tapping tour de force
PacMan is one of my favourities games ;)

PacMan by pARTyzant (guitar) & Miki (cajon)

Super Mario guitar tapping by pARTyzant

Steve Hackett: interview by Mark Powell

'The Steve Hackett Story' Interview by Mark Powell. Exclusive to Steve Hackett talks to Esoteric Label Manager Mark Powell about his life, music & the new collaboration and album with Chris Squire 'Squackett' - released on Esoteric Antenna on Monday 4th June 2012. To find out more abut the album click here: download the digital single 'Sea of Smiles' from iTunes click here:
Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the latest release on their front-line label, ESOTERIC ANTENNA, dedicated to new releases by both new acts and established artists. SQUACKETT is the hugely anticipated collaborative album project between two legends of Progressive Rock, Chris Squire and Steve Hackett.
With progressive rock (in its many forms) now seemingly more popular than ever, this collaboration from members of two of the godfathers of the genre is hugely exciting. Chris Squire has appeared on every YES album since 1969 and is widely regarded as one of the most influential bass guitarists of all time. Now an established solo artist, Steve Hackett first came to prominence as the guitarist with GENESIS. He was with the band from 1970 to 1977 and played on six studio albums and featured on three live albums before leaving to concentrate on his solo career.
The two met when Chris Squire was working on a solo album and needed some guitar parts. Chris was put in touch with Steve and through these sessions the idea for SQUACKETT was born. Over four years in the making, the "Squackett” album is very much more than the sum of its parts. "It was very much about a bunch of pals swapping notes and anecdotes,” says Hackett "I think the material is simple and direct.” "It has a flavour to it that is reminiscent of a few things from different artists,” says Squire. "There is some clever Prog Rock stuff on the album, some jazzy bits, but there are parts that have vocal harmonies like Crosby, Stills and Nash” – SQUACKETT is THE major Progressive Rock release of 2012.  

Steve Hackett 'The Steve Hackett Story' Interview by Mark Powell

Chris Bickley: grabs a stunning Rick Hanes guitar

Chris Bickley now has a custom series guitar made by Rick Hanes guitars in Indonesia. Check out the link

From the album "Tapestry of Souls" on ShredGuy Records. This song was inspired by Race Car Driver "Tonis Kasemets". Featuring BJ Zampa of House of Lords/Obsession on Drums and Eric Klaastad of Trouble Tribe On Bass. Recorded at Studio C and Horizon Studios West Haven CT.

Available at:

Chris Bickley - Race Car Guy

Kee Marcello: ask me a question

Live 4 Guitar are setting up an interview with Kee Marcello... you can ask your questions on facebook:

Dallton Santos: Morbid Flickers tour de force in video diting

Experimental musical approaches and video editing techniques made by guitar player Dallton Santos. Video editor Sony Vegas and some stop motion tecniques. And the guitar sound came from a Laney lc50.


Thiago Larenttes: very tasteful tapping series

Wonderful version of the song Con Te Partirò / Time to Say Goodbye by Andrea Bocelli in Tapping guitar by Larenttes.
Music Producer: Larenttes
Video Producer: Daniel de Sá

Thiago Larenttes- Con Te Partirò (Andrea Bocelli)- Tapping Version (HD)

Thiago Larenttes- Tapping Dance for the Queen (HD)

Thiago Larenttes- Triple control of the Soul (HD) (AndragoniA)

Dallton Santos: Timeline CD 2008.

Hot fsuion solo album released by Dallton Santos as videos series on YouTube. Check t out if you like hot rocking fusion guitar playing.

Dallton Santos: Timeline CD 2008.

Dreamfullofzen: 2035 new album

It's out! (it's been bloody out since January actually...)

Grab it now! you know you want to!

Also head on over to and download #1 of the Comic now!!!!

2035 dreamfullofzen

1 Equilibrium 4:20
2 Chase The Storm 3:35
3 Dragons Kiss 3:50
4 2035 2:35
5 Cyber-Nightmare Suite (Overture, Inferno, Purgatory) 4:34
6 Rebellion 3:30
7 No More 4:00
8 Game On! 3:05
9 The Burning Sorrow 5:35
10 Queen Of The Dead 4:13
11 Desert God 4:20
12 The Game We Play 3:44
13 Thirteen

The Music
The music of 2035 was a big departure from the sounds I usually make. Usually I create very atmospheric, spiritual, soothing, meditative sounds.. 2035 was the complete opposite. It’s darker, heavier, and probably more adventurous then anything I’ve done.
I knew the Duduk was going to fit in perfectly with the compositions, but I also realized that because of it’s lower haunting sound, that the majority of the keys I used were going to have to go lower to facilitate the sounds I wanted, so the majority of the tunes which were in D (like “Chase The Storm or “Game On!”) where going to have to be lower, like B or even A… which made me think about the rhythm guitars. I ended up stringing my ESP M2 with some DR DDT strings, 12-60 gauge, and initially tuned it to Drop A, but not only was the balance off, but it wasn’t half as heavy as I wanted… so I tuned the whole damn thing down to A.. and had that huge Baritone sound, but on a regular guitar neck.. So It was quite an interesting blend.
The Baritone tuned Heavy guitars, and the haunting Duduk now in the fold, there was something still off. Most of the songs had only electronic beats and percussion, but the heavy guitars now required some equally heavy drums to help fill in things and add to the dynamics of the stale sounding beats. So I spent allot of time programming and getting as big of a drum sound I could, something I had neglected in past recordings.
As time went on, I learned allot about what I could and couldn’t do, especially in the lower registers of the mix, since there was some serious low end, thanks to the lowered tunings of the guitars and bass, I had to be very meticulous, and more importantly, I really had to ditch the atmospherics and abuse of reverb normally associated with my sound.
Another interesting aspect was the inclusion of the tunes “Rebellion” & “No More”. Rebellion was from the original demos of 2035, and I thought a really cool industrial rock track that had kind of an eastern vibe to it. My main issue though was making it into an interesting instrumental, since the original was a bit out there, but didn’t have much in the way of modulations or harmony. After toiling much with it, I realized it would make a perfect vocal tune. I contemplated this more, since “No More” was written as a quick track and I had intended to also use that for a vocal based project sometime down the road… So I convinced myself to “man up” and step up to the Mic and step away from Instrumental exclusivity…
No more was originally a song written about war (Iraq specifically) and Rebellion was written around the concept of the story for the story of 2035. I’d like to point out that the song is no way connected, inspired, or related in any form to the events that took place here in January, and I have no intentions of trying to pretend otherwise. Not only do I find it hugely disrespectful to those who were harmed or lost loved ones, but I do not see the need to glorify what happened into song. And if anything, I think the lyrics in “Rebellion” reflect a slightly different aspect.. Interpret that how you will.
I have a thing about the number 3, so I decided to write a 3rd vocal tune, and this ended up being “The Game That We Play”. It was one of those rare moments where the song just came together, and the vocal melody and lyrics just fell into place. It was certainly easier to pull off a convincing vocal performance for the track, and I’m happy enough with my singing on it to release it as one of the “Singles” for 2035.

2035 Promo Video

Steve Howe: Asia live in Tokyo 2006

For more info -

In 2006 the original four members of 80's supergroup Asia reunited for the first time in over 20 years for a series of concerts in the US and the UK. The success of this led to a world tour, and this live recording finds them in the incredible surroundings of Tokyo for an amazing live show. This is taken from the Eagle Vision DVD, "Fantasia".

Asia - Heat Of The Moment (Fantasia - Live In Tokyo)

Asia - Wildest Dreams (From "Fantasia - Live In Tokyo")