Rebecca Scammon, James Hadley: Total Party Kill - The Rakdos Charm (Guitar Playthrough)

Rebecca Scammon: Strandberg Spark Cycle 3: Adjenture Time

Rebecca Scammon: Strandberg Spark - Where Humanity Ends

Rebecca Scammon: performs at NAMM 2016 Shiver Me Timbers!

Sarah Longfield, Plini, Per Nilsson, Yvette Young, Rebecca Scammon, Leonardo Guzman, Leah Woodward: .stradberg* NAMM lineup

Rebecca Scammon: .strandberg* Boden 8 - demoing the ergonomic design brutal glory

Rebecca Scammon: B-7b5 Tapping Arpeggio Lesson

Rebecca Scammon: A-7 Tapping Lesson With Right Hand Variations

Rebecca Scammon: FMaj7 Tapping Lesson

NAMM: Awesome Girl Shredders meet up for the first time!

Rebecca Scammon: EMG 8 String Improvisation also headed to NAMM

Rebecca Scammon,Ray Suhy: Chaotic Negation's dynamic Duo with EMG 57/66 Pickup Demonstration

Rebecca Scammon: EMG artist wins Shredmeister Finalist, Bangor, ME

Ray Suhy,Rebecca Scammon: one more week left for Chaotic Negation Indiegogo campaign

Ray Suhy, Rebecca Scammon: Chaotic Negation Indiegogo fundraiser Update

Rebecca Scammon,Ray Suhy: Chaotic Negation's Indiegogo Campaign

Rebecca Scammon: wins guitar performance at the Mayhem Fest 2013

Rebecca Scammon, Ray Suhy: Guitar Battles: Style Switch - great way to stretch your playing!

Rebecca Scammon,Ray Suhy: Chaotic Negation - web site - landed - next stop crunching new album!

Rebecca Scammon: EMG artist