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Adrian English: Rick Hanes Signature Series AE7

Adrian English: Rick Hanes Signature Series AE7 - Shredguy Records

Adrian English
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you My Rick Hanes Signature Series AE7 Total Chaos edition 7string Death Axe!!!!!!

Body art work by Tony Lopez,Graphic co ordination by Azmy Rock Stone, Photos and Final Filtering by Bill and Kris Chaikowsky,Full Fire gas Death by J.C. Cantrell of Sick Axe Graphics,Tommy and Indy for making this happen !!!! VIDEOS and SAMPLES well as TOTAL CHAOS [the new CD] coming soon!!!!FYAHHHHHH!!!

shred guy records

Mateus Starling: serious funk groove improvisation from one of the best!

Matthew Starling groove - T Miranda x3 scream test Meet guitar course online through the website. More than 50 different classes video.

Mateus Starling groove - T Miranda x3 scream teste

Rob Garland: TrueFire Sherpa Online Interactive Classroom

TrueFire Sherpa Online Classroom GUITAR BABYLON with ROB GARLAND.

For more details visit:
Get personalized one-on-one instruction from top guitar educators in TrueFire's online classrooms - on your schedule, at your pace, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Ideal for any age or level of guitar player who is not satisfied with the progress they are making on their own and does not have convenient access to quality guitar instruction.

Top Educators Guide Your Path
While TrueFire's technology and online tools make it all possible, the "secret ingredient" behind this unique learning experience is really all about the quality and range of instructors.

The Sherpa faculty is a cherry-picked group of top educators with pedigrees a mile long and hundreds of books and courses to their collective credit. Browse by instructor or classroom to learn more.

Video, Audio & Text Communication Tools
More powerful than email and text messaging, yet just as easy to use, TrueFire's video and audio communication tools keep you and your instructor connected in a highly convenient, efficient and personal way. No wasted time, no scheduling conflicts, no stage fright, no hassles.

You can "see" and "hear" the instructor's personalized video lessons on your own timetable. Likewise, the instructor can "see" and "hear" your video work assignments to assess your progress and provide you with specific feedback, video instruction and new lesson plans.

Interact with Students & Discussion Feeds
While your personalized lessons are private sessions between just you and the instructor, you can also communicate and interact with other students studying under your Sherpa Instructor.

Dozens of lesson discussion feeds allow you to share tips, insight and foster camaraderie, all of which further enhance the learning experience. It's a social learning experience!

Unlimited Access to 10,000+ Video Lessons
Guitar Sherpa students have 24-7 access to all of the video lessons and learning materials that their instructor has prepared in the classroom.

Plus, students also have unlimited access to the thousands of video guitar lessons with tab, notation and rhythm tracks on TrueFire TV, the "most comprehensive guitar lesson library on the planet."

Shifted Time Learning Environment
Students and instructors interact in a "shifted time" environment; no scheduled webinars, no live video conferencing, no technical snafus, no pressure.

You will exchange video, text and audio messages with your chosen Sherpa instructor who will prepare personalized lesson plans and regimens for you tailored to your schedule and desired objectives.

Rob Garland is a professional musician with a passion for all things music and the guitar. He has over 20 years of performing and teaching experience. He has had a diverse career including touring, composition, session work, film scoring, product demonstrations and tuition clinics.

Rob grew up in England playing in a wide array of bands including funk, pop, rock and blues groups. He studied at University in Canterbury and played shows at colleges across the U.K. with his original band DeadHappy.

In his mid-twenties Rob moved to the US and split his time between teaching and performing with his jazz/blues group, The Blue Monks. The band released several CD's of original music and played hundreds of gigs at festivals and clubs as well as international television and radio performances.

Rob studied jazz improvisation with jazz legend Jimmy Bruno and has been featured in numerous guitar magazines which led to his instructional book Jazz For The Blues Guitarist being published by Cherry Lane Music in 2007. He also found the time to perform with an acoustic group, an eclectic jam band and a jazz fusion combo.

In 2010 Rob moved to Los Angeles and began teaching at Green Brooms Music Academy in Santa Monica. He formed an original jazz-fusion group Room 152 (featuring members of Weapon Of Choice & The Big Organ Trio) and plays live shows with various musicians, including The Back Of The Hand Allstars, a jazz/funk improvisation band that features a rotating cast of L.A. jazz musicians.

Rob has recorded at numerous studios in the U.K. and U.S. He currently is recording sessions at The Village studio in L.A.

Musicians Rob has performed with include Jimmy Haslip, Joel Taylor, Hadrien Feraud, Pete Griffin, Jerry Douglas, Guthrie Trapp and Gus Thornton.

Guitar One Magazine: "There is nothing like truly being in the moment, improvising, creating something out of nothing, searching for 'that' note." R.G.
Rob Garland-TrueFire Sherpa Online Interactive Classroom Guitar Babylon (Commercial)

Rob Garland-Improvised Solo Over Static Funk Vamp (Using Suhr Guitar)

Nico Schliemann: Strat day

It's strat day today - Nico Schliemann

It's a (clean) strat day - Nico Schliemann

Per Nilsson: announces upcoming instructional DVD

Per Nilsson announces upcoming instructional DVD

SCAR SYMMETRY's PER NILSSON instructional DVD trailer

Tour dates

The Unseen Empire North American Tour 2012:

11/24 - Springfield, VA © Empire
11/25 - Trenton, NJ - © Champ's
11/26 - Montreal, QC - © Foufounes Electriques
11/27 - Ottawa, ON - © Maverick's
11/28 - Poughkeepsie, NY - © The Loft
11/29 - Cleveland, OH - © Peabody's
12/03 - Winnipeg, MB - © The Zoo
12/04 - Regina, SK - © The Exchange
12/05 - Edmonton, AB - © Pawn Shop
12/06 - Kelowna, BC - © The Level
12/08 - Seattle, WA - © Studio Seven
12/09 - Portland, OR - © Branx
12/12 - West Hollywood, CA - © The Whisky

...more shows to be announced, stay tuned!!!

Plus get the album progressive album!

KAIPA - An introduction to the new album "VITTJAR".mp4

Rusty Cooley: limited number of openings for private or online lessons

Whether you're an aspiring shredder, a beginner, want to take your skills to the next level, are an advanced player or just want to play for fun, learn from THE pro!

»Now Available!« 
A limited number of openings for private or online lessons with Rusty Cooley are now available.

For more information and/or to schedule your lessons, click here.

Jason Becker: Becker movie Screen times

Jason Becker
Hey everyone!
This Saturday, November 10th, in San Francisco I will be attending a screening of the movie for Q&A. It should be a blast. Come join us if you can. Get more information and tickets here:
I will also be at movie screenings Thursday November 15th in Berkeley and Sunday November 18th in San Francisco. See this same link for details. Come one, come all!

Rick Graham: in conversation with Andy Mclaughlin

Join Rick and I as we chat music on the eve of his amazing all day workshop at Wishaw Guitar Lessons!

Thanks to Rick for his time!

In conversation with...Rick Graham

Brian Carroll: Buckethead in Victoria and Vancouver

Buckethead live at Club 9one9, Victoria BC 17/9/2012
Another awesome BC show, wherein Big B has fun with his low clearance coop and the capital city gets its mosh on but good. Buckle up - it's gonna be a bumpy ride! Full show except toy time and just after.
Full Vancouver footage:

I shot this, all rights are Buckethead's.
Go binge on some freshly charred pikes!

Buckethead Victoria 2012 Front Row HD

Buckethead live at Venue, Vancouver BC 16/9/2012
Stupefyingly stoked bots from across Western Canada welcome Big B on his long-awaited return to Vancouver! Not the full show - untimely end due to iMemory fail, RIP.
Bite-sized YVR clips:
Full Victoria show:

I shot this, all rights are Buckethead's.
Go binge on some freshly charred pikes!

Buckethead Vancouver 2012 Front Row HD

Marc Meesters: Scarescone new CD

Clinic and CD presentation Scarescone of guitarist Marc Meesters in Music House Lyana - [Video / Edit TASK4 Studios]

Marc Meesters: Psycho Scarescone 

CD presentation Scarescone guitarist Marc Meesters in Music House Lyana - [Video / Edit TASK4

Karlo Li: The Elements

Karlo Li - The Elements

Karlo Li's 2nd solo composition. His power metal roots are very present on this track. Expect a lot of machine gun double bass drums, shred guitar solos, epic synth keyboards, speed bass guitar and a lot of harmony and unison leads.

Gear Used:

Schecter Damien 7
Schecter Blackjack 8
Wampler Triple Wreck
Line 6 Toneport GX

Tim Miller: hybrid picking fusion from the maestro

Coming Soon! with guitarist TIM MILLER. An all new Guitar Instruction website featuring Streaming Guitar Lessons in Full HD video and studio quality audio. Visit to leave your email address, and we will contact you when the website launches!

Rick Graham: A tricky arpeggio pattern

Hi guys, would love to see you have a go at the arpeggio pattern. Feel free to post a vid response. What is that pesky time signature? Let me know in the comments section,cheers :)

A Challenge: A tricky arpeggio pattern and an unusual time signature

Greg Howard: Mozart on a Stick - Minuet in G" K1

The Stick Guitar® (SG12™) is a 12-string guitar-scale version of the Chapman Stick®. Its higher range makes it ideal for arranging piano music for tapping, in the original written octave.

The instrument in this video is set up in the "Classic" Stick Guitar tuning, with 4ths on the melody side (highest string is an open A above guitar open high E), and accompaniment side is inverted 5ths (lowest note is G below guitar low E). The pickup is the Villex PASV-4.

For more information about the Stick Guitar see:

For more information on the range of the tuning see:

Stick Guitar is a Federally registered trademark of Stick Enterprises, Inc.

Mozart on the Stick Guitar - Greg Howard plays "Minuet in G" K1 two-handed tapping

Joe Berger,Doug Wimbush, Billy Cobham: HammondCast - Frankfurt

This Impromptu Jam with 3 greats BILL COBHAM, DOUG WIMBISH & JOE BERGER happened at Gibson Guitar Party in Frankfurt Germany, captured by Jon Hammond originally shown on The Jon Hammond Show *24th year NYC. COBHAM born May 16, 1944 in Panama, is one of the world's best and most influential drummers known for his jazz fusion in the 1970s, with John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra, where he pioneered a powerful style of drumming with jazz, rock and funk influences has an enormous Discography. WIMBISH (born September 22, 1956) is a bass player, primarily known for his studio work for the rap/hip hop label Sugarhill Records and his membership of the band Living Colour. He has played for a vast range of artists, among which Jeff Beck, Mick Jagger, Madonna, George Clinton, Depeche Mode, and Mos Def. Wimbish is considered to be a pioneer in hip hop bass playing.
BERGER has engineered mixed and mastered thousands of recordings and played with John Entwistle of THE WHO and member of JON HAMMOND Band. Seen here playing a special Gibson LES PAUL, whom (Les) Joe has also worked with and Paul has appeared on Hammond's long-running cable tv show in NYC.
Enjoy! c)2007 *Info:

Billy COBHAM Doug WIMBISH Joe BERGER on HammondCast

Jeff Berlin,Gannin Arnold: Aneurythms new CD

Jeff Berlin,Gannin Arnold: Aneurythms
Jeff Berlin (Bass), Gannin Arnold (Guitar), Vinnie Colaiuta (Drums), Otmaro Ruiz (Keys & Piano), and Richard Drexler (Piano) - Special Guest: Brian Bromberg (Acoustic Bass)

On this outing he teams up a explosive set of musicians; Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, Gannin Arnold on the guitar; Otmaro Ruiz on the keyboards, and Richard Drexler on the piano. Bassist Brian Bromberg also guests on this record performing on the acoustic bass.

SKU SKU24851
Track 1 Porky & Beans(LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 2 Copeland(LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 3 Saab Story(LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 4 Ars Longa Vita Brevis(LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 5 Miss Management
Track 6 Justibofidus
Track 7 A Mark You Remade
Track 8 Lapp Dance
Track 9 Don`t Be Happy. Worry
Track 10 Auntie Social

Elliot Holden: Eudoknowmi new CD

Elliot Holden: Eudoknowmi

Elliot Holden (guitar); Keith Jenkins (Bass); Lil John Roberts (drums), Yonrico Scott (drums); Melvin "Melly" Baldwin (drums); Edward Wilson (Bass)

The legendary classical guitarist, Andres Segovia, always suggested a guitar player hold the instrument close to the chest, for "the poetry of the music should resound in the heart."

The premise of music with heart is at the center of the compositions of Atlanta guitarist, Elliot Holden, who is set to release his third recording, Eudoknowmi. There is a brash, no holds barred, exuberant energy to the tunes Holden writes and there is good reason he was chosen by Guitar Player as a featured player in their Spotlight section.

When he was fourteen, Holden found his calling after hearing Eric Johnson's "Cliff's of Dover" and hasn't stopped playing since.

Eudoknowmi encompasses tunes taken from Holden's life experiences. "For me, everything is a musical inspiration". Holden notes the most popular pre-release from the record is a song he wrote for a friend who passed away. "Johanny is definitely the song people gravitate to. Instrumental music can very much convey an emotion, a feeling and the depth of an event." Joined by Lil John Roberts - drums (Janet Jackson, Jill Scott), Grammy winner Yonrico Scott – drums (Derek Trucks Band),Melvin "Melly" Baldwin - drums (Justin Beiber, Indigo Girls, New Edition), Keith Jenkins - bass (James Brown) and Grammy Winner Kofi Burbridge - keyboard and flute (Derek Trucks Band) and recorded at Stonehenge Studios in Atlanta by acclaimed engineer Jim Zumpano, Eudoknowmi fuses the best of the classic masters with Holden's unique melodic sound.

Frank Gambale,Scott Henderson,Mike Miller,James Hogan: The Crane & Fabian Project CD

The Crane & Fabian Project: No Limits/with Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale

Eric Marienthal (saxophones), Mike Miller (guitar), Steve Hunt (keys), Lance Crane (drums), Frank Gambale (guitar), James Hogan (guitar), Christian Fabian (bass), Scott Henderson (guitar), Mitch Forman (keys), Alex Acuna (percussion), Luis Conte (percussion)

The all-star Crane & Fabian Project album “No Limits” will release in the United States April 1, 2012 and will be available on Spice Rack Records, Itunes and at . The all-star lineup of top Jazz musicians of the last 30 years includes: Frank Gambale, guitar; Eric Marienthal, sax; Gregg Bissonette, drums; Lance Crane, drums; plus Scott Henderson on guitar and Alex Acuna on percussion and drums; Mitch Forman, keys; Luis Conte, percussion; Mike Miller, guitar; Larry Stein, bass; Hussain Jiffry, bass; Christian Fabian, bass; and newcomer James Hogan on guitar. The album pumps up the classic percussion and shredding guitar sounds of Return to Forever, the Chick Corea Electric band and Tribal Tech with dueling guitars. And there’s another debut here—this is the first time in music history that three of the Chick Corea Elektric Band guitarists are on the same album.

The Crane & Fabian project started out as a collaboration between bassist/composer/arranger Christian Fabian and award-winning producer/drummer Lance Crane. ”Let It Rip”, their first CD has previously only been available in Japan on King Records, where it received great reviews and was one of the top-selling new Jazz albums on King Records.

As a King Records release, ”Let It Rip” won several awards including Best Jazz Artist—two years in a row—at the Hollywood Music and Media Awards. The album features a new approach to Jazz and Jazz Fusion, and exciting new takes on some catchy smooth jazz cuts, including “Peg” by Steely Dan. “Peg” features Eric Marienthal carrying the vocal lines, and an outstanding guitar solo by the Mike Miller of the Yellowjackets, Gino Vanelli and Chick Corea Elektric Band fame.

Another great feature of “Let It Rip” is newcomer gunslinger guitarist James Hogan. On three cuts—“Let it Rip”, “Mere Indulgence” and “Nothing Lost, Just Forgotten”—he dukes it out with legendary players Frank Gambale and Mike Miller. Crane & Fabian invite listeners to be the judges—Does Hogan keep up with these two legendary top Jazz Guitarists? And there’s still another star featured on the album—Grammy award nominee Tom McCauley, who did the mix.

What do you get if you mix high energy Jazz Fusion with some of the top guitarists and musicians in the Industry: the next Super Group in Jazz Fusion—so be sure to check out “Let It Rip”. Watch for updates later this year on the CD release and follow-up tour.

Contact :Lance Crane 818 634 3075 Visit

Track 1 Headwest (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 2 Sunoil (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 3 Tune in Tokyo (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 5 No Limit (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 6 King and Queen of Hearts (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 7 Land of Giants (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 8 A Place in Time (par1)
Track 9 J Man
Track 10 Walt's Bloose

Renaud Louis-Servais: Iluna - french fusion guitar CD

Renaud Louis-Servais:  Iluna

1. Theme d'Iluna
2. Euria (Cycle de la Pluie)
3. Chani (Cycle du Desert)
4. Pat
5. Gimmick
6. La Quete de Roland
7. Magnet 7
8. Pulse
9. Dom

Release date: 05/2011
Total time: 53:14

Renaud Louis-Servais is a french fusion guitarist/composer.
Check his website:
Renaud Louis-Servais's album "Iluna" has just released in 2011.
-on iTUNES:
-CD (USA) at Abstract Logix:
-CD (EUROPE) at GuitarEuroShop:
-CD (JAPAN) at DiskUnion:
Renaud LOUIS-SERVAIS GROUP is the story of four musicians with a common passion for jazz, rock and fusion, brought together to play its leader's music. Their instrumental album mirrors what has always been driving them musically: the pleasure to move freely between heav-metal, Progressive rock and jazz. Some might feel the result is unclassifiabl... So much the better ! As a result, this surprising album is an amazing mix between a lot of styles... So don't miss it ! Renaud Louis-Servais (Guitars/Composition) Alain Bidot-Naude (Drums) Henri Dorina (Bass) Franck Guicherd (Keyboards/Trumpet) Guests: Alessandro Nocco (Saxophone) / Guillaume Roussel (keyboards)

Renaud Louis-Servais - Présentation album "Iluna" (Guitarist Magazine n°260)

Marty Friedman, Yossi Sassi: Ron Coolen interviews for Loud Guitars

Ron Coolen Sits with Marty & Yossi in Holland for the Guitar universe Tour.

Marty Friedman-Interview-Part 1

Marty Friedman-Interview-Part 2

Vladimir Maisiuk,Alex Hutchings: jam time in Belarus!

Vladimir Maisiuk
Just dropped Alex Hutchings to the airport 1 hour ago :) He did a masterclass here-2 days of hanging out with such a fantastic musician-unforgettable experience...

Guthrie Govan, Marco Minnemann, Bryan Beller: The Aristocrats, Poznan 2012 photo gallery

The Aristocrats, Poznan, Blue Note, 6.11.2012

Michał Kubicki
It was fun to have them in Poland. The Audience loved them. How can you not love them, anyway? No bullshit, no problems. First gig I did where the Artists had no problems, just played and kicked ass! Thank you Bryan, Marco, GG, Riccardo and italian Marco :-) It was a great effort on your side! It doesn't happen very often that the audience sings "Sto Lat" to an Artist. :-)

Bryan Beller Michał Kubicki - thank YOU for the best show of the whole tour!! Really an incredible night. Can't wait to come back.

Full photo gallery Guthrie Govan, Marco Minnemann, Bryan Beller

Richie Kotzen: " Remember" de Boerderij Zoetermeer 2012

Live @ de Boerderij Zoetermeer 2012 - great venue! They love their music!

Richie Kotzen " Remember"

Richie Faulkner: EMG Extended Jam

Gear Used: Gibson Les Paul, Dunlop Dimbag Wah, MXR M77 Custom Badass Modified O.D., Boss TU3 Tuner, ENGL E670 SE (6L6 version)

Backing track is from 'Epic Rock' vol 1 by Andy James available at

Now available at Musician's Friend:
EMG-57 -

EMG-66 -

Background guitars: Bad Seed of New Zealand titanium and SG Custom 1961 reissue

EMG - Richie Faulkner Extended Jam

Diego Budicin: wins music off Steve Vai competition

 Diego Budicin has won the Steve Vai guitar contest. Sunday he will meet Steve Vai in Rome and get from him an Ibanez Jem Premium. Diego will give his demo CD "by hand" to Steve Vai...

Steve Vai MusicOff Contest - Diego Budicin

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G UK clinics announced!

For just two nights only, this week will be your chance to see the Ozzy and Firewind guitar virtuoso up-close and personal at PMT Birmingham (Thursday 8th Nov at 7pm) and Absolute Music, Poole (Saturday 10th Nov at 7.30pm). Not only will you get the chance to ask Gus your burning guitar-based questions but you’ll also get the chance to meet the man himself! At
just £5, this’ll be a unique opportunity not to be missed.

Tickets for PMT Birmingham, Thursday 8th Nov @ 7pm are available here:

Tickets for Absolute Music, Poole, Saturday 10th Nov @ 7.30pm are available here:

Eli Santana,Alex Lee: Holy Grail - Dark Passenger lesson

We've teamed up with Guitar World to premiere an exclusive video lesson with HOLY GRAIL guitarists Eli Santana and Alex Lee, who are going to walk you through the song's harmonized lead section.

The new album "Ride The Void" will be out on 1/22 in the US via Prosthetic Records (1/16 in Japan via Universal , 1/18 in EU via Nuclear Blast). For more details visit: