Jess Lewis: Eternal Blues at Jam Track Central

Jess Lewis

Download the TAB and backing track at:

Jess plays D'Addario:

It is hard to believe that Jess Lewis has just turned 19 years old, especially when she performs tracks such as her new offering 'Eternal Blues' with such quality and finesse. Is there an end to this girls incredible talent?

Eternal Blues is a classic bluesy track, new to JTC but taken from the archives and brought back to life by Jess' wonderful playing ability. It is full of sexy lick after lick and a masterclass of wonderfully chosen notes, with an air of Clapton throughout.

Included in the package is Jess' solo track, the solo backing and extended jamtrack, complete TAB and notation as well as two video performances by Jess. One is the straight on single camera, so you can analyse every note, the other a bonus multi camera performance video.
As with all of our artist packages, you are supporting Jess directly when you purchase this package as Jess gets royalties on every single sale. For just £5 you could be learning this incredible track and supporting Jess in the meantime.

This package has been sponsored by D'Addario, Jess' choice of strings!
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