Friday, 7 September 2012

Claudio Pietronik: "Her Dance" arranged for guitar - Great stuff!

I was listening to this song and thought it would be funny to play it with guitar!
hope you enjoy it!

Greg Howe - "Her Dance" arranged for guitar by Claudio Pietronik

Robert Fripp: quit music due to unauthorised and unaccounted works under his name

Robert Fripp quit music

The King Crimson mainman has been embroiled in a rights fight with the giant label for five years, leading to his abandonment of music-making, with no certainty he’ll return... believes it’s led to the release of unauthorised and unaccounted works under his name.

He cites the example of rapper Kanye West’s single Power, based on Crimson’s classic track 21st Century Schizoid Man – which had been heard over a million times on YouTube before he was even asked whether the sample could be used.

Full details

Guthrie Govan: Docker's Guild: Featurette 1 Douglas speaks about his early career

Widely touted as one of 2012's prog rock highlights, the debut album from Docker's Guild "The Mystic Technocracy - Season 1: The Age Of Ignorance" shows the musical creative genius of its creator Douglas Docker. Now Docker has made available the first part of a series of videos which takes fans on a journey through his music career from early days right up to the current album and beyond. Also available on the Lion Music website is an interview with Douglas Docker in a new series of short interviews with our artists entitled "7 Questions". Read it at

Docker's Guild: Featurette 1 "Out of Nowhere (Part 1)"

Ron Thal: Running Wild

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal and Frank Ferrer of Guns N' Roses did a little jam with Mark Strigl and John Ostronomy at TalkingMetal Episode 179 (November 12, 2007). This video is © by TalkingMetal -

Bumblefoot & Frank Ferrer - Running Wild (Judas Priest cover)

Charly Sahona: Female fronte Venturia - What If I

French melodic metal merchants Venturia return in fine style for their third release "Dawn Of A New Era" on 21st September 2012, get a taste of the album now with the stunning video for the track "What If I" now. Full information on the forthcoming "Dawn Of A New Era" can be found

Venturia - What If I

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot on G+ - the news roundup

Bumblefoot is on Google Plus:


Heeey, I'm gonna be laying down some guitar on my friend Jane Train's debut CD.

Help support her by pre-purchasing a CD at

Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal - Glad To Be Here. Euro 2012

AxVault recently had the pleasure to do and email interview with Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal current guitarist for GNR and all around music master. He has been praised as one of the greatest guitarist of all time...

NEW INTERVIEW...  Thank you Axvault ! !

Dave Martone: working on Shredding The Blues

Magna Carta Records
● Canadian Shred Master ★ Dave Martone ★ is Teaching, Touring and Apparently, Never Tiring ●

Shred master Dave Martone keeps a schedule not to be mimicked by the faint of heart. If he is not touring with Martone (his instrumental fusion band with Nickelback drummer Daniel Adair), he is playing with his latin Flamenco group Kadabra, teaching for Tom Lee Academy and Guitar Workshop Plus, writing b
ooks and DVD's for Alfred Publishing, releasing albums through Magna Carta Records, working in his studio Brainworks on his own recordings or producing other artists. In Dave's own words: "It all just fits in like a puzzle. Trust me... I work usually from 8am-10pm every day.. I feel guilty if I take even more than 4 hours off."

At the time of writing Dave was immersed in producing his second book/DVD project for Alfred Publishing: Shredding The Blues, scheduled for release at NAMM 2013. The Shred series features several 'shred masters'. Dave is well experienced in the teaching domain. He previously produced 22 instructional videos with Joe Satriani.

One piece of gear Dave relies on that makes an appearance in the Shred series is his Radial PZ-Select. Designed for guitars and basses that employ both magnetic and piezo pickups, the PZ-Select allows the artist to quickly select between pickups using the onboard footswitches.

According to Dave:

"The PZ-Select is the main brain to my system. It enables me clean switching and phase control over my signal to get the fattest cleanest tone without hum."

Dave has been using Radial products for over 3 years now and also endorses two pedals from the Tonebone line, the Classic and the Hot British.

Soon the gear will get packed up to head into Dave's whirlwind of a schedule:

"Next I am off to Germany to work alongside of Uli John Roth, Greg Howe, etc at the Future Music school for 5 days of intense Master classes. Then an outdoor festival with Kadabra, then a week long Masterclass with the Guitar Workshop Plus in Vancouver with Billy Sheehan. More Kadabra gigs, then a tour of Southern California with the Travis Larson Band. That will take me up until October at present."

Andy James: Andy James Official Album Backings Deluxe Edition

The Wait Is Over

The anticipation has been huge and they have been a long time coming, but we can officially announce that Andy James' 2011 acclaimed solo album backing tracks are now exclusively available to download at JTC.
Since he released his incredible self titled 3rd solo record, Andy has been inundated with requests for the backing tracks to be released. This download includes the backings for Angel Of Darkness, The Storm, What Lies Beneath, War March and Bullet In The Head. And we wouldn't be JTC if there wasn't TAB involved, so you get all 65 pages of TAB for each of these tracks too. Yep, 65!!
On top of that, there are two exclusive live video recordings included of Andy performing full length versions of Bullet In The Head (which you can see on our YouTube channel) and War March, aimed to help you analyse just how to play those tasty metal riffs.
We have two options available for you to download:
1) Andy James Official Album Backings Special Edition, which contains the backing tracks, 5 TABS and 2 live video performances for just £14.99
2) Andy James Official Album Backings Deluxe Edition, which contains all of the above plus the full album in high quality 320K MP3 format for just £19.99
For Andy James fans this is a no-brainer and for those of you that haven't yet checked Andy out and who like your tracks of metal proportion then this is perfect for you. There are more tasty metal licks, riffs and techniques in this album than you could ever imagine! It's time to learn from the master.

Andy James 'Bullet In The Head' at

Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes: Animals as Leaders Aussie tour and color vinyl Weightless

Groundbreaking progressive instrumentalist act ANIMALS AS LEADERS will support Between the Buried and Me -- with whom they have previously toured in both America and Europe -- on their upcoming international tour. Beginning Nov. 13, the bands will play five major cities in Australia and then head to New Zealand. Before heading Down Under, the band will also headline the Rock Party Festival in Long Beach, Calif. on Sept. 29. Full dates can be found below.

ANIMALS AS LEADERS guitarist Tosin Abasi was recently seen featured on the cover of Guitar World alongside the legendary guitar hero Steve Vai, who has called the band "the future of heavy creative virtuoso guitar." Their latest critically acclaimed release, "Weightless," reached #92 on the Billboard Top 200 and was praised by Alternative Press for its "intricate picking, lurching chords, and searing melodic leads." You can get a repressing of "Weightless" or the band's self-titled 2009 debut on various colors of vinyl for a limited time through the Prosthetic web store The 180-gram black wax variants are also available at select retail outlets around the world.

Nahuel Schiumarini: Tenor Madness

Nahuel Schiumarini: Happy Birthday Mr Rollins!!!
I'm still learning how to play Jazz so be kind with me.
Tenor Madness Nahuel Schiumarini

Alejandro Abellán: BendNote Talent and Arrival of love solo

Hi everyone!! I'm back!, I've been all August at the beach, so I couldn't use the Internet; it was great!! I heard this solo by first time a couple of years ago and I got crazy, it's freakin' amazing!!! I learned it and made the video this morning, I love this song!! Circus Maximus is an unbelievable band, I love their three CD's, but "Isolate" is the best, and this song is my favourite one!

It's not played note by note, because I didn't use tabs, I prefer learn songs by ear or using - when it's necessary - "Timestretching" or similar plugins. I hope you like it :D

PD: The backing track is by my great friend Paco Hernández, he's an incredible musician and he did it some years ago. Visit his channel, you're going to get amazed!!

Alejandro Abellán - Arrival of love solo

Alejandro Abellán - Winds of change - Next BendNote Talent

AdamBeam Mousa: Life In The Edge Of Space - With Hellraiser 8.

AdamBeam Mousa

Astral Palette - Life In The Edge Of Space

Cem Yılmaz,E Engin Yılmaz: Turkish fusion

Burak Yıldırım (Drums)
Cem Yılmaz (Electric Guitar)
E. Engin Yılmaz (Electric Guitar)
M. Cem Çolakoğlu (Bass Guitar)
Akoyo Band - Temperamental

Joe Bonamassa: Live At The Beacon Theatre pre - order

Joe Bonamassa
JB Webmaster:
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“When the Fire Hits the Sea” from Joe Bonamassa’s upcoming album: LIVE AT THE BEACON THEATRE

Jeff Watson,Steve Morse,Larry Carlton: Go Your Own Way

Jeff Watson and Steve Morse join David Pack, Dave Jenkins, Jimmy Nichols, Toshi Yanagi, Larry Carlton and Brian Hardgroove in performing Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way", with Larry Batiste and the 2Cold Chili Bone TEC Band, at the 26th Annual TEC Awards show in Anaheim, January 14th, 2011

Go Your Own Way

Skunk Baxter,Orianthi,Steve Vai: Foxy Lady

27th Annual TEC Awards - Orianthi and Skunk Baxter join Les Paul
Award winner, Steve Vai, and Master of Ceremonies, Bassist and Singer, Will Lee, in a performance of Foxy Lady, January 20, 2012 at the NAMM show in Anaheim, California. Video graphics, effects and backgrounds by Denise Gallant and Kevin Monahan of Video 4

27th Annual TEC Awards - Foxy Lady

Steve Vai: 27th annual TEC Awards series

Steve Vai's acceptance speech for receiving the Les Paul Award at the 27th Annual TEC Awards at NAMM 2012. Russ Paul and Billy Sheehan talk about the award and introduce Steve

Steve Vai - Les Paul Award Acceptance

A biography video on Steve Vai, winner of the Les Paul Award at the
27th Annual TEC Awards at the 2012 NAMM show. Produced and written by Jeff Scheftel and Oliver Entertainment. Editing and post-production by Steve Swersky and Massive Post.

Steve Vai Tribute

Steve Vai performs The Crying Machine at the 27th annual TEC Awards
at the 2012 NAMM show with Billy Sheehan, Larry Batiste, and the 2ColdChiliBone TEC Band. Video graphics, effects and backgrounds
Denise Gallant and Kevin Monahan of Video4

27th Annual TEC Awards - Steve Vai / The Crying Machine

Steve Vai performs Tender Surrender in his first performance after
receiving the Les Paul Award at the 27th annual TEC Awards at the 2012 NAMM show with Larry Batiste and the 2Cold ChiliBone TEC Band. Video graphics, effects and backgrounds by Denise Gallant and Kevin Monahan of Video 4

27th Annual TEC Awards - Steve Vai / Tender Surrender

Pete Townshend: to win Les Paul award

Lead guitarist and principal songwriter for The Who, Pete Townshend, will be presented with the prestigious Les Paul Award at the 28th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards, to be held Friday, January 25, at the Anaheim Hilton during the 2013 NAMM Show. Presented by the TEC Foundation for Excellence in Audio, the TEC Awards recognizes outstanding achievement in professional audio technology and production.