Monday, 17 September 2012

Angus Lamb: Siggery 7-String, Guitar Rig 5 in extra time...

Very quick test of the recording capabilities within Guitar Rig 5 on my new Siggery 7-string. Absolutely hate my playing at the minute and this clip's especially bad, but for a default patch (Solo Delay 51) I thought the tone sounded okay, if a little high in the mix... Hopefully I'll upload a few serious bits and pieces over the next few weeks, just wanted to post something up in the meantime.

Siggery 7-String (BEADGCF) into Guitar Rig 5 via Session I/O

Guitar Rig 5 Test

Arnaldo Alves: Street Fighter

NÍVEL 2 - Tema: Street Fighter, Tema Guile
Pedais Fuhrmann.
Guitarras W.Carvalho.


Christophe Godin: a little tea time treat for Maya - superb acoustic session

Maya feat Cristophe Godin !!!

Brian May: Hungarian Rhapsody: North American Trailer

From Thursday 20th September over 400 movie theatres across the US will be screening the amazing Hungarian Rhapsody Queen Live In Budapest in High Definition and 5.1 Surround Sound. You can buy tickets at

Hungarian Rhapsody: North American Trailer with Brian May and Roger Taylor

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G Moho Live Manchester interview

Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind) Interview - 14.9.2012 Moho Live Manchester, UK

Ozzy Osbourne and Firewind guitarist Gus G chats to Get Ready to ROCK! at the start of the Firewind 'Few Against Many Europe & UK Tour 2012'. He discusses playing with Ozzy, his musical career and the latest Firewind album 'Few Against Many'.

Recorded at the Moho Live Club in Manchester, UK - 14.9.2012

Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind) Interview - 14.9.2012 Moho Live Manchester, UK

Andy James: Sacred Mother Tongue - SoundShock Interview

Sacred Mother Tongue interview with Darrin South (Vocals) & Andy James (Guitar) at July 2012 @ London (HD Video) [Interviewed by & Photography/Videography by Asif Salam]

Sacred Mother Tongue Interview at

Tony MacAlpine, Billy Sheehan, Derek Sherinian, Mike Portnoy: extend tour into Asia

17 - Venue TBA - Opole, Poland
18 - Venue TBA - Wroclaw, Poland
20 - Jukebox Club - Bucarest, Romania
21 - Boerderij - Zoetermeer, Holland
25 - Reading 3 - Tel Aviv, Israel
26 - Bingo Club - Kiev, Ukraine
27 - Izvestia Hall - Moscow, Russia
28 - Glav Club - St. Petersburg, Russia

1 - Yugong Yishan - Beijing, China
2 - Mao Live House - Shanghai, China
4 - Hwa Sha Auditorium - Taipei, Taiwan
6 - SM Sky Dome - Manila, Philippines
7 - BKK Convention Center- Bangkok, Thailand
10 - TAB Live Music Bar - Orchard, Singapore
11 - Senayan Lapangan D - Jakarta, Indonesia


Steve Hackett: Genesis Revisited II - track details

Genesis Revisited II will be available as a 2-disc digipak. An extensive world tour in support of the new album will be announced shortly.

The tracklisting:

Disc 1:
'Chamber Of 32 Doors'
'Supper's Ready'
'The Lamia'
'Dancing With The Moonlit Knight'
'Fly On A Windshield'
'Broadway Melody Of 1974'
'The Musical Box'
'Can-Utility And The Coastliners'
'Please Don't Touch'

Disc 2:
'Blood On The Rooftops'
'The Return Of The Giant Hogweed'
'Eleventh Earl Of Mar'
'Unquiet Slumbers For TheSleepers...'
'In That Quiet Earth'
'A Tower Struck Down'
'Camino Royale'
'Shadow Of The Hierophant'

Legendary Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett has announced the details of his forthcoming studio album Genesis Revisited II in a special YOUTube video message for Genesis fans worldwide.
Steve Hackett has brought together a host of stunning guest performers including Steven Wilson and Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth) to craft an album that revisits many of the best loved songs from his Genesis years.

What better person to introduce you to this epic undertaking than the man himself.

STEVE HACKETT - Introducing Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited II

Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited II will be released on 22nd October 2012 in Europe (G/S/A: October 19th 2012) and comes in a limited edition 2CD Media-book, as well as a beautiful 4LP & 2CD version that showcases the brilliant artwork above.

Last year saw the release of Steve Hackett's critically acclaimed and best selling solo album Beyond The Shrouded Horizon, which he toured extensively.

A lengthy world tour in support of the new album to be announced soon.
Stay tuned for more details.

For more information on Steve Hackett please visit:

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G Hellfest 2012 interview

Gus G. interview at the hellfest 2012 on tour with Ozzy Osbourne. He gave us a moment to talk about his use of Lag Tramontane acoustic guitar with his band "Firewind".
He speaks of the last album "Few Against Many" in which he used the Tramontane on the track "No Heroes No Sinners".
Gus G. interview - Hellfest 2012 (La Boite Noire)

Timo Somers: Delain - We Are The Others

iTunes: Spotify:
This is the official video for our new single 'We Are The Others', from the album 'We Are The Others' (Redline Music 2012)
A big thank you for all who participated in the video, you rock!

"I'm walking with Sophie tonight
She lives in the air that I breathe
I can't get it out of my mind
how you were left to bleed
Was it how you dressed
or how you act
I can't believe
how they could act so violently
without regret
well, we will not forget
We are the others
we are the cast-outs
we're the outsiders
but you can't hide us
we are the others
black-eyed and battered
you're not out there on your own
If you feel mistreated
torn and cheated
you are not alone
we are the others
As simple as air in your lungs
as simple as words on your lips
And no one should take that away
no one should argue this
Now with our heads up high
we'll carry on
and carry out
that we won't let them get us down
or wear us out
'cause we are not alone
We are the others
we are the cast-outs
we're the outsiders
but you can't hide us
we are the others
we are the cast-outs
you're not out there on your own
If you feel mistreated
torn and cheated
you are not alone
we are the others
Normal is not the norm
It's just a uniform
(we are the others)
Forget about the norm
(we're the outsiders)
Take off your uniform
(we are the others)
We are all beautiful
We are the others"

Delain - We Are The Others

Alex Hutchings: Guitar Workshop Aswara 2012


Alex Hutchings: Guitar Workshop Aswara 2012

TJ Helmerich, Marco Minnemann, Ric Fierabracci: 8 fingers on the deck at the baked potato!

TJ Helmerich "8 finger" solo w/ Minnemann, Fierabracci, Elliott - 2008

Tom Quayle: Funky Amin Jamming - enjoy

Tome Quayle is on Google+

Go to for HD video lessons with me.

Jamming on an Am groove working on my time feel and line based playing. Sorry for the dark video. I will be releasing some new lessons over the coming months plus new Practice Sessions on my site. Stay tuned for more information.

Thanks for listening,

Amin Jamming -

Brian Carroll: Buckethead Showcase 2012


Brian Carroll: Buckethead Showcase 2012

George Lynch: Lynch Mob Live Showcase 2012


George Lynch: Lynch Mob Live Showcase 2012

Akihiko Onji: The Bitter End - radical two handed tapping

■ You have played with all the tapping. After that it is difficult to worry about playing in the aftermath of the injury is severe normal style of old, I was changed to tapping style from around 2008.
■ I participated in the first contest of guitar magazine this time, we were eliminated in the screening and primary creative department.
I think the song that tackle issues over time, and I Do your best. I will be following self-PR. I had mentioned in this site.
Http://Music-seraph.Com/contest/prize/index.Html 20Onji
■ FacebookHttp://Www.Facebook.Com/akihiko.Onji two thousand and twelve - Guitar Magazine Championship vol.6 - The Bitter End - Akihiko Onji Thanks for watching

2012 Guitar Magazine Championship vol.6 - The Bitter End - Akihiko Onji

Yoshimitsu Murayama,Akira Kohei: Polka Dots And Moonbeams

Polka Dots And Moonbeams
Musicraft 2012-09-01 4/12
g g Akira Murayama Kohei Yoshimitsu (left side) (right side) Yoshimitsu Murayama Akira Kohei

Akira Murayama Kohei g g Yoshimitsu 04 Polka Dots And Moonbeams

Wagner Silva: Scit Scat Wah - Racer X Tribute

translated: My tribute to one of the bands I shorter and I consider to be one of the best hard rock bands that ever existed (all excellent musicians). I used to get the "mold" of my pedalboard "vintage" Digitech RP-3 (all folds guitar were recorded with her harmonizer, pitch shifter also an octave above). Sorry some execution errors and claim to burn too low (??), But I wanted to write it anyway, because I like that song too (for me is one of the coolest compositions of Paul Gilbert and company), and along with Scarified many others. I hope you enjoy.

Scit Scat Wah (My Racer X Tribute) - Wagner Silva

Jerry Donahue,Jay Stapley: Masterclasses

The Institute Presents Jay Stapley and Jerry Donahue Masterclasses

London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance is delighted to present a series of masterclasses featuring two true guitar legends, Jay Stapley and Jerry Donahue. The format of these un-missable evenings will be a combined masterclass and concert, which will showcase the specialities of each of these incredible session guitarists.

British guitarist and Institute tutor Jay Stapley has a CV like few others having worked with Roger Waters, Mike Oldfield, Suede, Toyah and Scott Walker to name but a few. He will be demonstrating sounds and effects for guitarists, how to use effects pedals and the creation of classic rock lead and rhythm sounds as well as looking at high gain control using hybrid picking. 

American guitarist Jerry Donahue is a respected master of the British folk rock scene and is best known for his work with Fairport Convention and Fotheringay. He will be revealing the tricks behind his famous left hand technique and showing you his own masterful approach to string bending, giving you tips and techniques to help you explore the full potential of your guitar’s voice. 

The concert following the masterclass will feature material from both Jay and Jerry’s solo repertoires illustrating the techniques they covered earlier. Suggestions for masterclass topics and tunes for the gig are welcome. Please visit the forum at:

The first public event will take place on the 12th November 2012 at The Bedford in Balham, followed by an event on 14th November at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (exclusive for Institute students only.) This is followed on the 16th November 2012 by a public event at The Institute, Kelvedon, Essex. The show starts at 8.30pm and tickets are £10 (£9 in advance). Further dates will be announced.

These events offer rare opportunities to spend an evening with two remarkable session guitarists, in an friendly environment as they share the ‘tricks of the trade’ with you, and you learn more about the real world of the music industry. 

- 0207 328 0222

Joe Bonamassa,Derek Sherinian: Black Country Communion tour dates

Black Country Communion, the Anglo-American rock band comprising Glenn Hughes (vocals, bass), Joe Bonamassa (guitar, vocals), Jason Bonham (drums) and Derek Sherinian (keyboards), have announced their only concert of 2013 at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall on Saturday 5th January 2013. The concert is significant, as it is based in the heart of the Black Country, where both Glenn Hughes and Jason Bonham grew up as kids.

To celebrate the news of this rare, one-off concert, the UK’s leading classic rock radio station, Planet Rock, will launch an exclusive 48-hour ticket pre-sale from Wednesday 19th September. Tickets will then go on sale to the general public at 9am on Friday 21st September from the 24 Hour ticket hotline 0844 478 0898,

When fans visit from Wednesday 19th September, they’ll also be eligible to receive a free download of the new BCC track Confessor.

This unique concert marks Black Country Communion’s only UK appearance in 2013. Given BCC’s geographical and spiritual ties to the area, when discussions arose about where in the world the band would perform this one-off show, there was only ever going to be one outcome. Black Country Communion is very excited to come home for this ultra rare live performance.


Thomas Blug: The Best of” double CD release announced

New “The Best of” double CD by Thomas Blug           Sept 2012

Thomas Blug, in conjunction with Stunted Records ( digital ), is proud to present a double CD of
top notch instrumental guitar music, compiled and remastered from the original recordings spanning the past decade, this new collection is available now and showcases Thomas’ development over the course of 4 studio albums and two live albums / DVDs.

Featuring 25 tracks from his back catalogue, with a running time of 160 minutes, on CD1 we
find a selection of 12 songs from the studio albums “The Beauty of Simplicity“, “Electric
Gallery“, “21st Century Guitar“ and “Soul & Pepper“, plus 2 bonus unreleased live tracks.
CD2 is a remastered edit of the legendary "Guitar From the Heart" concert filmed in Raalte.
Thomas Blugs strat sound touches your heart like no other. In 1997 he was awarded "best
German rock+pop guitarist" and in 2004 he became “Stratking” of Europe for Fender.

Working with international artists such as Percy Sledge, Bobby Kimball, Hazel O’Conner,
Steward Copeland, Ian Paice, Don Airey, Thijs van Leer and Tommy Emmanuel, his current live
schedule switches from his “Guitar From the Heart” live band to “Blug Plays Hendrix”. The
band features some of Europes finest session players including Thijs van Leer (Focus).

With a growing international reputation as one of the finest Strat players around, this collection
closes one part of Thomas Blugs emotional guitar journey and paves the way for the next stage.
Available both physically on CD and for digital download via Stunted Records digital
agreements this is a “must have” collection for Thomas Blug fans and guitar fans alike.

"this is instrumental guitar work of a calibre rarely attained these days outside of the Vai/Satch
old guard" - Guitarist Magazine May 2006

"his total mastery of the Strats tonal possibilities marks him as one of the most tasteful virtuoso
players out there" - Guitarist Magazine July 2009

More info available here :-

Thomas Blug: Watchtower Hughes and Kettner Musikmesse 2012

Marcel Coenen: with Paul Dianno - Murders In The Rue Morgue

Marcel Coenen On google+

Recorded live at Le Plug in La marsa, Tunesia, 12th of September 2012.

Marcel Coenen - Lead Guitar, Tarak Ben Sassi - Guitar, Paul Di'Anno - Lead Vocals

Carthagods feat. Marcel Coenen and Paul Dianno - Murders In The Rue Morgue

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G Firewind Button Factory Dublin 2012

Great series, includes Liv Kristine


Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G Firewind Button Factory Dublin 2012

Tour dates

Tue 18th Sep
Firewind + Leaves Eyes
Buy NowCorporation
Wed 19th Sep
Buy NowQueen's Hall
Thu 20th Sep
Firewind + Leaves Eyes
Buy NowThe White Rabbit
Fri 21st Sep
Firewind + Leaves Eyes
Buy NowThe Talking Heads
Sat 22nd Sep
Firewind + Leaves Eyes
Buy NowO2 Academy Islington
Sun 23rd Sep
Firewind + Leaves Eyes
The Westcoast