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Daddo Oreskovich: Live4Guitar lessons available

Summerlands - guitar lesson - only $4.50


Very short and effective licks. Can be used in Rock or Blues. Register and download this lesson for FREE at:

4 cool Rock-Blues guitar licks

Aaron Marshall: Bandhappy tour lessons!

Aaron will be teaching everyday on our upcoming tour with Northlane, Texas In July & STRUCTURES!

To reserve your spot, follow these simple instructions:

1. Go to and register as a student from the home page.
2. Once registered, head to:
3. On the profile, click the "Schedule" button on the left side.
4. Scroll down on the schedule by date and find your city - then click it.
5. On the lesson page, click the "Add to Cart" button to check out and purchase your spot!


// IN TIME // is available through:


iTunes Canada:

iTunes USA:

Rick Graham: Scale Choices: Key Centres vs Chord Scale Theory

Rick's Guitar School - Scale Choices: Key Centres vs Chord Scale Theory
Hi guys, please visit my website where you can subscribe to receive free guitar/music resources. This content will ONLY be available to subscribers:

You can also purchase high quality full HD video lessons in the HD Video Lessons section:

I hope you enjoy this lesson and please leave a comment in the comments section if you have any requests. Tons more to come!

Per Nilsson: Solo from 'Rise of the Reptilian Regime' - live

SCAR SYMMETRY - Solo from 'Rise of the Reptilian Regime', live in Helsinki
Filmed by Daniel Palmqvist at Nosturi, Helsinki Finland on April 6th 2013.

SCAR SYMMETRY - Solo from 'Rise of the Reptilian Regime', live in Helsinki

George Marios: Zivory Custom Model-Musicmesse 2013

Presenting a brand new Zivory Custom Model-Musicmesse 2013 Update
Hey guys!
I received a brand new Zivory Guitar which i will be demoing over at the Hayden/Zivory Stand in Germany.
Here is a little presentation of the specs as well as a little jam so you can hear that beauty in action:-)

Tom Quayle: All The Things You Are

All The Things You Are
Some footage from this weekends Masterclass.

Allan Holdsworth: super fanzine article from Facelift #12, August 1994

Facelift #12, August 1994

Updated on Saturday
"The Canterbury Scene And Beyond" fanzine. Article by Phil Howitt. In this very rare interview, Holdsworth talks in detail about the early part of his career, an area which is not covered in much detail in other interviews. For example, there are details on the recording of the album "Igginbottom's Wrench" from 1969. As mentioned in the beginning of the article, it also has a more general scope than the majority of Holdsworth stories, which tend to be published in guitar magazines.

Gretchen Menn: Sadowsky nylon string electric - "I fell in love!"

Gretchen Menn - photo Kevin Barnard 
Gretchen Menn, famed for her solo guitar work and as lead guitar player for all girl band "Zepparella",  has a new guitar and it's a Sadowsky nylon string electric to add some more flavour to her own classical style pieces.
Gretchen Menn: "Roger Sadowsky sent me one to try out, and I fell in love. It's unlike anything else I have, and is great for playing classical style pieces within a rock show. It's an amazing, unique instrument."
You can find out more about the model
 Sadowsky nylon string electric  guitar

You can check out the superb Fading by Gretchen Menn in this Official Music Video from the exciting Hale Souls album. The track feature Kirsten Menn on vocal and Emily Palen on violin and was directed by Corgam.

Fading by Gretchen Menn

Hale Souls Gretchen Menn

Paul Kleff: How To Finish Learning Any Song You Start

How To Finish Learning Any Song You Start

Are you a “finisher of songs?”  Most guitar players are not.  They have trouble learning songs all the way through from beginning to end.  Do you have trouble learning songs all the way through from beginning to end?  Beginner guitar players are often frustrated when trying to learn all the chord changes in a piece of music because the number of chords and chord changes in in songs seems so overwhelming to them.  Unfortunately, they quit trying to finish the song before they can play it all the way through.
What I have found is that the best way to learn full songs is to break them down using a system that will help you quickly memorize all the chords and practice the chord changes in a simple way.  The end result is that you will learn songs much faster and with less trouble and will have a much greater likelihood of actually finishing the entire song.
I have been a guitar teacher for many years, and I have noticed that difficulty learning complete songs often affects intermediate and advanced players almost as much as beginners.  Actually, there are lots of good guitar players that can’t play very many songs all the way through from start to finish—they know lots of parts to many different songs but hardly any all the way through.   These guitar players (both beginner and advanced) are lacking a simple systematic way to take songs (even complex ones with many chords) and break them into bite-sized pieces that are can be mastered and then assembled into the complete song.  
Watch this song and chord lesson video, download the worksheet and start playing and finishing complete songs now.
Here are the primary problems that affect most guitar players when they try to learn full songs:

  • They rarely, if ever, learning anything all the way through from beginning to end.  
  • They play just easy parts of the song and skip over or continually mess up the parts that are difficult.
  • They nearly always start playing at the beginning of the song each time they practice it.
  • They don’t know how to isolate and practice the difficult parts of the song so that they can learn and perfect them more easily and quickly.  And, finally…..
  • They get stuck in a “loop” of not finishing songs.  This happens because they give up when they get frustrated and select something different to try to learn.  And then they continually repeat the whole process again without ever finishing anything.
Being frustrated is not fun.
Learning Complete Songs The Easy Way
Learning to play complete songs does not need to be difficult.  Lots of songs have a lot of repeated parts in them.  Because of this, the number of chords in a tune usually isn’t all that many.  

Listen to some of your favorite songs and notice that there is usually quite a bit of repetition of the parts and not there is not usually a large number of chords in them.
Most of the time there are usually only a couple parts of the song that will give you the greatest amount of difficulty to learn.  Many of the chord changes will be fairly easy for you to play with less practice than others.  If we analyze the chords and changes in this way, the task of learning entire songs becomes much less overwhelming much easier to break down.  
The best solution for learning and playing entire pieces of music is based on using a simple practice method so that you can:

  1. Create a practice plan for the chord changes so that you can master those changes in the shortest amount of time possible.
  2. Quickly analyze all the chords needed to play any song.
  3. Determine which chords you will need to learn and practice the most in that song.
  4. Put all the pieces together and play the complete song.

This guitar lesson video will show exactly how to learn complete songs now.

Here is the plan:

  • List out the names of all the chords from the song.  You can use the sheet music or tablature--go through the entire piece and list each chord once.

  • Create diagrams of all the chords in the song that you just listed in step one.  Diagram each chord just one time no matter how many times it is played in the song.

  • Review the list of chords and determine which ones you already know how to play well and which chords you need to learn.

  • List all the chord changes out in pairs.  Review the entire song and list each chord change once no matter how many times is appears in the song.

  • Review each chord pair you listed and determine which ones you can play easily and which ones are more difficult for you.  

This last step is the most important part of this practice plan.  You will need to invest your practice time improving those chord changes which are the hardest for you to play.  When you practice like this you are working directly on your weaknesses getting those difficult chord changes mastered.  This is the the key to learning complete songs:   Taking the parts that are difficult for you to play and systematically practicing them until they are easy for you.

Watch the chord lesson video to learn how to master the chords and complete any song.  The video will show you exactly how to do this so that you can master any song you want from start to finish.  Being able to play complete songs feels great and you’ll no longer be stuck playing parts of songs.  

About the Author:  Paul Kleff creates guitar lessons for beginners and teaches guitar lessons for guitarists at all skill levels.  Get free resources, tips and lessons for beginning guitar players at Guitar Lessons For Beginners Online.

Dave Weckl,Jay Oliver: Megaproject is moving along nicely!

The Dave Weckl/Jay Oliver Megaproject is moving along nicely!

If you’re one of more than 1,600 people who have pre-ordered this project through Pledge Music, you’re going to get a NEW SONG in the next few weeks!

Haven’t pledged yet? Get on board! You’ll get the new song when it’s released, the whole album before it hits the street, and access to several behind-the-scenes videos!

Use the navigation on the right side of this page to make your pledge!

Most of the songs have been written and are now being charted for the tracking sessions. Everything is sounding great. This will be an eclectic album – much like Dave’s earlier recordings – with Latin, funk, Irish, and jazz tunes!

Recently, Dave was in NYC performing with the Oz Noy Trio. While there, he recorded sessions with Mike Stern and Tom Kennedy for the new project. The sessions went great. Those who have pledged will get to see some of this footage soon!

Starting April 9th, Dave and Jay will record more tracks with Tom Kennedy, plus a bunch of tracks with Gary Meek (sax)! Of course, there’s plenty left to do, but things are progressing nicely.

Two events coming up:

Dave and Jay will run their “Fantasy Day” in Los Angeles. You can still pledge to be part of this! Just roll over the “Fantasy Day” link in the right column of this page. During the day, you can spend time with Dave, Jay, and Tom Kennedy in Simon Phillips’ studio while they record a tune! In the evening, you get to have dinner with Dave, Jay, Tom Kennedy, and Gary Meek, and then watch them perform live at Cafe Cordiale in Sherman Oaks! Just a few spots left, so pledge today!

APRIL 13/14
Dave and Jay will perform with Tom Kennedy and Gary Meek as part of Central Illinois Drum Fest 2013. Dave will also do a clinic on the 14th.

Here’s the information:

Donnie’s Homespun
107 W. Cook
Springfield, IL
7:00 p.m.

There have been some questions about the release date for this project. As you may know, full album releases take quite a bit of time to complete. This includes writing, recording, mixing, mastering, and packaging.

For the Megaproject, we’re working with lots of guest artists and we’re also producing a behind-the-scenes DVD. This isn’t your ordinary recording project. Lots to do – but it will be well worth it!

So, we appreciate everyone’s patience as this all comes together. We expect the full project release sometime this fall.

Thanks everyone! More soon!

Dave works from behind the drumkit
Dave and Jay check the cameras!
Behind the board
"That button makes it LOUDER...!"
With project coordinator Steven Orkin and his lucky shirt (from Vic's Drum Shop!)
Recording tracks in New York
Tracking session in NYC
The dudes...

Michael Angelo Batio: Guitar Tribute show in Dubuque, Iowa this Friday.

Michael Angelo Batio Guitar Tribute show in Dubuque, Iowa this Friday. MAB's Tribute to Rock Guitar Show - this Friday April 12th, 2013!  The Michael Angelo Band - featuring vocalist Warren Dunlevy Jr., Ryan Johnson on Bass Guitar and vocals and virtuoso Drummer Joe Babiak!

Derryl Gabel: An Afternoon with DVD and Dweezil Zappa World Music Masters Camp

Hi Guitar Friends,
I'm very pleased to announce that I will be teaching at the Dweezilla Music Masters Camp the week of July 4th in upstate New York. Besides myself, Dweezil Zappa has hand selected some of the best and brightest guitarist in the world to teach there as well. This includes the amazing Tom Quayle, Oz Noy, Dave Walliman, and Chris Buono. I am very honored to be among this caliber of teachers and players. If you are interested in joining us for a fun filled guitar learning experience please go to to get more info and to register. Looking forward to meeting you all there.

An Afternoon with Derryl Gabel
An Afternoon with

An Afternoon with Derryl Gabel DVD

Have you ever wished you could go to your favorite guitar player's studio and look at what gear they're using, settings for amps and FX, and browse their library of books, videos and albums? Me too! Quite often I get asked these questions and a lot more so I made this video for you. In this hour and a half video I cover these topics along with what software I use for recording, practicing, and transcribing. I've included screenshots of all my amp and FX settings so that you can dial them in using your own equipment. For those that have an Axe FX Ultra or the Axe II I have all my patches saved as sysx files for you to simply upload to your unit with no programming needed! I've also included screenshots of the plugin settings I use as well explaining how to record dry while monitoring a wet sound. As a bonus, you'll see footage of me playing one of my favorite solos from a legendary player and I've even included the transcription as well! So sit back and relax while I share with you some information that has taken me years to figure out. Enjoy!

  1. Introduction
  2. The Gear
  3. The Sounds
  4. Software
  5. Books
  6. Videos
  7. Albums
  8. Solo (Funnels) 
Included on the DVD is the transcription of the solo in Power Tab, PDF and Guitar Pro6 formats. I've also included screenshot jpegs of all the settings for my patches and plugins. There are six patches total which includes the patch I created for the special solo! You'll also get the sysx patch files for the Axe FX Ultra and Axe II.

When purchasing the DVD or Blu-ray you will also get the download version. The download link will be sent once your order is processed. The download will include all the transcription files and neck diagrams. This will also be located on the DVD as well.

When purchasing the DVD or Blu-ray you will also get the download version.  The download link will be sent once your order is processed.  The download will include all the transcription files and neck diagrams.  This will also be located on the DVD as well.
Blu-ray : $45.00
S & H : $5.00
Buy Now

Click Here for Blu-ray Credit Card orders

DVD : $35.00    

Download version: $29.95
Buy Now 

Ian Rockett: Shattered Skies joins Strandberg family

Strandberg Guitarworks

Very happy to welcome Ian Rockett of the band Shattered Skies to the Strandberg artist family. Watch for Shattered Skies' killer new album featuring Ian's new Boden8 coming soon! — with Ola Strandberg, Lulu Davis, Ian Rockett, John Browne and Paul De Maio.

shattered skies - 15 minutes live at Surya

Misha Mansoor: Axefx II with the new v10 Firmware is such a treat!!

Damn, Fractal Audio's Axefx II with the new v10 Firmware is such a treat. Not only sonically, but somehow the feel is even better. I made some nice "ampy" sounding patches while jamming around on it:


Epic Lead:

Thinking about maybe posting them on Axe-Change, if you guys would be interested!

Fred Brum: Musikmesse pedal board

Fred Brum
Board for the Musikmesse demos, most probably. There's another SND pedal going in there, quite probably. :) Left to right:
- Shun Nokina Redemptionist
- Leqtique MAT
- Rocktron Guitar Silencer
- Wampler Pedals / IndyGuitarist Faux Tape Echo V2.
- controller is a G-Lab.

Thomas Lang,Paul Gilbert: European tour April 2013 VLOG

Part 3 of Thomas Lang's tour video bloggage from Paul Gilbert's European tour 2013.
We're "Rockin and Rollin" our way through Europe and here's a collection of impressions from the last few weeks!

Thomas Lang's video blog 3 from the Paul Gilbert European tour April 2013 "Rockin' and Rollin"

Marcos De Ros: Pinocchio

Pinóquio (or Pinocchio) is a member of the music CD "DE ROS - SAF" (Society of Fantastic Adventures). Fiz Essa music heavy enough to match with the original history, MUCH more "heavy" than versão Disney. idea of fazer um "live clip" COMES precisely of possibilidade, sem muitos equipment problems obtain reproduzir when you play live CD, sem need to use the traditional method of dubbing. "SAF" is: Guitar - Marcos De Ros Keyboard - Eder Bergozza Battery - Thiago Caurio Low - Marcel Vandez Direção - Alex Milesian

De Ros "SAF" - "Pinóquio".

Walter Trout: Luther’s Blues CD and UK tour dates

Provogue Records is pleased to announce “Luther’s Blues” – a brand new tribute album to the great blues artist Luther Allison, recorded by America’s veteran blues rock guitarist, Walter Trout. The album will be released in the UK on Monday 10th June on CDDigital Download andDouble Vinyl.  The album dovetail’s Trout’s UK tour dates from 8th May onwards. 
Walter Trout’s story is equal parts thriller, romance, suspense and horror. There are musical fireworks, critical acclaim and fists-aloft triumph, offset by wilderness years and brushes with the jaws of narcotic oblivion. There are feted early stints as gunslinger in bands from John Mayall’sBluesbreakers to Canned Heat, and a solo career that’s still blazing a quarter-century later. 
The veteran bluesman has seen and done it all, with just one omission: he’s never made a covers album, until now. “Luther Allison’s Blues is my first,” Trout notes. “I’ve thought about doing this album for years.”  Of all the peaks in Trout’s trajectory, his abiding memory of the late Chicago bluesman is perhaps the most literal. It’s 1986, and high above Lake Geneva, at the palatial Alpine chalet of late Montreux Jazz Festival Svengali Claude Nobs, lunch is being served. “So we’re up at the top of the Alps,” Trout recalls, “in this big room with John Mayall, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Robert Cray, Otis Rush, and as we’re eating, Dr. John is serenading us on acoustic piano. I was sat there with Luther Allison, and we had a great talk.”
“Luther was one of the all-time greats,” Trout continues. “It was just an unbelievably potent thing to watch him perform. Just the energy and commitment that guy had, he was one of a kind. We played together once, at the Jazz Fest that year, and just as we walked offstage, somebody pointed a camera and we hugged and smiled. And that photo is on the cover of the CD.”When he died in 1997, the idea of the album was planted in my brain.”
Full information 
Walter Trout – 2013 UK Tour DatesThe Globe, Cardiff (May 8)
The Brook, Southampton (May 9)
Boom Boom Club, Sutton (May 10)
Wilbarston Hall, Leicester (May 11)
The Quarterhouse, Folkestone (May 12)
Tivoli Theatre, Wimbourne (Oct 30)
The Robin 2, Wolverhampton (Oct 31)
London Shepherd’s Bush Empire (Nov 8) 
Holmfirth Blues Spalsh, Picturedrome, Holmfirth (Nov 9)

Daniel James Reid: No Consequence - IO new djent album

‘With disregard for playing by the rules that may cause a few old school puritans to retch in horror, No Consequence are the quintessential modern metal band. With a solid spine of tech-death intricacy, huge swathes of Architects-style atmosphere and smartly executed bursts of everything from brutal grind to razor-sharp thrash, their sound is a bravely limitless amalgam of every credible sub-genre.’
-- Terrorizer

‘Surfing on a wave of confidence generated by the completion of an excellent debut album ‘In The Shadow of Gods’... they take the all-out attack approach, tearing into songs from the album with infectious enthusiasm; a six-man whirlwind of energy and technical dexterity, propelled along by nothing more than a collective to the cause.’
-- Metal Hammer (live review)

‘The debut album from UK metallers No Consequence is a foreboding, storming assault of accomplished and savagely focused technicality and intricate song writing’
-- Rocksound

Having released 2009's 'In the Shadow of Gods' to critical acclaim, No Consequence are heading to the studio and pushing the boundaries on their highly anticipated second album. Building on the foundations laid down by their debut, the band are taking their music to new heights of technicality, melody and calculated brutality.

Paul Antonio Ortiz: Chimp Spanner just released Supereroremix EP

Paul Antonio Ortiz: Chimp Spanner just released Supereroremix EP

Jude Gold,Yngwie Malmsteen: a fundamental dichotomy that's diametrically opposed

Guitar Lesson: How to Play One Note Soulfully.
Guitarists spend so much time practicing so many notes, they sometimes forget the importance of being able to express one single note tastefully, with feeling.

How to Play One Note Soulfully

How can less be more?