Saturday, 21 July 2012

Jason Becker: Carvin's birthday surprise!

Jason Becker Custom Guitar

Jason Becker

Awesome birthday present from Carvin Guitars

I love the candy-apple red!

Thank you, Carvin Guitars, you kick ass!

Chris Poland, Percy Jones: Polcat's jamming the Iridium tonight and tomorrow!

We are inspired by our unique dual history as both a jazz institution and the home of Les Paul who played here from 1996-2009 and continues to guide us. Les Paul Monday's were always an event so our crown jewel continues to be Les Paul Mondays, reserved for Special Guest guitarists to honor Les and stand where he did (actually Les sat and his stool is in the back of the club!) and we donate a portion of sales every week to The Les Paul Foundation. The vibe has been incredible- where else can you see such iconic guitarists as Jeff Beck, Steve Miller, Todd Rudgren, Ted Nugent up close and sitting in with The legendary Les Paul Trio? Throughout the week you'll find amazing artists in the city's only "audiophile space- with amazing sound, sightlines great food and design. In addition to our incredible live shows here, Iridium also webcasts many shows in high definition and has built a state of the art recording studio. Visit our Facebook page for the latest happenings and special offers/shows at Iridium!

Tom Quayle: thanks to all who came to the Tone World Masterclass

Tom Quayle

Tone World Masterclass! Thanks to all who came. Was a great day!
— with Rob Skelhorn, Peter Black,Graeme Matthews, Charles Macdonald, Mart Palmer, Toni Martinez Alorda, Boo Littlewood and Justin Bulmer.

TD Clark: String Skipped Arpeggio lessons

Major and Minor string skip Arpeggio lesson

T D Clark Arpeggio lesson

Kee Marcello: talks about Epic Guitars project in the Live4Guitar interview

Laurie Monk from

Has Kee Marcello played with Robert Marcello and after his solo work with Joey Tafolla did Kee ever contemplate making a solo guitar record?

Hey Laurie,

Of course - Robert is my brother! Lots of times - but it just never happened. I was offered a solo deal by Don Grierson of EPIC USA back in the days, but Joey and our manager back then, Thomas Erdtmann, threatened to give me the sack from the band if I did. I guess Joey didn' want to lose any attention from his ego - which was bigger than the Andromeda galaxy back then!

I was also part of a project called "Epic Guitars" - a collaboration of some of the big names on EPIC. It was Me, Jeff Beck, Neal Schon, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Vernon Reid. Not bad, ey?!

Unfortunately the project died together with Stevie in that helicopter crash. RIP Stevie.
Full interview

Full interview
Kee Marcello Goodies:
Kee Marcello: Rocking Gibson Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011

Kee Marcello: Musikmesse 2010 Gibson stand

Gianni Rojatti: Tresex

Gianni 'Jana' Rojatti performs live in the studio album contained the song Tresex Metal Beat of Treats (Heart of Steel Records). His setup includes the head Laney Ironheart 120 and his faithful Ibanez FR on which he mounted two pickups DiMarzio Steve's Special and Liquifire.

Gianni "Jana" Rojatti - Tresex

Lorenzo Venza: West Coast Thing

An instrumental rock song from the band Encrypted Nomad featuring a guest guitar solo from Italian shredder Lorenzo Venza

Encrypted Nomad w/ Italian guitarist Lorenzo Venza - West Coast Thing

Tom Quayle: Wampler pedal demo and free lesson for HD video lessons with me.
I love this pedal - such organic tones and very responsive. Works great with single coils or humbuckers. I'm running my Suhr Classic on bridge ML pickup into my Port City Pearl 50w Head through a 2x12 OS Port City cab. Cam audio. for more info.

Jamming with the Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe Pedal -

in case you missed

TABS for this lesson: -
Go to for Full HD video lessons on improvisation, fusion playing, modern technique and harmony.
Free lesson for July 2012 where I talk about soloing over diminished chords using the Harmonic Major Scale. Go to my website for all the TABS and notes for this lesson where you can also download the backing tracks for free. This is just one way to solo over diminished chords - there are many others and you can find more information on them in my tutorial - 'Essential Fusion Scales - Diminished Scale Harmony'.
Have fun and I'll see you next time!

All the best,
Free Lesson - Soloing over Diminished Chords using Harmonic Major Scale

Franck Hermanny: discusses Markbass

Franck Hermanny, bassist for Adagio and freelancer in France, tells us why he loves Markbass and how he uses the products in different applications.

Franck Hermanny and Markbass

Marshall Harrison: 7 string Villa-Lobos Etude and Paganini's 5th Caprice

Title says most of it. When I speak of "Yngwie Malmsteen picking" it technically is just alternate picking so don't fret (lol) about it. oh and btw, PLEASE Mr. Peter Kay Please, I beg you, record the third series of PHOENIX NIGHTS. (or Max and Paddy season 2!!!)

Paganini's 5th Caprice for 7 string guitar: How to play the intro with Marshall Harrison

Enjoy my deep stare of concentration. Though not 100% perfect it's a close enough rendering which gives a brilliant effect. Notice the various techniques employed to pay all of these exotic arpeggios. This is a great etude and extremely useful for extending your technical arsenal.

Marshall Harrison plays a Villa-Lobos Etude transcribed for 7 string

Dave Martone: Angel - performance video

From the Lion Music Release When the Aliens Come.
The Jimi Hendrix Song Angel.
This was done more so I can remember what I played!

Angel from Dave Martone

Chris Broderick,Jason Becker: Custom Hand Painted Autographed Megadeth Guitar up for auction

Auction For Jason Becker: Chris Broderick Custom Hand Painted Autographed Megadeth Guitar
Published July 19, 2012 | By Ms. A

Chris Broderick Custom Hand Painted Autographed Megadeth Ibanez Prestige S5470 6-string Guitar
eBay Auction Link

Item specifics

Condition: Used
Brand: Ibanez
String Configuration: 6 String
Model: S5470
Dexterity: Right-Handed
Country of Manufacture: Japan
Body Type: Solid
Style: S Prestige series – Custom Hand Painted Airbrushed Megadeth Logo
Includes Hardshell Case with key lock

Chris Broderick, three-time Grammy nominated guitarist of the thrash metal band Megadeth has generously donated this custom hand painted Ibanez Prestige S5470 Electric Guitar to his guitar hero, Jason Becker. It is personally autographed by all members of Megadeth: Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson, Shawn Drover, and Chris himself.
This guitar was used in the recording of Megadeth’s 12th studio album “Endgame”, and played live on important tours in 2009 through 2010.
“Jason Becker has been and continues to be one of my biggest influences whether it’s on the guitar, in music, or about life in general. I can’t say enough about the man who has been such a big part of my ability in music, so hopefully this guitar I have given to him to auction will convey in a small way my gratitude for all he has done!”
- Chris Broderick
The S Prestige series is Made-in-Japan by the finest Ibanez craftsmen and from top-of-the-line components. This beautifully contoured shape, combined with the ZR-2 tremolo system, produces warm, resonant tones from a super thin mahogany body. The comfortably thin S models feature a fast 5-piece maple/walnut Super Wizard high performance Prestige 24-fret neck, unlimited tonal possibilities from Hot Grinder and Short Tracer pickups in a hum/single/hum configuration and the revolutionary ZR2 bridge w/ZPS3 spring system for trem effects beyond anything you've experienced.

Neck Material: 5pc Maple/ Walnut
Neck Type: Super Wizard HP
Body: Mahogany body
Frets: Jumbo frets
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlay: Pearl Off-set dot S Prestige inlay
Bridge: ZR2 bridge w/ZPS3
NeckPU: HGD1
MiddlePU: ST2
BridgePU: HGD2
HW Color: CK
Finishes: TKS

Also don't forget the live album from the recent Jason Becker Benefit show in the Netherlands

Jason Becker's "Not Dead Yet" Festival Amsterdam (November 2011)

Jason Becker's NOT DEAD YET! Live: Exclusive Live CD update

CD Release Date: July 22 = Jason Becker's birthday

There are copies still available, but strictly limited numbers