Kee Marcello: talks about Epic Guitars project in the Live4Guitar interview

Laurie Monk from

Has Kee Marcello played with Robert Marcello and after his solo work with Joey Tafolla did Kee ever contemplate making a solo guitar record?

Hey Laurie,

Of course - Robert is my brother! Lots of times - but it just never happened. I was offered a solo deal by Don Grierson of EPIC USA back in the days, but Joey and our manager back then, Thomas Erdtmann, threatened to give me the sack from the band if I did. I guess Joey didn' want to lose any attention from his ego - which was bigger than the Andromeda galaxy back then!

I was also part of a project called "Epic Guitars" - a collaboration of some of the big names on EPIC. It was Me, Jeff Beck, Neal Schon, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Vernon Reid. Not bad, ey?!

Unfortunately the project died together with Stevie in that helicopter crash. RIP Stevie.
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