Friday, 15 March 2013

Fabrizio Leo,Alex Argento: working on new Bicio release - set guitar to stun!

Alex Argento

Hey friends,
I'm starting to work on the new Fabrizio Bicio Leo's solo album as keyboardist, mixing & mastering engineer. 

I'm setting up all the projects in Cubase. The tunes are amazing but it goes without saying because Fabrizio, besides being phenomenal player (one of my favorites), it's an amazing composer too so I'm 100% sure you will love the new album.

The names of the other musicians involved on the album will be revealed soon. Enjoy!

Christie Lenée: Live at Infinity Hall - tapping diva live

Christie Lenee
‎"Eyes are the doors to a peaceful world..." *This song is inspired by the notion that what we put into the world will reflect upon us. There is a place of peace and serenity that many people are hungry for, that which others have achieved in a state of Meditation.... Love... or Inspiration. This feeling of heightened vibration can transcend through our daily lives. May we tune in to our inner selves and live from our hearts, put out good into the world, and know that in turn the good will shine upon us. If you look around at the news you might see chaos, violence, massive destruction, and crime. The idea for this song is to not let the spirit submerge through that scene, but rather, to find Peace in the inner self and live from that place. By rediscovering this every day and embracing it we can truly bring more joy to the world.

Song for Michael Pukac- A Story of Motherhood- Christie Lenee Live at Infinity Hall

"Give and Take In" Music Video - Christie Lenee (featuring Jeff Coffin on saxophone)

Milan Polak: Tracking Guitars Song #10
Documenting the making of my new album
Milan Polak - bass
Dennis Leeflang - drums

Please support me by purchasing my music:

Milan Polak's albums are available on iTunes, CDBaby, amazon and guitar9.
For further order links please visit

Copyright © Milan Polak 2013 All Rights Reserved

Greg Koch: Talks With Hal Leonard's Jeff Schroedl NAMM 2013

NAMM 2013 • Greg Koch Talks With Hal Leonard's Jeff Schroedl
Music is more than sitting down and beating away at a plank of wood; there are practiced approaches to learning various techniques and skill sets that help a player reach a level of proficiency. That being said (rather poignantly), we catch up with Hal Leonard's very own Jeff Schroedl to discuss his relationship with our own Greg Koch!


~ Jeff Schroedl ~
It takes a special skill set in order to teach music and communicate various playing techniques in an effective and entertaining format, and Jeff Schroedl of Hal Leonard has that such set of skill. Having worked with musicians from all around the world, and of all different musical genres, Jeff's ability to manage artists and communicate objectives with clarity is unparalleled.

Joe Bonamassa: Screw Rolling Stone - let's get a real list of top 100 guitar songs

Fair play to Joe Bonamassa... how many times have you see a top 100 list and think to yourself... "How the f**k did they come up with that??!?! I must start drinking what they are drinking!"

OK... so here's your change to select a fan voted top 100 guitar songs

Tom Quayle: Legato Over Changes Practice

Just logging some practice time over 26-2 using legato lines. Trying to be more creative with my lines.

News: IK Multimedia AmpliTube Apps Add Audiobus Support for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

IK Multimedia AmpliTube Apps Add Audiobus Support for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch
Use AmpliTube with other iPhone, iPad and iPod touch audio apps in real time

Modena, Italy – March 15, 2013 – IK Multimedia announced today that AmpliTube, the leading guitar/bass multi-FX and recording app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is now Audiobus compatible. Audiobus is a groundbreaking new app (developed by A Tasty Pixel in cooperation with Audanika) that allows users to connect the audio of up to 3 apps, opening up countless new sonic possibilities.

For example Audiobus lets users send audio out of one app, filter it through the next one in the chain, and receive it in the third. A  synth could be looped by a looper and its output sent to a recorder; or an electric piano could be run through a guitar multi-FX app and then into a sampler — all in real time. AmpliTube is an excellent choice for any of the three slots in the Audiobus chain, thanks to its versatile feature set that includes amp-and-effects modeling, Loop Drummer (an integrated drum module), and a multitrack recorder.

Audiobus support is included in all versions and levels of AmpliTube version 2.9.5; including AmpliTube, AmpliTube LE and AmpliTube FREE for iPhone and iPod touch; and the full and free versions of AmpliTube for iPad.

There are currently over 60 apps supporting Audiobus from premium music app manufacturers like Korg®, Steinberg®, Moog®, Propellerhead® and many others, covering the widest range of music applications including synths and instruments, multitrack recorders and studios, real-time effects and loopers and many more. For a complete list please visit

To enable this new feature and have AmpliTube work with other compatible Audiobus apps, users must install the Audiobus app (which must be purchased separately on the App Store) on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

IK offers multiple options for plugging guitars, basses and other electric instruments into an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, for use with AmpliTube, Audiobus, and other compatible music apps. These include iRig, the most popular guitar/bass input adapter of all time;iRig HD, the new high-definition interface; and iRig STOMP, the first stompbox-style iPhone, iPad and iPod touch interface.

Pricing and Availability:

AmpliTube with the new Audiobus feature is a free upgrade for existing AmpliTube owners. Audiobus sells separately on the App Store for only $9.99. For new users, the full version of AmpliTube is available for $19.99 from the App Store. A free version is also available for both iPhone and iPad.
For more information on AmpliTube, please visit:
For more information on Audiobus, please visit:

More resources:
Direct Link to the App Store for AmpliTube for iPad:
Video links for AmpliTube:
AmpliTube Tutorials:

AmpliTube 2 for iPad and iRig - Record a Full Song on Your iPad

Yoshimitsu Murayama: Satin Doll more hi class jazz

Takaaki Otomo Yoshiaki Murayama g p 07 Satin Doll

Live announcement duo Takaaki Otomo Yoshiaki Murayama g p the next. 
★ (Sat) May 11, 2013 20:00 Nanba - [Music] raft 
Takaaki Otomo Yoshiaki Murayama g p 
Open 19 o'clock ~ start eight p.m. ~ 
2 orders required additional charge 2000 yen 
500 yen drinks and food all Murayama g Yoshimitsu Takaaki Otomo PHttp://Otomo.Tv/ ] [Music raft 

Leonardo Guzman,Raphael De Stefano: Andy James - Live for Today

Jamming with my good friend raph :), kick ass player and nice guy also! please check out his channel and his pages, he got some tasty licks you may like :)

Andy James - Live for Today - Jam

Jess Lewis: Eternal Blues at Jam Track Central

Jess Lewis

Download the TAB and backing track at:

Jess plays D'Addario:

It is hard to believe that Jess Lewis has just turned 19 years old, especially when she performs tracks such as her new offering 'Eternal Blues' with such quality and finesse. Is there an end to this girls incredible talent?

Eternal Blues is a classic bluesy track, new to JTC but taken from the archives and brought back to life by Jess' wonderful playing ability. It is full of sexy lick after lick and a masterclass of wonderfully chosen notes, with an air of Clapton throughout.

Included in the package is Jess' solo track, the solo backing and extended jamtrack, complete TAB and notation as well as two video performances by Jess. One is the straight on single camera, so you can analyse every note, the other a bonus multi camera performance video.
As with all of our artist packages, you are supporting Jess directly when you purchase this package as Jess gets royalties on every single sale. For just £5 you could be learning this incredible track and supporting Jess in the meantime.

This package has been sponsored by D'Addario, Jess' choice of strings!
*NEW* Jess Lewis 'Eternal Blues' at

Greg Howe: Guitarspot.Gr interview

Greg Howe tlaks about his Live Setup with Guitarspot.Gr

Greg Howe || Interview, Live Setup || Guitarspot.Gr

Haru Timothy: The French Guitar Contest 2 (2013)

The French Guitar Contest 2 (2013) - Haru Timothy
A little Concept and Improvisation,Live take from mic webcam

French Guitar Contest 2013 ends May 11th
Guitaronsky Shredding Contest II close May 12th 2013 

Feodor Dosumov: Solo for Tomasz Andrzejewski's new album

Solo for one song from new album (will be soon) of Tomasz Andrzejewski (Харьков 15.03.2013)

Greg Howe: Maragold - Evergreen is Golder - new single

Official music video by Maragold performing "Evergreen is Golder"
(c) Maragold

Greg Howe - Guitar
Meghan Krauss - Lead Vocals
Kevin Vecchione - Bass
Gianluca Palmieri - Drums


Download at iTunes -

Download at Amazon -

Maragold - Evergreen is Golder (Official)

Atanas Shishkov: Universe Jam - UV7PWH and UV777PBK

Atanas Shishkov - "Universe Jam"
Ibanez Universe UV7PWH - 1990 - Guitar
Ibanez Universe UV777PBK - 2003 - Guitar
Fractal Audio Axe-Fx
D`Addario strings - 9-54
Vovox cables
Bone pick

Kermheat: Ponying with Kattoo and Truth

Buy me at Itunes:

Kermheat Plays on ibanez Guitars and Elixir Strings at N.A.S.A:
and my feet are on :

"Shifted Rembrance" is a tune from Kattoo :

Kermheat "imponysation of the week" march 11, 2013 !!!!!!! Feat: Kattoo

Kermheat "imponysation of the week" march 4, 2013 !!!!!!! Feat: Truth

Mike Dawes: debut album announced! much mirth!

Debut album 'What Just Happened?' out 09/04/13 via Candyrat Records.

Literally nothing else is happening on that day.

APRIL 9th!


Matěj Morávek: Open Your Mind - live fusion trio

Matěj Morávek - guitar
Petr Ptáček - drums
Endy Moon - bass

Matěj Morávek Trio - Open Your Mind

Martin Miller: available for Session Guest Solos!

Buy my album here:

This is a fun and completely over-the-top solo I recorded for the band "So Many Ways":

Thanks to Jason Milbank for letting me use this!

Martin Miller - Session Guest Solo

Frank Gambale, Alex Stornello, Andrea Martongelli, Ignazio Di Salvo, Gianluca Ferro: Metal Attack show photo gallery posted

Gianluca Ferro

Andrea Martongelli

Frank Gambale

Alex Storenello

Ignazio Di Salvo