Friday, 6 July 2012

Guthrie Govan: GPS DVD and CD set live from Japan

In 2006, GPS stunned audiences with their debut album "Window To The Soul".

In 2007 GPS toured the UK and Japan to great acclaim.

Presented here are 2 full concerts from the Japanese tours: one with the full band the other an acoustic show by John Payne and Guthrie Govan.

Also, included are bonus interviews and an "in-store" acoustic performance.

'TAKEN DREAMS' played by John Payne and Guthrie Govan from the GPS set 'TWO SEASONS - LIVE IN JAPAN' soon available from
Progressive rock band GPS releases Two Seasons Live in Japan, a 2DVD/4CD box set documenting two powerful performances in Japan from 2007. Released by GONZO Multimedia, the box set features 2 video DVDS and 4 audio CDs containing two complete concerts. GPS (founded in 2006) includes singer/bassist John Payne (ASIA), guitarist Guthrie Govan (ASIA, the Aristocrats), drummer Jay Schellen (ASIA, CIRCA:, Conspiracy), and keyboardist Ryo Okumoto (Spocks Beard).

'TAKEN DREAMS' from the GPS set 'TWO SEASONS - LIVE IN JAPAN' - John Payne - Guthrie Govan

'ALL MY LIFE' from the GPS set 'TWO SEASONS - LIVE IN JAPAN' Payne, Guthrie, Schellen, Okumoto

Volume Two showcases John Payne and Guthrie Govan in an intimate acoustic setting at Clapper in Tokyo 6-April 2007.
Guthrie has a bit of fun with an acoustic guitar at the Gibson showroom in Tokyo...we all watch on in utter amazement! The best guitar player alive? You decide....

Guthrie Govan at Gibson guitars, Tokyo April 4th 2007

Sam Bell: You will know what to think

A play through of my new instrumental "you will know what to think" you can download this for free at

I left out the solo as I improvised that on the recording, and I am strapped for time to figure out what I did note for note.

instrumental metal 8 string guitar sam bell mask of judas tech djent fest

"You will know what to think" Instrumental playthrough Sam Bell

Tom Cykman: Give Us A Riff' Competition

This is the main theme of my new single "Falsos Anseios". Watch the full version at

Hope you like my riff, and thanks Rick Graham and Riffstation for the competition.

'Rick Graham & Riffstation's 'Give Us A Riff Competition' - Tom Cykman

Rick Graham Give Us A Riff' Competition

Stefan Endres: Give Us A Riff' Competition

This is a part of a funky tune I wrote ages ago

Rick Graham & Riffstation's 'Give Us A Riff' Competition - Stefan Endres

Rick Graham Give Us A Riff' Competition

Bub Zulu: Give Us A Riff' Competition

This riff was lurking in my files . old and dusty to say the least .'Rick Graham & Riffstation's

'Give Us A Riff Competition' - Bub Zulu

Rick Graham Give Us A Riff' Competition

Andres Ludmer: Give Us A Riff' Competition

this is the main melody for a tune of mine called "fractaloide". inspired by wayne krantz.

i was testing this crunch preset on the axe fx ultra... i really like the way it sounds.

'Rick Graham & Riffstation's 'Give Us A Riff Competition' - Andrés Ludmer

Rick Graham Give Us A Riff' Competition

Sam Bell: Rick Graham Give Us A Riff' Competition

Please read:

I don't believe music or guitar is a competition of any kind, however when I saw my friend Rick Graham was putting together a riff contest with Riffstation I thought "why not!" So this is just for fun, its a riff I wrote yesterday afternoon, and I hope you enjoy it. Please check out my other videos for full originals, guitar lessons, gear talk, and covers. Thank you!

You can download an MP3 of this jam here:

'Rick Graham & Riffstation's 'Give Us A Riff Competition' - Sam Bell

Rick Graham Give Us A Riff' Competition

David Wallimann: Palmer Fat 50 - wait for Bastille day

Results coming July 14th!
Sorry for the delay, things have been really busy and there are tons of great entries... :-/

Palmer Fat 50 Contest Update

David Wallimann, Sam Bell: Guitar Playback Goes Metal

David Wallimann works with the mega talented  Sam Bell to deliver Metal tracks! They  are now available at

10 High Quality Metal backing tracks
Chord Charts

Sam Bell Check the link in the video, you can preview each of the 10 tracks, perfect for improvising and working on your leads in different metal styles, check it out

Scale Diagrams

Guitar Playback Goes Metal

News: National Guitar Workshop RIP
It is with deep regret that the management of National Guitar Summer Workshop, Inc. d/b/a “National Guitar Workshop” (the “Company” or “National Guitar Workshop”) announces that the Company is ceasing its business operations effective as of today, and that all camp sessions are cancelled. Nation Guitar Workshop will soon file for relief under Chapter 7 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in order to carry out an orderly winding-down and liquidation of its business.

Recent economic conditions have made it impossible for National Guitar Workshop to remain in business. During the past several years, the Company has seen a dramatic decrease in student enrollment, and increased costs of operation. Faced with growing operating losses, National Guitar Workshop management has diligently attempted to save the Company through a merger or other business combination, as well as by securing additional operating capital through borrowing and third party investment. Unfortunately, however, none of these efforts has been successful, and management is left with no alternative but to immediately and permanently discontinue operations.

Upon the filing of a bankruptcy petition, you will receive an official notice from the Bankruptcy Court, which will include the contact information for a U.S. Trustee who will assume responsibility for liquidating the Company’s assets. National Guitar Workshop management asks that you direct any inquiries to the designated U.S. Trustee.

Terry Syrek
Really sad that the National Guitar Workshop has closed it's doors today. This place was far more than a job for me. i spent every summer of my life from age 19 till now there and have met some of the best friends and people and had some of the best memories that i will know in this lifetime. Not to mention all the amazing students over the years that i've taught there. It was truly a large part of my formation as a teacher, player and person. Thank you David Smolover for providing an amazing institution on every level for all of us. i'm a bit speechless and very sad at the news.

Jeremy Krull NGW was responsible for a lot of things in my life...good ones. I met you there Terry, and ever since 1997 we all know how that went. I was introduced to the music and the personality of Jon Finn, Marc Schonbrun's amazing playing and knowledge, the YOUNG ROCKERS program hahahaha, Jody Fisher's incredibly kind demeanor and absolutely terrifying guitar abilities, so many great was just a great time. My experience there shaped every bit of who I am today as a player. It would be impossible for me to regret anything about it. I'm sincerely upset about this.

Dave Martone
Ok. So the NGW bit the dust today... RIP.. I loved that place... and I worked there for hmmm over 17 years I think....

My best buds Terry Syrek and James Hogan at NGW ant room!

Dave Martone Ok.. this is some vintage shit... what the hell was I thinking.. anyway.. it's to show me and my mateTerry Syrek having another amazing moment on the NGW stage! Thank god I burned those pants and hat!!!

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Jason Shadrick
NGW is no more. Made more great friends there than I could count on both hands (and feet). Very sad day.

Derek Sherinian,Mike Portnoy,Tony MacAlpine,Billy Sheehan:

Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan, Tony MacAlpine and Derek Sherinian will join forces this fall embarking on an extended tour of Europe and Asia.
The virtuoso band will play an all-instrumental set consisting of material from each of their solo records and their previous collaborations as well as classic instrumental covers and extended solo spots. Mike Portnoy formed the lineup to perfom at two drum events at the NAMM show last January. Due to overwhelming response that band has decided to take their show on tour.

"I knew when assembling this lineup that it would be a magical musical experience that would be a blast for us as well as the fans! I can't wait to play again with these tremendous musicians and share the experience with you all at these special shows!" says Portnoy.

Mike Portnoy with Billy Sheehan, Tony McAlpine and Derek Sherinian - Sabian Live NAMM 2012

17 Opole, Poland
18- Wroclaw, Poland
20- Jukebox Club, Bucarest, Romania
21- Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Holland
25- Barby Club, Tel Aviv, Israel
26- Bingo Club, Kiev,Ukraine
27- Izvestia Hall, Moscow, Russia
28- Glav Club, St. Petersburg, Russia
31- Beijing, China

2- Shanghai, China
4- Taipei, Taiwan
6- Manila, Philippines
8- Bangkok, Thailand
10- Fort Gate, Singapore

Ryan Siew: The Gods Must Be Crazy! - just 15

Hey everyone! Periphery II is freaking amazing! 10/10 This track is one of my favorites. I learned this song by ear. Excuse the screwups, and the solo
More coming soon!

Ryan Siew
Periphery - The Gods Must Be Crazy! Guitar Cover

Jeremy Barnes, Pete Pachio,Fountainhead,Ray Riendeau: The Pitts Minnemann Project - 2 L 8 2 B Normal

Pitts Minnemann Project

Jimmy Pitts, Marco Minnemann, and a gang of monster players laying down some serious Fusion/Prog!

Album Notes
Jimmy Pitts began his progressive journey as keyboardist/composer with the avant-garde metal band Scholomance on The End Records in the early 1990's. Since then he has performed a diverse array of music, from jazz festivals with the Mikhal Caldwell group, to performing on cds ranging from obscure Classical, soundtrack, and world music, to the frenetic metal intensity of Ron Jarzombek's Spastic Ink. Along with his primary project The Fractured Dimension, Jimmy has worked with such acclaimed artists as Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged) and Alex Machacek. With a goal of constant musical curiosity and artistic growth, there were two projects with Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats) put into motion. One is an unreleased heavy fusion quartet with fretless guitar wizard Fountainhead and bassist Jerry Twyford. The other is Jimmy's own version of Normalizer 2, featuring a wealth of virtuoso guitarists and bassists, a saxophonist, a violinist, and of course, bombastic keyboards and drums. This addition to the Normalizer 2 family is entitled Pitts Minnemann Project - 2 L 8 2 B Normal and is based on various mood swings over the course of its composition and thus reflects a broad range of musical styles.

Guitarists Fountainhead, Jeremy Barnes, Pete Pachio, Bill Bruce, Joe McCroskey
Bassists Ray Riendeau (Halford, James Labrie), Cheikh Ndoye, Jerry Twyford, Jeff Williams, Eddie Kohen
Saxophonist Joshua Thomson
Violinist Joe Deninzon (Stratospherius)

1. The Welcome Mat of My Mind 3:37
2. Sneaking Suspicions 3:25
3. Envy Becomes a Motherfunker 1:27
4. Haters, Please 1:45
5. In Danger of Deceit 4:02
6. Heavy Thoughts Here My Friend 3:08
7. An Unhealthy Aversion to Tribe Mentality 1:11
8. Clique Clash or Friends As Foes 0:42
9. Gaining Steam As a Cordial Misanthrope 3:46
10. Regarding Jazz & White Women 1:20
11. March of the Dissidents 0:28
12. We're Not in Kansas Anymore 0:41
13. You Humor Me, Truly 0:37
14. Pretentious I 1:09
15. Nothin' Funny 'bout That 1:20
16. Depressed Russians in Space 2:36
17. Can't Take the Metal Outta Me 3:03
18. Falling Off the Evil Wagon 1:35
19. Conspirators Diatribe 2:42
20. Angry Robots 1:18
21. Down, But Hopeful 2:27
22. A Little Time Alone 0:54
23. Violent Wankery 1:21
24. Aggressive Repeat Offender 2:56
25. Reflecting Indecision 2:37
26. I Over U 0:24
27. Farewells Are Saddish 1:40

Jimmy Pitts, Marco Minnemann, and Ray Riendeau Sample from Forthcoming Cd

Yossi Sassi: Melting Clocks

Step by step lesson for the main riff in "Numbers world", from Oriental rock guitar pioneer Yossi Sassi's "Melting Clocks" album. Taken at his home studios "Simplyossity", filmed and edited by Or Lubianiker.

Yossi Sassi: Melting Clocks

1. Drive 6:17
2. Fields Of Sunrise 5:06
3. The Calling: Rush Hour 5:02
4. Numbers' World 5:19
5. Melting Thoughts 3:38
6. Another Day In The Office 4:18
7. Ain't Good Enough 3:56
8. The Routine 4:43
9. Sahara Afternoon 6:55
10. Sunset 2:16
11. Simple Things 4:54
12. Melting Clocks

"Numbers World" Guitar Tutorial - From Yossi Sassi's Melting Clocks Album

Yossi Sassi - Solo from the album "Melting Clocks" (Second Trailer)

Eric Johnson: Boerderij Zoetermeer 2012

Eric Johnson performing live in the Boerderij Zoetermeer, July 3 2012. Two sets of 40 minutes with a 40 minutes break

Eric Johnson - live in Holland (Zoetermeer)

Eric Johnson - Live in Boerderij Zoetermeer (July 3, 2012)