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Gretchen Menn, Jason Becker: The Real Jason Becker: An AppreciationThe Real Jason Becker: An Appreciation

The Real Jason Becker: An Appreciation:
Calling Jason Becker a shredder is like calling a Porsche fast. Well, yes … admittedly. Obviously. But that’s not what makes either of them wonderful. One need only to listen to his music to realize that Jason’s mind led, and his eminently able fingers followed. He was and is a composer, worthy of adulation as such, who happened at the start of his career to have been one of the greatest virtuosi of the guitar. And though ALS may have impeded the movement of his fingers on the fretboard, the mind that commanded those astounding hands is alive and thriving, continuing to create great music. As you hear beyond the shred, move past the ALS, you will experience the real treasure – Jason Becker’s music, what history will remember. Full Article:

Jason Becker: Pure Guitar 1990 interview of Jason Becker by Jas Obrecht

The complete 1990 interview of Jason Becker by Jas Obrecht. Portions were used as voice overs for the film Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet. With Jason’s blessing, here is the complete audio. For more in-depth coverage of all things guitar, visit

Eric Johnson, Jason Becker: Jas Obrecht delivers Pure Guitar!

From the Editors: Welcome to Pure Guitar!
By Jas Obrecht

Our goal is to create a new breed of guitar magazine. Exclusively electronic, Pure Guitar will blend literate, in-depth journalism with the latest technological advancements available to online and mobile app users. We’ll bring you beautiful graphics, audio, video, and links to happenings in the wide, wonderful world of guitar.
Without the space limitations of paper magazines, we can utilize online technology to deliver more substantial interviews, articles, lessons, and reviews. For example, our Issue #1 cover story offers the entire 12,000-word Eric Johnson interview rather than the abbreviated version a print magazine would publish. We’ve made available the complete hour-plus audio, so you can experience the conversation in real time and hear the inflection in Eric’s voice as he speaks about inspiration, creativity, spirituality and music, and how to make a Stratocaster – and its owner – play at their very best. In exclusive videos, he demonstrates his favorite guitars. In short, this ain’t your dad’s old magazine.
Then again, perhaps in a way it is. Longtime followers of guitar magazines will recognize several names on our masthead. Tom Wheeler, Tom Mulhern, Jon Sievert, and Joe Gore were all staff editors during the so-called the “golden era” of Guitar Player. During my two decades at the magazine, I worked alongside all of them. I know them as players, writers, interviewers, editors, and, best of all, friends. When the opportunity to do Pure Guitar came along, they were the first I tried to recruit. I was thrilled when, to a man, they all agreed to be part of the project. We band of brothers, back together again.
Naturally, we need other voices as well. The next to join our team were Contributing Editors Wayne Goins – recording artist, author and Director of Jazz Studies at Kansas State University – and session ace Tim Pierce. For our first issue, Wayne created a Wes Montgomery video lesson. Tim Pierce, first-call studio guitarist for a who’s-who of modern pop, made a video of how to layer guitar parts for a song. Alissa Ordabai, a talented London-based journalist, came in as Reviews Editor, and Nashville guitar guru Joe Glaser wrote the first of our ongoing Guitar Whisperers series. You’ll find more new voices in issues to come.
Meanwhile, magazine co-founder Ryan Rhea has been hard at work harnessing cutting-edge technologies that will make Pure Guitar’s combo of audio, video, text, and links as effective and enriching as possible, both online and in our upcoming app. Claudia Rhea gave us our name and created our look, designing the cover and interior pages. Staff photographer Max Crace shot us stunning images of Eric Johnson and his guitars.
From the start, we’ve imagined Pure Guitar as part Smithsonian, part old-school guitar magazine, part music channel, and a fun, informative place to hang out. In upcoming issues, we’ll cover provocative, inspiring guitarists in all genres, from legendary players to artists you haven’t yet encountered. We’ll bring you lessons and insights from highly accomplished teachers and artists; guitar lore not only from respected historians but also from the players, designers, and manufacturers who made history; career tips; gear reviews; and much more.
We welcome your suggestions for making Pure Guitar the best guitar magazine ever. In fact, Pure Guitar is more than a magazine. It’s not a one-way street, or even a two-way street. Pure Guitar is a community. We invite you to be part of it.
So welcome to our debut online issue, and look for the app version in early 2013. Tell your friends, and let us know what you think.
Jas Obrecht
Editor in Chief 

Nick Kellie: using intervals to spice up your solos

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Guitar lesson #6

Rowan J Parker: Mount Olympus Lick

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Judge Shred is back with the first part of the Mount Olympus Lick that is used in the intro music.

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Judge Shred - Episode 12 - Mount Olympus Lick Part 1

Lick Of The Week - 10th December 2012 - String Skipping Arpeggios

Jacob Ziemba: super hot Skype lessons available!

Jacob Ziemba

Jacob Ziemba is an exceptionally talented Polish born guitarist/composer who joined the legendary polish rock band KSU aged 19. In 2004 Jacob moved to the UK in the search of better musical aspirations, starting his own project called Jade Lizard working with musicians Bob Katsionis (Firewind) and Gus Monsanto (ex Adagio, ex Revolution Renaissance). After the end of this project, Jacob was contacted by ZP Theart and immediately came on board with I AM I.

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Rocky Athas: solos with John Mayall Band


Super cool blues guitar solo by Rocky Athas, when British blues legend John Mayall and band performed a spectacular set at the MEZZ venue, in Breda, the Netherlands, on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012. It was a real 'blast' to see John Mayall 'knod the head' to Rocky, to go for a solo, as he has done so many times before with other great guitarists in the past, including Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Mick Taylor, Walter Trout, Coco Montoya, and Buddy Whittington.

Extract from John Mayall's website: ROCKY ATHAS -- Guitar. Texan Rocky Athas started playing guitar at school and performing at neighborhood gigs with good friend Stevie Ray Vaughan. They were schoolmates and friends growing up in the Dallas suburb of Oak Cliff, Texas. By age 23, Rocky was honored as one of the ten best guitarists in Texas, as an inductee to Buddy Magazine's Texas Tornadoes. Stevie Ray Vaughan would receive his induction two years later. Rocky holds this honor with such noted guitarists as Eric Johnson, Bugs Henderson, Johnny Winter, Jimmy Vaughan and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons who is also a long-time admirer of Rocky's playing. Rocky wasn't only recognized by Texas musicians, the Irish rock band 'Thin Lizzy' wrote the song 'Cocky Rocky' after hearing Rocky play one night at 'Mother Blues', a local Dallas club. 'Queen' guitarist Brian May was also on hand for those performances and was so floored by Rocky's finger tapping style that he incorporated it on the next Queen album. May later revealed that it was the guitarist from Mother Blues who first introduced him to the style, well before Eddie Van Halen became known for this.

From Wikipedia:

In November 2008, Mayall announced on his website he was disbanding the Bluesbreakers, to cut back on his heavy workload and give himself freedom to work with other musicians. Three months later a solo world tour was announced, with: Rocky Athas on guitar, Greg Rzab on bass, and Jay Davenport on drums. Tom Canning, on organ, joined the band for the tour which started in March 2009. An album was released in September 2009. Since then, Mayall has continued to tour with the same backing band, minus Canning, who left due to other priorities.


Rocky Athas- guitar
John Mayall -vocals, keyboards, guitar, harmonica
Greg Rzab - bass
Jay Davenport -- drums



Aaron Hallman,Josh Ligaya: Auras - Sciolist - Djentalmen start your engines!

Guitar playthrough of our newest track "Sciolist" performed by Aaron Hallman and Josh Ligaya.

Pre-order our upcoming EP "Panacea" (release date 01/12/13)

Video filmed and edited by Andy Price at Amotion Films:

Ever Forthright - Spineless Guitar Playthrough

David Jaggs: Bach Fugue BWV 998 played on eight different guitars!

Thanks to super classical guitarist Heike Matthiesen:

Heike Matthiesen

classical guitar: If you play and love classical guitar this is the right place!

David Jaggs:
Firstly, just did another of these, here's the link . Just a bit of fun, but which do you like the sound of? My favourite was the Hauser. I should have played some Spanish in the same way, but I only had so much time! If you are listening on a laptop use some earphones to hear subtle differences. If you'd like the studio version of BWV 998 played on a Rohe my album is on iTunes, Recital, David Jaggs. Full film available from

Bach Fugue BWV 998 played on eight different guitars!

Tomasz Andrzejewski: Mr guitarist playing classy AOR noodle

Tomasz Andrzejewski

Session guitarist, composer, educator, arranger. Guitar workshop creator Fri " Breaking down the barriers of technical and theoretical "and the school system" 7 degrees of sophistication "and" Guitar for Beginners in two steps . "plates by high-performance guitar" NOT MADE IN CHINA "(15 000 copies distributed effort to Guitarist Magazine ) and "Mr. . GUITARIST ".

Albym third is on its way , and will be guests on the outstanding stars of the guitar world such as Marco Sfoglia, Fabrizio "BICIO" Leo, Feodor Dousomov, Muris Varajic
and many others. He worked with stars of Polish and foreign scenes, playing guitar with such names as Scott Henderson virtuosity (fusion, Tribal Tech), Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo (Eros Ramazzotti, Fiorella Mannoia, Drupi etc.), Neil ZAZA (solo), Marek Raduli ( Sufflera ex-Shed, Shania Twain, Banda PiEr2), Zbyszek Krebs (Mary Mary, Chemistry), Wojciech Hoffman (Turbo), Thomas Ślotała (country), etc. For a long time worked with Interton brand advertising Ibanez guitars.

Currently, the Swiss official endorser brand guitars "VGS Guitars" and the company LABOGA amplifiers. Owner School Impact Rock Music School

Tomasz Andrzejewski: Facebook

Tomasz Andrzejewski: classy AOR noodle

Michael Angelo Batio: just 30 minutes left for the Kickstarter shredathon!

pledged of $15,000 goal

Morten Faerestrand: buy someone you love some guitar lessons for Christmas!

2012 Christmas Special
What do you buy for christmas to the person who has “everything”..? How about guitar lessons?

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Mirko Fadda: Egolution and Become - original tunes

Mirko Fadda played and managed:
Electric and acoustic Guitars, Bass, Drums (Ez Drummer editing Software), Keyboards (Spectrasonic Symphony of Voices), Mixing, Mastering and Production.

Mirko Fadda - "Become" -

Mirko Fadda - "Egolution"

Andrea Maccianti: E Penso a Te - Tribute to Fabrizio Leo!

One of my small and humble tribute to a great guitarist and friend Leo Fabrizio Bicio .. thanks to my friend David Sacceddu for Mix and editing this video.

Tom Quayle: YouRockGuitar Gen2 - Synth Solo

Using my new YouRockGuitar Gen2 for a synth solo in Tap mode using just the left hand. Got this yesterday so still working on the settings.

Paul Gilbert: 100% Racer X

Paul Gilbert -100% Racer X

Sarah Longfield: 14,000 happy subscribers and counting!

Sarah Longfield

whoa 14,000 subscribers and 2,000,000+ video views now? holy shit, haha thanks you guys! ♥ :D

And here's the reason why

Hand of Fate - Sarah Longfield (Original)

Paul Gilbert: Clinic in Rome 2011

Paul Gilbert: Clinic in Rome 2011

Paul Gilbert: Clinic in Rome 2011

Hedras Ramos: Christopher Lee's Christmas Single

Christopher Lee's Christmas Single,. Featuring the songs "The Little Drummer Boy" and "Silent Night". Release available at iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Vocals: Christopher Lee
Backing Vocals: Michelle at StudioPros
Guitars: Hedras Ramos Jr.
Bass: Hedras Ramos Sr.
Drums: Ollie Usiskin

Musical arrangements by Hedras Ramos Jr.

Recorded at: Bonafide Studios, Studio Pros and Audio 7
Engeneering: Leopoldo Lopes and Hedras Ramos Sr.
Mixed and Mastered at Sound Pressure Studios

Hedras Ramos Jr, and Sr. perform with Halo Guitars and Dean Markley Strings
Ollie Usiskin performs with Pearl Drums and Zildjian Cymbals

2012 Copyright Charlemagne Productions Ltd.

Christopher Lee. A Heavy Metal Christmas