Dreamfullofzen: 2035 new album

It's out! (it's been bloody out since January actually...)

Grab it now! you know you want to!

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2035 dreamfullofzen

1 Equilibrium 4:20
2 Chase The Storm 3:35
3 Dragons Kiss 3:50
4 2035 2:35
5 Cyber-Nightmare Suite (Overture, Inferno, Purgatory) 4:34
6 Rebellion 3:30
7 No More 4:00
8 Game On! 3:05
9 The Burning Sorrow 5:35
10 Queen Of The Dead 4:13
11 Desert God 4:20
12 The Game We Play 3:44
13 Thirteen

The Music
The music of 2035 was a big departure from the sounds I usually make. Usually I create very atmospheric, spiritual, soothing, meditative sounds.. 2035 was the complete opposite. It’s darker, heavier, and probably more adventurous then anything I’ve done.
I knew the Duduk was going to fit in perfectly with the compositions, but I also realized that because of it’s lower haunting sound, that the majority of the keys I used were going to have to go lower to facilitate the sounds I wanted, so the majority of the tunes which were in D (like “Chase The Storm or “Game On!”) where going to have to be lower, like B or even A… which made me think about the rhythm guitars. I ended up stringing my ESP M2 with some DR DDT strings, 12-60 gauge, and initially tuned it to Drop A, but not only was the balance off, but it wasn’t half as heavy as I wanted… so I tuned the whole damn thing down to A.. and had that huge Baritone sound, but on a regular guitar neck.. So It was quite an interesting blend.
The Baritone tuned Heavy guitars, and the haunting Duduk now in the fold, there was something still off. Most of the songs had only electronic beats and percussion, but the heavy guitars now required some equally heavy drums to help fill in things and add to the dynamics of the stale sounding beats. So I spent allot of time programming and getting as big of a drum sound I could, something I had neglected in past recordings.
As time went on, I learned allot about what I could and couldn’t do, especially in the lower registers of the mix, since there was some serious low end, thanks to the lowered tunings of the guitars and bass, I had to be very meticulous, and more importantly, I really had to ditch the atmospherics and abuse of reverb normally associated with my sound.
Another interesting aspect was the inclusion of the tunes “Rebellion” & “No More”. Rebellion was from the original demos of 2035, and I thought a really cool industrial rock track that had kind of an eastern vibe to it. My main issue though was making it into an interesting instrumental, since the original was a bit out there, but didn’t have much in the way of modulations or harmony. After toiling much with it, I realized it would make a perfect vocal tune. I contemplated this more, since “No More” was written as a quick track and I had intended to also use that for a vocal based project sometime down the road… So I convinced myself to “man up” and step up to the Mic and step away from Instrumental exclusivity…
No more was originally a song written about war (Iraq specifically) and Rebellion was written around the concept of the story for the story of 2035. I’d like to point out that the song is no way connected, inspired, or related in any form to the events that took place here in January, and I have no intentions of trying to pretend otherwise. Not only do I find it hugely disrespectful to those who were harmed or lost loved ones, but I do not see the need to glorify what happened into song. And if anything, I think the lyrics in “Rebellion” reflect a slightly different aspect.. Interpret that how you will.
I have a thing about the number 3, so I decided to write a 3rd vocal tune, and this ended up being “The Game That We Play”. It was one of those rare moments where the song just came together, and the vocal melody and lyrics just fell into place. It was certainly easier to pull off a convincing vocal performance for the track, and I’m happy enough with my singing on it to release it as one of the “Singles” for 2035.

2035 Promo Video