Sunday, 31 March 2013

Kiko Loureiro: Trio will perform live this weekend in Brazil

Kiko Loureiro: Kiko Loureiro Trio will perform live this weekend in Brazil finishing the first part of the Sounds Of Innocence Tour. New dates will be announced soon.

Giorgio Rovati: Supercharged Legato - new single

: Intro:
Poison - Now on iTunes - audio Clip 2 - Giorgio Rovati

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Gil Manoel: Concurso Santo Angelo - bluesy solo


Misha Likhachev: Evening in Venice - 7 years old!

Misha Likhachev (7 old) play "Evening in Venice" by F.Minisetti (First prize on the Rostov Regional guitar competition - 2013).

Dhalif Ali: 80s Rock Ballad Improv

Dhalif Ali - 80s Rock Ballad Improv
by dhalif
Another one of those improv clips.. except this time, its a ballad. (?) So, moving on, this is a pretty cool track.. they are always short but it makes so much impact under 2 minutes.. which is always cool, Alot of times people get bored with my crap over 3 mins anyway so.. short ones are good at the moment. Do you guys like the Red Silhouette? its a different feel from my John Petrucci, but like someone just asked me the other day and i mentioned that its a totally different monster.
The neck is slightly thicker compound radius, the old blue one i had,had maple (i just said had had) fretboard this one has the rosewood board so its slightly warmer than the blue one but then again although they are same guitars, they are 2 different monsters.
So like everytime, i am always playing through my LINe6 X3(so many people ask me for the patch, if you want it please send me 200 dollahs! love u long time) LULS but hey im serious O_O.

Milan Polak: Tracking Lead Guitar #6

Milan Polak - Tracking Lead Guitar #6
Documenting the making of my new album
Milan Polak - bass
Dennis Leeflang - drums

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Morten Faerestrand: Octaves plus 6ths

Lesson 237 - Octaves plus 6ths
Free jazz guitar lesson from
THis is a way to get a "chord melody" sound by simply adding a 6th between octaves.

Robbert Hanenberg: Purple Rain - the silky smooth edition

Purple Rain Solo - Robbert Hanenberg
Session for M. Veltman.

Jerôme Hol: Silky smooth jazz blues

Silky smooth jazz blues instrumental from the Jerôme Hol Trio, when they opened for Snowy White's Bluesdrivers, at the Lakei venue, in Helmond, The Netherlands on Sunday, March 17th, 2013.

Jerôme Hol - guitar
Harry Emmery - bass
Erik Kooger -- drums

Extract from Jerome's website:
Inspired by the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix, he picked up the guitar at a young age. Soon after that he became fascinated by jazz music. After studying at the Rotterdam Conservatory he left for New York in 2005 to study with guitar heroes like Wayne Krantz and Hiram Bullock. Since then, he has developed his own style by combining a solid heavy metal sound with the warmth of the blues and the harmonic sophistication of jazz. He is also a versatile composer. In 2003 he won the first price at the Sena Guitar Awards. In 2007 he won the first place at the Amersfoort Jazz Talent Awards

Rick Graham: The Ascending Shredding Sequence One

9) Rick's Quick but Slick Licks - The Ascending Shredding Sequence One
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George Marios: Zivory Megajam 2 - the return of the Megajam!

George Marios Megajam 2
Hey guys ,
Hope you are well.
Here is another megajam!
The tracks are the following:
Smooth(Rob Thomas/Santana)
Live for the day (Andy James)
Last Friday Night (Katy Perry)
I am using my custom Zivory Guitar and the Hayden MOFO combo with an attenuator.
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All the best,
George Marios

Eric Calderone: Game of Thrones II Meets Metal

Hey guys,

So one of my favorite shows is returning tomorrow and I've been getting in the mood this week so I figured why not a part 2. The songs I used in this one were The North Remembers, Jon's Honor, and the end credits theme. Great show and a great score (in my opinion). Got many a song in the works right now that have been getting requested so I'll have those up sometime soon too. Thank you guys so much for everything, it means the world. Big ups for all the messages, comments, subs, donations, fan art, suggestions, and support. I always say it because you always do, you rock my casbah. 

Scott Tarulli: Sage Advice - Focus, time budget and improving

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New CD-

Aside from spending time as a busy sideman, clinician, touring artist, and teacher at Berklee College of Music, Scott is working with some incredible musicians on this next album. With successful funding in place from supporters on, the project has taken off! The incredible Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta and Mindi Abair, are also be involved with Scott's third album.

Scott's History:
Scott has performed with legendary musicians such as Steve Gadd, Jerry Moratta, Tony Levin, Abe Laboriel, Peter Eldridge, Meatloaf, and many more. He is also an in demand private instructor and professional lab teacher at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Scott has released three albums: "Transitions" and "September in Boston: Live" and now "Anytime, Anywhere

Focus, time budget and improving

Jon Neto: Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition - classy solo

I do not claim to make, much less intended, but an international competition is a great opportunity to publicize the work! Woe is my participation in Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition. my website: (check my work, to download my two free cd's on my site)
Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition - Jon Neto

Diego Budicin: Flare Intention - Internet band jam

Flare Intention presents "This Dying Soul" by Dream Theater.
Download here the song in High Quality:

"Flare Intention" are:
-Paco Barillà - Drums, Mix & Editing Video (Italy)
-Diego Budicin - Guitars & Choirs (Italy)
-Luigi Accardo - Keyboards (Italy)
...with special guests:
-Carl Lindquist - Vocals (Sweden)
-Tony Dickinson - Bass (Colorado,USA)

Flare Intention | Dream Theater - This Dying Soul | Split Screen Cover

Piotr Wójcicki: The Secret World of Numbers - exciting new fusion CD

"The Secret World of Numbers" - trailer
We invite you to watch a reportage from the work on the new album. It was a multi-threaded process, extended in time and space. Peter with friends have visited the Radio Katowice Recording Studio, Peter Lukaszewski’s workshops on Podwale Old Town and Custom34 Studio in Gdańsk. So it is with great joy we inform new album is coming soon! It contains 11 tracks and it is full of climatically varied music!

Official Site:

Piotr Wójcicki "THE SECRET WORLD OF NUMBERS" trailer