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Chris Feener: Yngwie Malmsteen - Anguish And Fear

Don't take this too seriously. It's just a re-do of a song I covered 6-7 years ago.

Tony Dickinson (bass):

Steve Dorey (chorus harmonies):

Jordan Thorne (solo):

Enjoy the ch33z3.
Chris Feener - Anguish And Fear (Yngwie Malmsteen Cover) ft. Tony Dickinson And Jordan Thorne

Yngwie Malmsteen: Talle Savage interviewed by

Shredding duo - photo Susan Almgren

What do you think about the end result of ANDERS TENGNERS book about Yngwie? Have you read it?

Talle Savage: I've read it. I must say that I before the book came out was very nervous because this is the first time that I open myself very much when it comes to my time with Yngwie. Since I did not really know what was to come in and do not come up with and how it would be presented, if I had forgotten something or if I had said too much and so on. Another tricky bit of it all was that I knew it would be taken very negatively about him which I personally felt would be extremely tedious to read about. I have almost only good memories of our relationship. I knew that ex-wives would be interviewed and their relation to Yngwie perhaps not for the better. Since all the boring things that he himself experienced as drug abuse, loved ones who passed away and much more. Although there was a risk of an emotional bomb. But once I sat and read the book, I felt more than at peace regarding my participation while I sometimes felt very sad considering what he had to go through over the years, and he did that as he did to his ex-wives. The fact that the negative outweighed the positive came as no great surprise.

In Swedish:
Translated: Google English

Talle Savage:

Carlos Arcay: Doctor Who tribute!

I always really wanted to make acover of the legendary main theme of Doctor Who, one of my favorite series. And finally here it is! For the occasion I arranged the song for a metal band: powerfull drums, depth bass,wall of guitars and two cool synths, one of them playing the main melody which also doubles with a lead guitar with whammy.

Video recording by Marite Suite with a Canon EOS 7D
Clothing and hairstyle by Marite Suite

Hope you like it.


Yngwie Malmsteen: Readers praise the English version of As Above, So Below - The unauthorized Biography on Yngwie Malmsteen

Dear rockers!
The long awaited book AS ABOVE, SO BELOW - THE UNAUTHORIZED YNGWIE BIOGRAPHY by Sweden’s legendary rock journalist Anders Tengner was released world wide in English on the 8th of May on the Amazon/Kindle platform. The book has already been a smashing, sold out success in Sweden. ""Impossible to put down"" and ""The best rock bio in a decade"", according to Swedish media. The foreword is written by Rock legend Joe Lynn Turner and among the interviewed are Graham Bonnet, Ron Keel, Jeff Scott Soto, family members, ex-wives and girlfriends, managers and other musicians like Eric Singer from Kiss. This is the most revealing look ever into the controversial life of the King of Shreds. The book includes over 60 never-before-seen pictures.

Readers praise the English version of As Above, So Below:
”A lot better than the official one!”  - Andy Gavin 
”This book gives a lot more details about his life.” - William Philips 
”Very good! I like how someone who wasn't even there every minute (Anders) managed to put together this awesome way to give us a glimpse of how it all started ” - Behshad Kowassarie 
”I feel like a door has been opened to Yngwie the man, his inner-child, his failings and success and the reasons why all hell broke loose” - Steve N. Mavronis
”The Amber chapters are an eye opener.” - Alex Kaalund 
”Don’t let the unauthorized tag lead you to believe this is some kind of gutter journalism.”  -  Reader review on 
”I feel ALOT closer to Yngwie after reading about his young life and teen pranks” -  Beverly Bonneau 
”Enjoyed the book thoroughly. It was quite addictive. I don't know that we'll see characters quite like these again!” - Chris A. Brooks 
”Fabulous book! I've just finished reading it, and feel compelled to start again. I think it's infinitely more interesting than Yng's book. Very well written and thorough...loved it!” - Suzanne Marie
The English version is not available in print, only as an ebook.  Here's a link to order:

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News: Firefly Pick - Light from music - Kickstarter!

Firefly Pick: Light from music

An adaptive portable light show

The Firefly Pick is simultaneously the simplest and most mesmerizing visual effect in a guitarists arsenal. Play it as you would any other pick and let our carefully tuned algorithms perform a synchronized light show alongside you, pulsing the embedded lights perfectly in time with the music. The Firefly Pick accommodates fast and slow action as well as rapid changes in tempo.

Charge by USB... pretty cool huh!

Hassan Hajdi: demos the Torpedo Live

Hassan Hajdi uses Torpedo Live on stage and in the studio. Here is an excerpt from his new album, Gilded Cage. Hassan Find on or on his Facebook page: ? 's new album Hassan Hajdi , Gilded Cage: ...The Two Notes Torpedo Live:

Hassan Hajdi and Torpedo Live

Ignazio Di Salvo: Great Gig In The Sky

Ignazio Di Salvo - Improvising over Pink Floyd Backing track
Today I wanted to play in a different way from usual. This is a more bluesy-Landau side of my way of playing. I intentionally left some mistakes and inaccuracy, I think the feeling was the most important thing there. It 'a first take, I hope you enjoy! Have fun!

Carl Mörner Ringström: once more unto the breach dear friends

Apologies... seems like I deleted the previous post... so here it is again... still recommending you check out this release. :)

Buy this fine album online:

Carl Mörner Ringström - Neocolony

Neocolony is the Swedish guitar virtuoso Carl Mörner Ringström's debut solo album.

From arena-rock anthems like "So Who Votes In Favor Of The Heliocentric Theory?" to 80's synthesizer-laden tracks like "More Stick Than Carrot" via drum'n'bass inspired grooves in "Champagne Wishes And Caviar Dreams" and contemporary world jazz fusion in "The Cause". This album is a treat for fans of great songwriting, intense guitar playing and beautiful sounds and production.

Neocolony is Carl Mörner Ringström's first outing as a solo artist, after being active on the music scenes in Sweden and Denmark and playing around the world for over ten years. Carl has been heard playing in as diverse genres as balkan folk music, hiphop, straight ahead jazz, fusion, death metal and improvising over Steve Reich's music with an orchestra. All these influences have fused into one distinct, very personal sound with no boundaries of genre or style and with 100% energy and output.

Carl Mörner Ringström - Random Patches Of Cool Trees NEOCOLONY ALBUM OUT MAY 15TH

Gianluca Ferro: Metal Fusion Series now available as singles packages with tab,bt's and video!

Gianluca Ferro

Some exciting news from Jam Track Central my friends !
Singles for Metal Fusion Series 1 are now available !

Just check out this link !

Each single comes with the solo example track, solo backing, extended jam track, video and TAB!
Perfect for those that want learn the tracks they want without having to buy the full package!
And thanks a lot Laurie Monk, Jonny Carpenter, Andrea Berni De Bernardi !!!

Roman Bulakhov: with drummer Artur - Spivak - pro shot playthrough

Roman Bulakhov. Artur Spivak. Inmost.


Guitar: Roman Bulakhov
Drums: Artur Spivak
Playback: Igor Kirilenko
Camera: Kostiantyn Lishchyna
Post production: Alex Zakharchenko
Video production: GODO studio
May 2013

Andy James: spent a day making scary guitar videos just for you!

Andy James

Another successful day at the Jamtrackcentral studios, finished filming the next in the Custom Metal series. I'll be honest, it's probably the most insane playing I've conjured up yet, it's not for the faint of heart. Just remember this, pain is weakness leaving the body! \m/

Richie Kotzen,Billy Sheehan,Mike Portnoy: The Winery Dogs - new web site is live

Official Music Video for "Desire"

The Winery Dogs are:
Mike Portnoy (drums)
Billy Sheehan (bass)
Richie Kotzen (guitar/vocals)

New Web site is live

The Winery Dogs - Desire Music Video (Official)

Yoshimitsu Murayama: Round Midnight with Akira

03 Round Midnight 村山義光g 塩本彰g
2013-04-25 Musicraft 3/12
村山義光 g (left side) 塩本彰 g (right side)
*left & right sound opposite

George Marios: Zivory guitar mashes up Lady Gaga,PSY,Ne-Yo,Beyonce - no one was hurt in the making of this video!

megajam III-Lady Gaga,PSY,Ne-Yo,Beyonce mashup
Hey guys,
Here is a mash-up of some hits, while having a go at a brand new Zivory that i 've been trying out lately.
A true beauty!
Feel free to share and stay tuned to

PJ d'Atri: Felix Avenue - classy classical from Zeitgeist Renegade

PJ d'Atri works amazingly hard, producing his own work, this track from his Zeitgeist Renegade album

PJ d'Atri: From my 2012 Album "Zeitgeist Renegade" Enjoy!

Felix Avenue by PJ d'Atri

Petey Graves: Red Seas Fire | Exposition EP | Fortress

Red Seas Fire | Exposition EP | Fortress
Laurie Monk: I just donated to the album.. you can too

Download the EP here

Jakub Żytecki: Living Mirrors: Lesson

Jakub Żytecki - Living Mirrors: Lesson - TABS, AUDIO, VIDEO, TEXT. Jakub Żytecki of Polish progressive rock band Disperse shows us his approaches to songwriting and arrangements through examples from their debut album, Living Mirrors.

Special thanks to Bartlomiej Szoja for his spectacular video work!

Bill Lubera: Global Warning - Hurricane 2013

Hurricane is a song off my debut album Global Warning which is an Instrumental Progressive Rock Theme album based on weather events. The album was recorded and produced by George Bellas all instruments by Bill Lubera. Available now at Cdbaby, Itunes, GuitarEuroshop and Record Heaven (Sweden) for more info including reviews, samples, Purchase info, Videos and more visit my website at

Hurricane by Bill Lubera (2013) New!!

Ignazio Di Salvo: Solo C minor fusion with tasty legato phrasing

A quick solo over my own backing you can find for free in my youtube channel. I hope you enjoy!

Ignazio Di Salvo - Solo C minor fusion Backing track

Joe Satriani: debuts in Billboard Top 200 chart at # 42

Joe Satriani’s 14th studio album, Unstoppable Momentum, has earned the multi-Grammy nominated guitarist his highest chart debut in over 20 years.  The album debuts today on the Billboard Top 200 chart at # 42.  The first single, “A Door Into Summer,” debuts at # 8 on the Mediabase Classic Rock airplay chart.
Satriani now embarks on a much anticipated world tour, kicking off May 18 in Istanbul, Turkey. U.S. dates will begin on August 29th in San Diego, CA, before winding its way back to the west coast, concluding with a show on October 26 in Oakland, CA.  Joining Satriani on the road are veteran band mate Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai) on keyboards, along with a new rhythm-section, featuring bassist Bryan Beller (Dethklok, Dweezil Zappa) and drummer Marco Minnemann (Adrian Belew, Steve Wilson).
For two decades, Satriani has traveled the world, playing to sold-out crowds as both a headliner and as founder of the all-star “G3” guitar extravaganza.  His studio and live recordings have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide to date and of his many solo albums, two have gone platinum and four others went gold, with 15 Grammy nominations between them.  His side project, Chickenfoot, featuring former Van Halen front man Sammy Hagar, former bassist Michael Anthony, and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer Chad Smith saw their debut album certified gold and their second studio album debuted at #9.
Joe Satriani’s U.S. Tour Itinerary (* featuring Steve Morse Band as support thru September):
August 29             Balboa Theatre                       San Diego, CA *
August 30             Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Casino Resort  Las Vegas, NV *
August 31             Orpheum Theatre                    Los Angeles, CA *
September 1        Talking Stick Resort Ballroom       Scottsdale, AZ *
September 2        Kiva Auditorium                         Albuquerque, NM *
September 4        Historic Paramount Theatre          Denver, CO *
September 5        Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center   Midland, TX *
September 6        Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie     Grand Prairie, TX *
September 7        House of Blues                            Houston, TX *
September 8        Austin City Limits – Moody Theatre  Austin, TX *
September 11      Ruth Eckerd Hall                         Clearwater, FL *
September 13      Hard Rock Live                           Orlando, FL *
September 25      Warner Theatre                          Washington, DC *
September 26      Beacon Theatre                          New York, NY *
September 27      Orpheum Theatre                        Boston, MA*
September 28      Tower Theatre                            Upper Darby, PA *
October 21           The Fox Theater                        Spokane, WA  
October 22           Paramount Theatre                    Seattle, WA  
October 23           Historic Elsinore Theatre             Salem, OR  
October 25           Vina Robles Amphitheatre            Paso Robles, CA  
October 26           Fox Theater                              Oakland, CA

More dates TBA

Go to for individual markets on-sale and ticket information. 
For more information on Joe Satriani, please contact:

Ryan Duke: How to get a good tone on an acoustic guitar

How to get a good tone on an acoustic guitar
By Ryan Duke

There is a lot that goes into playing an electric guitar and getting the sound you want. The simplicity of acoustic guitars can cause them to be easily overlooked, especially for hard rock and metal players. Have you ever felt out of your comfort zone when you picked up an acoustic to record or perform? Maybe you are considering eliminating an acoustic song because it's just more work. Metal has always had acoustic interwoven into some of the best albums and best songs. It can be the icing on the cake. This article will give a brief overview of what the tone is composed of at its core and give some clarity for making the right choices.

Types of Acoustic Guitars
The guitar itself is the first thing we will look at. There is much to consider in how a guitar is built, but these two are the first things you should know.

- The wood the guitar is made is the first piece of the puzzle. There are a lot of woods and every guitar is different just like every tree is different. Having it in your hands and playing it will give your ears the best information. 
- The next, and one of the biggest factors, is the shape. The most common shape is the dreadnought. It has a larger, less curvy body that gives a balanced sound. Like its full bodied look, it gives a full bodied sound. There really are a lot of options in body size and shape. The best way to hear the differences is to play as many as you can one right after the other to see which you prefer. This is most easily done at a guitar store. Thin bodies will produce bass frequencies. Cutaways give you extra room to play on the upper frets, but won't have a huge effect on the tone. Smaller bodied guitars, like classical guitars, will be quieter. This is also because classical guitars have different strings.

Nylon vs. Steel
Classical guitars have nylon strings. This gives a very smooth and warm tone. Just about everything else has steel strings. The choice is yours. Steel is usually used for folk, blues, rock, and pop. It is brighter and louder than nylon. Keeping your strings clean and replacing them often will be the easiest and most noticeable way to help your tone. Many people wait a year or more to change strings. If you want a duller sound and you don't mind your guitar going out of tune a lot then this is fine. For a crisp and clear tone, it is helpful to change your strings regularly. How long between changes depends on how much you are playing and the moisture in the air. Let your ears be your guide.

Just like the strings and wood, every step in the process of making the sound will shape the sound. Playing with your fingers vs. a pick is usually a stylistic choice more than a tone choice. A lot of music requires you to play with your thumb and fingers. You can use your finger tips, finger nails, or banjo style finger picks. Using your finger tips will have a soft and natural sound. Using a pick is where it can get tricky. The material will effect the sound. I think this is not often considered when choosing a pick. There is an obvious difference between metal and plastic, but even most plastic picks sound different from one another. The thickness and shape of the edge meeting the string can cause it to sound very different. Very thin picks will accentuate the pick attack. Thicker picks will add a warmer and thicker tone to your guitar. 

Many steel string players like to use many different tunings. Make sure to have the right gauge string for this or there will be problems. If you are only changing the tuning a little, then you will not have to worry about this. If you tune down too far, there will be a lot of problems that arise, but the tone will also change since the string has been made too slack. If you are tuning up to alternate tunings then using capos will come in very handy without effecting the sound too much. Baritone acoustics allow you to play at very low tunings. They are designed and constructed to meet the tonal and playing needs of low tuning. 

Acoustic/Electric Guitars 
Acoustic/electrics give you the option to plug in. There are amps made for this that will give you a more complimentary sound. Plugging in direct to a PA or for recording can work fine, but the sound will not be as natural as with a microphone. Try listening to both option back to back and compare them. The differences will be subtle, but obvious. There is nothing wrong with running direct, but most people are used to hearing an acoustic in it's natural setting and a mic will give that human feeling to your playing. It will also accentuate pick attack, strings noise, and even mistakes. If you're used to playing an acoustic unplugged, it will be good to work with a mic before you begin recording or playing a live show to see how it can change things.

It is very important to listen critically and educate your ear to the differences. This will allow you to make the choice that fits your preference. There are a lot of options and factors involved. Don't let it paralyze you. If you do a little research and experimenting here and there, it will add up. Over time you will get more comfortable with the tools you are working with. 

About The Author:
Ryan Duke is a musician, songwriter, and teaches guitar lessons in Seattle</a>. His music is a unique breed of avant-garde progressive metal. Visit to download brand new music free. Download a free e-book for help to - improve your guitar playing. 

Billy Sheehan: Jack Lue attends Guitar Center in West LA Clinic

Billy Sheehan
Jack Lue attended a Billy Sheehan Guitar Center in West LA Clinic.  Jack says "He spoke, played, took Q and A for over 2 hours.   Good Clinic!"

Billy Sheehan

Jack Lue Series. Jack is a pro photographer and can be found on Facebook All rights to images remain with Jack Lue and any posting requires appropriate attribution
Thanks to Jack Lue - Full album
Billy Sheehan - LA Bass clinic