Gretchen Menn, Jason Becker: The Real Jason Becker: An AppreciationThe Real Jason Becker: An Appreciation

The Real Jason Becker: An Appreciation:
Calling Jason Becker a shredder is like calling a Porsche fast. Well, yes … admittedly. Obviously. But that’s not what makes either of them wonderful. One need only to listen to his music to realize that Jason’s mind led, and his eminently able fingers followed. He was and is a composer, worthy of adulation as such, who happened at the start of his career to have been one of the greatest virtuosi of the guitar. And though ALS may have impeded the movement of his fingers on the fretboard, the mind that commanded those astounding hands is alive and thriving, continuing to create great music. As you hear beyond the shred, move past the ALS, you will experience the real treasure – Jason Becker’s music, what history will remember. Full Article: