Jeremy Barnes, Pete Pachio,Fountainhead,Ray Riendeau: The Pitts Minnemann Project - 2 L 8 2 B Normal

Pitts Minnemann Project

Jimmy Pitts, Marco Minnemann, and a gang of monster players laying down some serious Fusion/Prog!

Album Notes
Jimmy Pitts began his progressive journey as keyboardist/composer with the avant-garde metal band Scholomance on The End Records in the early 1990's. Since then he has performed a diverse array of music, from jazz festivals with the Mikhal Caldwell group, to performing on cds ranging from obscure Classical, soundtrack, and world music, to the frenetic metal intensity of Ron Jarzombek's Spastic Ink. Along with his primary project The Fractured Dimension, Jimmy has worked with such acclaimed artists as Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged) and Alex Machacek. With a goal of constant musical curiosity and artistic growth, there were two projects with Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats) put into motion. One is an unreleased heavy fusion quartet with fretless guitar wizard Fountainhead and bassist Jerry Twyford. The other is Jimmy's own version of Normalizer 2, featuring a wealth of virtuoso guitarists and bassists, a saxophonist, a violinist, and of course, bombastic keyboards and drums. This addition to the Normalizer 2 family is entitled Pitts Minnemann Project - 2 L 8 2 B Normal and is based on various mood swings over the course of its composition and thus reflects a broad range of musical styles.

Guitarists Fountainhead, Jeremy Barnes, Pete Pachio, Bill Bruce, Joe McCroskey
Bassists Ray Riendeau (Halford, James Labrie), Cheikh Ndoye, Jerry Twyford, Jeff Williams, Eddie Kohen
Saxophonist Joshua Thomson
Violinist Joe Deninzon (Stratospherius)

1. The Welcome Mat of My Mind 3:37
2. Sneaking Suspicions 3:25
3. Envy Becomes a Motherfunker 1:27
4. Haters, Please 1:45
5. In Danger of Deceit 4:02
6. Heavy Thoughts Here My Friend 3:08
7. An Unhealthy Aversion to Tribe Mentality 1:11
8. Clique Clash or Friends As Foes 0:42
9. Gaining Steam As a Cordial Misanthrope 3:46
10. Regarding Jazz & White Women 1:20
11. March of the Dissidents 0:28
12. We're Not in Kansas Anymore 0:41
13. You Humor Me, Truly 0:37
14. Pretentious I 1:09
15. Nothin' Funny 'bout That 1:20
16. Depressed Russians in Space 2:36
17. Can't Take the Metal Outta Me 3:03
18. Falling Off the Evil Wagon 1:35
19. Conspirators Diatribe 2:42
20. Angry Robots 1:18
21. Down, But Hopeful 2:27
22. A Little Time Alone 0:54
23. Violent Wankery 1:21
24. Aggressive Repeat Offender 2:56
25. Reflecting Indecision 2:37
26. I Over U 0:24
27. Farewells Are Saddish 1:40

Jimmy Pitts, Marco Minnemann, and Ray Riendeau Sample from Forthcoming Cd