Monday, 28 January 2013

Uli Jon Roth, Jason Becker,Jimmy Oshea: Sky Overture Slims Not Dead yet Jan 2013

Jimmy Oshea, Jason Beckers bassist posted a video from the Concert for Jason Becker... Slims SF Jan 2013

Uli Jon Roth - Sky Overture Slims Not Dead yet Jan 2013

Rusty Cooley: Peavey Amps NAMM 2013

@RustyCooley1 delivered an incredible guitar performance at @Peavey amp demo to close out the #NAMM show for 2013. #SHREDGUITAR



News: NAMM - the guitar porn

A selection of your finest guitar porn live from the NAMM show

A fuller selection of the finest...

NAMM 2013 the guitars

Nick Kellie: fusion Improv excerpt

Nick Kellie
Donations ensure that free lessons can continue - your contribution is very much appreciated
Here you can see guitarist Nick Kellie play fusion guitar and even learn from him through live webcam guitar lessons via

Improv excerpt

Mattias IA Eklundh: Laney Ironheart Frankfurt 2012

A brace of videos from the Freak one

Mattias IA Eklundh: Laney Ironheart Frankfurt 2012 - part 2

Mattias IA Eklundh: Laney Ironheart Frankfurt 2012 - part 1

For more on Mattias IA Eklundh and his new album, visit

1. Amphibians Night Out
2. Musth
3. Mattias - The Beautiful Guy
4. Hells Bells
5. The Smorgasbord
6. Friedrichs Wahnbriefe (feat. Fredrik Thordendal)
7. Sexually Frustrated Fruit Fly Flamenco
8. Daily Grind Disco March
9. Lease With an Option to Buy
10. The Swede and The Wolf (feat. Georg Jojje Wadenius)
11. Mambo Italiano
12. Mind Your Step (at Schiphol Airport) (feat. Dweezil Zappa)
13. Crossing the Rubicon
14. That's Amore
15. Keep it in the Dojo (feat. Ranjit Barot)
16. Infrared Jed
17. Peter, I Won't Drive Another Meter (feat. Andy Timmons, Guthrie Govan, Kiko Loureiro)
18. Larvatus Prodeo
19. Blaha Blaha
20. Lullaby for Gabriel

1. In the Goo of the Evening
2. The Dogs of Delhi
3. Special Agent Bauer (feat. Ron Bumblefoot Thal)
4. Mahavishnu John
5. Harry Lime's Theme
6. Dark Matter
7. Trumpet Lesson
8. Mandur and Morgan's Camel Safari
9. Shore Thing
10. Captain Smith's Moment of Truth
11. Mah Ná Mah Ná
12. The Nigerian Gynecologist
13. 6 Rue Cordot
14. Kali Ghat (feat. Jonas Hellborg, Selvaganesh Vinayakram)
15. Safe to Remove Hardware
16. Did You Actually Pay for That
17. Those in Badiyah (feat. Andy Timmons)
18. The Essence of Emptiness
19. Meralgia Paresthetica (feat. Morgan Ågren)
20. Guano Afternoon

Andy James: ESP Guitars - NAMM 2013

Andy James live performance at the ESP Guitar booth Namm 2013

Andy James at ESP Guitars - NAMM 2013: Live Performance

Giacomo Castellano: Reference Cables NAMM

Giacomo Castellano played at Namm 2013 with Reference, Masotti and Source Audio.

NAMM SHOW 2013 - Giacomo Castellano @ Reference

Keith Merrow,Jeff Loomis,Ola Englund,Jeff Hughell: Seymour-Duncan Booth NAMM

We caught Keith Merrow, Jeff Loomis and Jeff Hughell and Ola Englund performing at the Seymour-Duncan Booth at NAMM. Enjoy!

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Keith Merrow, Jeff Loomis, Ola Englund and Jeff Hughell at the Seymour-Duncan Booth NAMM 2013

Fred Brum: Acacia Guitars booth NAMM

We caught Mr. Fred Brum playing a beautiful Acacia Guitars 7-string through a Rhodes Colossus amp today. Fantastic player.

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Fred Brum at the Acacia Guitars booth NAMM 2013

Jeff Loomis: The Ultimatum - Schecter Guitar NAMM

This video speaks for itself!

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Jeff Loomis performing 'The Ultimatum': NAMM 2013 Performance at the Schecter Guitar Room

Monte Pittman, Alex Skolnick: Marriott NAMM 2013

Monte Pittman with Alex Skolnick - guitar, Max Whipple - bass, Kane Ritchotte - drums

Monte Pittman - NAMM - Marriott - 1-25-13 / (I Am) The Black Rabbit

Monte Pittman - NAMM - Marriott - 1-25-13 / Definitely

Ola Englund: Tone King interview NAMM

Finally got to meet Ola. What a GREAT guy! Simply awesome! Watch to see...

Hear from Ola about : Scandinavian Pickups : BLACK WINTER by Seymour Duncan
And get an update on RANDALL SATAN Amp!

TTK meets Ola Englund! Interview! NAMM 2013 : RANDALL SATAN & Seymour Duncan Black Winter Pickups

News: Six String Bliss - the NAMM episode

PT plays a Beatles classic and Pipes gets inspired by an adult beverage.

Pipes and PT discuss some interesting products from the NAMM show.

Nuno Bettencourt: Tone King interview NAMM

Special thanks to NUNO Bettencourt for making the time to chat, while @ the RANDALL AMPS booth.

Such a nice guy. And, also filled with laughs & fun!

NUNO Bettencourt Interview : NAMM 2013 : RANDALL AMPS / EXTREME Guitarist

Doug Aldrich: Tone King interview NAMM

Check out this awesome interview w Doug Aldrich from Whitesnake! Helluva nice guy. We also had some fun & laughs at the end of the interview. MUST SEE !!!

Thanks Doug. I REALLY appreciate the time! YOU ROCK !!!
DOUG ALDRICH Interview : NAMM 2013 : Marshall Amps : WHITESNAKE guitarist

Phil X, Rebecca Dirks: Evil Robot Troublemaker NAMM PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location in Anaheim, CA, at the 2013 NAMM Show where she visits the Fretted Americana booth. In this segment, we get to see and hear the Evil Robot Troublemaker.

For more NAMM '13 video demos or to watch one of Premier Guitar's 1500 other videos online, be sure to visit

NAMM '13 - Fretted Americana Phil X Interview - Evil Robot Troublemaker

Oz Noy,Darryl Jones: Dunlop Booth NAMM

This is a small sample of a jam that took place on Day 3 of NAMM with Oz Noy and Darryl Jones. While in front of the Dunlop pedal board, Oz made use of 77 Badass Modified Overdrive and the Way Huge Supa Puss. Darryl Jones Lakland bass is strung up with nickel wound Dunlop Bass Strings.

Live From NAMM 2013: Oz Noy & Darryl Jones At The Dunlop Booth

Eric Gales,Doug Wimbish: Dunlop Booth NAMM

Take two amazing players and add Dunlop strings, a bunch of Dunlop effects pedals along with the good times and excitement of NAMM and this is what you epic jam between Eric Gales and Doug Wimbish at the Dunlop Booth on Day 3 of the show.

Some of the pedals featured in this jam are The Way Huge Ringworm, the Way Huge Supa Puss Analog Delay, the MXR Badass Modified Overdrive, MXR Bass Fuzz Deluxe, the new "red" germanium Mini Fuzz Face, and Cry Baby 535Q and CAE Wahs.

Doug is playing through a Aguilar Tone Hammer bass amp, Eric is playing through an Impala tube amp from Carr amplification.

Live From NAMM 2013: Eric Gales & Doug Wimbish At The Dunlop Booth

Miroslav Mirosavljev: Daily Solo - Undecided

Daily Solo - Undecided (No. 20, guitar)
One day - one solo!

Written and played by MICKYLEE.

Animation by Emanuela Bulatovic
official homepage:

Steve Stevens: Friedman Amplification NAMM 2013

Steve Stevens plays "Dazed and Confused" and "White Room" during the Friedman Amplification event at NAMM 2013.

NAMM 2013 Steve Stevens at the Friedman Amplification Event

Panos Arvanitis: Neo-dooling around

Hi there...i did a rec on the spot,just an improvisation ,whatever comes in mind and hands..I hope u like it.

Daniele Liverani: Morning Grace - 4 guitar performance play through

Daniele Liverani - Morning Grace (4 voices inv.)
Written by Daniele Liverani

Taken from the instrumental guitar album "VIEWPOINT"
Recorded on 1994 at 56 Studios (S.Monica California)
Released later on 1999 by Virtuoso Records / Legend
Original version appeared on demo tape "The Wheel Of Emotions" 1991
All Guitars and Keys: Daniele Liverani

DANIELE LIVERANI - Morning Grace (4 voices inv.)

Gil Parris: All-Star Guitar Night NAMM

[69] Gil Parris at All-Star Guitar Night

Ron Thal: three 1st Place awards for the Bumblefoot Hot Sauces!

Ron Thal: Back in LA from today's ZestFest in Dallas - GREAT time! Met some serious 'fire eaters', many of which got rigorously BumbleF**KED... some took it a few times, lol... looking forward to attending more of these events :)

And now, it's Bumblefoot's "award winning" hot sauces... won three 1st Place awards at ZestFest for Normal, Bumblicious! and Abnormal :D

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: mini tour details for California

BB here. This is a super short e-mail just to remind you that The Aristocrats are debuting brand new material on the road in California this very week! Guthrie, Marco and I just got out of a Nashville studio where we tracked the whole second studio album in seven 13-hour days (!), and we're really excited to play the new stuff for Aristocrats fans on the west coast. Here are the dates:
January 29 - San Diego, CA - Brick By Brick (w/special guest Travis Larson Band)
January 31 - San Luis Obispo, CA - SLO Brewing Company (w/special guest Travis Larson Band)
February 1 - San Francisco, CA - Biscuits & Blues
February 2 - Sacramento, CA - The Boardwalk (w/special guest Travis Larson Band)
Soon we'll have some really big news about the new material itself, a schedule for releasing the second album, and touring plans for 2013. In the meantime, if you're anywhere near the U.S. west coast, we'd love to see you at one of these gigs this week. :-)
Cheers everyone,
Bryan/The Aristocrats

Thomas Blug: Best of double album

Thomas Blug has recently released a "Best of " double album which is available for digital download on Stunted Records via itunes / amazon mp3 etc, and also in physical format from our online store at We don't have huge quantities in stock so if you are interested it will be first come first served for the time being.

The album contains a mix of remastered / remixed tracks from his studio and live albums and has had some great reviews in the guitar mags -

  •  "If you like your guitar clear, faultless and mind bogglingly skillful then get yourself involved in Blugs arsenal" - Guitar & Bass Magazine Dec 2012
  •  "both discs demonstrate the truly formidable scope and assurance of Blugs playing" - Guitarist Magazine Dec 2012
  • "Thomas Blug - Throne of Tone" - 3 page feature - Guitarist Magazine Jan 2013

Morten Faerestrand: Free Jazz

Watch with an open mind. :-)
(Ole Amund is guest teaching at this week.)

Guitar is processed with Moog Moogerfooger Ring Modulator.