Brett Garsed, TJHelmerich, Ric Fierabracci,Virgil Donati: M. I. T. - 1998

Brett Garsed, Ric Fierabracci, Joel Taylor: performing "Spheres of Influence" and "Burgers in Bed" 2009

Jeff Kollman, Ric Fierabracci: Storytime with Chad Smith -'Shilo's Forbidden City Blues' -Live Meatbats

Shane Gaalaas, Tak Matsumoto, Ric Fierabracci, Peter Fernandes: Bitter Suites From The Red Room

Billy Cobham: Spectrum 40 Live /with Gary Husband, Dean Brown, Ric Fierabracci

Richard Hallebeek, Ric Fierabracci, Shane Gaalaas, Peter Fernandes: Hot Shelter - Sonic Adventure DX

Shant Hagopian, Derek Sherinian, Virgil Donati,Ric Fierabracci: Semantic Saturation - Lost and Found: Insanity Music Video

Peter Fernandes, Greg Howe, Virgil Donati,Derek Sherinian, Richard Hallebeek, Brett Garsed, Ric Fierabracci, Gary Husband, Jimmy Johnson: Q.E.D - new album

Peter Fernandes: new album "Q.E.D." featuring Brett Garsed, Derek Sherinian, Richard Hallebeek, Greg Howe amongst others!

Jason Sadites, Marco Minnemann, Ric Fierabracci: great performance play through of "Demagogue"

Jason Sadites, Ric Fierabracci, Marco Minnemann: Tales - the new album available now

Jason Sadites,Marco Minnemann,Ric Fierabracci : new album pre order

Jason Sadites: Weasel Words featuring Marco Minnemann and Ric Fierabracci

Jason Sadites, Ric Fierabracci, Marco Minnemann: finalizes the line-up of musicians for his upcoming new CD

Ric Fierabracci,Virgil Donati,Alessandro Bertoni: Ric Fierabracci fretless bass intro for Alessandro Bertoni album

Alessandro Bertoni,Brett Garsed,Virgil Donati,Ric Fierabracci: Derek Sherinian produce Keystone release date announced

Brett Garsed,Ric Fierabracci,Sander Owen: Vengeance Album

Derek Sherinian,Shant Hagopian, Ric Fierabracci: Semantic Saturation - Solipsistic Album pre order!

Vartan Mkhitaryan,Ric Fierabracci: Post Factum - awesome new fusion

TJ Helmerich, Marco Minnemann, Ric Fierabracci: 8 fingers on the deck at the baked potato!