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Meytal Cohen: 311 Amber


i shot this video a few months back, but due to some copyright issues I couldn't upload it to YouTube. until now. this is the last video with my old gear. love this song :)
luv u,




check out some music by Lior Ron:
meytal cohen "MEYTAL COHEN" MEYTALCOHEN MEYTAL COHEN meytalll MEYTALLL meytalsworld "MEYTALS WORLD" "MEYTAL COHEN WORLD" "MEYTAL COHEN'S WORLD" drum cover "DRUM COVER" drummer female "FEMALE DRUMMER" metal hard rock ask "ASK MEYTAL" 311 amber drum cover "311 AMBER" "311 AMBER DRUM COVER" "311 DRUM COVER" "AMBER DRUM COVER"

Frank Steffen Mueller: Ibanez guitar solo competition 2013

This is my entry for the IBANEZ GUITAR SOLO COMPETITION 2013. Hope you like it!
Thanks to Ibanez and all those great guys at guitarsiam. Thanks a lot for this awesome track. It was a lot of fun playing over that great song. Thanks to the composer!

Gear used: Ibanez RG550 from 1993, Megatone classic overdrive, Eventide GTR4000 for some delay, Diezel VH4S, Marshall 1x12 speakers, SM57 micro, Sennheiser E906 micro, Canon Eos 600D

Feel free to contact me at


Pop Woravit: Ibanez guitar solo competition 2013 20 Apr 2013

Seymour Duncan: Buzzing strings, tuning issues, action too high or too low — learn how to adjust your guitar

Seymour Duncan
Buzzing strings, tuning issues, action too high or too low — learn how to adjust your guitar in this new article:

Have you ever made a truss rod adjustment on any of your guitars?

Jeff Loomis,Keith Merrow: Keith become Guitar Blogger for an evening

I know how this feels... awesome video and clippy sound. 

Keith Merrow: Sorry for the mad clippy audio. The camera can't hang with this.

Jeff Loomis- Sibylline Origin (4/5/13 Portland, OR.)

Kelly Simonz: Still got the Blues!

All these for Mike Blackburn :)

March 30, please see the cover of "Still Got The Blues" of transcendence which GARY MOORE than seminar was held at Kurashiki Aeon Mall store.

Still Got The Blues (Gary Moore cover) - Kelly SIMONZ@イオンモール倉敷店'

March 24, from gypsum training seminar was held at transcendence guitarist Funabashi Aeon Mall . Classic classic cast a lone hen training超絶guitarist Guitar Magazine (with CD) (Rittor Music Mook) Http://Amzn.To/14hRVdO

"Part of the lone classic masterpieces" cast from seasons training guitarist transcendence

Emir Hot: Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues with Biljana Radivojevic

Emir Hot... aka Mr Rock...Live at "The Rocket" - London 04/01/2013

Biljana Radivojevic i Emir Hot - (Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues - cover)

John Wetton: joins progressive band District 97 for 4 special performances in May

We're thrilled to be teaming up with the legendary John Wetton (King Crimson/UK/Asia) for a series of European shows! We'll be playing a bunch of D97 material, and also teaming up with John for a selection of King Crimson classics that he hasn't sung live in decades. Come and see the show!

District 97 with Special Guest John Wetton (Featuring the music of King Crimson)

Spring 2013 European Tour

11/5-Kingston-upon-Thames, UK @ Celebr8.2 Festival (District 97 without Wetton)

D97 w/John Wetton
15/5-Reichenbach, Germany @ Bergkeller
16/5-Verviers, Belgium @ Spirit of 66
17/5-Russelsheim, Germany Das Rind
18/5-Zoetermeer, Netherlands Boerderij Cultuurpodium

This performance was shot at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago, IL on 4/29/2012, Special thanks to Ed Clift, Paul Rogne and Jason Brox for putting this video together.

More details

District 97 & John Wetton-"Lament" (King Crimson) ON TOUR SPRING 2013!

Davide Ciura: unleashing the fury on Seymour Duncan YJM Fury

Seymour Duncan YJM Fury - Davide Ciura

Roberto Restuccia: Wave Of Shred Competition

Roberto Restuccia: My improv over the competition track, join in the fun and have a go :)


Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

Joe Bonamassa: number 1 with a bullet in the Billboard Blues chart!

"Vienna" debuts at #1!

“An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House" debuted at #1 on the Billboard Blues chart!'

"Nothing less than astounding"
"[Bonamassa] may be one of the most underrated guitarists"
"This is no regular Joe"
- Billboard
A free single and lots of great package options for the new CD, including t-shirts etc

13 year old Joe Bonamassa on Real life with Jane Pauley

Stel Andre: Waves Of Shred competition

Hello people. This is my take for this contest. Thanks to Tom, Yiannis, Laurie as well as Wampler and Tsakalis pedals for this one. Good luck to all.

Gear: Ernie Ball Musicman JP6, Line 6 POD GX, Guitar Rig 5

Waves Of Shred Entry - Stel Andre

Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

George Marios: Waves Of Shred competition

+George Marios Hey guys,
Here is an improvised take over Yiannis' emotive track!
I hope you that you enjoy it!
If you like all that hybrid picking / Intervallic stuff, feel free to purchase my new package covering those topics.
You can find it at
Cheers and have fun with the contest!

WAVES OF SHRED Entry-George Marios Improvised take

Tom Quayle,Yiannis Papadopoulos: Waves Of Shred Competition closes 1st June 2013

Fernando Miyata: Official Facebook

Guitar player since the 90's, Fernando Miyata graduated in one of the best music schools in Brazil.
He was elected as the best guitar video on YouTube with more than 14.000.000 views by Guitar World magazine in 2007. Fernando was also one of the finalists in the international Guitar Idol contest in 2008, in UK, wich performance was chosen as number one by the audience in London Guitar Show.
He was appointed as the newest and best name in the IG&T Guitar Player Festival 2008, and was also the most searched one in Truth in Shredding website in the same year.
Miyata is a guitar teacher and the owner of a music school - ProRock- in São Paulo, Brazil.
ENDORSES:Boss Roland, Seizi Guitars, Firecustom Shop and Dean Markley Strings.

Fernando Miyata: guitar idol 2008

Lalle Larsson, Richard Hallebeek: Vote for your favourite Weaveworld track

Lalle Larsson
Would be interesting to hear your thoughts. Vote for your favourite Weaveworld track on the link below.
If this music was to be performed live, what songs would you like to hear?What is your favourite song from the Weaveworld Trilogy?
  1. Marionette
  2. Dance of the Dead
  3. Newborn Awakening
  4. Adagio
  5. Weaveworld
  6. A Demon´s Kiss
  7. Otherworldly
  8. City of Lost Souls
  9. Beyond Shadows
  10. Lemuria
  11. Infinity of Worlds
  12. Insomnia
  13. A Dream of a Thousand Weaves
  14. Rainbow´s Gold
  15. Zero Hour
  16. Nocturne
  17. Nightscapes Suite
  18. Dawn Sheds a Final tear

Miguel Marquez: great original tune

Finally took the time to record myself playing this composition of mine. See it as a rough demo, as I was pretty nervous while playing the solo. Needless to say, I hope you like it as much as I do.
Move on

Paul Rose,Jack Moore: All Along the Watchtower and upcoming tour - steaming rock blues!

UK Tour And New Album Imminent
A long overdue update here for the website news page. It's not right that Facebook should get all the attention now is it, so here goes. A UK tour is now booked with all dates confirmed and posted on our live dates page, featuring our US line up of Sweet-pea Atkinson of Was Not Was and Brian Wilson on vocals, Terry Evans from Ry Cooder's band, also on vocals. And Randy Jacobs of Was Not Was, Bonny Rait, B.B. King on rhythm guitar and vocals. With our old friend Kenny Hutchison on bass and new boy Jim Drummond on drums. We will be promoting the new album "Double Life" to be released mid April. The album was recorded in LA last summer and co-produced by John Wooler (Gary Moore's Still Got The Blues) and Paul Rose. We are all very excited and look forward very much to getting out on the road and seeing you all again, after what has been far too long an absence from the UK live scene. But don't forget to join us on our official Facebook Group for daily news updates, and occasionally rare music and live videos.

Jack Moore is a 23 year old guitarist based in Brighton. He first picked up the guitar at 15 after encouragement from his father, blues legend Gary Moore. He started performing locally with numerous bands and then was given the opportunity to play a festival with his Dad at the age of 19. Whilst being on tour with his father he met Otis Taylor, a blues musician and toured the UK Wales and Scotland with him, playing venues such as Shephard’s Bush Empire, the Manchester Apollo and Brighton Dome amongst others. Recently he performed with Joe Bonamassa and Deep Purple at The Royal Albert Hall. He is now writing fresh material for an album to be recorded in LA.

Paul Rose - All Along the Watchtower 720p

Rebecca Scammon: EMG artist

Rebecca Scammon
Becca Scammon
Excited to announce that I've recently started working with EMG Pickups as one of their new artists! Consequently, I'm bringing in my Schecter today to get some 808X's put in. Super stoked.

Thanks to Chrys from EMG.

Rebecca Scammon is in the studio wiork on material for an upcoming release with band name and details to follow.

Rebecca Scammon Song Preview-Solo Section

Kip Winger: added to Alan Parsons Project European tour!

+Kip Winger
Alan Parsons fans who show up for his Live Project’s European tour this summer will hear a familiar voice joining the band.

For at least the second time since 2005, Kip Winger will be part of the Live Project’s touring lineup, keeping busy between solo and Winger commitments by performing with Parsons during a handful of Italian and German dates, listed below.

Though he’s known primarily for his glam metal work, Winger’s no stranger to the type of intricately arranged compositions favored by Parsons; his most recent solo release, 2010′s ‘Ghosts: Suite No. 1,’ is a studio recording of his original symphony, which was turned into a ballet that year.

Parsons has kept his own recording career mostly on hold since releasing 2004′s ‘A Valid Path,’ but he’s stayed busy as a producer when he isn’t on the road, helming albums for a wide variety of artists that includes Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson and ukulele master Jake Shimabukuro.


Alan Parsons Live Project Tour Dates with Kip Winger
7/18 – GruVillage Grugliasco, Italy
7/19 – Castello Scaligero Villafranca, Italy
7/22 – Campo Centrale – Centrale del Tennis – Foro Italico, Italy
7/25 – Seebronn, Germany
7/26 – Beaufort, Luxembourg
7/29 – Cologne, Germany
8/01 – Bad Krozingen, Germany
8/05 – Erlangen, Germany

Max Dible Jason Becker: talks about the Jason Becker project and a visit to Prairie Sun

Available for Skype lessons: If you are interested in becoming a better musician feel free to schedule some lessons. Chances are, I can improve your playing wherever you may be. rates are: $30 per 30min and $50 per hour. You can reach me at

This is the first of a few videos of me just randomly playing some short ideas after practicing for three or four hours. I'll try to keep the material in the style of Jason but I am not that guy so my own stuff will come out from time to time. I am still working on the material but rest assured for the video it will be 100% Jason Becker

Jason Becker Practice Journal 01

Max here, this is me talking about some interesting arranging idea that I learned from the song Perpetual Burn. go buy Jasons CDs

Jason Becker Practice Journal 02

Laurie Monk: Truth In Blubbing

Truth In Blubbing

My Humble apologies... Just a quick note to apologise for the lack of news for Truth In Shredding via the online web form.

For some reason it has decided to stop sending me notifications.

I have fixed it so it should work and added extra gingerbread power.

David Preston,Kevin Glasgow,Laurie Lowe: Preston Glasgow Lowe - Sigur, Scruff and Shadow - plus tour details

Preston-Glasgow-Lowe are a new dynamic group consisting of 3 of London's most creative young instrumentalists. Sharing on-stage credentials with esteemed musicians such as John Scofield, the Foreign Exchange, Melody Gardot, Robert Mitchell, and Tommy Smith, they bring a unique and seasoned sound derived from their work as sidemen combined with their shared love of improvisation, intricate composition, rhythm, and accessible melodies. Aiming to expand upon the format of the guitar trio they combine their virtuosic skills as soloists and accompanists with extensive composition and elaborate arrangements.

They will be doing a UK tour in October/November 2013. Please check out for more details

David Preston - Guitar
Kevin Glasgow - Bass / Composition
Laurie Lowe - Drums

Preston Glasgow Lowe - Sigur, Scruff and Shadow

News: The Real Meaning of Social Entrepreneurship

“Social entrepreneurs don’t just pursue a social end, they pursue that end in a fundamentally communal way. ” –Sally Osberg, Skoll Foundation
In a not-so-distant past, college degrees were the safety nets that led to job security. Now those nets are riddled with holes, sagged down by the weight of so many recipients. And unless young professionals have something new to offer, awarding them some leverage back into the net, they slip between the seams into the greatest hole of all: unemployment.

Because of this new development, the term “entrepreneur” has moved beyond the walls of the business school and into many secondary classrooms across the world. It now has a much broader definition, welcoming anyone— in any field— who plants a seed of change and directs its growth. The definition includes serial entrepreneurs, lifestyle entrepreneurs, family entrepreneurs, creative entrepreneurs, extreme entrepreneurs, non-profit entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and others.

Full post from Saga Briggs:

Dejan Toracki: Atmospheric Disturbance new album available

Dejan Toracki: Atmospheric Disturbance

Dejan Toracki new album "Atmospheric Disturbance" now available on iTunes.

Australian instrumental guitarist Dejan Toracki has just launched his second full length album called "Atmospheric Disturbance", just released on iTunes on 1st April. Exceptionally well constructed song arrangements that fuse complex rhythm with super fast leads are Toracki's trademark. Having previously supported guitar god Joe Satriani, Atmospheric Disturbance is a high quality follow up to his debut "Deep Blue Cathedral" and a worthy addition to every music library. Check out his site for free lesson downloads, bios and sound bites.

Wagner Ribeiro: French Guitar Contest 2 - tapping tastic!

This is my entry to French Guitar Contest 2013. Hope you enjoyed!
Watching in HD. Subscribe in my channel.

My facebook:

French Guitar Contest 2 - Wagner Ribeiro

Christophe Godin: High Octane Rock Volume 1 available now!

Christophe Godin: High Octane Rock Volume 1

Christophe Godin is back doing what he does best...creating incredible, full on performance solos over superbly produced high quality jam tracks! This time he is coming at you with some hard hitting, high octane rock that hits you like a cop car from the start and stuns you into wanting to learn every single note!

On top of that, these tracks are not only superb for jamming your own improvisations over but they are all real! The bass and drums are played by Christophes trusty sidekicks from his two bands Gno and Mŏrgibl Trio. So it is like you are depping for Christophe or taking his spot at band practice!

Being one of France's biggest guitar stars, Christophe has a tonne of tricks to teach you. So if you like your tracks Rock and your solos intense then this is the package for you!


5 solo example tracks in high quality 320K MP3 format
5 solo backing tracks in high quality 320K MP3 format
5 extended jam tracks in high quality 320K MP3 format
5 video performances by Christophe in MP4 format
Accurate TAB and notation in PDF and Powertab format
Bonus track notes from Christophe

*NEW* Christophe Godin's High Octane Rock Vol.1 at

Daniele Gottardo: the new album progresses, and so do the plaudits

From NAMM 2013

Once Upon a Time ” (working title) … a journey into the world of fairy tales!

For my second album I've taken my musical  inspiration from the fantastic world of Fairy Tales, a world where fiction is stranger than truth, where even the strangest thoughts can come true. As we get older we lose the magic, we are unable to suspend our disbelief and the magical invention that lies within.  I want to rebuild those bridges and take you on a fantastical journey.

With these compositions I will rekindle that child like magic for you, bringing alive that world that we can recall from our distant past.  Each song is a musical vignette,  bewitching themes, musical twists and turns, cascades of notes that carve out the musical picture in your minds eye. The compositions are alive, they take you on my musical journey as I explore the characters in each musical dream,  setting them before you to marvel and enjoy, just as I had imagined them to be. Each track enchanting, captivating and beguiling whether the romanticism of love or the dark, brooding, tensions of a hidden world, I am conjuring a vision, stimulating your senses and emotions in the same way I experienced them while composing these  songs...

Guthrie Govan (2013)
“In this somewhat over-populated world of instrumental guitar music, this guy’s unique technical and harmonic approaches really make him stand out from the crowd… plus, he plays every note like he really means it, which is most refreshing. Daniele rocks

Steve Vai (2013)
“Daniele Gottardo is one of those new breed of players that seems to have endless technique and a different kind of an ear for harmony. His playing sounds like liquid gold”.

Jason Becker (2013)
“Daniele has a unique and exciting playing style, and he is also a fantastic composer, which is so refreshing! He is a true musician.”

Atma Anur (2013)
“Daniele is one of the most talented, unique and passionate young guitar players I have worked with in many years. His song writing is brilliant and filled with emotion, a true pleasure to make music with.”"

Martin Miller (2013)
“Daniele is equally impressive both as a guitarist and a composer. His music is absolutely unique and his command over the instrument has left me in awe numerous times.”

Oscar Michael: I'd give my right arm to be Ambidextrous

John Petrucci Style - Quick Licks. Andy James, Licklibrary.

Progressive Shredding. John Petrucci Style - Licklibrary.

Ambidextrous Shredding !!!

Alex Turbé: Haendel Sarabande - swiss cheese guitar and picks!

Guitar: Alex Alesk Turbé
Bass: Igor Lallai
Drum: Alban Soulié

Thanks for watching !!!!!

Rock Cover Haendel Sarabande by Alex Alesk Turbé

Swiss Picks demo Alex Alesk Turbé

Bob Zabek: gaining too much - rocking improvisation

boss gt 6 into soundcard, rather stick with tube amps! cheers,bob

bob zabek - gaining too much(improvisation)

News: Shred Freak Album Teaser

In this guitar year of 2013, releases a guitar album "Shred Freak" that is conducted to bring a new vision of guitar to the music society around the world. Shred Freaks features some world-class guitar players from all around the continents. They're picked up since their dedication to the guitar scene for many years. Here are the greats on the troop line:

1. Hussein Haddad :
2. Charly Sahona :
3. Claudio Pietronik :
4. Lukasz Kulczak :
5. Mr. Fastfinger :
6. Michael Dolce :
7. Jeremy Barnes:
8. Fredrik Pihl:
9. Christian Johannson:
10. Rune Berre:
11. Tom Richardson:
12. Jonas Tamas :
13. Edwin Mclean :
14. Haru Timothy :
15. James Grinder :
16. Sam Bell :
17. Paco Hernandez :
18. Hari Setyo Budi :
19. Sean Ashe :
20. Mike Hamel (Encrypted Nomad) :

Support the guitar talents. Click here to download: (the link is under construction)

Click here to order the merch (physical CD), and don't forget to mention the place where you live:

The track in the intro part of this video is taken from Dreamfullof Zen latest album "Pentaology" entitled "Honor". Get the music here:

Be Guitar, Be Freak!

Shred Freak Album Teaser

Víctor Santiago: Time to let her go

A nice improvisation by Víctor Santiago

Time to let her go - Guthrie Govan IMPRO - Víctor Santiago

News: "Orange’s New NO COMPROMISE Crush Amps Go BIG "

Orange Amplification is extending its best-selling Crush amps range with the launch of three new professional level products: the CR60C 60 Watt 1 x 12 Combo, CR120C 120 Watt 2 x 12 Combo and CR120H 120 Watt Head. Designed without compromise, these new products deliver quality sound and build at a price, which is superb value for money.

The new additions to the Crush range are the first solid-state professional amps to be launched by Orange since the late 70’s. Working on the brand philosophy 'simple is better', the Orange engineers have created a pre-amplifier based on the highly prestigious and respected Rockerverb range which delivers warm and rich tonal characteristics using solid-state technology.

The new Crush amplifiers contain both a clean and dirty channel, which are foot switchable. With both channels based on the Rockerverb series, the clean channel uses two stages of gain, which provide a wonderfully warm clean tone which begins to break up when cranked. The dirty channel's four stages of gain give the Crush the overdriven sound guitarist’s lust for in an Orange amplifier. Also on-board the amplifiers are a new natural sound digital reverb, which gives the player the choice of spring, plate or hall. For those wishing the amplifiers to be used in a variety of situations and playing styles a super transparent FX loop is included which operates in a similar manner to that used in the brand's valve models.

Only the best quality components have been specified, the combos include Orange’s ‘Voice of the World’ 60 Watt speaker, which are the same as those found in our larger Orange products. This brings a high level of sensitivity to these new amplifiers giving them that distinct Orange warm midrange tone on the overdrive channel and a super sparkly clean tone.

Continuing with the no compromise design ethos, these amplifiers have the look of the flagship Orange products. Using the Orange basket-weave Tolex, woven speaker grille, beading, hieroglyphs and of course the Orange signature picture frame edging. The combo cabinets and the head sleeve are made from 18mm plywood making them solid, rugged and durable.

The new products extend the Crush range out of the practice amp market offering a product that is perfect for band rehearsals and small to medium size gigs. The CR60C (£349 Inc. VAT) and CR120C (£479 Inc. VAT) Combo’s and CR120H head (£299 Inc. VAT) debut on the Orange booth Hall 4.0 F60 at the forthcoming Musikmesse and will be shipping Summer 2013.

Bartek Beben: The Unnamed Song - Peavey Vypyr 15

Fender Aerodyne - Peavey Vypyr 15 - Suhr SM57 - Onyx Blackjack - No EQ, No post effects etc.

settings: (6505 model, no reverb, no delay)

Peavey Vypyr 15 - metal (Bartek Beben - The Unnamed Song)

News: Orange Amps at the Musikmesse

Orange Amplification has been creating innovative products since 1968 and as Orange celebrates their 45th year of service to musicians, visitors at this years Musikmesse have the unique chance to meet the developers, our founder and CEO, Cliff Cooper and to try out their unique range of guitar amplifiers and products.

Orange will be giving away four Dark Terror amplifiers at this year’s Musikmesse on the 10-13th April 2013. The multi-award winning amp is described by as a ‘metal-friendly high gain addition to the best known lunchbox amp range ….unapologetically badass’.

Hidden inside one giveaway bag available to all visitors at the Orange Amps booth (F60 in Hall 4.0) will be a golden ticket, which when returned to the Orange Booth before 5pm that day, entitles the lucky holder to a free Dark Terror amplifier head. One Dark Terror will be given away every day of Musikmesse.

Moniker Guitars: We've Designed A Guitar For You To Design

Design your dream semi-hollow body guitar online by choosing colors and parts; even add custom text and graphics. Built in Austin, TX.

"Whenever I see a new name or logo on a guitar headstock I (naturally) meet it with a certain level of skepticism . It's rare and refreshing to pick up one of those guitars and be genuinely blown away by its playability, tone, and feel. Moniker guitars not only look incredibly vintage cool - they sound amazing. This is sure to catch on in a big way" - Matt Noveskey, Blue October

At Moniker Guitars we build the guitar that you design. Using our online guitar builder you can customize the color, hardware, graphics and much more. We've recently started a Kickstarter campaign to fund our new line of semi-hollow bodies, where customers can buy one of these guitars for a special Kickstarter rate. Now you don't need to sell a million records to get your own custom guitar.

Brunno Henrique: Lost Souls new CD playthrough - ripping solo work

This is my instrumental song called Lost Souls. This is a preview from my upcoming cd. Thanks for watching / Obrigado por assistir - Inscreva-se em meu canal.

Música própria gravada em Março de 2012. "Lost Souls" traz influências clássicas de Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart e Paganini, entre outros compositores. Além de compositores clássicos, a influência vem também de alguns guitarristas como Kiko Loureiro, Michael Romeo, Paul Gilbert, Jeff Loomis, entre outros.

Edição video - Rafael Ranulfo
Captação e Mixagem - DRK Studios

Apoio - Corrosive Musik -

Brunno Henrique - Lost Souls

Ryan McGarvey: Blue eyed Angel Blue at the Bluemoose

Ryan McGarvey - Blue eyed Angel Blues - live for Bluesmoose radio Ryan McGarvey - first time Live in Europe recorded for Bluesmoose radio - . recorded june 10th 2011 in our so called Bluesmoose cafe. (not a real bar). an ian Moore song
Ryan McGarvey - Blue eyed Angel Blues - live for Bluesmoose radio

News: Rock Backing Track

Rock Backing Track (Cm) | 140 bpm

Rodrigo J Gozalbez: Orient Blue - Al Di Meola

Playing the song "Orient Blue" of the Master Al Di Meola, in this opportunity I play a version with improvisation and nylon guitar! Chordal Picking from Argentina!!! Check out!!! the video is the result of a night of practice with this great song! this mounted on fragments due to the fact that the original term was much more extensive ! It is a version with lots of improvisation and an air of flamenco fusion!! I look forward to your comments, thank you!

Tocando y practicando el tema "Orient Blue" del maestro Al Di Meola, en esta oportunidad una versión con improvisación y nylon guitar! El video es el resultado de una noche de practica con este gran tema! esta montado sobre fragmentos debido a que la duración original era mucho mas extensa ! Es una versión con mucha improvisación y un aire de flamenco fusión! espero sus comentarios!

SET-UP: Nylon guitar: "La Alpujarra 85kec" Preamp: "Line 6 POD HD 300"

My instrumental project:


Regards from Santa Fe, Argentina!

Orient Blue [Al Di Meola] - Rodrigo J. Gozalbez (Nylon Improvisation Version)

Jan Laurenz: exercises the mini Russian Domra

New Jan Laurenz composition on "Domra" russian instrument
A little composition of mine on Domra,a nice little instrument similar to a mandolin
check out the "real" virtuosos on this instrument, incredible!!

i just tuned it like an UKULELE!! and it sounds great,at least to me.........
it's extremely small,also the neck wich makes it hard to play,but i like it very much:)
Hope you enjoy

Timo Somers: Delain Interlude special limited edition CD and DVD

DELAIN  Interlude LTD 
Ltd Ed Digipack CD + DVD. Feat. 2 new studio tracks, 3 unreleased cover tracks, new single of "Are You Done With Me", "We Are The Others" ballad version; 6 live tracks. The DVD contains selected tracks of "Live @ MFVF 2012", backstage footage, video clips of DELAIN! Dutch Symphonic Metallers DELAIN thank their loyal supporters by presenting them with a special release. "Interlude" is a fantastic blend of brand-new songs, special versions and mixes of popular DELAIN tracks, covers (e.g. "Smalltown Boy" or "Such A Shame") and the beautiful single "Are You Done With Me".

Thanks to the new mix, the well-known anthem shines with a new-found splendor. The album includes a special bonus DVD featuring exclusive live footage and video clips. "Interlude" is not only a must for loyal DELAIN fans, but also for those who have not experienced the music by Charlotte Wessels and her band members so far. It is the perfect introduction to the world of DELAIN and the starting point to an emotional and bombastic journey!

Type: CD [Digipack + Bonus DVD]
Item Number: 17834
Availability: Friday, 03 May 2013TRACKLIST:
1. Breathe On Me
2. Collars And Suits
3. Are You Done With Me (new single mix)
4. Such A Shame
5. Cordell
6. Smalltown Boy
7. We Are The Others (new ballad version)
8. Mother Machine (live)
9. Get The Devil Out Of Me (live)
10. Milk And Honey (live)
11. Invidia (live)
12. Electricity (live)
13. Not Enough (live)
14. Invidia (Video Live @ MFVFestival) (Bonus DVD)
15. Electricity (Video Live @ MFVFestival) (Bonus DVD)
16. We Are The Others (Video Live @ MFVFestival) (Bonus DVD)
17. Milk and Honey (Video Live @ MFVFestival) (Bonus DVD)
18. Not Enough (Video Live @ MFVFestival) (Bonus DVD)
19. Backstage footage (Bonus DVD)
20. Get The Devil Out Of Me (Videoclip) (Bonus DVD)
21. We Are The Others (Videoclip with Album Version) (Bonus DVD)
22. April Rain (Videoclip) (Bonus DVD)
23. Frozen (Videoclip) (Bonus DVD)